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Chapter 25

Recap : ragsan and arshi romance …………..


DAY 1 ( GOA )

It was their first morning in a new city ,Goa !! the boys woke up SANGINI – A NEW BEGINNING! saw their angels sleeping peacefully in their embrace with a satisfied smiles on their faces !!


Without making any noise and without disturbing them they kissed their foreheads and move out of their rooms after getting freshen up …………


Outside the room ..


The boys shake hands and greet each other ..


Arnav : good morning bro

Sanskaar : morning !!! u  r looking very happy …. ( he winks ) kya baat hai ??

Arnav blushes .

Arnav : first look at yourself then talk abt me …. now also there is that special twinkle in ur eyes ……….

Now he winks and sanskaar blushes !!

Sanskaar : okay leave all this come lets go to beach .. im so excited yaar ….

Arnav chuckles at how he changed the topic ..

Aranv : yeah come ..but wht abt the girls ??

Sanskaar : let them sleep for some more time till then lets enjoy ….

He winks at him and gives a naughty smile ..

Arnav ( raising his one eye brow ): ooooooooooooo enjoy haaann……

Sanskaar : yup !


They both hi fives then both go down laughing !!


Their hotel was beach facing so it didn’t took much time for them to reach there . there were so many ppl already present there .. some were taking sun bath , some were surfing , some kids were playing wih balls and the girls were making castles !!!


Sanskaar was wearing red shorts with white t-shirt without buttons and slippers in his feet looking extra HOT !

Whereas Arnav was too in yellow shorts with blue vest and slippers in his feet , looking HOT too …………


They were flaunting mascular body and their smiles were making all the girls drool over them !


All the girls went gaga over them , sanskaar and arnav too smiled at them and chuckled ……


They both then went ahead in the water and dipped their feet in the cold water ….. both were enjoying the cool breeze !!


It was almost half an hour since they were on the beach surrounded by few girls … they all were talking and laughing on silly things when suddenly all went quiet and were looking at one direction ..


As the boys were sitting with their back towards that direction so the shifted a lil to see wht is there to see ………. and their eyes popped out of their sockets , they stood up and had their mouths open the two girls beside them closed their mouths with their fingers ……………………….


They kept their fingers on their heads and rewinded wht they have just saw ………………



Two beautiful girls , one in blue short, strapless ( off shoulder )dress which r covering half of her thighs .. hair open .. wearing few accessories ……….. and the other girl was in red noodle strap , backless dress which went till above her knees , hair open in loose curls and wearing few accessories too …………….. both the girls were looking super HOT , s*xY , BEAUTIFUL n PATAKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They come out of their flashback when they heard tickling sound … they saw that the two beautiful girls were non other than khushi ( blue dress ) and ragini ( red dress) !!


Ragini and khushi were smirking at them ……


( they remember how they’ve already planned everything before coming to Goa…. )

RaShi : soooo ??

ArKaar looked here n there and found that all the boys were looking at their girls only lke they will eat them raw ….

ArKaar looked at each other than hold Khushi’s and Ragini’s hand respectively and went to opposite directions …

RaShi looked  backward towards each other and winks .


The boys take them to the isolated place in the beach where there is hardly anyone .. in short they are alone there …………….




Sanskaar : ginu wht is all this ??

Ragini : wht sansku ?? n y did  u  brought me here … get a side i want to go …

She starts to leave but sanskaar holds her hand and brings her back … and looks straight into her eyes ..

Sanskaar : u never wore these types of clothes na //…. then wht happened suddenly ??

Ragini simply stares at him …



Khushi : wht r u doing arnav ??

Arnav : wht i am doing ?? wht u r doing khushi ??

Khushi : now wht i hv done yaar ??

Arnav : wht type of clothes r u wearing haan ??

Khsuhi looks straight into his eyes …..



Ragini : u only wanted me to look hot na ….

Sanskaar : ragini looking hot doesn’t mean that you’ll expose your body to the world ………



Khushi : didn’t u said in the car not wear kurtis and all  that to beach ….

Arnav : of course i said that khushi but that doent mean that you’ll wear these clothes ….



Ragini : sansku im not exposing … and even if i am then wht is your problem haan … u too are ______

Sanskaar cuts her .

Sanskaar : ginu … u r mine , ur soul is mine , ur heart is mine so ……

Ragini : so wht sansku ??

Sanskaar : so ur body is also mine ginu …no one except me has the right to see u like this got it ???

