Recap: ragini is injured…

The morning rays touched Sanskaar’s sleeping face. He turned his face to the other side. It was not more than two hours since he slept in sitting position but his back was already aching.

The nurse came in to check on Ragini. She smiled seeing sanskaar. She checked and went out. Pooja came in and sighed.

Pooja ( monologue ): yeh bhai bhi na….

She nods and keeps the bag on the table and went towards him and slowly caressed his hair.

Pooja: bhai…. Bhai….

Sanskaar ( in sleep ): ginu let me sleep yaar…

Pooja looked at ragini who was fast asleep due to affect of medicine. She smiled and went to her and kissed her forehead.

Pooja: get well soon di….

Sanskaar got up hearing her voice. he rubbed his eyes.

Sanskaar: arre poo when did u come??

Pooja: just now…. It seems u were awake all night…

Sanskaar: no poo… I slept after u went….

Pooja: yeah.. Ur dark circles are showing how much u slept….. ( sanskaar pouts ) Now u go home and get fresh but before that I hv brought breakfast have it…

Sanskaar: no poo I’m fine…. ( he takes a deep breath and looks at ragini ) ginu get up look it’s morning….

Pooja ( moist eyes ): bhai she’s sleeping… I just talked to doctor… She’ll get up in another three hours so it’s okay…

Sanskaar nodded half heartedly. Pooja asked him to get fresh. He went to washroom amd came out. Pooja handed him a cup of coffee. He drank it sitting beside ragini. Pooja told him her convo with arnav. Sanskaar nodded and thanked her. Later Pooja sent him to home to get fresh and get fresh clothes of ragini. Sanskaar, first was adamant to go but Pooja convinced him.

Pooja: bhai u shld go.. wht will she wear when doctors will discharge her?? Go I’m there na.. I swear i’ll not leave her even for a second… Pls go….

Sanskaar nodded and went from there after kissing Ragini’s forehead. Pooja smiled seeing his love for her. Sanskaar went amd Pooja sat beside Ragini talking to her abt random stuff. After few hours, The doctor came to check up and said she’ll get conscious In another hour. Pooja was beyond happy. She immediately called sanskaar amd asked him to come.


Sanskaar barged into Ragini’s ward, shouting her name. The nurse and Pooja signed him to calm down while Dr ridhima glared at him. He pouted and stood near Ragini, embarrassed ?.

He was continuously staring at ragini and after few minutes ragini slowly opened her eyes. Finding herself in an unfamiliar surrounding she got scared and started panicking. Sanskaar got worried amd held her hand. Feeling a familiar touch ragini calmed down and looked towards sanskaar. Both had happy tears in their eyes. Sanskaar bend down and kissed her forehead and whispered a quick I Love You! Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch as the tears rolled down her eyes.

Dr: Mr. Sanskaar….

Sanskaar stood straight and wiped his tears. She asked him to come out. He nodded and followed her as Pooja caressed Ragini’s face and hugged her softly.

Dr: Mr. Sanskaar now she’s okay but she needs proper rest for next two days…

Sanskaar: now nothing to worry na….

Dr: not as such but be careful… Did u went to police….

Sanskaar gritted his teeth amd clenched his fist hearing the name of police. He pulled his hair in frustration.

Dr.: wht happened??

Sanskaar: I went to them.. They checked the site and said that they didn’t found any bullet amd even in the cctv camera nothing was visible due to darkness so they couldn’t do anything…. ( he recalls how he went to police station after getting fresh and he complained abt the incident )

Dr.: its okay mr. Sanskaar I’m sure everything will be fine….

Sanskaar nodded. Dr. Gave him the medicine prescription and diet chart.

Dr.: water shouldn’t touch the wound and after every five hours u hv to change the bandage… ( he nodded ) give her healthy diet and no bahar ka khaana and give medicine on time…. ( he nodded again ) n she shldnt do any work which will give stress on her arm…

He again nodded.

Sanskaar: when can we take her back??

Dr.: after one more check up after two hours u can take her home…

Sanskaar nodded and after greeting her he came inside the ward. His eyes welled up seeing pooja’s care for ragini.

Ragini: bass poo I can’t hv more…

Pooja: no di… Doc has said u shld hv healthy food and this soup is really good…

Ragini: but I’m full…

Pooja: don’t u want to get well fast!? ( rag nods ) Then. Common hv it quickly.. Look only two spoons are left….

