Recap: ragsan with Pooja!!!

After finishing all his meetings, Sanskaar rushed to Pooja…

Sanskaar: come poo lets go…

Pooja: haan bhai… Just giv me two minutes….

Sanskaar: arre v don’t hv that much time come lets go…

He held her hand and they both went towards her home…. He was driving at full speed.

Pooja: bhai pls slow down…. Bhabhi is not running anywhere…

Sanskaar: arre uska koi bharosa nhi hai….

He stops the car near a flower vendor and take a bouquet ? of white lillies!!! Pooja smiles. They both reach her home after. Half an hour……

Sanskaar: do u hv extra keys of ur house??

Pooja: yeah y??

Sanskaar: we’ll give her surprise….

Pooja: hume toh kabhi surprise nhi diya….

Sanskaar: acha c???

He twisted he ear…

Pooja: acha sorrryyyy… Now concentrate on bhabhi….

Sanskaar rushes towards the door. Pooja nods her head in disbelief and says that the keys r with her….. . sanskaar nods.

Sanskaar ask her to open fast. She nodded and opened the door. Sanskaar pushed the door and went inside shouting Ragini’s name!!!! Pooja nodded her head in disbelief and followed him.

As she went inside she saw sanskaar standing numb and tears flowing down his cheeks. She rushed to him and was shocked to see ragini lying on the sofa unconscious. She shook her to wake her up but she didn’t. She ran to kitchen to get water and saw that the food was kept as it is… That means ragini hadn’t eaten anything. She thought and rushed there with water.

Pooja: bhai she hasn’t eaten anything from morning may be that’s y she fell unconscious….

She said sprinkling water on her face.

Sanskaar: wht???

Pooja: yeah the food I made is kept as it is….

Sanskaar: this girl I tell will hv some day….

He said agitated and picked her up in his arms as she wasn’t getting up. Pooja ran out and drove with sanskaar at back with ragini.


Doc: r u fine now??

Dr. Ridhima asked ragini as she opened her eyes. Ragini saw her surroundings and looked at her confused.

Doc: don’t get confused… Sanskaar brought u here….

Ragini makes faces.

Doc: y didn’t u had something from morning??

Ragini: voh… Voh….

She didn’t had any answer and sanskaar came there as her saviour.

Sanskaar: ginu… Ginu… Are u fine?? U know how much I got scared?? Who does that ginu?? Just bcoz v had a fight that does not mean na that….

” oh so u both again fought haan??? ” asked doc who was seeing till now seeing sanskaar’s concern…

” no… He shouted on me when I tried to help him… ” complained ragini…

” but u also didn’t told me that u’ll do my work.. ” sanskaar shot back.

Pooja came there hearing their shouts and her mouth was left open seeing them fight like kids.

” o pls… Haan I was just trying to help u… ”

” so u could hv told me na… ”

” did u gave me a chance to speak??? ”

” Vaise toh hamesha zabaan kainchi ki tarah chk chk chalti rehti hai n jab bolna ho toh muh mein rasgulle aa jate hai??? ” ( every time U r blabbering only n when its time to say u don’t say anything..)

” dekho… Don’t bring rasgulle in between…. ” she stood and pointed her index finger.

” i’ll bring.. Wht will u do?? wht CAN u do??? Haan tell me??? ” He too pointed his finger.

” dekho…. ”

” tum dekho… ” He pushed her by keeping his finger on her nose. She too did the same…

Ridhima, Pooja along with few nurses and ward boys were seeing them with their mouth and eyes wide open. All shouted together.

” STOPPPPPP!!!!!!! ”

Ragini and sanskaar looked at them scared. Ragini held his hand scared and he took her in his side embrace.

Pooja: bhai…. Bhabhi ( ragini glares at her ) okay….. Di… Wht u both r doing???

Sanskaar: wht r v doing?? R v doing anything ginu???

Ragini: nah…. V aren’t…. But wht happened poo y did u all shout??

Sanskaar:. Yeah… That too together…..

Ragini: yeah… Its so embarrassing to shout in public place…

Doc: if u both don’t talk abt embarrassment in public places then it would b much better. …

Pooja: exactly….

Ragsan: y??

Pooja: from past 15 minutes u both r fighting like tom n jerry n now standing holding each other like we are going to eat one of u…..

They both looked at each other and separated and brushed their clothes.

Sanskaar: voh toh bas aise hi…..

Ragini: yeah just like that….

Sanskaar: I was just checking whether she’s alright or not??

Ragini: yeah n I was checking whether he’s normal or not??

Sanskaar: wht do u mean normal?? Do I look abnormal to u??

Before ragini could say anything Pooja interrupted them.

Pooja: stop… Stop right there… Khabardaar jo aap dono ne first jhagda shuru kia toh….

