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Recap: romantic eve and ragsan kiss…..

Now chp 20……

Ragini and sanskaar are simply sitting and talking through eyes while their fingers are entangled with each other.

Ragini: sansku….
Sanskaar ( not breaking the eye lock): yeah….
Ragini: sansku I hv heard that after a boy and a girl comes in a relationship there are many fights between them and then there is always tension and depression……….. What if ours is also like……
Sanskaar: no ginu…..stop.. Every relation is not same…. N always remember first we are best friends of each other and then lovers…..
Ragini: n if ever we fight or have an argument we’ll sit and talk abt it as friends.. Coz friends share everything with each other…
Sanskaar: exactly….. N moreover ginu…. Our love is born with music… Music has brought us together here….. Remember in academy…. how we came close to each other unknowingly…… ( ragini nods) … Yeah… N uk na… Music always joins two hearts… It never ever let any heart break… It heals all the wounds…… ( he takes her in his embrace) N as u know we are bound by music by rhythm by the 7 surs of music we’ll never get separated…. Okay????
Ragini smiles at him and tightly hugs him……

They have a deep eye lock…….

Sanskaar: n if….. If…. We got separated then u just sing a song i’ll come there beside you… Thats my promise!!!
Ragini: same with u… If u got separated with…. Kash aisa kabhi na ho….. Fir bhi… If this happens… U just sing a song.. N i’ll also be beside u… I’ll never leave you alone…. Not even in my dreams……
Sanskaar: haaye!!!! I love you so much ginuu………..
He kisses her cheeks. She blushes.
Ragini: I love you more sansku!!!!!
Sanskaar: no I love you more……
Ragini: I said na I love you more…..
SHe makes a pout while he smiles naughtily which is not noticed by ragini. They are now standing.

Sanskaar: then prove it ginu…
Ragini: okay… I’ll prove it… Tell me what to do??
She says with determination unknown to what is coming next.
Sanskaar: soch lo ginu…. you will not back off later……..
Ragini: haan haan soch liya…. U just tell me……
Sanskaar: okay then kiss me and prove it that u love me more….
Ragini: whaaaaat???
She opens her eyes wide while he’s looking at her with lots of love and naughtiness….. And twinkle in his eyes….
Sanskaar: yeah… Kiss me and prove it…
He makes a pout and moves forward towards her… She moves back blushing.

Ragini: sansku…..
Sanskaar: wht??? Don’t u hv courage to prove ur love???
Ragini: sansku… Voh pyaar hi kya jo prove karna pade?? ( wht is that love which v hv to prove??)
Sanskaar: don’t change the topic ginu… Common kiss me.. Or i’ll… To show that I love you more…..
Ragini blushes at his comment.
Ragini: u won’t listen na??
Sanskaar nods… Like a cute child!!! Ragini smiles at him and moves forward..

She then encircles her arms around his neck… He puts his hands on her waist… Both closes their eyes….. Romantic tune plays background….. They both move close to each other……

Soon their lips meet and taste the flavour of their love….. Sanskaar pulls her more closer and softly sucks her upper lips… Ragini tightly holds his hair and sucks his lower lip………….

Both are involved in their blissful kiss……. N after 10 minutes of passionate kiss they break it and now both are blushing like red roses……….

Ragini: mill gaya proof?? ( hv u got the proof??)
Sanskaar: ahaan…. N I want this proof every day… Okay!??
Ragini blushes and hugs him tightly….. He also hugs her near his heart…. their hearts are beating at their fastest speed…..

Both smiles..

Ragini: okay.. Sansku I’m tired.. Lets go to sleep….
Sanskaar: okay chalo..

Ragini starts moving towards her room and then sees sanskaar is also coming after her.

Ragini: sansku where are you coming??
Sanskaar: voh actually I thought…… Umm….. Actually u know…..
Ragini: I know sansku….. I know u want to sleep with me.. I know sansku not like that u just want to spend time with me…… But you know…. I don’t think I’ll be…. You know…….
Sanskaar: ginu… Actually u r taking me wrong… I was just coming behind u to leave you till ur room that’s it…..

He said avoiding the eye contact…

Sanskaar: okay ginu good night….

He said and left from there without turning back and hearing her reply…

Ragini felt bad.

Ragini: arre yrr…. I hv hurted him… Now what?? Ragini u also na…. He has slept before also in same room and on same bed then now what happened??? Tu bhi na yrr…… I know he’ll not do anything wrong……. Oh god….. Pls help me….

She sits there only for few minutes and then decides to go to his room to check once…….. She also takes a glass and bottle of juice for him…. So that if he ask her y she came so she can give that reason….

She starts going upstairs without making any noise and peeps through the window…

Ragini ( to herself): what the hell is he doing??

Actually sanskaar is lying on the bed and talking to pillow..

Ragini opens the window slightly to hear what is he talking…

Sanskaar: yrr this girl also… I mean today she confessed her love for me then also not letting me come to her room… Common man doesn’t she trust me or she thinks that I also want same thing which other boyfriends want??? Huh…

Ragini is also sad hearing this. She starts to go inside when she again hears him talking.

