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Chapter 31

It was 4 in the morning … Ragini was sound asleep holding a pillow in her hand … sanskaar came out of the washroom with towels n kept in the bag .. he has packed all the things n all the bags were kept near the couch …

Sanskaar : gginu ….

No response .

Sanskaar : kitna soti hai yeh ladki ?? ( how much this girl sleeps ?)

Sanskaar comes near her and tickles on her feet .she moves and covers herself with blanket …

Ragini ( sleeping ) : sansku will u let me sleep or not yaar ??

Sanskaar ( smirks ) : ginu .. don’t u want to go back ??

Ragini : voh . toh .. we’ll ….. go … in morninggggggggggg naaaa ………….. let me sleep now …….

Sanskaar : its already 7 darling common get up …..

Ragini ( getting up in shock ) : what ??

Sanskaar nods cutely hiding his smile . ragini sees this n checks her phone showing 4:05 am . She llooks at sanskaar angrily but then falls on the bed coz she was really tired … sanskaar sighs and nods in disbelief ………

Sanskaar : please ginu //.. get up na i want to ……….. umm ….. i hv a surprise for u …….

Ragini : sansku subah k chaar baje kaun surprise deta hai ?? tum bhi aake so jao … come …….. ( sanku who gives surprise at 4 in the mornig ?? u also come n sleep … )

She pats the bed indicating him to sleep .

Sanskaar : tu aise nhi manegi na ?? ( youwont agree na ?? )

Ragini nods no in sleep . sanskaar lets out a cold breath and picks her in his arms and takes her to washroom … ragini mves her legs and hands but he holds her tightly and makes her stand in front of mirror …

Sanskaar : brush ur teeth quickly and come .. i’m waiting …

Ragini stands still there angrily with herhands in front of her chest .

Sanskaar : ginu … brush ur teeth … don’t behave like a small girl ..

Sanskaar was wearing a pajama and a tee with jacket and ragini was in her capri and tee tweety night suit.. Looking cute….

Ragini makes a weird face and turns her face to other side . sanskaar nods no in disbelief ……. then takes her brush and puts toothpaste on it .. ragini sees this from corner of her eyes and smiles but again makes a angry face before he can see …

Sanskaar ( giving her the brush ) : lo … now brush ur teeth …

Ragini : nhi karna mujhe … ( i don’t want to do .. )

Sanskaar : then wht u want to do ??

Ragini : i want to sleep …

Sanskaar : really ??

Ragini opens her mouth to say yes but before she could speak sanskaar puts the brush in her mouth , making her eyes big .. she looks at him narrowing her eye brows while he winks at her .

Sanskaar : now u hv to brush …. if i made u brush then you’ll get hurt … so quickly brush ur teeth n come out …

Ragini huffs and stamps his foot and start brushing her teeth angrily ..

Sanskaar ( smiles ) : aaraam se warna lag jaegi …. ( slowly otherwise you’ll get hurt ……..)

He goes from there winking while she blush… she brushes her teeth and comes out to find sanskaar wearing his shoes and jacket ..

Ragini ( still acts to be angry ) : where r we going ??

Sanskaar : umm you’ll get to know dear … here wear ur shoes …

He said passing her the shoes .

Ragini : first tell me ….

She said sitting on the bed .

Sanskaar : lagta hai aaj mere se saare kaam karane ka irada hai ?? ( seems like i hv to do all the work )

He sits in front of her and makes her wear the shoes and the jacket …. she smiles …. … he holds her hands and makes her stand ..

Sanskaar : come .. no wait ..

Ragini loks at him confused . he smiles and brings a cap and makes her wear that ..

Ragini ( trying to take it off ) :i don’t want to wear that ….

Sanskaar ( making her wear again ) : u hv to wea otherwise you’ll catch cold …


Ragini: n what abt u??

Sanskaar: don’t worry… Come lets go…

He held her hand and took the sleeping princess with him… He made her sit on his bike and locked her hands around his waist…. She rested her head on his back and closed her eyes……. Sanskaar looked at her… Smiled and drove….. 

