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Chapter 26

Recap: day 1 in Goa!!!

It was another morning for the love birds in Goa…. Sanskaar got up and saw his beautiful lady love sleeping beside him, hugging…… A smile curved on his lips seeing her and he kissed her forehead…

Sanskaar: good morning ginu!!

Ragini ( still sleeping): gooood…. Morning… Sansku……

Sanskaar: chalo ginu now get up….

Ragini: nah nah…. Let me sleep na sanksu…. I’m so tired….

Sanskaar ( chuckles): of course ginu…. You’ll be tired na….

Ragini: means?

Sanskaar: ginu… U hv gone to fight with the enemies at border last night so you might be tired na….

Ragini ( pouts): how mean sansku..

She said beating him lightly by her hands…..

Sanskaar: common ginu… U were kicking me all night…

Ragini: so I was tired na?? We were out the whole day….

Sanskaar: n u r saying like I hv made u walk on the road…. Huh…… Now leave all this lets go.. I’m so hungry……

Ragini ( sleeping): no.. U go with arnav… Eat his brain..

Sanskaar: no .. I want to eat ur brain… Come na….

He starts tickling her… She starts beating him still in sleep… To wake her up sanskaar held her hands and pulled her tightly and rolled her down such that now she was under him now fully awake and breathing heavily….

Ragini: sans……

Sanskaar ( keeping his finger o. Her lips): no…. Shsss… I always talk now i’ll show…. Now only actions will speak….

He said coming near her…. She clutched the bed sheet… And blushed….

Ragini: but sansku…

Sanskaar: no no…. I told u na now only actions will speak… N u wanted to know ma whether I’m hot or not?? Now i’ll show u how hot I am!!!!

He said rubbing his thumb on her cheeks and the other hand tracing her arm……
She blushed.

Sanskaar smiled seeing her blush… She closed her eyes….. He tilted his head a bit and started giving wet kisses in her nape….. Her hands reached his hair…… She moaned making him more excited……

She was still in her off shoulder crop top and capri… (( remember she didn’t changed last night…)) sanskaar was taking full advantage of this……

He shifted to the other side and bite there……. She moaned more…. He was enjoying…. He kissed her front part of the neck… Her forehead her cheeks her ears… Her hands…… But not lips…. Her nails were digging in his skin but he couldn’t feel its pain…….. Both were now fully turned on….. Sanskaar thought to tease her by not kissing her for some more time…..

Ragini who was waiting for him to kiss couldn’t control and pushed him down on the bed………..


What hv u done yaar….?? What was the need to tease her?? Now she’ll not let me………..

His thoughts were broken when ragini came on top of him and sat on his stomach and held his collar bringing him closer to her……..

Sanskaar: ginu…..

Ragini: u were teasing me na???

Sanskaar: no yeah… Voh….. But u??

Ragini: what me??

Sanskaar: from my sweetie u became..

Ragini: what??

Sanskaar ( pulling her more closer by her waist): my hottie…

He winked at her making her blush…. He held her neck and brought hee closer an finally their lips met…. Ragini parted her lips… N that was enough for him… He explored each and every corner of her mouth….. She too responded very well… He held her hands and rolled over her such that now gain he was on her top…. Not breaking the kiss….. Her hands were roaming in his hair and back while his arms were exploring her body……

Again they rolled and and now Ragini was on his top……… His hands reached under her shirt and being lost in kiss he didn’t realised when his hands went more up exploring her full UPPER body…. ( hope u understood girlies…..) Ragini realized this and broke the kiss… Sanskaar opened his eyes and looked at her.. She went and sat at the edge of the bed….. Tears formed in her eyes…….

Sanskaar came n back hugged her….

Sanskaar: what happened ginu???

The tears rolled down her cheeks falling on his hand. He got alerted and tried to turu her face but she didn’t turned. He got up and saw her crying…. He was devastated…..

Sanskaar ( cupping her face): ginu… Ginu.. What happened?? Y r u crying??