Both pouted and nodded.

Doc: n ragini u shld take care of ur health… Just bcoz u fought with him… ( ragini looks at her…) Or he fought with u that doesn’t mean that u’ll stop eating or drinking…. Okay???

Ragini nodded.

Doc: n sanskaar u shld try to control ur anger…. last time also bcoz of ur anger she suffered so much though u enjoyed ( she winks at him and he brushes his hair blushing… Ragini too blushes thinking abt that night but they both come back hearing doc clearing her throat.. )

Sanskaar too nodded.

They both with Pooja left from there after thanking her.

In car!! Pooja was driving and ragini was sitting beside her ( coz she didn’t wanted to sit with sanskaar nor did she wanted to sit alone at back ) and sanskaar at back seat…..

Pooja: bhai…

Sanskaar: hmm…

Pooja: y was the doctor saying that u enjoyed when di was sick???

Ragini coughed hearing this. Pooja stopped the car and offered her water. Ragini signed that she’s fine and they should go….

Sanskaar: voh… Poo.. When u’ll become older na u’ll understand…. Kyun ginu ???

Ragini: how do I know?? Doc said that u enjoyed not me???

Sanskaar: o really?? So u didn’t enjoyed haan??

Pooja: arre but u tell me na how did u enjoyed n I’m grown up bhai… So tell me..

Ragini: arre let me tell u…. Actually when I fell sick there were two tubs of ice cream at home n I wanted to hv so doc said that he shld eat all so that I can’t eat….. Thats y she said that he enjoyed when I fell sick??!!! Right sanskaar???

Sanskaar: yeah exactly…

Pooja: But for knowing this y I need to be more older???

Sanskaar ( hitting her head ): arre tubelight… U concentrate on road….

Pooja scratches her head but then concentrates on driving… They reach her home.

Pooja: u both sit.. I’ll bring food for all of us….

They both nodded and sat on the sofa. Ragini saw the flowers which sanskaar had brought. Sanskaar comes n sit close to her.

Sanskaar: ginu.। ( holding her hand ) ginu… I’m really sorry yaar.. I know I shouldn’t hv shouted but……

Ragini ( freeing her hand ): I think I should help poo….

She stood up but sanskaar held her hand and goes down on his knees…..

” I hv committed a sin to make u sad,
And I’m realizing that I’m very bad, so..
Pls forgive me to lessen the grief,
Your forgiveness will lead to a relief….. ”

Sanskaar said holding her hand with tears in his eyes!!! Ragini too had tears and pressed her lips to control her cry. Pooja who was hearing this with bowl in her hand too had tears….. Ragini looked at her and she nodded in yes. Ragini tilted her head and let the tear flow down her cheeks….

She turned and looked at sanskaar and made him stand. She made him look into her eyes..

Ragini: sansku… Till when this all will happen haan?? U’ll first scold me like hell, then u’ll realise that I was not wrong then u’ll take me to doc ridhima and then will ask for forgiveness…. Till when this will happen???? Sansku I want you to miss me, when u think of me…. Kiss me when I’m there with you…. Hold Me like I’m ur everything.. Twiddle ur fingers in my hair….. But u…… ( she sighs while sanskaar looks on feeling guilty ) u always shout on me sansku…. U shld control ur anger otherwise…..

Sanskaar ( holds her hands and keeps them on his forehead by bending and cries ): ginu… I don’t know wht happens to me when it comes to work??? I’m really sorry ginu for hurting u again n again…. N… N if u… U.. Want to go… Then u can go…. I’ll not stop u…. But pls dont hate me na ginu… Don’t…. Hate me…..

He cries miserably. The trio are crying like anything. He is abt to fall but ragini Holds him and hugs him tightly. She caresses his hair and back and tries to calm him down. He too hugs her…

Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu….. I’m.. So sorry…… I can’t even imagine how much u hv gone through just bcoz of me…… …. ( ragini cries while caressing his hair )” it hurts me ginu….. It hurts me but.. But I can only think of wht I hv done to u…. … ”

He slides down crying. Ragini too sat beside him and hugged him.

Ragini: sansku pls stop crying first of all… U know I can’t see u crying….. Pls yaar…

Sanskaar controlled himself and wiped his tears. Ragini made him sit straight.

Sanskaar: I promise u ginu…. I won’t do this again.. Never… I promise u…

Ragini :: its ok sansku…. Now stop crying… Look I’m very hungry and I don’t want to loose my left over energy in crying…. So stop crying n get up….

Sanskaar nods and they both get up. Pooja comes there wiping her tears. They both look at her.

Ragsan: thank you!!!

Pooja: hmm… So abb apni choti behen ko thank you bola ja raha hai… Hmm…. Good…. Bye then….