Music plays in background……… 

Falak tak chal saath mere
Falak tak chal saath chal
Falak tak chal saath mere
Falak tak chal saath chal
Yeh badal ki chaadar
Yeh taaro ke anchal
Mein chup jaye hum, pal do pal
(Falak tak chal saath mere
Falak tak chal saath chal) — (2)

( Cool breeze is hitting them as they are moving towards their destination…. Making their hair blow… Ragini tightens her grip on his waist feeling the cool breeze………) 

Dheko kahan aa gaye hum sanam saath chalte
Jahan din ki bahon mein rathon ke saaye hai dhalte

( ( sanskaar stops the bike near a bridge and wakes up ragini……. She slowly opens her eyes and is awestruck to see the beauty of nature in front of her eyes……. She looks at sanskaar and he signs her to move ahead….. ))

Chal woh chowbare dhonde, gin mein chahat ki boonde
Sach kar de sapno ko sabhi
Aankho ko neeche neeche, mein tere peeche peeche
Chal du jo keh de tu abhi
Bahron ke chaat ho, dua oon ka haat ho
Padthe rahe yeh gazal

(Falak tak chal saath mere
Falak tak chal saath chal) —- (2)

(( sanskaar moves forward with her hand in his and takes her on the bridge…. There are still millions of stars shining in the sky shining like pearls …. N after few minutes the rays of the sun will cover the shine.. The spark of these stars…….

 “Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.” Ragini thought as she looked  at the sky covered with trillions of shining stars ……………………………..


 Ragini hugs sanskaar and kisses his cheeks for this beautiful view….. They click some pics……. Sanskaar then ask her to come with him………. He makes her sit on the bike and blindfolds her…… He starts the bike and move……………….. )) 

Dheka nahin mein ne pehle kabhi yeh nazara
Badla huwa sa lage mujhko aalam yeh sara



(( “They rode on and the sun in the east flushed pale streaks of light and then a deeper run of color like blood seeping up in sudden reaches flaring planewise and where the earth drained up into the sky at the edge of creation the top of the sun rose out of nothing like the head of a great red phallus until it cleared the unseen rim and sat squat and pulsing and malevolent behind them.” ))

(( sanskaar stops the bike near a beach and helps her get down too…… He moves ahead with ragini while she’s throwing a whole bunch of questions on him……. Then he finally stops and removes her blindfold giving her the most beautiful site of her life…….. Where the sun is coming out of the water and the sky has turned magical with red, yellow, orange, blue and a Lil bit of dark colour…….. Everything was so magical….. Some dolphins could be seen jumping in and out of the water …………… Her eyes glowed in joy with  a layer of tear forming in her eyes…… She jumped in joy like a kid…… ………. She was so happy, excited and what not to see such a nazara……… She was just……….. Just amazed……… )) 

Suraj ko huyi hai rarat, raaton ko kare shararat
Bheita hai khidki pe teri
Is baat pe chand bhi bigda, kathra kathra woh pigla
Bhar aaya aankho mein meri
Toh suraj bhuja doon, tujhe mein saja doon
Savera ho tujh se hi kal
(Falak tak chal saath mere
Falak tak chal saath chal) — (2)

Yeh badal ki chaadar
Yeh taaro ke anchal
Mein chup jaye hum, pal do pal
(Falak tak chal saath mere) x 4

((( sanskaar looked at her with love…. She was playing in the cold water…… Her shoes were beside him…. She was feeling cold but she wanted to enjoy this moment… He wanted the time to stop there…. He could spend his whole life looking and adoring at his child like love….. She was enjoying her life the way she wanted.. No one was here to stop her….. Thats when she came and splashed water… Cold water on his face bringing him out of thoughts and then laughing like an angel…….. Her hair were flowing with the wind….. She had taken out her cap…. Sanskaar stood up and made her wear cap again and then made her sit on the rock…. She pouted and quietly sat on the rock… He made her wear her shoes and stretched his hand for her to hold…… She held his hand, smiling and they both moved…….))


Today he wanted to take care of her like his child… Coz he never wanted that child to die which was inside her… Which gave her strength to live.. to enjoy… To be happy…… He could always do that… Taking care of her…..

She also became a child today…. He was taking care of her like a father… He made her wear shoes jacket… Played with her.. Showed her the most beautiful and peaceful place…. They moved ahead hand in hand……. Till they reached a beautiful small white and red tent …..

Ragini looked at him and he signed her to go inside…. She went inside and saw the tent full of cute soft toys and gifts …… she was feeling yet again so special with sanskaar .. she couldn’t help but the tears started forming in her eyes ….. she looked at sanskaar through the tent window …. he smiled at her and signed her to come out ……….. she nodded and came out and without waiting she took him in a strong bone crushing hug …. he stumbled a bit but then stabled himself and encircled his arms around her and kept his chin on her head , kissing her hair ……………….. ragini tightened her grip on his waist ………

Ragini : sans …… ( she got choked .. sanskaar caressed her hair … ) sansku …. this is one of the BESTEST days of my life …….. today i feel on top of the world ……….sansku ….. thank ..thank you soooooooo much for this ……


Sanskaar : shsss … ginu ….. no need to thank …. u hv brought so much happiness and joy in my  life so i can do at least this much for u na ….. u r my jaan … n jaan ke liye toh jaan bhi haazir hai … meri jaan ……… ( he kissed her forehead breaking the hug … ) meri jaan ………..


