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Recap: sanskaar’s romantic surprise!!!

Morning 8:30 am


RagSan have completed the breakfast.. ArShi comes in their room with their suitcases and sits with them.

Arnav: all set…

Ragini nods happily.

Khushi: badi khush lag rahi ho ragu.. Kya baat hai?? ( u r looking very happy.. What’s the matter??)

She winks at her and she blushes.

Arnav: oye hoye… Blushing haan..

He hits her on her shoulder and she blushes more.

Ragini: its nothing like that…. I was just….

ArShi: just……

Ragini ( blushing): I’ll just come…..

She runs to the washroom and both of them laughs but stops seeing sanskaar who was sitting there without any expression… arnav got up and sat beside him.

Arnav: bro what happened??

No response. He keeps his hand onhis shoulder to bring him back to his senses. Sanskar jerked and is surprised to see them there.

Sanskaar: hey.. When u both came??

Khushi: sanky its been a while that we r here.. But what happened to u?? Y r u lost??

Sanskaar: oh.. Nothing khushi…

Arnav: common man.. U can tell us…

Sanskaar: arre voh.. Bhai.. Actually ( he sees ragini standing there n changes the topic) actually I was just thinking about ur wedding.. It would b great fun na.. ( he said stammering.. Arshi too saw ragini n understood…)

Khushi: yeah. Of course it’ll b fun…

Ragini comes there..

Ragini: I think v shud leave now.. Its already 8:30..

Khushi: yeah.. Come ragini.. We’ll go down.. They’ll come….

Ragini: okay.. Come…

Khushi signs arnav to talk to sanskaar without ragini’s notice.. Arnav nods. RaShi leaves.

Arnav: now tell bro.. What happened??

Sanskaar: bhai…

Arnav: yeah tell… Is everything fine,,??

Sanskaar ( standing n roaming here n there in tension): bhai voh laksh mr.maheshwari n papa are in Delhi….

Arnav ( shocked): what???

Sanskaar: han bhai… N I don’t want ginu to see them…

Arnav: but.. But how do u know?? N what r they doing there?? N didn’t ram uncle told u anything..??

He showered sanskaar with questions.

Sanskaar: now only Pooja called me n told that they all are in Delhi n have also gone to Mr. Verma’s office…..

Arnav: oh god. N ram uncle??

Sanskaar: ahh… His damn phone is not reachable….

He said again sitting down on couch with his fingers rubbing the temples…

Arnav: till when r they there??

Sanskaar: I don’t know bhai… I don’t know anything…

Arnav: should v cancel the flight??

Sanskaar: no bhai.. Till when will v run? N v haven’t done anything wrong… I just don’t want ginu to see laksh…

Arnav: I understand bro…. Now what??

Sanskaar: now… Lets go…. Jo hoga dekha jaega….

Arnav: u sure???

Sanskaar nods and they both leave.

Downstairs ArKaar were keeping the luggage in the taxi ?.

Ragini: itni der kaise ho gayi?? ( y r u late??)

Arnav: voh actually ragu… Voh….

Sanskaar: voh bhai needed to use washroom urgently so I was waiting for him…

Arnav looked at him with disbelief while the girls giggled. Arnav pouts and sanskaar keeps his hand on his shoulder and whispers a quick sorry ?. Arnav smiled.

Arnav: now come lets go….

All ; yeah…

Sanskaar sat in the passenger seat and Khushi – arnav – Ragini sat on the back seat. Soon while talking n chit chatting they reached the airport and then checked in…. RagSan n ArShi were sitting together in different rows resp.

As the plane ✈ took off Ragini tightly held sanskaar’s hand and closed her eyes. Sanskaar stared at her with love.


Ginu… Tum kitna bhi keh lo par tum abhi bhi meri purani dupatte wali dost ho.. The innocent and sweet Lil princess ?…. I know u hv hid that old ragini inside u coz now u don’t want to fall weak in front of others n want to stay strong….. But ginu.. I don’t want that old ragini hidden inside u coz whatever u say I fell in love with that ragini only n I want that ragini back… I don’t know how but yup I want………..

