Recap: ragini???

Sanskaar: ginuuuuuuuu….. Ginu wake up… Open ur eyes ginu…

He continously pats her cheeks and tries to wake her up but she lies unconscious in his arms. He calls for help but no one can be seen….

Sanskaar: don\’t worry ginu.. I\’ll not let anything happen to u…

He picks her up and moves forward towards his bike. It was not possible to go back to orphanage coz it was really far from where they were standing.. He makes her sit facing backwards and removes his jacket. He sits on the bike and ties ragini with himself with the help of jacket…. ragini is sitting facing him, in front of him… Sanskaar locks her hands around his waist and rests her head on his chest and starts the bike after wiping his tears…

He drives at the fastest speed he cam and after 15 minutes he was in front of city hospital! He stopped the bike, removed the jacket and picked ragini in his arms running inside shouting for the doctor…

Sanskaar: doctor…. Doctor….

A ward boy sees him and brings the stretcher. Dr. Ridhima comes there and shocked to see both of them bathed in blood. She asks the ward boy to take her in OT!

Sanskaar ( holding doc\’s hand ): doctor pls save my ginu… Pls….

Doc ; don\’t worry Mr. Sanskaar i\’ll try my best… U keep hope…

She patted his shoulder and went inside the OT! Sanskaar fell down on the ground….

Tears were just not stopping…… His eyes fell on the Ganesh idol kept there. He went near it….

Sanskaar: y god y??? can\’t u see my happiness?? Look wht u hv done to my ginu…. Pls… Pls save her….. If anything happens to her then……. U just save her…. She trusts u so much… Don\’t let her trust break….. I want my ginu to be fine…. Pls pls…..

He cries. He goes towards the OT and stands outside seeing the docs treating his heartbeat inside from the glass…. After 15 minutes….. He goes to the reception to make a call….

Sanskaar: hello poo….

Pooja: bhai wht happened??? R u okay?? N who\’s no. Is this???

Sanskaar: poo…. Can… Can u come to city… City hospital???

Pooja: hos… Hospital?? Wht happened bhai!??? Where is bhabhi?? Wait… I\’m coming….

Sanskaar: thank you poo….

Pooja: don\’t worry I\’m coming…..


\” bhaiiii…. \” shouted Pooja as she spotted sanskaar outside the OT! He looked at her and hugged her tightly…. She patted his back and tried to calm him down….

Sanskaar: poo.. Ginu…..

Pooja: wht happened bhai?? U both were alright when u left then wht happened suddenly??

Sanskaar: poo voh…….. ( n he told her everything…)

Pooja: wht???

Sanskaar nodded. She made him sit on the bench and brought water and made him drink forcefully.

Pooja: bhai u trust ur love na??

Sanskaar: more than my self….

Pooja: Then don\’t worry bhabhi will be fine….

It was more than one hour since Pooja was here and till now the doctors didn\’t came out. Sanskaar was getting anxious and his heart was racing like anything. Pooja tried to calm him down but of no use….. Finally after few more minutes, the doctors came out and sanskaar pounced on them amd showered them with lots of questions. Pooja made him calm…

Pooja: doc How\’s she??

Doc: come with me……

They both looked at each other. Pooja nodded and they followed doc to her cabin. She signed them to sit and she too sat on her chair…

Sanskaar: doc.. Ginu is fine right???

Doc: Mr. Sanskaar! Do u or ragini have any enmity with someone???

Sanskaar: enmity???

Pooja: but y?? Wht has happened to her??

Doc: a bullet was shot at her….

Sanskaar felt his world coming to an end. Pooja is shocked and she held sanskaar\’s hand ✋.

{{{{{ the BH pointed gun towards the cute couple and shot at ragini but the bullet went hitting her as sanskaar pulled her in a nick of time….. ( the bullet touched her arm and went ahead..) }}}}

Doc: but it just passed away touching her but…..

Sanskaar: but!!! ???

Doc: but due to excessive loss of blood she hasn\’t got consciousness… She\’s still unconscious and we hv to keep her under observation for next 24 hours…..

Sanskaar: she\’ll be fine na doc???