Ragini finished the soup and Pooja wiped her face with the towel. She turned and found sanskaar standing there.

Pooja: arre bhai…. Y r u standing there.?? Come sit with di i’ll go…

Ragini ( scared that sanskaar will scold her for last night ): no poo y n where will u go??

Sanskaar: poo where r u going??

Pooja: bhai actually I hv some work in office ? and also ( she whispers in his ear ) u too need some time with her na….

Sanskaar looks at ragini who looks elsewhere avoiding eye contact with him.

Sanskaar: thank you poo for taking care of her and everything…

Pooja: common bhai… I’m ur family na?? ( he nods ) Then family ko koi thank you thodi na bolta hai….. Ur breakfast is also kept there hav it okay?? I’ll come after an hour okay??

Sanskaar nods and side hugs her. Pooja hugs ragini amd goes from there. Sanskaar looks at ragini. She looks at him with the most innocent face she can make. Sanskaar sighed and went to the couch amd ate his breakfast. Ragini looked at him but he was busy in his phone.

Ragini ( monologue ): arre y he’s not talking to me?? He must be angry?! But how can he be angry with me?? No ragini u should not take him for granted…. But…..

She sighs. Sanskaar acts like looking around amd looks at her finds her lost in her thoughts ?.

Sanskaar ( monologue ): Hadd hoti hai… She’s not even realizing wht all non sense she spoke yesterday and how difficult it was for me to see her like that….. Whtever… Now i’ll also not talk to her….

He turns his face. Amd acts to read the magazine. Ragini feels bad and removes the pullover with her left hand. She stands and tries to walk towards him but as she was weak she was abt to fall but sanskaar who was seeing her silly antics got up quickly holds her preventing her from falling.

His one hand was on her waist and the other was holding her left shoulder. Ragini’s hands were on his chest. She looked up to lock her eyes with his.

Ragini: sansku….

Sanskaar ( makes her sit ): wht do u think of yourself?? Jhansi ki rani ho?? Ya Mary kom?? U r hurt damn it… Don’t u get it that u shldnt move….

Ragini: sansku….

Sanskaar: agar lag jati toh?? Khud toh apni fikr hai nhi.. Koi aur kare toh tumse bardasht nhi hota… hai na????

Tears were flowing down his eyes as he continued to scold her. Ragini felt bad for his state.

Sanskaar: now tell me y were u getting up haan??? Don’t u…..

He stopped as she quickly stood up and hugged him tightly with her left hand. Her right hand was tied in the sling.

Ragini: sansku… I’m… I’m sorry…..

Sanskaar looked up as tears flew down his cheeks. He took her in his embrace but not so tightly as her right hand was in between them.

Ragini: I’m sorry…. Pls talk to me na…..

She cries. Sanskaar breaks the hug and makes her sit. He wipes her tears and gets the glass of water. He makes her drink.

Sanskaar: ginu.. Don’t cry… Doc said u shld not stress…. U sleep… U lay down here….

He makes her lie on the bed and caress her hair. Ragini holds his hand and kisses it. Sanskaar takes his hand back and tries to smile.

Sanskaar: ginu u sleep.. Dr. Said v can go home after sometime… till then u rest.. Okay? I’ll bring ur medicine….

Ragini: medicines are kept on the table sansku.. …

Sanskaar: arre not these.. The ones doc said to me…

He tries to go but ragini Holds his hand. He stops but doesn’t turn.

Ragini: sansku.. Won’t u talk to me??

Sanskaar: ginu. Doc has told to take rest.. So u shldnt speak… Now sleep for some more time then we’ll go home…

Ragini: who’s home??

Sanskaar ( closes his eyes ): Kapoor Villa ginu…

Ragini: but…

Sanskaar: ginu now pls stop it… Take rest i’ll just come…

He takes his hand out of her grip amd goes out of the room. Ragini cries.

Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar.।….. I know I shouldn’t hv said all those. .. But I thought……

Outside sanskaar,

Sanskaar: u thought that something will happen to u?? How can u even think like that ginu?? Don’t u trust me??

Ragini: I trust u sansku.. But I don’t trust my destiny.. It has always played with me….

Sanskaar: but now I’m with u ginu how could u think I would hv let anything happen to u… How can u become so weak!?