His thoughts were broken by ragini…

Ragini: sansku…. Sansku….

Sanskaar: ya.. Yes ginu bolo?

Ragini: where r. Lost man??

Sanskaar: no nothing like that…. Bus I’m just tired…

Ragini: yeah me too….

Sanskaar ; then sleep na…

Ragini smiles and rests her head on his shoulder. He keeps his head on her head and pats her cheeks. They both doze off………

Morning 11 am


Dp: laksh have u packed all the things??

Laksh: yes papa….

Ram: n when is the flight..??

Laksh: 12 o clock… I think we should leave now…

Dp: okay come…

They all leave for the airport…..


After one hour! The flight from Goa lands in Delhi.. RagSan n Arshi comes out of the airport with their luggage….

RaShi: finally…..

Arnav is waiting for the taxi ? which he booked before only..

Khushi: arnav when will the taxi come?

Ragini: haan arnav! I’m so thirsty..

Sanskaar: wait i’ll bring water for u….

Saying so he went inside the airport to get water… While the trio talked ….

Inside the airport sanskaar is going to the shop to get water when someone comes from no where and collided with him and they both fell down. Sanskaar fell on his stomach so his face was not visible…

A voice from behind: laksh….. Kabhi toh dekh k chala karo….

Yes the one who fell was laksh!! ?

Laksh stands up and cleans his shirt and pants.

Ram: bhaisaab please not now…. N laksh at least help him na…

Laksh: ya..

He forwards his hand for sanskaar to hold.

Laksh: I’m really sorry bro actually I didn’t see u….

Sanskaar who was listening to this was first angry but listening to the word bro from laksh’s mouth he got emotional but composed himself. He turned his face and looked up. Laksh looked at him shocked and only one word could escape his mouth………….

Laksh: bhai…..

Dp and ram heard this and looks at the man who was still on the ground. Their eyes too welled up as they were seeing sanskaar almost after 3 months.

Dp and rp: sanskaar……

Laksh again forwarded his hand to sanskaar but sanskaar sighed and got up himself and brushed off the dust from his clothes. He looked at the trio who were looking at him emotionally.. He closed his fist ✊ and looked away.

Laksh: bhai… How r u?? Where were _____

Before he could complete….

Sanskaar ( sternly without any emotion): I’m sorry

Saying he was about to go from there but dp held his wrist.. Now sanskar’s back was facing the trio. He closed his eyes tightly.

Dp: bete.. Please forgive me.. Please give ____

Sanskaar blinked his eyes to remove the tears and turned to them. He looked at them and then at dp’s hand which was holding his wrist. He removed his hand from his wrist.

He again started to move.. This time again laksh came to stop him..

Laksh ; bhai please.. Please.. If u want u can punish me but please come with us.. Please.. Look at chacha n chachi.. They ___

Sanskaar: dekhiye bhaisaab I think u r mistaken Coz I don’t know u all… Nor do I want my family….. My family to know. U…. So now please will u excuse me??

The trio stood there shocked as he moved away from them. The announcement for their flight brought them back to their senses.

Dp: lets go…

Lakhs: but papa..

Dp.: laksh lets go….

He told angrily. They all leave. All this scenario was scene by Khushi who came to call sanskaar. Tears flowed from her eyes.

Khushi: so this is the thing about which sanky was so tensed… Its good ragu doesn’t know abt this….

She goes from there…

Khushi comes running to sanskaar with water bottle as he has forgotten to take…

Khushi: sanky wait…

Sanskaar stops n looks behind.

Sanskaar: khushi what r u doing here??

Khushi: sanky I saw everything….

There laksh stopped to look at his brother and was confused seeing her with some girl.

Sanskaar couldn’t control more n he hugged khushi tightly… N cried. Khushi consoled him.