He holds her tightly by her arms and is very close to her ………



Khushi : so wht if i am wearing these how does that matter to u ??

Arnav : common khushi u r my would be wife ,u r my fiancé .. wouldn’t it matter to me if a bunch of unknown ppl r looking at u with lust in their eyes ??

They have a deep eye lock !



Ragini : sanskuu………

Sanskaar : now wht ??

Ragini : my arms ……….

Sanskaar shifts his gaze to her arms which he’s holding so tightly ….

Sanskaar : oh i’m so sorry ….

He looses his grip on her arms and rubs slowly .

Ragini : its okay sansku .



Khushi : arnav u trust me na ??

Arnav : of course baby ..

He said cupping her face .

Khushi : then y do u care abt those ppl haan ??

Arnav : but those creeps were looking at u like ……

Khushi : so wht arnav ?? those girls were also drooling over u …. wht abt that ?? n here everyone is wearing short clothes only so whts the problem man ??

Arnav : acha okay ….. ( he raised his hands in defeat ) u won i loss …….

Khushi smiles .

Arnav pulling her towards him by waist .

Arnav : vaise . u r seriously looking so hot in this …….

Khushi blushes and hits his chest a lil .

Khushi : arnavv ..

He takes her in his tight embrace and kisses her forehead .


Sanskaar : but ginu howcome u r wearing these clothes haan ?? with so much difficulty i convinced u to wear tops and jeans n here u r like ……………..

He was speechless .

Ragini : i wanted to show u that i can also look hot like those chicks behind whom u were roaming …

She said with a chuckle .

Sanskaar comes close to her .

Sanskaar : first of all u don’t need to show me how hot u r coz i already know okay ??( he winks at her n she blushes )n secondly i was not behind those girls they were behind me ………….. got it ??

Ragini : o really ??

Sanskaar : yup! N u shld be thankful to god that He has given u such a hot and handsome boyfriend ……….

Ragini :  cute too …..

She tries to run from there but sanskaaar holds her in a nick of time .

Sanskaar : how many times i hv told u not to call me cute …

Ragini ( cutely pouting ) : abb if ill not call a cute guy cute than wht will i call haan /??

Sanskaaar : call me hot na …. im hot right ??

He said with his one eye brow up .

Ragini ( chuckles ): hot n u ??

Sanskaar : am i not hot to u ??

Ragini : common sansku if u want i will not call u cute but i don’t think u r HOTT !!!

She pressed the hot word .

Sanskaar : then let me show my hotness to u ….,

Saying so he starts coming close to her . Ragini sensing wht was coming to her bent down and ran away from under his arm and starts laughing . Hearing her laugh opens his eyes and sees her going away ..

Ragini ( shouting ) : don’t even try mr. Kapoor !!!

Sanskaar : now u will hv to face something big my gal !!!!

He said shouting back and then smiling sheepishly !


All the 4 came back to their stop together , running …………


RAGSAN look at each other and smiles …’’

Khushi looks at arnav who’s already looking at her .. he winks at her to which she returns back a wink !!!!


The musicians there start playing their instruments to get the atmosphere romantic .


Then arnav  started singing followed by sanskaar …


 Arnav :Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine


( arnav pulls khushi by her hand )


Sanskaar :Tere ishq mein hadh seguzar jaaun
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine


( sanskaar touches ragini’s face making her blush )


Arnav :Oh tere ishq mein hadd se guzar jaaun
Main jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh kahoon toh mar jaaun
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine


( khushi is in front of arnav .. arnav touches her waist and dance with her )

Sankaar :Sab tere hawale kar jaaun
Main jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh kahoon toh mar jaaun
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine


( sanskaar holds ragini by her wrist and twirls her towards him )


Aranv :Ek duje se hum door ho
Milne se kabhi majboor ho
Yeh sochon bhi toh
Main kabhi toh kabhi toh darr jaaun
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine


( arnav goes a lil back , bends down on his knees and sings the above lines ….)