Ragini: I was always weak only sansku…. I tried to be strong but it is not always possible… I’m sorry sansku……

Both cry at their respective places. Sanskaar stops crying as he sees everyone is looking at him. He wiped his tears and sat there looking at his phone.. He didn’t wanted to see ragini coz everytime he saw her, her lifeless face would come in front of him…………


At dining table, dp, rp, adarsh, ap and sujata were sitting while pari, swara and uttara were serving them. Laksh looked at swara. She turns her face and sat down finally holding her head.

Dp looks at her. It was not allowed to them to sit when dp was having food. He looked at laksh. He nodded and went towards her.

Pari ( giving water to her ): swara r u okay??

Swara nodded holding her head. Laksh came there and took her to their room. He made her lie down.

Laksh: swara….

Swara: Laksh u know na from yesterday I’m not getting good feeling and this headache……

Laksh: swara everything is fine… Y r u worrying so much??

Swara: I don’t know na laksh… Somewhere something is wrong…. Ra.. Ragini….

Laksh: ragini???

Swara: I think laksh…..

Laksh S swara u r thinking too much…. Ragini might be fine… U don’t worry take rest… N in evening we’ll go to doc….

Swara nodded. Laksh made her lie and kissed her forehead. He went down.

Ap: beta is she okay??

Laksh: haan ma… She’s having headache… Uttara pls give her breakfast in room only…

Uttara nodded while dp looked on, not happy.

Later dp, rp adarsh and laksh went to office amd addy went to school. Uttara took breakfast for swara to her room and later pari amd uttara too had their breakfast.

Ap: sujata pls have ur medicine…

Sujata: I don’t want jijji….

Ap: how will u get well then.??

Sujata: So wht shld I do after getting well?? My son is not ready to come….

Ap: sujata.. Its possible that u meet sanskaar at the most unexpected place then wht do u think will he be happy seeing u like this??

Sujata looks on. Pari amd uttara comes there.

Pari: chachi ji mummy ji is saying right.. U shld eat the medicine and get well soon amd show sanskaar that u were waiting for him amd u were confident that he’ll return to meet his young n gorgeous mom!!!

Pari winked at her. Sujata blushed.

Ap: pari.. How do u know that sanskaar used to call this to sujata when they were alone??

Pari s adarsh ji told me…

Uttara: acha.. Adarsh jiiii….

Pari blushes. Uttara goes to her college after bidding bye to all. Pari and ap made sujata eat the medicine and made rest for a while………


After two hours! Pooja comes back from office. She sees sanskaar sitting outside the ward.

Pooja : bhai wht r u doing outside??

Sanskaar: voh… Poo… Actually nurse is doing dressing inside…

Pooja: oh okay… After that v can take her na??

Sanskaar nodded smiling faintly.

Pooja: it seems u didn’t got much time to spend with bhabhi…

She winked at him but he didn’t showed any reaction. Pooja understood that he was not in a mood to joke. She sat beside him.

Pooja: r u still angry on her??

Sanskaar ( sarcastically ): no I’m thinking to give her a bravery award for wht she has done…

Pooja: bhaii….

Sanskaar: no Pooja u only tell me…. How can she be so weak… n how can she talk all that non sense…

Pooja: bhai jab mout saamne khadi ho na toh ache acho ki phatt jati hai….

Sanskaar: u don’t know poo wht all she was talking…. I don’t want to talk to her…

Pooja: if you won’t talk to her then how she’ll be strong….

Sanskaar: but….

Pooja: ik bhai u r angry with her… ( sanskaar huffs ) Don’t talk to her right now but promise me after going home u’ll talk to her… Bhai she needs u now….

Sanskaar nods. The nurse comes out. They both goes in. The doctor was checking the report.

Dr.: now she’s fine… U can take her home but Complete bed rest for two days and ragini take care that the water doesn’t go near ur wound…..

Ragini nods like a child. Sanskaar adores her but makes a straight face as she looks at him.

The doctor goes.

Pooja: bhai u bring bhabhi…. I’ll get the car….

Sanskaar nods and Pooja goes from there. Ragini stands. Sanskaar supports her by holding her waist and one hand. She was in a simple sleeveless kurti and leggings. She looks at him as his hand touches her waist. Sanskaar doesn’t look at her nad moves. Ragini sniffs and walks along with him…


At Maheshwari Office!

Adarsh was roaming in his cabin. Limes of tension were clearly seen on his forehead. Laksh entered the cabin.

Adarsh: lucky….

Laksh: bhai… I think v need to find sanskaar n ragini asap…

Adarsh: wht happened lucky?? Is everything fine??