Laksh was shocked to see this. Dp called him n they all went.

Sanskaar: khushi y do they need to come back yaar?? Can’t they let us live in peace??

Khushi :: calm down sanky.. Don’t cry…..

She caressed his hair. Sanskaar composed himself and broke the hug. Khushi wiped his tears.

Sanskaar: lets go …

Khushi nodded and they both went.

After dropping ragsan at their home arshi went to khushi’s..

Khushi: arnav…

Arnav: yup…..

Khushi: voh…

She tells him everything which she saw. Arnav was tensed for sanskaar. Khushi calmed him down.

Arnav: oh god yaar….. I think v shud go to them.. I’m not getting good feeling… Something is going to happen yaar…

Khushi: what r u saying arnav?? They alk hv gone back…. Now everything is okay..

Arnav: no yaar… Nothing is okay Coz ik sanky… He’ll pour someone else’s anger on someone else.. N at this time ragini is with him….. N..

Khushi ; u r right arnav.. But we can’t go now.. They must b tired n I don’t think sanky will do something to her…

Arnav: lets hope for the best yaar….. Okay I think I should leave now….

Khushi nodded. He hugged her and left.

Khushi: bhagwan ji sab thik rakhna……


They entered the home and kept all the luggage near the door only..

Ragini ( encircling her arm around his): finally we r back.. I’m so happy sansku……

She said excited.

Sanskaar: what’s so exciting n happy abt it ginu??

He said irritated.

Ragini ( sad): sorry…

Sanskaar: I’m tired… I’m going to room..

Ragini: okay u go I’ll bring coffee for you..

He didn’t replied her and went to his room. She felt very bad.

Ragini: what happened to u now?? Y r u behaving like this?? Hv I done any mistake? ( a layer of tears form in her eyes but she immediately wipes off her tears) no no… He’s just tired that’s y he’s behaving like this… I’ll bring his special coffee n he’ll be alright…..

She gave herself some hope and Went to kitchen to make coffee ☕…

After sometime she keeps the coffee mugs on a tray and takes it upstairs to ” their ” room. When she reached there she realized that it was locked. ” y has he locked the door ” she thought..

” sansku r u there?? ”

She said knocking the door with one hand.

” kya hai raginiii??? ” ( what is it raginiii??)

Shouted sanskaar from inside.

Ragini stumbled but balanced herself and tried smiled a bit.

” voh sans…. Sansku.. I hv brought coffee for u ”

” y hv u brought?? Have I asked for it?? ”

He shot back.

” but…. ”

” Ragini just leave me alone for sometime…. ”

” at least open the door sansku…. ”

” please sansku.. At least tell me na what I hv done?? ”

” please yaar open the door don’t do this with me… please…. ”

She knocked. After getting no response for 10 minutes she moved back to her room, keeping the coffee there only.

She reached her room and fell on the bed, Crying.

“‘ now what I hv done that he’s behaving like this?? Y he always has to do that… ?? ”

Her phone ringed showing ‘ arnav ‘.. She wiped her tears and picked up the phone.

” hello.. ”

” Ragini.. R u okay?? Is everything fine there?? ”

She controlled her cry.

” yeah every… Everything is fine arnav… But what happened to u?? Y r u so tensed?? ”

” no nothing… I was just asking… Okay i’ll talk to u later… ”

He cutted the call.

She again lied down on the floor with her head on the bed, crying.

” in morning only he proposed me m made me feel so special and now??? ”

She cries recalling morning fun and his proposal, his promise………

After sometime she dozed off thinking about sanskaar…..


Sanskaar woke up, his eyes all red and his face pale. He was only thinking about the Maheshwari’s from the time he had met them. It had shattered him. He came out of the room rubbing his eyes and saw the mugs on the chest of drawers. He then recollects the afternoon scene when he shouted on ragini…

” shit ”

He screamed and pulled his hair out of frustration.