Ragini wiped her tears n nodded nothing…

Sanskaar: ginu please tell me yaar…

Ragini bowed her head down.

Sanskaar: what happened ginu?? Y r u crying??

He came in front of her n was shocked to see her eyes red. he held her hands and slowly rubbed them.

Sanskaar: y r u crying ginu??

Ragini again bowed her head down, tears were not stopping. She held her hands tightly and rubbed her arms with her palms….. Seeing her like that Sanskaar then realised what he has done. He closed his eyes and sat on the floor with his hand on his forehead.

Sanskaar: oh fish…. What I hv done….. I’m so sorry ginu…. I don’t know when it happened…. Actually….

Ragini: sansku.. It was not ur mistake…

Sanskaar ( cupping her face, he didn’t hear her and was in his own trance): ginu I’m so sorry… I know.. U haven’t even expected this kind of situation in your dreams also…. But ginu.. I seriously don’t know when my hands reached…… My hands… They are at fault… Ik it might not be any big thing for other ppl but ik you… I k u belong to a very conservative family…. My hands are at fault.. They should be punished….

And he start hitting his hands on the floor…. Ragini tried to stop him but all in vain…

{ guys ik some of u might be thinking that what’s the big deal in that as she loves him… But for some girls it really matters… only sleeping with someone is different but…… I hope u understand….. }

{ actually I hv to write the above whole thing again coz it got deleted so if u find any mistake so please forgive me…… }

Ragini: sansku…. Please calm down.. Its not ur fault……

But sanskar is in no mood to listen…

Ragini after trying for few minutes gave up and to stop him she gently took his lips in hers calming him down slowly. She sucked his lips and tried to calm him down…

Sanskaar slowly calms down but was still feeling guilty. His eyes were closed. He tightly hugged her not breaking the kiss. He was not taking part in the kiss. Ragini broke the kiss and cupped his face.

Ragini: sansku calm down and stop crying.

She wiped his tears. And kissed his eyes.
Sanskaar’s head was still down.

Sanskaar ( whispered): I’m…. I’m sorry!!

He was sobbing.

Ragini: sasnku first of all stop crying and then it was not ur fault so stop crying….

She hugged him. He too tightly hugged her.

Sanskaar: I should have controlled myself but……

Ragini ; sasnku its okay dear…. N I totally trust you that’s y I’m living with you from past 2 months…. Thats y I love you…. u hv whole right to do anything with me……. Its just that it was first time for me so that’s y I felt a Lil weird that’s y I just stopped and got a Lil emotional…… So u just stop crying…….

She broke the hug and again cupped his face, wiping his tears….

His eyes were still tracing the tiles. He was still feeling guilty.

Ragini: fine then keep sitting like this i’ll not talk to you.. ..

She stood and starts moving but sanskaar held her wrist. He too stood beside her and again whispered sorry and hugged her tightly.

Ragini too hugged him back caressing his back and hair.

Ragini: sansku just listen to me….. U were not at all at fault okay??? N again if u said sorry na… Then you’ll be responsible for the consequences……

Sanskaar nodded.

Ragini: now that’s like my sansku…. Now come you get fresh I’ll take out your clothes….. Arshi might be waiting for us…..

She broke the hug and kissed his cheeks. He went to the washroom to get freshen up.

She took out his clothes from the almirah.

Ragini’s pov.

Oh my god… What happened yaar today I never thought about it….. But sansku is feeling so guilty.. I didn’t knew this would happen….. Y did u cried stupid… I love him and I trust him now what he might be thinking…….

Inside Sanskaar’s pov.

Sanskaar u should hv controlled yourself.. You know na ginu is not that type of girl then how can u?? ( he banged his fist on the wall, and winced in pain) what she might be thinking about me………

After 10 minutes he came out of washroom in his towel, his clothes were outside na.

Ragini who was busy in her phone turned around as she heard the door open and was awestruck to see his wet muscular body.. He was looking so hot. But then her gaze went to his eyes which were still filled with guilt. So to lighten the mood she went towards him with a naughty smile..