She turns to go but sanskaar holds her hand and turns her. The trio look at each other and burst out laughing… They hug each other.

Pooja: ok now come… I hv set the table u both go n wash ur faces … Lets hv dinner….


All are having their dinner. Ragini is eating like she hasn’t eaten from months…. But its okay she was hungry…

Pooja: Vaise di… Y u always forgive bhai easily???

Sanskaar: oye… U concentrate on dal makhni….

Pooja: bhai I’m asking her so let her answer na…..

Ragini: abb I don’t know but …. I know he doesn’t do it intentionality…… So… Yeah I know that he really feels bad so I just forgive him… I can’t see him sad u know….. N moreover who else I hv here… If i’ll be angry on him then where will I go???

Pooja: oye hoye!!!!! ( she said teasing her… Ragini blushes…)

Sanskaar: oye hoye ki bachi… Jab tujhe pyaar hoga na tab pata lagega…… ..

Pooja: o pls haan… Main nhi phasne wali yeh pyaar vyaar k chakkar mein…

Ragini: Yeh toh jab hoga tab dekhenge…..

Pooja: n di my house’s doors are always open for u… U can come whenever you want……

Sanskaar: no y she’ll come here???

Ragini ; sansku….

Sanskaar: no I mean…. She can come over to our place know there v all can hv fun…..

Pooja: acha baba….. u both sleep here only today… Tomorrow u can go back….

Sanskaar: okay but there is only one room na so where will u sleep???

Ragini blushes.

Pooja: i’ll sleep in my room only bhaii… U’ll sleep here in living room on couch…..

Ragini and Pooja laughs. Sanskaar pouts.

Sanskaar: that’s not fair poo….

Pooja: everything is fair in love n war….. N u should get little punishment for troubling my di…..

Sanskaar: ginu… U say na something….

Ragini: wht can I say sansku…. Its her house her wish…..

Sanskaar: arre but……

Ragini and Pooja goes with the dishes to kitchen while sanskaar keeps on thinking wht to do……

After sometime….

Sanskaar: ginu u know na I can’t sleep on couch as my back aches…. I can only sleep on flat bed…. So i’ll sleep in room….

Sanskaar winks at her and ragini blushes. She also wanted to spend time with him. Pooja sees this and smirks.

Ragini: arre haan… Poo he gets back ache when he sleeps on couch…..

Pooja: no worries bhaiya and bhabhi…. I’ll not let that happen…

Sanskaar: good… U sleep here i’ll go in room with ginu….

He starts to move but Pooja holds his hand.

Pooja: itni bhi kya jaldi hai c?? U’ll sleep here only…. I’ll get u bedsheets and manji ( the foldable steel bed ) okay???

Sanskaar pouts while ragini looks on sadly…

Pooja: come bhabhi……..

And she take sragini with her n gives her her nightsuit for that night….. Later she gets manji, pillows n bedsheets in living room and goes after greeting sanskaar……

Sanskaar stamps his foot on floor and takes off his shirt ( he’s now in his pants and vest ) and lies down on the ” manji ” …


Oh god such a long dat it was…….. Ginu I’m blessed to hv u in my life…. And u too poo…. Today u were mine and ginu’s elder sister or rather say mother and mother in law too…. Huh… U separated me na that’s y…. like a mil separates her son and Dil….. Well ik u did that coz u worry abt ginu……. today if u were not there then I don’t know wht would I hv done….. Thank you Pooja!!!!!!!!! n ginu I promise I’ll never ever do this again with u…… I need to change ny habit if getting angry frequently……. I don’t even know how many times I got angry on u in last seven months when u were totally innocent …… I can just repent for my mistakes and how easily u forgive me ginu ( he recalls her explanation to Pooja for forgiving him.) ginu u so innocent and ik ppl can take advantage of ur innocence but I’ll always be there to protect u ginu no matter what….. N yes … I promise ginu i’ll change… Just for u…..

He’s trying to sleep but is not getting any….. He’s flips his sides and just lies closing his eyes……….

Other side ragini is also in same situation… She too thanked Pooja but wasn’t getting any sleep. Whereas Pooja was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face………

Ragini takes a deep breath and is abt to get up but Pooja holds her hand.

Pooja: where r u going bhabhi??

Ragini: voh.. I was just getting up to take water…

Pooja: oh… K then drink…

Ragini nods and drinks water and again lies down beside Pooja……… But doesn’t get sleep…..


Hello my dear friends???!!!!! So finally my exams are over and I’m back… With this story, one more story ( which many of u hv read) and then another new story which I’ll post on my birthday ??????

Okay so this chapter is dedicated to all those ppl who hv waited for it and also who msgd me ???

N also I’m so sorry for not being regular… And now as I hv holidays so I’ll try to post in every three days….. I really hope you r still interested and will support me ???

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