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It was yet another fresh morning in goa . ragsan were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace .


Sanskaar  is snoring because of cold and ragini is getting irritated .


Ragini : sasnku for god’s sake will u stop snoring ..??

Sanskaar ( back hugging her ): common ginu i’m not snoring ………….

Ragini : o really .. just wait a min …

She puts his hands back and frees herself from his hug .

Sanskaar ( irritated ): ginu .. where r u going ??

Ragini : for getting proof ..

Sasnkaar ( sitting on bed now ): wht proof ??

Ragini : wait na ….

She goes through her phone smiling mischievously  . sasnkaar looks at her confused .

Sasnkaar : arre wht r u looking ?

Ragini : yeah got it see it …

She passes her phone to him .

Sasnkaar gets super shocked to see his vedio where he’s snoring and sleeping like a kumbhkaran , one leg and one hand hanging down from the bed and one  hand under his head …..


Sasnkaar looks at ragini who smirks and raises her one eye brow .

Ragini : soo .. now do u agree that u were snoring haa ????

Sasnkaar : no .

He said standing on his knees on the bed with ragini opposite to him , standing on knees .

Ragini : o really ?? i hv the proof …

Sasnkaar (  acting innocent ): which proof are u talking abt ??

Ragini ( worried ): the vedio which i just now showed u …

She tries to snatch the phone but sanskaar hides it behind him ..

Ragini : give me the phn sansku …

Sasnkaar : i’ll give but wht if u didn’t get the proof ??

Ragini ( thinks ): then i’ll do whtever u’ll say …

Sasnkaar ( smirking ): r u sure ??

Ragini : yes .. coz i know that moment will not come …

Sasnkaar : okay then bet …

Ragini : done


She snatches the phone n doesn’t find the vedio anywhere … where is the vedio , she thinks and sees sanskaar smirking .

Sasnkaar ( pulling her by waist ): u were talking abt some proof know ….

Ragini looks at him tensed .

Sanskaar : now r u ready ??

Ragini : for wht ??

Sasnkaar : the bet whi……………..

Before he could complete he hears some noise n when the noise becomes louder he looks at ragini who’s now smirking at him with phone in her hand .


Ragini : wht did u thought haan ?? im that dumb ?? now i’m not that old ragini forgot ???


Sanskaar looks at her with disbelief ..


Ragini : wht did u thought haan that u’ll delete the vedio n ask me to do anything n i’ll do ??

Sanskaar : but i hv deleted the vedio ….

Ragini: n i hv already made many copies of that n ( she thinks something) n even send it to arshi …………………….

Sanskaar lips form an “ O” in shock .


Sanskaar : how can u do this to me ginu ??

He tried to hold her but fell on the bed as ragini got a side…

Ragini laughs continously holding her stomach.

Sanskaar ( getting up): ginu ki bachi i’ll not leave you….

Ragini ( running): for that u hv to catch me dear. ……

She starts running here n there over the bed with sanskaar behind her.. She’s laughing all the time. Sanskaar is happy seeing her happy but still chases her.

Finally after getting tired Ragini runs inside bathroom and closes the door on his face.

Ragini: sorry sansku but I’m tired n can’t run more so I’ll be back in few minutes till then enjoy…

Sanskaar: ginu its not done yaar. . I thought u r still the same innocent Ragini but…….

Ragini: but u hv only turned me into this lively, happy n independent Ragini for which I’ll thank you my whole life….. So thaaaankk youuuu soo much sanskuuuuu….

Sasnkaar: don’t thank me yaar ….. Okay now come fast… I. Don’t want to get emotional early morning…

Ragini chuckles.

Ragini: yeah coming in 10 minutes..

Sanskaar: okay.

After 35 minutes.

Ragini peeps out of the door to see whether sasnkaar is there or not coz she hadn’t taken her clothes so she was wearing towel only.

She carefully examines the room and concludes that he’s not there so she slowly comes out in her towel and goes towards the wardrobe for her clothes.

But as soon as she is about to open the wardrobe someone opens the door she turns back with a sudden jerk only to find sasnkaar with a tray with two mugs..

Her eyes grow bigger seeing him staring at her. She turns the other side but her neck refuses to turn, she feels pain in her neck and slowly winces.

Sasnkaar keeps the tray on the table and comes towards her.

Sanskaar: what happened ginu??

Ragini: cramp….

Sanskaar: cramp but how??

Ragini: arre when u opened the door I suddenly looked back na so…….

Sanskaar: oh god it might be painful na….