Ragini ( revolving around him): oye hoye…….. Koi toh rok lo……..

She kept her hand on his shoulder after slightly hitting him.

He looked at her and she winked at him.

Sanskaar: ginu.. How can u be so normal after……

Ragini ( now irritated, came in front of him and held his arms): sansku… Nothing big has happened.. I know I over reacted but now everything is fine…… Got it???

He nodded.

Ragini: kya yaar… Ache khase mood ki band baja di….. Ha nhi toh…… ( what is this yaar.. U destroyed my mood)

She huffs and turns around.

Sanskaar, who was now somewhat sure that everything was again normal hugged her tightly from back and kissed her cheeks.

Sanskaar ; so what was your mood right now which I destroyed??

Ragini ( with closed eyes was feeling his hot breath on her nape): voh sansku…..

Sanskaar: voh kya ginu??

Ragini: voh yeh ki…. ( she released herself from his grip and ran towards washroom saying) voh yeh ki I need a bath…..

She went in laughing and and sanskaar smiled a bit rubbing his hair.

He then wore his clothes ( faded blue jeans with white t shirt and sleeveless denim jacket) and shoes.

After 15 minutes.

Sanskaar ( knocking the door of washroom): ginu come now.. How much time will u take?? Arnav is eating my brain by continously calling…

Ragini ( shouting from inside): arre buddhu my clothes are outside how can I come???

Sanskaar ( naughtily) : o really??

Ragini ( innocently): haan…… Oye….. You go from here…. ( after realising his naughty thoughts)

Sanskaar ( laughing): okay okay…… i’ll be waiting outside the room you come fast ok?

Ragini ( blushing): okay….

Sanskaar moved out of the room and stood there itself.

Ragini peeped out of the room to see of he’s there or not then quickly came and wore her clothes ( blue jeans with sleeveless pink top) . She too wore her shoes and went outside after combing her hair into a high pony and applying kajal.

She took her phone and sling Bag and went out wearing her watch only to find sanskaar waiting there.

Ragini: huh… Come lets go…… Where are arshi??

Sanskaar: voh actually ginu.. Arnav got some official call so they both have gone for the meeting and will return at night only…

Ragini: okay so….

Sanskaar: so??

Ragini: so it’s our day today sansku…. N I’m so excited….

She jumped in excitement and held his hand. Sanskaar adored her.

They both went down to the restaurant and have a light breakfast.

Ragini ( sipping her coffee) :: so where are we going today???

Sanskaar: u tell what you want to do?? Shopping or sight seeing or anything else……

Ragini: shopping toh i’ll do with khushi….. N…. Sight seeing?? idk….

Sanskaar: acha leave it we’ll see first hv ur food….

Ragini: yeah….

After sometime they finish their breakfast and leave from the hotel and hire a open car to travel as their jeep was with arshi!!!

They both were sitting behind and the driver was driving..

Ragini ; where are we going sansku??

Sanskaar: wait n watch….

The driver plays the song in the fm..

Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai,
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shiqayat hai (x2

{ they both look at each other and smiles… They are going out of the city…. }

Bin chhuey chhu liye hain
Tune mujhko diye hain
Pyaar ke ye taraane janiya

{ ragini hugs him. He reciprocates……. Sanskaar signs her to look somewhere…. N when she looks at that direction… Her eyes twinkle and her mouth his left open only…. She covers her mouth with hands…. She’s so excited….. She hugs him tightly and gives a peck on his cheeks…… They were outside one of the biggest adventure Park of Goa!!! }

Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas

{ they get down from the car and she starts jumping like a small kid.. Everyone was watching her excitement and smiled at her. She controlled herself and held his hand…. They went in and saw the heaven…. So many rides, food, music, dance floor and so many people….. }

Sau aasmaano ko
Aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2

{ ragini was so happy.. She was here, adventure Park for the first time in her life as in childhood her dadi didn’t let her go these places on school trip…. She looked at sanskaar who was already looking at her and thanked him through eyes…… Sanskaar smiled and signed her to let’s move in…. }