 Ragini :Tere ishq mein hadd se guzar jaaun
Main jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh kahoon toh mar jaaun
Oh boy you’re mine
Oh boy you’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine


(ragini comes towards sanskaar and keeps her hands on his shoulder .. sanskaar holds her by her waist .. she comes close to him but then tilts her face towards other side ……. Sanskaar takes her in his embrace )



(Instrumental Break)



Sanskaar  :Baahon mein bharke merijaanejaan
De doon tujhe main dil ka jahaan

( sanskaar hugs her from back .. ragini closes her eyes to feel his touch )


Ragini  :Har lamha tera hi khayaal hai
Tere bina hai raahat kahaan

( ragini turns towards him and sensuously moves her hands in his hair .. sanskaar gives her a naughty smile ,… she blushes and is about to go ….. when sanskaar starts singing )


Sanskaar :Banda tujh pe qurbaan hai
Iss baat se tu anjaan hai

Sanskaar :Banda tujh pe qurbaan hai
Iss baat se tu anjaan hai
Sach kehta hoon main jhoot kahoon toh
Kahoon toh marr jaaun
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine


( sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her towards him ….. when he sings the “ mar jaaun “ line ragini keeps her hand on his outh and nods no .. but sanksaar removes her hand and sings the rrest of the lines coming close to her ….. ragini hugs him to hide her blush )


 Ragini :Tere ishq mein hadd se guzar jaaun
Main jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh kahoon toh mar jaaun
Oh boy You’re mine
Oh boy you’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine


( ragini then breaks the hug and runs from there .. sanskaar too goes behnd her …. Both sit on the edge of the water sside hugging each other ………)


( the other ppl too start singing jining the love birds )


La la la hi ya yo
La la la hi ya yo

La la la hi ya yo
La la la hi ya yo


Arnav :Haan zindagi hai tere hiwaaste
Tu meri sasson ke kareeb hai
Tujhse jude hain mere raaste
Tu mere khwaabon ka naseeb hai


( arnav comes to khushi and both rotate there holding each others hands )


Khushi :Aa mera daaman tham le
Karoon pyaar mein sab ke saamne
Aa mera daaman tham le
Karoon pyaar mein sab ke saamne
Main sach kehti hoon jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh mar jaaun


(khsuhi pens her arms to invite arnav for a hug …. He comes to her and tightly hugs her and kisses her shoulder )

Arnav :Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine
Oh girl You’re mine
Oh girl you’re mine


( arnav breaks the hug and winks at her )


Khushi :Tere ishq mein hadd se guzar jaaun
Main jhooth kahoon toh
Kahoon toh kahoon toh mar jaaun
Oh boy you’re mine
Oh boy you’re mine


( khushi holds arnav’s hand and they both too moves towards the sea/ocean hand in hand where RagSan are already sitting )



All the four sit there for sOme more time nad hen return to their rooms to change ………….

 RAGSAN didn’t went in the water as ragini didn’t knew swimming and was afraid and to accompany her sanskaar also stayed back with her….

The rest of the day went in exploring the city , shopping , eating and having fun ………………………………….



At night ! 10;30 pm




They opened the door , ragini came in and fell o the sofa with a thud .

Ragini ( shouts ): aaaa …….

sanskaar who’s behind her with lots of shopping bags looks at her and nods negatively . he places all the bags on the couch kept there and comes towards her .

sanskaar ( caressing her hair ) : wht happened ginu ??

ragini : sansku hume lag gayi ..( I got hurt )

sanskaar : who told u to fall with a thud like this ?? show me kahan  lagi :?? ( show hwere hv u got hurt )

ragini slowly got up and kept her head on his shoulder . she was damn tired .

she cutely places her finger on her chin .

ragini : yahan pe ..( here)

sanskaar : awww …. Idhar laga meri princess ko ??( my princess got hurt here ?)

ragini cutely nods .

sanskaar : abhi ill make it fine ..

sanskaar slowly and softly kisses her chin …

sanskaar ( without looking up ): now is it fine ??

when he didn’t got any response he looked up and saw his princess already in deep sleep …..


sanskaar smiles , gets up and places ragini properly on the bed , covered her with blanket after removing hr shoes and sling bag …. Kissed her on forehead and went to sleep beside her after getting fresh . he took her in his embrace with her head o his chest and dozed off thinking abt the day’s fun …………………..


on the other hand in ARSHI’S ROOM situation was somewhat same ……………


as soon as they entered the room arnav who was carrying the shopping bags threw all the bags on the floor and fel on the bed ….. khushi who followed him was shocked to see all the bags on the floor but soon her shocked face turned into smiling face seeing arnav sleeping peacefully like a small kid .


khsuhi went near him  removed his shoes and watch ,made him sleep properly and covered him with blanket … she kissed him on his check to which he pulled her in his embrace.


The episode ends with sleeping and hugging RAGSAN and ARSHI !

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