Laksh: no bhai…. Yesterday when v were sleeping suddenly swara got up shouting. She was sweating n all. N when I asked her she told she saw a very bad dream abt ragini…. I’m trying to console her but she’s just not listening and bcoz of that her health is also affecting… N u know na how chachi is also not well…..

Adarsh ( nods, monologue ): shld I tell him that I hv talked to sanskaar?? But I hv no clue abt ragini if he asks something abt her then?? Wht shld I do?? I don’t think it’s a right moment now… I shld first meet sanskaar…. I can’t give them false hope…….

Laksh ( shaking him ): bhai where r u lost??

Adarsh: lucky don’t worry we’ll get them back soon…. u take care of swara…. Don’t worry…

He pats his cheek. Laksh nods amd leave s from there.

Adarsh ( monologue ): I’m sorry laksh but I can’t tell you anything now… Sanskaar and Ragini u both hv to come now…….

He sighs and goes to the conference room!!

BAADI! ( Dada – dadi don’t know abt ragsan’s relationship… In Kolkata only rp knows and sanskaar has forbidden him to tell this to anyone )

Dadi: did he picked??

Dadaji keeps down the phone and nods no. Dadi sighs.

Dadi: hey mara khatusham ji… Meri bachi thik ho….

Dada: don’t worry parvati I’m sure she’ll be fine…

Dadi: how will I not worry ji… Its been two days I haven’t talked to ladoo.. N now her phn is also off…

Dada: n wht will happen if u’ll worry??

Dadi: u try sanskaar’s phn… He’ll pick…

Dada sighs and tries sanskaar’s mom but it is also not reachable. He nods no.

Dadi: I’m sure something is wrong there… Chalo ji we’ll go to del…..

Dada ( makes her sit and shushes her ): parvati… Wht r u doing?? If anyone listens?? We’ll try again in evening.. U stop worrying.. Arre our ladoo is working in a big company so she must be busy….

Dadi s but….

Dada: no but vut… Now go n bring tea for me…

Dadi huffs and goes from there while dada sits there thinking……

” I hope u both r fine ladoo and sanskaar….. ” He thinks……..


” aah ” screeched ragini as her leg got twisted while walking in th corridor of the hospital.

Sanskaar: ginu careful….

Sanskaar said holding her with both hands and made her sit on the nearby bench.

Ragini: sansku my leg….

Sanskaar: let me see….

He looks at the leg. He touched a few parts to see where it was paining. Ragini hissed in pain.

Sanskaar: I think v shld go to doc….

Ragini: no sansku I’m fine….

Sanskaar: no ginu u r not….

Ragini: pls sansku i’ll apply balm later… I don’t want to stay here anymore…. Pls….

Sanskaar sighed and nodded. He made ragini stand but it pained her. Sanskaar picked her up in his arms as she looked on shocked.

Ragini: sans…sansku wht r u doing??

Sanskaar: ginu its paining u… u cant even stand how will u walk??

Ragini smiles amd stares at him as everyone else stares at the beautiful couple making sanskaar uncomfortable.

Sanskaar: ginu will u stop staring at me….

Ragini ( naughtily ) : y?? Can’t I stare at my boyfriend!!!

Sanskaar: its a waste of time talking to u….

He increased his speed towards the car as she kept blowing air on his face to calm him down……

Finally they reached the car. Pooja was already standing outside. Seeing ragini in sanskaar’s arms she also got tensed.

Pooja: wht happened now??

Sanskaar: its a sprain poo… Open the back door…..

Pooja nodded and opened the back door of the car. Sanskaar made ragini sit on the seat.

Sanskaar: here take this pillow keep ur hand above this..

Ragini: n where shld I keep my legs??

Sanskaar ( bends and forwards his head ): sir pe rakh meri ma. ….

He joins his hands as the girls chuckles.

Ragini: hawww… Sansku do u think I am that bad….. No no… ( she pushes sanskaar’s head out of the car ) i’ll keep here on the swat itself…..

Sanskaar sighs and stamps his foot like a child, frustrated. Pooja chuckles at his situation and sits on the driving seat. Sanskaar sits beside her and they start……. In the whole journey Ragini was irritating sanskaar by his stupid questions while he was trying to keep himself calm. He clenched his fist as she continued her blabbering. Pooja chuckles all the way to KV!

And finally sanskaar took a sigh of relief as they reached KV! He closed his eyes thanked god!

Sanskaar ( looking In front only.) : ginu now stop talking for sometime okay??