Ragini nods while trying to massage her neck…

Sanskaar sees this and takes her to the bed. Ragini was feeling nervous, Lil bit uncomfortable coz she was still in her towel.

Sanskaar makes her sit on the side of the bed and then goes at her back and slowly touches her nape ( right side) . Ragini shivers with his touch and tightly holds the towel near her chest.

Sanskaar: is it paining here??

Ragini: no a Lil down…

Sanskaar ( moving his hand or rather say fingers a Lil down) : here?

Ragini nods.

Sasnkaar slowly massages her neck and shoulder and sometimes blow his hot breath there to give warmth to her. Ragini closes her eyes and moves her shoulders a Lil and holds her towel more tightly and slides it down .

Sasnkaar sees all this and goes from there. Ragini opens her eyes to see where he’s going..

Sasnkaar goes to the wardrobe and takes out a stole from there and comes towards her. They have a small cute eye lock.

Sanskaar covers her legs with the blanket and puts the stole on her left shoulder. Ragini smiles at him and thanks her through eyes. Sasnkaar pats her cheeks and then continues his massage.

Sasnkaar’s phone rings and it showed khushi calling. He picked up the phone.

Sasnkaar: hello.. Haan khushi..

Khushi: what haan khushi sankyy where r u both?? come lets have bf coz then we both have to go na…

Sasnkaar: I’m sorry Khushi u both hv ur bf coz we wont be able to come…

Khushi: y what happened?

Sanskaar: nothing ginu is not well..

Khushi: ohgod wait we r coming…

Sanskaar ( sees ragini in towel): nah no need nothing serious she’s sleeping now…. U carry on we’ll meet at night… All the best for ur meeting..

Khushi: hmm.. Okay take care of her if u need anything then call us… Thank you sankyy…

Sasnkaar: okay bye..

He disconnects the call and on asking what happened by ragini he narrated everything.. Ragini smiles.

After massaging her in that position only, he makes her lie down on the bed on her stomach. Firstly Ragini hesitated but then compiles after much insisting of sanskaar..

Now Ragini is lying on her stomach and sanskaar is sitting beside her and massages her neck with the ice pack he had asked the room service for.

Ragini is smiling all the time seeing his concern and care for her and thinks.

Ragini’s pov.

Oh god… Thank you so much for blessing me a partner like him.. Just look at him he’s such a cute one… Now I know y u didn’t made me marry laksh and y u send sasnku in my life…. Thank you so much bhagwan ji…. Now I wish that he always stay happy and successful n moreover he gets back his family……

A tear escapes her eye thinking about her family! Sanskaar, who was massaging her shoulders stopped at once as he saw her in tears.

Ragini looked at him as he stopped.

Ragini: what happened sasnku??

Sanskaar: that’s what I want to ask what happened y r u crying??

Ragini: crying.. Who’s crying??

Sanskaar: ginu…

Ragini: arre baba sachi its nothing like that…

Sanskaar: okay fine if u don’t want to tell….. the water is now hot u go n take bath..lock the door. n call me if u r done I’ll come…

Saying so he got up from there and went out leaving Ragini there only.

Ragini: sansku y r u not getting it?? I didn’t want to hurt u that’s y I didn’t said anything.. Ik u’ll be hurt if I talk about ur family n my family…. Sansku u shouldn’t hv gone like this…..

She was sad, hurt n therefore she was crying. She took her clothes and went into bathroom and after having a hot bath she came out in a simple top and loose pants and hair tied in a bun.

She called sanskaar.

Ragini: hello sasnku I’m done u can cone now..

Sanskaar: okay.

He disconnected the call and came in the room after few minutes and went to washroom with his clothes.

Ragini was confused.

He came out after 10 minutes in his formal clothes. Blue shirt, pants and tie. Looking so hot with his sleeves folded till his elbow and spiked hair…

Ragini stared at him with twinkle in her eyes but sanskaar ignored her.

He opened the lappy.

Ragini: wht happened sansku? What r u doing??

Sanskaar: voh Ragini now only Pooja called and said that our new client wants to have a meeting write now so I need to prepare for that…

Ragini was was quite upset, sad and disappointed that he called her Ragini instead of Ginu… Still….

Ragini: okay then let me help u…

Sanskaar ( chuckles): how will u help me Ragini??

Ragini ( now frustrated but still controlled herself): sanskaar I think u forgot that I also work in ur office only n I hv details of the new clients so u can tell me I’ll give u the details….