Doc: hopefully…. For now she shld get conscious in next 24 hours….. Otherwise…..

Pooja ; otherwise????

Doc ( sighs ): otherwise it can be dangerous for her…. Due to loss of blood, excessive amount of haemoglobin, rbcs and wbcs have came down along with the platelets….

Sanskaar: doc… I want her fine at any cost….

Doc: we r trying our best mr sanskaar but u shld also pray for her well being…. And… Do u hv any enmity with someone who can do this???

Sanskaar: no doctor I don\’t hv any such enemies…. And the business rivals won\’t do anything to her coz not every one knows abt her being part of my FAMILY \’!!!!

Pooja: yes doc and bhabhi too doesn\’t hv any enemies who would try to take her life….

Doc: okay if u say so…. But I think u shld report to police….

Sanskaar: police!??

Doc: yeah.. It could hv been dangerous mr. Sanskaar and this can happen again…. Its my advice… Rest is upon u…. Excuse me now…..

Sanskaar sits there shocked, confused and irritated. Pooja went behind the doc.

Pooja: doctor….

Doc.: yes….

Pooja: bhabhi will be fine na??

Doc ( keeping hand on her shoulder ): don\’t worry… She has so many loved ones… n I\’m sure ur love will bring her back….

Pooja: can v meet her??

Doc: okay but for 5 minutes only…

Pooja S thank you doc…..

She smiles and goes. Pooja comes back to sanskaar…. She shakes him to bring him out of his thoughts and asks him to meet ragini…

Pooja ; bhai come.. Lets meet bhabhi….

Sanskaar looks at her with blank face. She got scared. She sat beside him, cupping his face……

Pooja: bhai… ( no response, he keeps on looking blankly… She cries ) sa….sanskaar….. Listen to me….. ( he moves his eyes towards her ) look I\’m telling u na… Ragini di will be fine…. .. U know y??? ( he looks at her , his eyes were showing hope…. She smiles through her tears ) first, bcoz she\’s my great amd brave di… She don\’t know how to lose so she\’ll win and come back…..

Second… Bcoz ur love towards ur ginu will bring her back… Haina?? ( he says yes by moving his eye lid ) and…. And third coz u know na… She loves shaadi ka khaana?? so she… She has to get up bcoz she can\’t miss the shaadi ka khaana at arnav bhai\’s wedding…… U agree with Me na??? Say na bhai??? ( he nods ) so chalo now let go n meet her and scold her for sleeping like a sleeping beauty…. Come…….

She gets up and forwards her hand. he looks at her hand and then her. She signs him to hold. He holds her hand and gets up. They move towards the OT…….


Sanskaar with Pooja enters the OT. Sanskaar\’s heart ached seeing her lying unconscious with all types of needles pierced I\’m her hands and oxygen mask on her face. He turned to go as he couldn\’t see her like that but Pooja stopped him.

Pooja: bhai… Pls go n sit with her…. Talk to her okayyyy?? I\’ll just come…

Sanskaar: wh… Where r u going??

Pooja: I hv to inform arnav bhai…

Sanskaar: no… Don\’t tell him anything he\’ll come here leaving his marriage….

Pooja: okay i\’ll not say abt bhabhi… But now u go i\’ll handle everything….. Go…..

She pushes him slightly towards Rag and goes outside. Sanskaar closes his eyes as hot tears made their way down his cheeks. He proceeded towards Rag and her angelic, pale face came in front of his sight. His heart ached.


Pooja ( on call ): hello arnav bhai….

Arnav: Pooja…. Is everything fine!! u r calling me at this time!???

Pooja: yeah bhai everything is fine… Voh actually I called to tell u that I, Sanskaar bhai n ragini bhabhi won\’t be able to come tomorrow…

Arnav: why?? Tell me clearly poo whts going on there?? Where are sanskaar and ragu???

Pooja ( controlling herself ): actually bhai our client from USA is on conference right now with bhai and bhabhi is helping him… And tomorrow that client will be coming for a day to India…. So…

Arnav: I hope u r saying the truth poo…..

Pooja ( choked ): ya… Ya bhai… Y will I lie??

