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Recap: ragsan leave for Delhi.

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Ragini is seated on Window side of the plane ✈ and is thinking how her life has changed with a week.
Ragini’s pov :
What has happened in these days.??? I have lost my EVERYTHING. My parents, my sister, my so-called love and most importantly my respect in everyone’s eyes….. Thank god Dadaji n dadi trusted me… Now I’m first time sitting in plane which is going to be in air in next few minutes… I’m damn scared… N sanskaar… Oh god!! How much pain he’s carrying in his heart.. I hv never seen a selfless man like him. . N wht did everyone did to him. Laksh, how could he do this with his brother n dp uncle… I thought he’s a good man n cares for his family but no he’s concerned abt only his reputation.. I hope swara will be fine there.. I hope she doesn’t get any sadness in life unlike me.. Who’s left with nothing…..
(She makes a sad face thinking this.. When sanskaar interrupted her thoughts.)
Sanskaar: ragini don’t think that u hv lost everything.. Take it as a challenge and start ur life again with confidence and that beautiful smile of yours.. Trust me everything gonna be fine…..
Ragini ( to herself..) Does he know mind reading techniques or wht??? How did he know wht I’m thinking??

Sanskaar: itna zor se sochegi toh zaroor sunai dega na.( if you’ll think so loudly then obviously I’ll hear it na) … N yes I don’t know any mind reading techniques….
She makes a cute pout and He laughs at her innocence.
Ragini: sanskaar ji can I ask you something?? If u don’t mind….
Sanskaar: ik ragini u want to know abt kavita right??
Ragini nods.
Sanskaar: its a long story.

Sanskaar: when I came to Delhi I didn’t have anything.. No home no food…. I used to sleep on roadside bench and ask for food ? from people. And every day one man used to come n give me food. I don’t y he did that…. Like this only 2 months went. Daily I uses to cry n think abt my family n how they had thrown me out trusting an outsider. I didn’t trust people easily that’s y I had less friends. Then one day same man, his name was amar kapoor, came n asked if I would like to work with him. I needed a job so I agreed but didn’t told my real identity. I told my name is sanskaar n I don’t hv any family, which was somehow true also…. So he gave me his name., Sanskaar Kapoor was and is my new n only identity (tear escapes his eyes… Ragini places her hand on his shoulder) He continued…..

Sanskaar :Then he took me to his house ? n gave me job in his office. Kavita also worked there. She also didn’t have family. We became very good friends. After 2. Yrs, kaka ( kapoor uncle) handed his business to me coz he didn’t have any son n daughter was happily married in usa.. I took the responsibility n gave the business new heights.
Then one day kavita came to me that some dp maheshwari is calling her n saying that she was a gold digger. I was really frustrated n wanted to confront him. So I booked my ticket ? to Kolkata for the next day but sadly I couldn’t go….

They were disturbed by the air hostess.
Hostess: passengers are requested to fasten their seat belts as the plane is ready to take off. Its 7 pm we’ll reach delhi by 9 pm. Thank you.
Sanskaar: ragini tie ur belt fast.
Ragini: voh sanskaar ji I don’t know how to do it as this is my first time…..
Sanskaar: no worries ragini I’ll help u..
He leans towards her n while tieing the belt his hands touched he bare waist. ( she’s still wearing the lehnga n he sherwani) current passed through their bodies but they ignored it and they have deep eye lock for 30 sec… Until the plane ✈ started to move.

They came out of their trance n adjusted themselves. Ragini closed her eyes and started chanting hanuman chalisa as she was really scared.
Sanskaar smiles seeing her.
He holds her hand tightly.
Sanskaar: ragini don’t worry I’m with u…
Ragini: thank you sanskaar ji…..
She keeps her hand on his.
Then the flight took off n they again came back to normal position.
Ragini: sanskaar ji…
Sanskaar: haan bolo….

Ragini: aage kya hua…???
Sanskaar: haan aage…. Yeah I couldn’t go as kaka’s health was not good n for operation we have to take him to usa. . So I went there..
He paused.
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskaar: when I came back I got to know that kavita had gone to Kolkata n there she met with an accident. N here I lost my kaka also………. Again I was left alone… In this huge world..
He breaks down in tears.
Ragini consoles him.
Ragini: you loved her a lot right??
Sanskaar: yeah in these 2 yrs she became very close to me. We both uses to share everything with each other.
I wish I could get her back.
Ragini felt bad listening to it but ignored it as he continued.
Sanskaar: u know, she wanted to get married to her love of life….
Ragini: means u?
Sanskaar: mee??? Common ragini she was like my sister..