Sanskaar: okay as u want Mr. Harminder Khurana.

Ragini ( giving him a victorious smile sat beside him on the bed): thank you SIR…

She exaggerated SIR…. And then opened her account and gave him all the details..

After one hour, Ragini prepared the presentation and explained all the points to sanskaar. He was really impressed by her work but didn’t showed it nor did he even once looked at her during the whole conversation.

Sanskaar’s pov

Ginu y r u doing this to me?? UK I can’t stay angry on u but u also…….. U never tell me what’s going on in ur mind… Everytime tears escape ur eyes my heart aches like anything but u r so stubborn.. You’ll never tell me n make me sad and you urself will also become sad…… Ginu till which extent I’ll understand ur feelings until u will not say anything…. Oh common now u r saying me sir also like we r in office… Huh…..

His thoughts get disturbed by phone call on his phone flashing Pooja!

Sanskaar: hello han… Haan Pooja say….

Pooja: sir I hv talked to Mr khurana.. He’s ready to do the meeting now…. He’ll be online in next 5 minutes…

Sasnkaar: okay Pooja thank you!

He disconnected the phone and saw ragini was checking the last minute preparations.

Sanskaar thought how he got Pooja’s phone when he was downstairs.


Phone convo:

Sanskaar: yes Pooja say..

Pooja: sir actually mr khurana our new client wanted to have meeting with you but u r on trip so I hv cancelled the meeting.. It’ll be held after…….

Before she could complete sanskaar said.

Sanskaar: Pooja Pooja wait.. There is no problem.. I’ll do the meeting today itself….

Pooja: but sir…

Sanskaar: no but vut.. Its final u say to khurana to connect with me on vedio call after an hour.. Okay!

Pooja: hmm alright sir… But the details…

Sasnkaar: don’t worry I’ll see….

Pooja: okay

Sanskaar ( pov): ginu u don’t want to tell me anything na now i’ll also not talk to you…

After that he gets ragini’s call and he comes up..


Ragini told him the last minute points and then went and sat on the couch behind the lappy such that she was facing sanskaar but was not looking at him but was engrossed in her phone…

Sanskaar also checked his hair, tie and unfolded his sleeves and started his conversation with Mr khurana after glancing at Ragini once……

The meeting continued for almost 2 hours… While sanskaar was busy, ragini went out to roam around and have some fun and did shopping….

It was now 8 in the night , there was no sign of ragini and her arshi and sanskaar were hell tensed about her. They have searched her in nearby markets and mall but there was no sign of her…….

Sanskaar ( disconnecting the call): yaar bhai ( arnav): her phone is switched off.. Its been 3 hours… Don’t know where is she?

Arnav ( patting his shoulder): don’t worry bro she’ll be back.. Where she’ll go…

Khushi ( giving him a glass of water): here drink this…..

Sanskaar: no I don’t want..

Saying so he got up and came out of hotel….

Arnav assures khushi that we’ll find her and headed out to sasnkaar followed by Khushi!

All the three were asking people about ragini by showing her pic to everyone but couldn’t find any clue.. Sasnkaar was devastated..

After almost one more hour of searching and finding no clue about ragini , the trio ( sanskaar , arnav and khushi ) came back to the hotel when receptionist called sanskaar


R :  excuse me sir ..

Sanskaar : yes .. me ??

R : yes sir .. sir actually .. the girl u r finding …

Sanskaar : yes ragini .. do u know where is she ?? tell me ..

ArShi also came forward asked the receptionist about ragini .


R :  sir she just came now and went to her room ..

Sanskaar : wht ??

R : yes sir ..


Sanskaar ran towards his room followed by arnav and khushi who thanked the receptionist .


Sanskaar banged opened the door of his room only to find ragini sitting on the bed .

Ragini looked a him and stood up from bed .


Arnav and khushi too came in their room and looked at ragini .


Sanskaar went towards ragini and shocking everyone present n the room , he tightly slapped ragini making her fall on the bed ……


Khushi ran towards ragini to support her while arnav went to sanskaar to stop him .


Ragini , with the help of khushi sat on the bed with her right hand on her right cheek which has now the imprint of sanskaar’s fingers , tears were flowing from her eyes .


She looked at sanskaar who was staring at her angrily . his burning and angry gaze was killing ragini . she lowered her eyes not able to take the intesity of his eyes .


Khushi : sankyy

Sanskaar ; no stop right there khushi .. i dont want to listen anything …

He said while coming out of arnav’s clutches who was holding him so that he dont slap ragini again .