Arnav: I don\’t know…. But let me talk to sanskaar once…

Pooja: bhai as soon as he\’s free I\’ll make him talk to u….

Arnav: okay if u say so…..

Pooja: bye bhai….

And she cuts the call and burst out crying.

\” I\’m sorry Bhai…. I lied to u but I didn\’t hv any option…. Sorry!!!! \”

She went towards the OT but stood outside only as she saw _____


Sanskaar came towards ragini slowly. His heart ached. He recalled the first time he saw her in hospital where he saved her life. He closed his eyes and then sat on the stool kept there.

With his fingers fluttering he touched her cheeks and held her hand from his other. he just looked at her. His heart and eyes were saying a million things which can\’t be expressed in words.

Her happy, smiling, pouty, angry, hurt amd annoying face did a slideshow as he closed his eyes for a moment.

\” if doctor said I don\’t hv much time to live then wht will u do??? \”

He recalled her question which she asked when she was suffering with fever. He squeezed her hand as the tear escapes his eye.

\” no nothing will happen to u ginu…. Wht am I even thinking??? \” He scolded himself in mind and wiped his tears.

\” ginu…… Ginu get up na now… Yaar u know na I\’m very tired.. Pls get up… Lets go home… Pls…. Its already night…. See…See na we are out from morning…. Tom…. Tomorrow we have to go to jaipur also…. G.. Ginu…. Ginu…. \” He couldn\’t say more and hugged her tightly by lying beside her… (( remember the first scene of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!!!))

( at this time Pooja came out of ot and stood there….)

Sanskaar ( still crying ): ginu pls get up….. Don\’t u want to scold me for asking u to change??? Ginu………. Look i\’ll not ask u for nay gift…. Bas u return back pls…. Ginu……..

He kept saying but she didn\’t moved. Outside it was difficult for pooja to control herself. She stopped the nurse outside who came to change Ragini\’s dress. She prayed to god to make everything fine……

Inside, Sanskaar again sat back but this time on the bed close to her and her hand between his hands…….

Sanskaar: ginu…. U know I was…. I was thinking that u should continue ur studies……( he cries thinking wht he\’s talking at this moment??) I\’m…. I\’m sorry ginu that I took that…. That decision without asking you…. Don\’t worry if u… U don\’t want to go to college again…. U can do ur MBA from home also……. G..ginu…. U r listening to me na???? Bolo na….. ( he caressed her cheek ) I… I was thinking to plan a trip to Goa again…. Chalogi na???
Bolo na ginu…. Bolo pls…..

N he left her hand amd came out of the room, crying. He stood beside the wall and covered his face with his palm amd kept on crying. Pooja who was already there, kept hand on his shoulder. He looked at her with puffed, teary eyes.

Sanskaar: dekho na poo…. She\’s not getting up… .. pls na tell her to get up na… Poo pls…. She\’ll listen to u……

Pooja: bhai……..

He cried. She cried. Inside ragini was lying unconscious.

Sanskaar: poo u be with her i\’ll just come…..

Pooja: bhaii where r u going???

Sanskaar: I will not leave that person who did this to my ginu……

Pooja ( holding his wrist ): bhai do u think he\’ll be there only waiting for u to come n catch him???

Sanskaar ( pulling his hair ): Then wht shld I do poo??? I\’m….. I\’m feeling so helpless…… There…. There ginu… She\’s not getting up and……

Pooja: bhai calm down…. Doc said na that she\’ll…. She\’ll wake up in next 24 hours… Then hv patience and keep hope… Ur ginu will come back bhai… Pls sambhalo khud ko…..

Sanskaar: kaisi poo?? How?? I can\’t see her like that…. Its all bcoz of me…. Its all because of me…. If i had not stopped her this wouldn\’t hv happened…… N its possible na poo that…. That bullet was for me but…. But……..

Pooja: stop it bhai wht r u saying??? Nothing can happen to u n trust me bhai bhabhi will be alright… Please don\’t say all this….. ….

Sanskaar cries and sits on the bench with his face in his palms. Pooja sighs and goes to bring water for him…..