Sanskaar: u know… From afternoon after she confessed her love I’m seeing her everywhere… Now also I think she’s somewhere here only…. But that’s not possible in reality coz she loves her sleep…. Kumbhkaran kahinki….. Huh…( Ragini makes an angry face hearing this…) Here I’m going mad in her love that to in just one day and there she’s least bothered……. I just want to hug her tightly and sleep with her in my embrace.. Taking all her worries and sorrows……. But……. ( awww…. She melts from his words…)

He makes a sad face,let’s out a cold breath and hugs the pillow….. He turns towards other side I.e. Now his back is towards the door of the room.

Ragini also feels bad seeing him like that so decides to enter the room.

She slowly enters the room, keeps the tray with juice on side table and sees that sanskaar’s eyes are still open…. So she goes and stands in front of him..

Sanskaar sees her, firstly he gets excited and is abt to get up but then falls on the bed with a thud and again starts talking to the pillow…

Sanskaar: just now I was talking abt that sleeping beauty.. Look she’s here… In my dreams….. I just wish this dreams comes true… I hug her tightly and give her a kiss…..

Both blushes hearing his sentence….

Sanskaar continues: par meri aisi kismat kahan??
He lies on his back with his hand under his head while Ragini is still blushing at his comment…

Then sanskaar suddenly gets up with a jerk.

Sanskaar: vaise idea is not that bad boss……. In dreams only I can romance with my ginu………

Ragini gets shocked hearing this and starts moving towards door. Sanskaar also gets up and holds her from behind and pulls her closer. He thinks that she is in his dreams and not in real. Ragini is now breathing heavily as sanskaar’s hand is on her belly and his hot breath is falling on her neck.

Sanskaar starts singing and do dance with his sleeping beauty.

Sanskaar :Tum ho toh lagta hai main hoon
Na ho toh lagta hai kyun hoon
Tum ho toh udta hai mann ye
Na ho toh thehra sa hai kyun

( he turns her around so that now both are facing each other. Sanskaar runs his fingers on her face and holds her tightly by her waist and sings the song.

Rags pov..

What the??? Is he not getting or doesn’t want to know that I’m here in real?? I mean he’s dancing with me thinking as a dream??? But it’s okay.. I hurted him so it’s okay…..

Sanskaar’s pov…

Y I feel that she’s real?? But how can this be possible???? Well… Lets enjoy for some time…..
He again twirls her.)

Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere

Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere.. saath mere..

Taare saare bechaare neend se haare
Magar humko aur tumko sona hai kyun
Kahin bhi tum na jaao
Yahin pe hi ruk jaao
Tumhe jaane ki jaldi itni hai kyun

Ho sake toh jagna tum saath mere
Bin tere na kat’te din raat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere

( ragini starts to go from there but sanskaar again stops her and make her sit on the bed…. And starts coming close to her but she gets up and goes towards the window…..

Sanskaar comes from behind, hugs her and sings the lines… Ho sake toh jagna……….)

Saath mere.. o..
Saath mere haa.. saath mere..

Apne dil mein bana ke dhadkan mujhko
Tumhe rakhna hi hoga, darte ho kyun
Paagalpan ki hadein todo na aake
Na jaane tumne khudko roka hai kyun

Main zameen hoon, tum ho akaash mere
Aur thoda aao na paas mere
Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere

Ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere
Zindagi bhar rehna tum saath mere
Ho bure ya achhe halaat mere

( he then romantically dances with her and runs his fingers through her hair….. She also rests her head on his chest and moves with the tune……………)

The song is over…. Sanskaar takes ragini to his bed and lays her down and is about to kiss her when ragini shouts.

Ragini: sanskuuuu……..
Sanskaar gets up with a jerk hearing her shout.
Sanskaar: ginu….. Is this u really u??
He touches her hand and is shocked.
Ragini: ya.. Its me…
Sanskaar: then y didn’t u stopped me when I was dancing with u…
Ragini: I hv already hurted u by not letting u in my room…. How can I stop u?? I’m sorry sansku… I don’t know what happened to me??
She holds her ears and makes a cute face, sanskaar takes her in his embrace.

Sanskaar: ginu… Its okay….. No need to say sorry….. I understand.. Its something new for both of us…. But its okay….
Ragini: u r not angry with me na???
Sanskaar: awww…. My Jaan… Who can be angry with you,???
He caresses her face and she blushes.
Sanskaar: ginu.. Its already very late.. U go n sleep…. Good night….

Ragini looks at him _______

Sanskaar: what??
Ragini: like seriously sansku??? It means only in dreams u want to hug me and ____

Sanskaar ( getting her point and smiling naughtily): and???
Ragini blushes.

Sanskaar: awwww…. My baby….. Ginu….. U r making me fall in love with you more n more…..

He hugs her tightly and she reciprocates….

They then lie down on bed such that sanskaar is sleeping normally as in head on pillow… and Ragini’s head is on sanskaar’s stomach… She’s sleeping perpendicularly to sanskaar…. Sanskaar’s one arm is under his head and other on is around Ragini’s neck………

They then start talking generally…… N after almost one hour.. they feel sleepy so Sanskaar switches off the lights and sleeps next to ragini……… He slightly pecks her lips And then tightly hugs her from the back.. Taking her in his embrace and then softly kisses her on her cheeks…. Ragini adjust herself in his embrace and blushes when he kisses her…

Soon they both dozed off in each others embrace………..

Episode ends with smiling sleeping faces of ragsan..

Precap: a Lil fun and _______

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I hope I hv satisfied u all….. Any suggestions drop in comment box…. Thank all for reading….. Do comment….. Till then bye. …

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