Ragini was feeling somewhat happy but didn’t notice.
Sanskaar: he was her neighbour, a professor.. They both were deeply in love but after her accident he died out of shock…
Ragini: n thats y u came here to take revenge… Right??? Then y u cancelled the plan??
Sanskaar: coz I didn’t want to hurt laksh n swara coz they had no hand in kavita’s death…. N as far as bade papa is concerned, I thought if i’ll hurt him every one in the family will also be hurt especially my dad, which I can’t se… So I dropped…..
He rest his head on the head rest while remembering his days with his family which was no more his.. .

Then a cute small boy come there n saw them sad so he offered his chocolates to them.

Boy: didi bhaiya!! Y r u sad?? Here take these chocolates then u will be happy.

Both smile looking at him.
Ragini takes him in her lap.
Ragini: wht is your name beta??
Boy: hi my name is Varun.
Sanskaar: where are your parents??
Varun: they are sleeping so I came here…
Ragini: ok.
She plays with him for sometime forgetting all her worries… N sanskaar is happy seeing her smiling….
After sometime the boy goes saying good night to them.
Ragini: he is so cute na…..
Sanskaar: yeah. . Ragini do u like kids??
Ragini: of course sanskaar ji who doesn’t love kids??? I always wanted to have a small brother or sister but……….

She again gets sad thinking abt swara but stops herself from crying.
Ragini: ok gn sanskaar ji.. I’ll sleep for sometime..
Sanskaar.: ok…..
Sanskaar thinks something n soon sleeps….
But Ragini was in deep thoughts abt sanskaar when she looked out of the window. She got scared and held sanskaar’s arm n soon she also dozed off on his shoulder

After half an hour. ( guys I don’t know how much time it takes to reach delhi from Kolkata so pls bear with me)

It’s 8 pm. So its dinner time.

Hostess comes n wakes sanskaar. he wakes up n sees ragini sleeping on his shoulder. hostess is going to call ragini but sanskaar stops her.
Hostess: sir its Dinner time.
Sanskaar: its ok i’ll wake her.
Hostess: sir will u have veg or non veg food??
Sanskaar: veg..
Hostess: n for mam.??
Sanskaar: ( thinks) umm veg only.
She keeps the trays on the table n leaves.
Sanskaar politely tapping her cheeks n asking her to get up.
Sanskaar: ragini utho khana kha lo..

Ragini: ma sone do na thodi der…
Sanskaar: ragini.. ( he shakes her a bit)
She gets up n sees her surroundings. N then see sanskaar n her hand around his arm.
She immediately took off her hand.
Ragini: voh sorry actually I was scared so…..

Sanskaar: its ok ragini… Go n get fresh then have ur dinner we’ll reach after half an hour.
Ragini goes n then comes back washing her face..
Sanskaar and ragini have dinner.
Now its landing time again ragini got scared n he held her hand.

They safely reach delhi n now came out of airport.
Sanskaar calls Pooja.
Sanskaar: Pooja is the car here.
Pooja: yea
Sanskaar: ok.. Come ragini..
They leave for his home ( soon to be theirs ?)

He stops the car in front of a house.
Ragini: hum pahunch gaye kya?? ( did we reached??)
Sanskaar: haan ragini. (yes ragini)
They get down..

It was not a huge villa but enough for 2 people to live. They go inside.
Its a 2 bhk villa… With a garden, swimming pool and terrace. One room is at first floor other one at ground floor.
Sanskaar: ragini yeh niche wala kamra tumhara hai… Kisi bhi cheez ki zaroorat ho toh mujhe bata dena.. Abhi……….
Before he could complete ragini ran inside her new room n closed the door.

Sanskaar: ragini I can understand ur situation coz I hv been through the same but I’ll not let u break……

He ran to his room n came down with one of his track pants n shirt.

He went near Ragini’s room n knocked.

Sanskaar: ragini open the door.. Look wear these clothes n be comfortable…..
Ragini opens the door. Her face is si dull. Its clearly written that she was crying…..

Ragini: thank you sanskaar ji.
Without waiting for his reply he closed the door.