” y I always do that…. Oh god ginu.. ”

He rushes downstairs and comes in front of her room. The door was closed. He closed his eyes and took deep breath. He opened his eyes and then slowly opened the door without making any noise and was shocked to see ragini lying on the floor, shivering with tear marks on her face . His heart sank seeing her like that. He went near her and kept her head on his lap. She was burning with fever.

He trembled. ” ginu.. Ginu ” he patted her cheeks. But she was continuously shivering and murmuring in her unconscious state. Sanskaar’s eyes welled up. He knew he was the reason for her state. He called arnav.

” bhai.. Bhai ginu… ”

He cried.

” sanky what happened?? Y r u crying?? ”

” bhai voh ginu.. She’s shivering and is having high fever ”

” what??? Then where r u?? ”

” I’m at home… She’s not waking up.. ”

” sanky. Relax first u calm down okay?? . Take her to city hospital ?.. I’ll also come there… ”

” okay bhai… ”

He cutted the call.

He kissed her forehead.

” I’m so sorry ginu. I’m so sorry…… ”

He wiped his tears and carried ragini in his arms to the car and made hee lie on the back seat. He wiped his tears and started driving in full speed.

” ginu.. Nothing will happen to u. I’m there na.. Nothing will happen I promise u… ”

He was consoling himself while the HEARTBEAT from KHNH was playing in bg.. He was continously wiping his tears as they came out thinking about losing his ginu.

Finally after 20 minutes which seemed like 20 days, he reached the hospital. he again carried her in his arms and called the doctor.

” doctor please.. Look at her she’s not getting up.. She’s shivering.. Please check her na… N make her fine. Please… ”

Again tears came out from his eyes as he couldn’t control them. The doctor asked the nurse and the ward boy to take ragini in the room while sanskar waited outside.

Sanskaar’ was sitting on the chair with his head resting backwards. Tears were continously flowing from his eyes. His every shout, her every plead was ringing in his ears..

” ragini sanky… ”

Arnav’s voice brought him back to reality. Sanskaar opened his eyes and stood up. Arnav came near him and without waiting for his questions sanskaar immediately took him in a bone crushing hug.

” bhai ginu…. This is.. Is.. All because of me….. ”

He said sobbing.

” calm down sanky… Tell me what happened?? Till afternoon she was fine then what happened suddenly?? ”

He said calming him down.

” yes she was fine but then…. ”

He burst out.

” then what sanky?? Wait…. Did she got to know abt ur meeting with laksh n all?? ”

He asked, confused. He nodded negatively.

” then what sanky?? ”

Before sanskaar could answer the doctor came out after 35 minutes of examining.

” who’s with her?? ”

ArKaar broke the hug and wiped their tears.

” we ”

Both said at the same time.

” okay the patient is fine now… She’s sleeping.. U can take her after sometime. ”

Both relaxed.

” but what exactly happened to her?? ”

Asked arnav.

” I guess she was very disturbed by something which made her cry bitterly ( sanskaar bowed down his head and a tear escaped his eye.. Arnav looked at him…) she fell weak n as Mr. Sanskaar told that she was lying on the floor due to which she catched fever. … She has low BP and is still. Very weak…. Please take care of her and don’t let her stress upon anything… N yes here is the diet chart ? and the medicines.. Please give her on time…. ”

She gave the prescription to arnav and left.

” sanky…. ”

” bhai voh actually after coming back I shouted on her and behaved rudely so……. ”

” sanky… Sanky how many times I hv told u to control urself… I was afraid that something like this is gonna happen.. N see?? ”

” I’m sorry Bhai…. ”

” y r u saying sorry to me….?? Say sorry to her who’s heart u hv broken…. ”

Arnav said angrily. Sanskaar hearts sank more. He started crying. Arnav who’s back was facing him toll now turned around and hugged him tightly as he couldn’t see him crying.

” shsss…. Sanky don’t cry yaar…. ”

” first say u forgave me…. ”

” oh common yaar dont behave like girls…. Stop crying…. ”

He broke the hug and wiped his tears.