She nodded cutely, keeping her finger on her lips.

Sanskaar: now say something….

He turns back and sighs looking at her. He closes his eyes in frustration while she looks at him with wide eyes.

Sanskaar: ginu… … I don’t hv eyes at my back that u’ll nod and I’ll see it…. Jo bhagwan ne jabaan di hai na… Use it…..

Ragini pouts and again nods. Sanskaar sighs and looks in front.

Pooja ( patting his shoulder ): bhai… Its okay…. Give me the keys I’ll open the door u bring bhabhi…

Sanskaar nods and gives her the keys. Pooja goes. Sanskaar gets down and opens the door for ragini.. She smiles and gets down. Sanskaar holds her in his arms and takes her inside.


Sanskaar comes out of the kitchen with three cups of coffee and sits besides ragini. Ragini who was talking to arnav over phone.

Ragini: haan arnav.. We’ll come tomorrow…

Sanskaar looks at her shocked and then at Pooja who shrugs. Ragini looks at sanskaar and then smiles.

Ragini: haan he’s here only… Sansku talk to arnav…..

Sanskaar is still looking at her shocked. Ragini shakes him and hand over the phn to him.

Sanskaar: hello…

Arnav: haan sanskaar listen.. I know u guys r coming tomorrow..

Sanskaar: hmm…

Arnav: my bua will also be there so be careful and don’t even utter that u and ragu are in a relationship without marriage…

Sanskaar: y??

Arnav: she’s very old types… I also didn’t knew but yesterday when khushi’s friend introduced her boyfriend she got scolded so much… U know na how these old ppl are. .. So just say u both r friends… Anyways poo will b with u so she might not doubt… Okay???

Sanskaar: hmm….

Arnav: don’t worry lover boy!! I hv special arrangements for u n ragu.. U will not need to stay away from each other… Thats my promise… Now u all come soon okay??

Sanskaar: okay bhai!!!

Arnav: I hv Already told this to ragu n poo.. So no need to worry..

Sanskaar: okay bhai… We’ll meet tomorrow..

Arnav: okay bye…..

They hung up. Sanskaar looks at ragini who was drinking her coffee. Sanskaar nods his head and goes to change.

Sanskaar: poo u help her to change her clothes.. I’ll just come… I need to book the tickets….

Pooja nodded. Sanskaar went to his room and did his work for half an hour. And then attended some official calls.

After two hours he came down. Both the girls were watching tv and were so lost in their movie that they didn’t even heard when sanskaar called them. Sanskaar didn’t knew but today he was getting angry ? frequently. He went and straight away switched off the tv. Ragini and poo looked at him shocked.

Ragini: wht did u do sansku!?? it was my favourite movie…

Sanskaar: ginu I’m calling u both from last five minutes…

Pooja: bhai did u hv any work!?

Sanskaar: yeah… Anil wants some help with the accounts so I need to go…

Pooja: bhai i’ll go n check u don’t worry….

She knew he was finding ways to avoid ragini. n she need to get them again in talking terms.

Sanskaar: but poo…

Ragini: stop it u both… I hv a better idea….

SanJa: wht!!??

Ragini ( fake cry ): u both can go… I don’t need anyone… Coz no one needs me….

Sanskaar sighs while Pooja sits beside her and hugs her.

Poo: don’t say like that… I love you na… .. Now smile.. I’ll go.. Bhai os here with you.. Okay??

Ragini smiles through her fake tears. Pooja goes after bidding bye to them. Sanskaar closes the door and comes back. He switches on the tv and starts going to his room when ragini stops him..

Ragini: where r u going??

Sanskaar: to my room…

Ragini: n wht abt me??

Sanskaar: u watch tv.. I’ll come when u’ll call me….

Ragini: okay so I’m calling u now.. Come n sit here…

She pats the the side of the couch. Sanskaar sighs and sits beside her. She smiles and hugs his arm.

Ragini: sansku…. ( no response ) I’m sorry na…. Pls….

Sanskaar: ginu.. I don’t want to talk abt it…. Pls….

He releases his arm from her grip and sits there only. Ragini huffs and thinks how to please him……….

The episode ends with thinking face of ragini and annoyed face of sanskaar!!!

So guys here was the next update!!! Hope you liked it!! Do share your views! Ik I don’t reply back to your comments but yes, I do read them.. . And I really feel overwhelmed reading your comments and your support and love !! Thank you so much ???

Keep showering your love on me and keep smiling always ??

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