She blushed and hided her blushing face in his chest … he chuckled and hugged her back …. they stood like that few minutes after which sanskaar broke the hug and brought a gift pack for her ..


Ragini : whats this ??


Sanskaar : go in and change … i’m waiting ….


He winked at her and she went inside the tent blushing …


After 15 minutes …. ragini came out of the tent and found sanskaar standing there with his back towards her …. she goes towards him and keeps her hand on his shoulder . feeling her touch , he turns back and is just mesmerized to see his beautiful lady in a white short dress with white net veil on her face and white flats… Looking like a doll! ……………




Sanskaar smiles and goes down on his knee. Ragini is shocked. She knew wht was coming…. Sanskaar forwards his hand and she keeps her palm on his’s…..

Sanskaar: ginu.. . I don’t want to say those things which I had told u a zillion of times….. I just want to say that after ur arrival in ny life… My life has changed… For good. .. And I want you to always be by my side so that I can spend my each and every moment with you… ( ragini has tears in her eyes ) so will u accept me and become Mrs Ragini Tom Sanskaar for real ???

Ragini nods yes as the tears flow down her cheeks….. She couldn’t express her happiness… The dream of someone proposing her, her prince charming proposing her has finally became true…….

Sanskaar made her wear a beautiful diamond ♦ bracelet with hearts and pecked her hand ….. Ragini smiles looking at it and made him stand…….

Ragini: sa…..san…. ( choked, Sanskaar caressed her cheek ) Sansku….. U know na….. U r the best……

Sanskaar ( cupping her face ): I’m best coz the best is with me…. You are with me…..

Ragini: I….. I… I love you sansku!!!! I love you soooo much….

Sanskaar: I love you too princess…. N i’ll always love u till eternity….. I promise….

Saying so he kissed her forehead over the net veil making her blush…….

Sanskaar: So whts the answer??

Ragini ( blushes ): I told u na…

Sanskaar: when?? I want to listen from your mouth ginu…. Will u be ny wife, my life, my soul and make me the luckiest and the most blessed person on this earth

Ragini ( looking in his eyes ): yes Mr. Sanskaar Jerry…. I’m all yours… I’m ready to become Mrs. Sanskaar jerry !!!!!!

She blushes and hides her blushing face in his nape while he covers her with his arms…..


He holds her one hand and keeps that on his shoulder and slides his other hand on her waist and other one holding his hand …… she blushes and looks at him through the net … both have a deep eye lock .. they both move their bodies swiftly with the tune of the wind not breaking the eye lock ! she rested her head on his chest with her arms around his neck and he rested his chin on her head with his arms around her waist …. after few minutes her back was touching his front with his hands on her flat belly ad her hands above his … both were enjoying this peaceful meeting of their souls … He then moved his hands and took out something from his pocket… While she was in the same position with eyes closed ……

he puts a necklace made of sea shells around her neck…. She touches it and was feeling so happy… Today her happiness was beyond any limit….. She rested her head on his chest leaning backwards…. Before she could turn he brought his fist in front of her face and and asked her to open…. She opened the fist and found a big shell.. She looked back at him n he again signed her to look ahead…. She looked at the shell…. He with his other hands removed the upper part of the shell ? to unveil a shining pearl in his hands…. . . She took it in her hands and looked at it with joy…. It was the first time she was seeing a pure pearl.. …….

she turned and both again have a blissful eye lock… She thanked him through her eyes… He smiled and … he pulled up her veil revealing her beautiful face .. her cheeks turned red … he smiled and slowly cupped her face and leaned towards her forehead then eyes then nose then cheeks then neck and then finally her lips meanwhile her eyes were closed enjoying his love.. He softly placed his lips over her’s and sucked them… Ragini too responded ………… they had a passionate lip lock for over 10 minutes with their hands roaming theur hair and back ……….. the sun rays of the new day were blessing their love by showering warm sunlight over them ….. they broke the kiss and looked at each other .. he hugged  her close to his heart for a while and then they break the hug and took all their things ad went back to their hotel coz it was already 6 now and they need to reach the hotel soon ……………………. ( i hope i hv not bored u in this para … if yes then i’m sorry … )


While on the bike…..

Ragini: sansku….. Shld I say something???