After the check up doc came out. It was 1 in the morning. Sanskaar and Pooja got up and looked at her.

Doc: she\’s out of danger now… But still v hv to keep her under observation as she\’s still very weak…. I hv given her sleep injection ?….

Sanskaar: injection?? Y doc?? U know na… It\’ll pain her…. ( he said with moist eyes )

Doc: if I wouldn\’t hv given her then she won\’t be able to sleep bcoz of pain…..

Sanskaar: but doc…. ( Pooja keeps hand on his shoulder and signs him its okay )

Doc: we\’ll shift her to normal ward in few more minutes….. ( they nod ) anyone of u can stay with her….

Pooja: can\’t v both??

Doc: I\’m sorry but only one relative can stay with the patient….

Sanskaar ; okay then I\’ll be with her…. Poo u go home… Already its night and u are here since last few hours…. U go….

Pooja: but bhai….

Sanskaar: poo u go…. I\’ll call if there is some emergency….

Pooja: promise??

Sanskaar: yeah now u go n call me……. No my phn is not working….

Pooja: bhai u take my phn…. I\’ll call u from landline…..

Sanskaar nods and takes the phn. Pooja goes after seeing ragini for once. Sanskaar drops her till the gate till the time they shifted ragini to the normal ward.


Sanskaar Comes back to Ragini\’s ward.

She was sleeping with a blood and a gulocose pipe going inside her hand and an oxygen mask in the hospital dress .

Sanskaar: thank god ginu u r out of danger…… But I hv to find the person who did this to u…. He\’ll face hell once I find him…….

He said with blood shot eyes, gritted teeth and his fists clenched. His eyes were showing determination and anger. He sighed and sat beside her holding her hand. He caresses her hair and pecked her forehead.

Sanskaar ; I\’m sorry ginu I couldn\’t keep my promise of protecting you always…. I failed ginu…..

\” u started again…. \” came a voice from the door. Sanskaar turned amd saw Pooja standing there with a bag.. He stood up and went to her.

Sanskaar: poo wht r u doing here??

Pooja ( coming inside and keeping the bag on the sofa ): I came here to give u ur clothes… See they hv blood stains…. And also with food and water…..

Sanskaar: there was no need of it poo….

Pooja: of course it was needed bhai….. I know u won\’t be going to home unless she wakes up so I thought….

Sanskaar: u r thinking very much these days…

Pooja ; so?? Someone has to think positively know…..

Bhai it was not ur fault so stop blaming urself….. ( sanskaar turns his face ) bhai wht do u think when bhabhi will get to know u r thinking like this n blaming urself.. Will she be happy?? No bhai….. Instead she\’ll feel guilty that bcoz of her u r sad and depressed….. ( he looks at her ) I\’m also a girl bhaii and I would never like that someone close to me will think like that…

Sanskaar: but that\’s the truth na poo….

Pooja: it is not bhai…. Bhai who knew this will happen?? Just think that it is ur love test and u hv to clear it with good marks….

Sanskaar: but poo how can I…

Pooja: doc said na we should go to police… Then we\’ll go na but first let her be well…. Bhai u need to relax and take care of her… If u will divert ur mind on this topic then u\’ll get hyper amd then… Then i\’ll hv to take care of two two patients….. ( she said trying to cool the air )

Sanskaar ; o really?? ( she nods ) okay mata jiiii…. Now i\’ll not think abt all this…. Till…

Till ginu gets fine….

Pooja: that\’s like my good boy….. Now u get fresh and change… I\’ll go home okay??

Sanskaar.: thank you poo……

Pooja glares at him and he realizes wht he said. He holds his ears and makes a cute pout. She smiles and goes from there.

Sanskaar turns back and sees ragini sleeping. He caressed her hair and then went to washroom to change. It was already 2 in the morning and he was feeling sleepy but didn\’t wanted to sleep. Wht if his ginu needed him??

He drank water and sat beside ragini holding her hand and staring at her lovingly. There only he fell asleep.

At 4 am, a nurse came for the routine check up and saw him sleeping there itself. She smiled and examined ragini. There was improvement in her. She needed to change the band aid.