Arnav ( giving a glass of water to sanskaar ): here have this bro ….. cool down … look she’s fine …


Sanskaar ( throwing the glass from his hands due to which ragini n khushi gets scared and arnav is shocked ): i dont need anything n ask this maharani ( queen ) where did she went without informing and where the hell is her phone ???


He said banging his hand on the table . ragini gets scared .she holds khushi tightly ,tears were not stopping , khushi understanding her situation went to sanskaar and signed arnav to be with ragini .


Arnav sat beside ragini and side hugged her. She cried .


Khushi : sankyy .. now pls cool down look she’s shivering stop scolding her … okay ..(( she rubs his back to calm him down ))


Sanskaar looked towards ragini who was in arnav’s embrace crying and shivering . he looked at arnav and khushi who were pleadig him through their eyes . he nodded at them and they took a sigh of relief .


Khushi : u botth might be hungry i’ll get something for u both ..

Sanskaar : i’m not hungry ..

Arnav ( raising his voice a bit ) : sankyy .. she’s not asking she’s telling u ….

Sanskaar (shrugged ) : okayy ……

Khushi ( smiles ): okay come arnav lets go …

Arnav : yeah ..

He tries to stand but ragini holds him more tightly and nods him no asking him not to go leaving her alone .


Sanskaar looks at this and becomes sad ( for slapping her ), angry ( as she’s holding arnav so closely and tightly )& disheartened ( as she’s afraid of him now ) ….


Arnav ( caressing ragini’s hair and assuring her ): ragini look i n khushi will be back now .. okay ??


Khushi ( comes to sanskaar ): u idiot look she’s so scared now .. go n clam her down ..

Sanskaar looks at khushi nd then at RagNav .. khushi pushes him towards them amd pulls arnav towards her ..


Khushi ( patting her cheeks ): ragini .. look sanky is there with u .. he was angry na thats y he slapped u … now i n arnav will go n bring tasty tasty food for u okay ???


Without waiting for her reply khushi grabbed arnav’s hand and came out of their room while arnav and ragini looked at each other helplessly .



Arnav : khushi r u mad leaving ragini alone with sankyy ??

Khushii : calm down arnav he’ll not eat her …

Arnav : no .. i’m going back ..

Khushi ( coming in  front of him ): no arnav u wont go anywhere ..

Arnav : but ..

Khushi : no but vut … arre idiot if we’ll not give them space how will they clear their misunderstandings …


Arnav ( thinking ): arre haan ….. vaise i must say living with me u hv also become smarter and intelligent …

He winks at her .

Khushi : oh really ??

Arnav : of course …

Khushi beats him and they went down laughing .




Ragini is sitting in the middle of the bed with blanket and crying and thinking about his slap .


Sanskaar is feeling now really bad for slapping her and comes near her ..


Sanskaar : ginu … voh


Ragini gets scared and tightly holds the blanket .

Sanskaar feels bad .


Sanskaar : at least let me explain ginu …


He waited for her response and getting nothing he continued .


Sanskaar : i was reallly scared when u didnt returned for more than 3-4 hours .. i was damn scared for u .. this is new place n new ppl for u n moreover ur phone was switched off … thats y i got scared … ( he came n sit in front of her )ginu i hv promised ur dada  dadi abt ur safety n if something happens to u then …………………


Before he could complete ragini started crying loudly which she was controlling from the time sanskaar came n sat in front of her .


Sanskaar got worried , shocked and confused as to y she sarted crying suddenly .


Sanskaar : oh i know y r u crying ?

Ragini nodded .

Sanskaar : i talked about family know .. i know u shouldn’t hv talked about them …. u r crying bcoz of this only na ??

Ragini nodded negatively .

Sanskaar thinks .

Sanskaar ; then y ?? oh i slapped u thats y ? ginu i told na …..

Ragini again nodded negatively .

Sanskaar ( frustated ): arre then y ??

Ragini ( whispered ): my legs ..

Sanskaar ( trying to hear her ): wht ??

Ragini ( again whispered ): my legggsss …

Sanskaar who was not understanding brought his ears near her .

Sanskaar ; now say ..

Ragini ( angrily shouted now ): my legs u idiot ………….. get up .. u dumbo u r sitting on my legs …


Sayong so she pushed him due to which he fall on the ground .


Now ragini was rubbing her legs and sanskaar was rubbing his head and back .


Sanskaar : r u mad ginu ?? who shouts like that ?

Ragini : n which donkey sits on one’s leg like that ??