Jaane kya hone lagaa
Mujhko nahi hai khabar
Kyun neend se door ye
Jaane lagi hai nazar

{ they both go on various rides together… Ragini would hold his hand tightly and close her eyes chanting hanuman chalisa due to fear.. And. Sanskaar would just smile at her childish behaviour… }

Chhodo ye saari baatein
Ab mili hain jo raatein
Inhe jaane na dena janiya

{ they click so many selfies and pics with weird faces… They were just enjoying like children ? }

Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas

{ next they went to have some food.. They didn’t ate much as there was still lot more to do…।}

Sau aasmano ko
Aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x2

{ they were roaming here n there hand in hand looking for another exciting ride….. }

Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh
Inhe shikayat hai

{ they sat on few rides all the way hooting and shouting and laughing…… They were enjoying so much just like kids forgetting all the worries about the world…. }

Bin chhuey chhu liye hain
Tune mujhko diye hain
Pyaar ke ye taraane janiya

{ now it was time for water rides. Ragini didn’t want to go as she was afraid and didn’t knew swimming but sanskaar assured her that he’s with her so come………. They were asked to change to swimming costume…… Sanskaar came out wearing yellow shorts and Ragini came out wearing blue shorts and yellow crop top… she was feeling shy as sanskaar was staring at her but she composed herself as everyone there was wearing that type of clothes only…….. }

Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas

{ they go to the water rides sanskaar always beside ragini holding her hand and not leaving her alone even for a second…. She would hug him when they would be in water in fearof drowning… Sanskaar would make her feel comfortable……. }

Sau aasmano ko
Aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas (x3)

After many rides they go on the dance floor, first it was normal dance.. All yeh bollywood nos. we’re being played in a mashup!! There were so many ppl enjoying and dancing….

Then the water was turned on making it a rain dance…… Everyone was hooting and singing the songs…..

Ragini was jumping in joy.. Dancing.. Laughing… Singing…

Sanskaar was just staring at her.. She was so happy and that was enough for him….

Ragini pulled him on the dance floor and both danced till there bones could…. Then after an hour or two they came out of the park in their clothes….

Ragini: sansku… Can v pls go inside again… Please…..

She said making a very cute face.

Sanskaar: ginu… Don’t make that face…… You know I won’t be able to say no to you…

Ragini: then please let’s go na……

Sanskaar: ginu.. Just look at the time baby.. Its already 7:30 and it’ll take us two hours to reach the hotel as there will be traffic…

Ragini: but…….

She sat in the car pouting.

Sanskaar sat beside her and took her in his embrace and signed the driver to move.

Sanskaar: we’ll come here again na…. Now don’t be sad na…… U know I can’t see you sad…..

Ragini: we’ll come here again na??

Sanskaar: of course we’ll come dear……

Ragini happily hugged him and start telling him how she always wanted to go to adventure parks with her friends when she was in school. But dadi never permitted her to go on school picnics…….

She talked the whole way and sanskaar would keep asking her questions to show that he’s interested in the conversation..

To be continued………

So lets get back to KOLKATA to know what MAHESHWARI’S are doing……

Its evening…

We see Dp, Rp, Adarsh, Laksh and Swara coming inside the mansion.

They all come and sit on the sofa, tired when a Lil girl of 3 years came and hugged Adarsh.

Girl: papa….

Yup! She’s PariSh daughter, Aditi! All calls her Addy., her nickname!!

( ragini and sanskaar have never seen her coz sanskaar was away and ragini didn’t knew coz addy was living in her nani’s house due to ill health. Now as she was fine she returned!!)

Adarsh ( hugging her back): my bacha! How’s my addy?

Aditi: main toh cute hun papa… ( I’m cute papa..)

Everyone smiles. Adarsh kisses her daughter.

Parineeta, Ap and Sujata brings tea and snacks for everyone.

Ap: Swara beta now how’s shekhar ji??