Nurse ( patting his shoulder ): excuse me….

Sanskaar: let me sleep ginu……

He opens his eyes suddenly and looked around. He saw the nurse standing beside him. He immediately got up and rubbed his eyes.

Sanskaar: I\’m sorry I didn\’t realised when I fell asleep??

Nurse: its okay….

Sanskaar: everything is fine na?? Is she better from before??

N: yeah she\’s is…. I need to change her band aid so if u could go out for a few minutes….

Sanskaar: but u can change I don\’t hv any problem…..

N: but I hv…. Look the wound is just below her shoulder so I hv to remove her shirt also so u hv to go out…..

Sanskaar sighs and goes out silently. The nurse locked the door and started changing the dressing of her wound. Sanskaar from the glass and could see Ragini\’s hand. It has swelled. His eyes became moist. The nurse removed the old band aid . Sanskaar couldn\’t see the sight as there was blood there. He turned around and felt choked. The nurse wiped the the wound and applied medicine. Sanskaar again looked inside. The nurse started doing the dressing. He felt pain in his heart. He clenched his fist and moved away from there.

His pov!

The one who has done this to my ginu will be punished. He\’ll face hell. He tried to hurt my ginu. Now he\’ll be hurt n there where he even hadn\’t thought of ……

He banged his fist on the wall. The nurse opened the door and told him he can go inside. He nodded and went inside.

At 5 am, this time sanskaar didn\’t sleep. He was continuously staring at her and thinking abt the recent happenings. In last two weeks it\’s the third time that Ragini was suffering, was in pain, was hurt…. N he… He just couldn\’t do anything. N whtever anyone says, he knew he was the reason behind her pain every time…

He pressed his hand tightly to stop himself from crying. As a result Ragini started breathing heavily as if she felt his pain. Sanskaar got alerted and called the doctor.

The nurse along with the doctor ( some other doc, not Dr. Ridhima ) rushed inside the ward. Sanskaar stood at one side of the bed holding her hand. The doctor checked her nerves and everything.

Sanskaar: wht happened doc?? Is she okay??

Doc: yeah she\’s fine….

Sanskaar: Then y was she…..

Doc: maybe she felt pain n bcoz of that…. Its okay mr. Sanskaar she\’s fine now……

Sanskaar nodded and went in deep thoughts. He looked at ragini.

Sanskaar ( monologue ): did she really felt my pain??

He sat beside her as his eyes became moist. Doc saw this.

Doc: Mr. Sanskaar.. Nothing to worry now she\’s okay and will get conscious….

Sanskaar: ik doc…. She just felt my pain…

Doc ( confused ) ; wht r u saying mr. Sanskaar???

Sanskaar: now only I pressed my hand tightly and immediately after that she started breathing heavily and u said she felt pain……

Doc: I can understand Mr. Sanskaar but wht u r saying is not possible…. This only happens in movies….

Sanskaar ( angrily ): do u think I\’m lying?? Do u think I\’ll joke abt my ginu??

He stands up and moves towards the doc but his leg dashed with the table making him moan in pain and ragini again starts breathing heavily. Doc is shocked. He looked at both of them. Sanskaar smirks.

Sanskaar: go n check my ginu….. Now…. ( he shouted )

Doc nods and checks her. He just keeps looking at both of them.

Sanskaar: doc. True love exists in this world. And I guess this is enough to prove you…. Am I right or am I right????

Doc: I\’m sorry Mr sanskaar….

Sanskaar nods. The nurse and the doc goes from there. Sanskaar gets up and comes near ragini.

Sanskaar: I\’m sorry ginu for hurting u… I didn\’t knew that u\’ll feel my pain…

I\’m sorry….

He kisses her hand and keeps his head on the bed and keeps looking at her until he fell asleep again…….


First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love and support you have been giving me till now.. .. I feel really overwhelmed! ! ❤❤❤

And then Sorry for not updating on Wednesday. .. But due to poor network connection, the internet was not working.. . ???

Now I really hope you all will like this chapter. .. . If yes then do tell me through your comments ?❤ and don\’t forget to vote and share if you liked it. .. Shukriya ❤❤

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