Sanskaar : arre but …

Ragini slipped down on the bed and covered herself fully with blanket and sanskaar remained standing there itslf , shocked .


He tried to talk to her but of no use . after sometime ArShi came back with 2 plates of food .


Arnav hurriedly kept the food on table  went to ckeck on ragini .


Sanskaar : i hv not eaten her arnav ..

Arnav : u can do anything bro … i need to check her …

Sanskaar ( pulling arnav away from ragini ): sshe’s sleeping so dont disturb her ,..

Khushi smiles seeing sanskaar’s posessiveness towards ragini .

Arnav : but ..

Khushi : its okay arnav .. u come …. good night sanky n take care of her ..

Saying so she pulled arnav who was not willing to leave ragini alone with sanskaar .



Sanskaar sighed as they both left and looked at ragini who was under the blanket , sleeping may be ..


To be continued………. .



Swara: lucky what will we tell all that y do we want to go to Goa??

Laksh: that’s what I’m thinking yaar…

They are at the dining area where they both are putting plates on the table for the dinner. Laksh always helps her whenever he gets a chance but not in front of Dp coz he thinks that this is work of ladies.

Dp comes there and glares at laksh who stopped putting the plate and picked up a glass of water and gulped it in one go..

Dp: what r u thinking laksh??

Laksh: no… Nothing… Papa… Just like that..

He smiles nervously.

Addy comes there and sits on the chair and starts eating the salad with her little hands. Dp glares at Swara who nods and stops addy from eating and says that once all come they’ll eat together.

PariSh looks all this from a Lil far and gets disheartened seeing their daughter can’t even eat peacefully when she wants.

All come and sits down and Dp starts the dinner followed by others while Swara, parineeta and uttara are serving them.

Adarsh makes addy eat with his hands.

Dp: laksh..

Laksh: ji papa..

Dp: tomorrow we hv to go to Delhi…

He and rp both coughs.

Swara pats laksh’s back and gives him water. Uttara gives water to ram.

Dp: what happened to u both??

Both fumbles.

Swara: voh may be they ate green chilli…

Controlling the situation.

Ram: yeah.. Bhaisa I ate this green chilli…

Dp: hmm… U get ready okay??

Laksh looks at Swara who looks at him helplessly. Uttara doubts ram.

Later all gets back to their rooms.

While ram was entering his room uttara called him from back.

Uttara: papa…

Ram: haan bolo beta..

Uttara: y did u coughed when bade papa said bhai to go to Delhi..??

Ram ( thinks) beta tumhe kya lagta hai that tumhara jasoosi dimaag yahan kaam karega!!?? ( beta what do u think that ur detective mind will work here??)

Ram: beta I told u na that I ate green chilli.. Just that… But y r u asking??

Uttara ( thinks) he didn’t fumbled that means he’s saying the truth…

Uttara: nhi.. I was just worried..

Ram: no need to worry beta I’m fine.. U go n sleep now…

Uttara nods n goes greeting him.

He too goes.

( uttara is doing her graduation in psychology!!!)





Oh god what i did ?? i slapped her yaar .. these hands should be cut for slapping my ginu … ( he sobs ) i was only angry on her before n now also i slapped her . at least i should hv asked her about her whereabouts but no …. she calls me right .. im the biggest dumbo n donkey living on this planet .. if papa , dada or dadi got to know that i slapped her they all will eat me raw ………………… but now wht shld i do ?? god pls help me …………………………


He  moves here n there and thinks .


RAGINI’S POV ( under the blanket )



Sansku how could u slap me tht to so hardly ?? u dont understand me sansku y ?? y in the morning also u didnt understood me n now also .. u slapped me in frnt of ArShi ….


Her thoghts are broken by sanskaar’s shout . she slowly peeps out of blanket and her eyes grows bigger seeing sanskaar’s hand filled with blood ……..n he wincing in pain ……………… a tear escapes her eyes as she looks on ..

So how’ was the episode please tell me through ur comments!! I would be waiting!!! ???

Let me clear the ages of the characters…..

Ragini – 24 years old, younger than sanskaar.., employee in sanskaar’s company

Sanskaar – 24 years old but elder than ragini by few months…. Business man

Laksh – 24 years old, elder than ragini but younger than sanskaar… Business man

Swara – 24 years old, elder than ragini, younger than sanskaar and same as laksh… Housewife

{ all 4 are born in same year but different months…. }

Uttara ( priyal gor) – 22 years old.. Student of psychology

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