Swara ( sipping her tea): he’s fine ma..

( shekhar recently had an accident in which his left arm broke so Swara had gone to see him.. )

( now everyone talks normally with Swara even Rp, sujata and uttara except dadaji and dadi . Everyone has realized their mistake and now are waiting for RagSan to return. Everyone are trying to ask from Rp, dadaji and dadi to tell them where they are as they met them last but they refuse saying they don’t know… )

Swara: i’ll come after changing.

She left from there.

Dp: laksh… Please make Swara understand that she can’t work.. She’s our bahu ( DIL) so what’s the need for her to work?? Look at pari also she never complained..

Adarsh looks at pari who bow down her head.. He looks at her helplessly.

Laksh: but papa…

Dp: that’s it laksh…

Laksh goes from there sighing and nodding his head in disbelief.


Swara is sitting on the bed with her head resting on back rest. Silent tears flowing down her cheeks.

Laksh comes and looks at her. It pained him seeing his love like that.

Laksh ( keeping his hand on her shoulder): shona…

Swara opened her eyes and tightly hugged him…

Swara: lucky… Y it has to happen with me only?? First I lost my sister and then dada dadi… And now papa is not allowing me to do work… Whole day I’m sitting at home doing nothing which make me remember ragu n what I hv done with her…….

She burst out crying…

Laksh consoles her keeping his hand on her head and hugged her.

Swara: whenever the door is knocked I feel that my ragu is back but no… Don’t know where she has gone leaving me alone…. I need her laksh…..

Laksh: shona.. Stop crying… I’m trying hard to talk to papa but he’s not listening… N trust me Swara one day ragini n bhai will return.. My heart says that….

Swara breaking the hug.

Swara: pakka na,,?? ( r u sure??)

Laksh nods and hugs her.


Swara I hv consoled u but who’ll console my heart… I only know how I’m living.. I hv tried hard to find both of them in last two months but…. I don’t know where they are…..

His thoughts are broken with Uttara’s voice who just stormed inside the room and then turned back seeing Swalak hugging.

{ uttara will be played by Priyal Gor!!! ( I hope u don’t mind….) }

Uttara: sorry sorry for disturbing….

Swalak break the hug and wipes their tears. Laksh comes behind her and catches her ears.

Laksh: uttara ki bachi…. Kabhi nhi badlegi na tu!! ( you’ll never change na??)

Uttara: bhai… Leave about me… U tell me when will u romance after locking the door.??

She winks at him.. Swara blushes while he leaves her ear.

Swraa: acha… Tell us anything imp? I mean u here!!

Uttara: yeah bhabhi.. I want to show u something….

Laksh: uttara… U hv a boyfriend also?? Kiski aankein kharab hai!? ( whose eyes are destroyed??)

He chuckles while the girls glare at him.

Laksh: sorry…

SwaRa: hmm..

Swara: u say uttara…

Uttara: see this bhabhi…

She shows her something in her phone. Swara holds the phone and sits on the bed with a thud, tears flowing down…

Laksh: shona…

He comes near near her and takes the phone from her hand.

Swara: ragu….

She breaks down, uttara hugs her.

Laksh sees that the pics are of some Park and sanskaar and ragini are seen there..

Like these many pics were there but it’ was not in close up….

Laksh: bhai…

Uttara: bhai… Sanskaar bhai.. please bring him back na….

Laksh: where did u get these pics from ??

Uttara: one of my friend showed this to me…

Laksh: then call her and ask from where did she got these pics??

Uttara: yeah..

She takes her phone and calls her friend while laksh and Swraa hugs.

After sometime uttara ended the call.

Swara: what did she said uttara? Where is ragu? Tell na…

Uttara: bhabhi calm down… My friend said that she got these pics from an adventure Park site where they frequently post pics of their Park to publicise….

Laksh: where is this park??

Uttara: Goa…

Swara: Goa??

Uttara nods.

Swara: lucky.. We’ll go to Goa to get them….

Laksh nods.