Sanskaar: ginu…. U know u need not ask this…..

Ragini: still…. Acha leave…. I was thinking ki.. U know…… Will it be fine with u if…. U know……..

Sanskaar: wht is the matter ginu??? Say clearly…..

Ragini: voh sansku….. I was saying….. Will it be fine…. Ki… U know….. We don’t…. We don’t get married now but after sometime…… No no… Don’t take me wrong sansku….. Its just that…. I was….. Thinking… After I get settled…. U know na sansku wht I mean???

Sanskaar stops the bike and gets down and stands a bit away facing his back towards her. Ragini gets super tensed…. She too gets down and comes behind him…..

Ragini: sansku… I’m…. ( a layer of tears form in her eyes ) I’m sorry if I hv hurted u…. I… I never wanted to hurt u….. We’ll marry whenever u say .. I’m ready…… Sansku pls talk to me na….

Sanskaar turns to face her and looking at her cute face he couldn’t stop himself from laughing and then taking her in a bear hug…… Ragini is confused. She breaks the hug and looks weirdly at laughing budha… Umm sorry laughing sanskaar.

Ragini: whts so funny haan??

Sanskaar ( pulls her cheeks ): you are so cute ginu…..

Ragini jerks his hand and pouts. He stops laughing and back hugs her.

Sanskaar: ginu I know u first want to settle and do something in life. … N I too want to get stable and make my own image in this world… And v both know it’ll take time…… But I just wanted to give u a proper n solid commitment that no matter wht I’m always there with you so that u too feel safe and comfortable around me……

Ragini ; sachi??

Sanskaar: muchii……

Ragini: but. .

Sanskaar: but??

Ragini: but… ( blushes ) I mean…. V will marry soon haan….

Sanskaar: oye hoye… I didn’t knew u r so desperate to get married…..

Ragini: I’m not desperate sansku……

She pouts and he laughs… He takes her in his embrace and kissed her forehead!!! She smiles…. They they Sit back on the bike and drove to tge hotel as it was already late…..


Ragini reached the room with some stuff while sanskaar came with other stuff after returning the bike keys to the owner … ragini was again surprised to see her favourite breakfast of cheesy grilled sandwiches ! she again jumped in joy and keeping all the things on the bed she jumped on sanskaar and pecked his cheeks ! he smiled at her cuteness while she start eating . he also joined her but was a lil lost somewhere … ragini noticed this and when she asked he denied .






What the hell is laksh and mr. Maheshwari ( dp ) doing in delhi that to with papa ?? n why papa didn’t told anything about this ?? n nw his phone is also off …………


He recollects ……………


After giving the bike keys to the owner when he was proceeding towards his room , his phone rang flashing Pooja’s name … he picked up the call …


Pooja ( tensed ): hello bhai …


Sanskaar ( worried ) : pooja r u alright ?? is everything fine ??


Pooja : bhai i saw laksh , his dad and ur dad in mr . verma’s office yesterday when i came here to give one file ?? i tried calling ur but phn was not reachable ….

Sanskaar ( shocked ) : what ???

He shouted scaring the waiter going from there . he apologised through actions .

Pooja : yeah … i couldn’t hear the conversation but they were talking abt some business only ..

Sanskaar : r u sure papa was also with him …

Pooja : yeah i’m sure bhai … now what ??

Sanskaar : pooja u don’t take stress .. i’m coming back today only i’ll handle everything … n no need to ell anything abt this to ginu n abt them and me to mr varma …… okay ??

Pooja : okay bhai …

Sanskaar : now u don’t worry ……..okay i’ll talk to u later …… bye ..

Pooja : bye ..


And they hung up .. sanskaar tried ram’s no. But was not reachable .. he tried many times but didn’t got any answer … frustrated he banged his fist on the wall and then headed towards the room …………..




Episode ends with sanskaar’s worried face and ragini;’s happy face !!!!!!!!!!!!!


So my lovely readers……. HOW WAS IT??? Haan…. I’m sure I hv bored u alot and u might be nit expecting this kind of proposal but I just wrote it with a flow and wanted a simple yet beautiful proposal…… Do it tell me if u liked and pls give ur valuable opinions to me!!!


Many of u might be waiting for the face off of maheshwari’s and ragsan… Don’t worry u’ll get it soon…. Till then enjoy this……

N I hope u guys check out the links that I attach here of the clothes etc….. If not then pls tell me so I don’t put again….. Okayyyy?? So pls haan do tell me…


N yes i’ll update my next ff after 8th coz u know I hv my entrance exams… N pls pray for me that I get admission in the best college!!!


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