” se ur nose has become red n u r looking like a joker… ”

He pinched his nose and both laughed through their tears.

” abb say na u forgave me na??? ”

” yup but for the last time… If again u made my ragu cry then u know……. ”

” yeah yeah ik….. I don’t want to die so early… I’m still a bachelor now….. ”

He said pouting cutely. Arnav laughed and hit his head…

” u sit with ragu I’ll go n bring the medicines…. ”

He said keeping his hand on his head.. He nodded and arnav went to take the medicines.

Sanskaar thanked god for saving his ginu and then after taking God’s name he entered ragini’s ward. She was sleeping on the bed with some syringe ? on her hands. His heart ached seeing hee like that. He remembers how he saved her in the hospital revealing his true intentions to her and taking her in his team few months back.

He pulled out the stool from below the bed slowly and sat on it holding her hand. He keeps his hand on her head and caresses her cheeks with his thumb. He cries looking at her state. It pained him a lot.

He kept her hand in between his hand and rested his chin on his hand. He recollects moments with her… Their friendship.. Their silly fights… Their love… Their close romantic moments… Their roothna manana…. Their trip… Their dance…….. He smiled thinking about them and wiped his tears. He was blessed to have an angel like ragini in his life but today he has hurted his angel to very deep extent. He was liable for a punishment. His tears were flowing down his cheeks to her palms. She slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to see herself in a hospital ?. Then her gaze went on crying sanskaar who was holding her hand. Her heart pained seeing him like that. She slowly moved her fingers. He felt her movement n looked at her. His eyes which were filled with tears, were now filled with joy and happiness!! He immediately hugged her and kissed her forehead asking for forgiveness! Due to sudden weight on her body she huffed in pain as she was still very weak. Sanskaar realized and got up from her.

” sorry sorry…. ”

He screeched.

” for how many things will u say sorry SIR ”

She said exaggerating the last word. Sanskaar made a sad face.. He knew he was only responsible for her this behaviour.

” yaar ginu I’m sorry na… Please forgive me… Actually I was angry on someone else………… ”

” n u blurted out on me, right???? ”

She asked moving her eye brows.

Sanskaar bowed down his head.

The doctor came with nurse to check her. After examining the reports she said.

” now she’s fine u can take her home. But keep in mind that u should not stress her. Give her proper food n medicine on time…. Try to give happy n fresh environment okay???? ”

” yes doc… Thank u so much… ”

” take care…. ”

After handling the reports to sanskaar and patting ragini’s cheeks she went out of the ward.

” ginu.. Come lets go to our home ?… ”

” hmm… ”

” ragu… Ragu.. R u alright now??? ”
Asked arnav entering the ward.

” yes arnav I’m fine… But how come u r here?? ”

” oh common ragu u r in problem n I’m not there . Is it possible??? ”

Ragini cutely nodded no.

” agar bharat milap ho gaya ho toh shall v go??? ”

Said sanskaar, jealous.

” J people…. ”

Both arnav and ragini hi fived saying that.

” what j?? ”

Asked sanskaar.

” u leave it… U r still a kid….. ”

Said ragini uninterested and went out with arnav taking his support.

” ginu.. Ik u r angry with me but I also promise u that I’ll make it up with u… ”

Sanskaar thought, determined and followed RagNav!


First of all Thank you so much everyone who liked my previous chapter… I was really not sure whether u guys will like it or not… But I’m happy you guys liked it n appreciated it!! Thank you so much!! ? ? ?

So guys how was it?!! ik the face off was not good as u expected… But aage aage dekho hota hai kya!?? ???? N ik I screwed up between ragsan… But….. * shrug *……. I’m really sorry for hurting our princess.. Hope u’ll forgive me ??

Okay so please do comment and tell me how was the epi??? I’ll be waiting.. Till then take care and keep smiling!!! ????

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