Sanskaar understanding her situation also went to his room to rest.
He called rp n dadaji to inform that they have reached n were fine.

Ragini got changed n was again thinking abt the recent happenings.
She was crying like hell remembering her family n their taunts. After 2 hrs of vigorous crying she dozed off.

Their sanskaar was in same situation.

Sanskaar’s pov:
I hv destroyed one life, one family bcoz of my foolish revenge.. God pls forgive me……. Now its my duty to again bring smile on her face….
He also dozed off.

2am early morning…

Ragini: pls leave mee…. Chod do mujhe maine tumhara kya bigada hai…..

She’s running n some goons are after her….
She pleads…..
But they don’t care.. They catch her n are abt to remove her dupatta when she screams
Ragini ; nooooo…..n she falls from bed.
( yes guys it was a dream) she’s sweating very badly n is scared…. She hides under the bed and is crying continuously n asking for help..

Hearing her shout sanskaar Comes down n enters her room n starts taking her name.
Sanskaar: ragini wht happened?? Where are u damn it.??? Ragini ragini…..

Hearing the noise ragini gets scared n ragini stops shouting but continues sobbing.
Sanskaar hears sobbing sound from under the bed n bends down only to find ragini sobbing ? there, drenched in sweat and looking very scared.
Sanskaar is shocked to see her like that, he forwards his hand…
Sanskaar: ragini wht happened?? R u ok?? Y r u crying?? Pls come out. . .
Ragini doesn’t respond n keeps on crying which makes sanskaar really scared and worried.

He too goes under the bed and brings her out while she keeps on shouting.
Ragini: pls leave me…. I beg u… Leave me..
Sanskaar makes her stand n hugs her tightly to calm her down n keeps on consoling her.
Sanskaar: ragini look… No one is here. No one will take u. I’m always with you… Pls calm down.
Ragini alao hugs him tightly n keeps on crying.
Ragini: sanskaar ji… they’ll take me… I don’t want to go. ….
Sanskaar: ragini don’t worry I’m there na…… I’ll never leave you nor will I’ll never let anyone touch u.. Thats my promise. Now stop crying… ( after so much consoling finally she stops crying)

Ragini 🙁 wiping her tears) pinky promise na you’ll never leave me.??
She brings her little finger forward n ask sanskaar with curious eyes…
Sanskaar 🙁 entangling his little finger with her’s) pinky promise!!
He smiles.
Sanskaar: now u sleep its already late…..
He starts to leave.
Ragini Holds his hand.
Ragini: can u pls stay here?? Wht if they come again????
She makes a cute sad ? face.
Sanskaar: ok…… I’ll be here. Now sleep.

Then ragini lies on bed and sanskaar on couch.

After few minutes he sees ragini not getting sleep so he comes near her.
Sanskaar: ragini wht happened?? Y r u not sleeping???
Ragini: voh sanskaar ji.. Dadi Maa ki yaad aa rahi hai… ( she cries) wheneverI got bad dreams ahe used to sing me a lullaby.. I’m missing her…….

Sanskaar: ragini I’m here na… Ok now u sleep…. I’ll sing for you.. .
Ragini: but….
Sanskaar :: u r so stubborn.. I’m saying na..

Ragini sleeps on the middle of the bed n sanskaar sits besides her n starts singing while patting and caressing her hair.

Sanskaar: ( sings nindiya from sarabjit)

Nindiya yeh legi tujhe thaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh shaam re

(Ragini remembers how once she also sung lullaby for him.)

Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)

Teri woh baatein aa sunaaun
Baithun sirhaane loriyan main gaaun
Raahein takti hai yeh ataari
Tijon ki ghadiyan sooni hi guzari

Saare nazaare yeh baharein
Hai tujhi pe waare

Khwabon ne bheja ye pegaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh sham re

Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)

Nindiya yeh legi tujhe thaam re
Soja de de aankhon ko aaraam re
Ke sara din chalke hai guzara
Tu uljhano ka maara
Ab jaake aayi hai yeh shaam re

( while singing he also slowly slips down on bed n sleeps beside ragini keeping distance between them n patting and caressing her hair)

Are aa re aa re aa
Are aa re aa re (x2)

Soon they both dozed off.

Precap: new morning in new city ….

Pooja played by Pooja Bose (as varun likes her) you’ll get to know abt her in coming episodes….

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