Laksh: yeah we’ll go but no one will say anything to anyone… First we’ll find them and then……

Both nods and trio have a group hug.

Back to GOA!!!


Ragini: sansku..

Sanskaar: yup ….

Ragini: I’m getting strange feeling… Seems like someone is remembering me…..

Sanskaar: of course…. Someone is remembering u…

Ragini: who??

Sanskaar: ur boyfriend!!!

Ragini: sanskuuuu…

Sanskaar: ginuuuu…..

Ragini glared at him and then sat in the car. Sanskaar too sat beside him and pecked her cheek to which she blushed and hugged him tightly!!!

Later they stopped at a restaurant and had food. They also asked the driver to have food with them. First he refused but then later compiled but sat on a different table so as to give privacy to the couple….

After having dinner as they were heading out ragini demanded for an ice cream like a 5 year old girl so sanskaar bought three ice creams and then they started their journey to the hotel.

They reached the hotel and straight away went to their rooms.

Arshi were already asleep as they had a tiring day, so ragsan didn’t disturbed them.

Ragini and sanskaar got changed in their night suits, pajamas and tee…

Ragini jumped on the bed and asked sanskaar to switch off the light soon as she was really tired.

Sanskaar switched off the lights and went to the bed but slowly slept on his side of bed a Lil away from ragini…

Ragini’ who’s eyes were closed didn’t feel his arms around her, opened her eyes and saw him sleeping on his side turning his back towards her.

Ragini shook her head negatively in disbelief.

She came towards him and hugged him tightly from back keeping her one leg on his.

Sanskaar jerked with sudden hug.

Sanskaar: ginu what are u doing??

Ragini: now I don’t have the habit to sleep without hugging you so I’m just sleeping okay….

Sanskaar: but…

Ragini ( got up and switched on the table lamp) : but what sansku??

He also sat.

Ragini: sansku its okay .. I hv told in morning itself.. U don’t need to feel guilty about anything…. It just happened know u didn’t did anything intentionally… Then y r u behaving like this!???

Sanskaar just looked deep into her eyes and could only see love and trust for him.

He hugged her tightly.

Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu… I promise I won’t repeat that again…. Until….

Ragini ( hugging him back, confused): until??

Sanskaar ( pecking her neck and whispering): until our marriage……..

Ragini blushed and tried to go but he was too strong for her to escape….

Sanskaar then lied down with ragini on top and switched off the light…

They kissed each other passionately showing their love, trust, and belief in each other……..

Then after few minutes they both dozed off in each others embrace as they were so tired……..

The episode ends with sleeping faces of RagSan!!!!!!!!

So guys did u liked this episode?? Hope u guys liked the MAHESHWARI’S part……. Please do tell me…… As your comments really help me to write more…. N any suggestions if u want to give u can give….. Thank for reading……


So as now everyone knows that SWARAGINI is going off air.. Many people have written many things so I don’t want to go in all that….. I know it’s not really a good news for us… But what can we all do also…. We all know the reason for low trp’s….. Earlier I used to like swara’s character also but after that they made it unrealistic… Coz no one on this earth is so perfect.. u guys only tell me if you know anyone who didn’t committed any mistake in his/her life….. No… There is no one…. But People like ragini, sanskaar and laksh do exist in this world…. So I started somewhat disliking her character… ( not helly mind u….) n Bcoz of which I also interest in SWASAN also….. ( who were one of my favourite pair on screen……) n it became really boring….. But what cam we do?? Of course I’m also sad coz this was the first show in which I was so involved as in seeing of screen ivs.. Reading ffs.. Before that I didn’t even ffs exsited but still u know…….. I’m going to miss TEJASSVI and VARUN!!!!!! Also the other cast…..

Well I would really wish all the best to all the cast for their future……

N I would also like to know if u all want me to continue my ffs or not?? I mean as the serial is getting over so may bee some of you might not be interested in reading all these stuff… So please do let me know…………. I would be waiting for ur response……. Till then keep smiling and take care….

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