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Chapter 1
Recap.: ragini decides to tell the truth.

So here goes the second chapter!!

Swara: bolo na ragini kya baat hai??
Ragini ( takes a deep breath) : swara… until now whatever wrong has happened with you is all because of me..
A tear escapes her eyes. Sanskaar is hurt to see her like that.
Dadaji: lado yeh tu ke bol rahi hai??
Swara: haan ragini yeh sab kya bol rahi ho??
Ragini: I’m just telling the truth.. I hv done all those cheap tricks to stop this marriage coz I was madly in love with laksh.. But now I understood that it was just attraction… As all of u said that he’ll b my husband so……….
All look at her n rewind all the bad things happening, the sangeet scene, disco scene then the hotel scene.
All look at ragini shocked. There she’s crying.
Shomi comes forward and slaps her hard that she fell on sanskaar.
Shomi: how dare you ragu?? I thought you as my own daughter but you….. You did this with my swara??? Why????
Everyone are seeing the mother daughter fight.
Shekhar: ragini how can you even do this?? I feel ashamed of calling you my daughter….
Swara: ( slaps her hard again) y ragini y?? Why did you do this??? Haan??? First your mom took my mom’s right by marrying baba now you wanted to do the same with me???
At last you hv proved that step sister is a step sister only,,, how much you love her
That doesn’t matter, right???
Ragini is too shocked to react.
Ap: ragini I thought you are a really cultured and well mannered girl but you proved me wrong.
Sujata: sahi keh rahe ho jijji… Wht we thought about her and wht she is….
Dp: n now shamelessly you are speaking this truth like you’ll get the gold medal for this…??
Rp: leave her bhaisaab. Y to waste our energy by talking to this stupid girl…
Laksh: ragini I hv Already told u that I don’t love you then also….. How much dis you fall ragini??? You are such a selfish girl.

Now sanskaar couldn’t tale it more.. He had have enough.. He was still supporting ragini who was crying like anything..
He shouts at top of his voice
Sanskaar: shut up just shut up.. Not a single word against her….
Every one are shocked by his reaction.
Laksh comes and hugs him.
Laksh: bhai tu thik hai I’m so happy…
Sanskaar: lucky baad mein… ( he breaks the hug)
Sanskaar: now if anyone speaks a word against her or tried to touch her then you’ll be responsible for the consequences..
Dp: sanskaar wht are you saying.. You don’t know anything that is happening here so stay out of it…
Sanskaar: oh I don’t know…. I know everything mr. Dugaprasad maheshwari..
Now everybody is looking at him amazed at his reaction. Ragini came to her senses after hearing the scream ?.
She holds sanskaar’s hand to stop him.
Ragini ( whispers): no sanskaar you’ll not say anything.
Sanskaar: y not ragini.. They hv not even thought abt u for even once but I hv thought.. I’ll not let your name get blackened with the taunts of these people…
Rp: sanskaar mind your language..
Sanskaar: ( ignoring rp) : ragini jo apno ke nhi ho sakte voh tumhare kya honge??
Dp: sanskaar ( shouts) : kya bakwaas kar rahe ho tum??
Sanskaar @ bade papa yeh jo kuch bhi hua usme ragini akeli nhi thi… Balki voh toh thi hi nhi maine usko inn sab mein ghasita.. She’s is innocent. It was all my plan to break this marriage.
Ap: but y??
Sanskaar: everyone will get their answers.. So starting from sharmishtha aunty.. You call your self Ragini’s mom then when she was broken, when she was crying like hell, when she was in pain n needed her mother the most where were you?? Where was that mother then??? Tell me… (( he shouts))
Sharmishtha is standing still with her head down.
Sanskaar: wht happened now?? No answer na?? You were so busy in celebrating your own daughter’s happiness that you just forgot her… N now you are slapping her with what right?? Of amother?? Or a lost mother who has lost infront of her so called daughter… wow???
Swara: stop it sanskaar.. You don’t have any write to talk like that with my mother got it???
Sanskaar: swara first see yourself… You said na that you have given ragini immense love and still she betrayed you… Then wht abt u haan?? Sautelapan ragini ne nahi tumne jataya hai… Ek baar bhi tumne ragini ki feelings uski icha jaane ki koshish nhi ki?? Bass pyar kar lia laksh se… Jise aaj tak pata nhi kitni baar sacha pyar hua hai.. Are jitni uski age nhi hia usse zyada baar toh usko sasha pyaar hua hai…. I’m glad ki ragini ki shaadi nhi hui isse…… N swara tum…. Khud ko best bhen bolti ho na.. Toh apni bhen k ansun nhi dikhe tumhe bolo??
Best bhen my foot…..
Laksh: sanskaar stop it bahut bol liya tune aur bahut sun liya humne….
Sanskaar: abhi toh maine shuru kia hai lucky abhi se hi thak gaya??
Ragini: sanskaar ji bas kariye….
Sanskaar: nhi ragini aaj sabko sunna hi padega….. N shekhar uncle wht has happened to you??? After getting your first daughter you forgot about ragini??? What kind of father you are????
Ap: sanskaar… Now stop it you are crossing your limits…
Sanskaar: no ma I’m not crossing… For you all only the girls who wear traditional clothes are only cultured and well mannered na??? That’s y first you liked ragini n when swara started wearing suits you started liking her……… Ma insaan ki pehchaan uske kapdo ( clothes) se nhi dil se hoti hai…
Swara: now its enough sanskaar….. Ok its all my mistake that I loved laksh who was my sister’s fiance but that doesn’t mean she’ll do these things….. Now listen carefully neither you nor this cheap friend of yours will lice here… Thats final..
Laksh: right because we don’t trust you. You can again try to harm swara.
Shekhar: yes now you can’t live with us..
Everyone one are shocked and no one tries to speak something.
Sanskaar: toh who wants to live here between these materialistic people. You all ( pointing towards gadodias) are not even capable of being called her parents… She was so confident that you all will be angry but at the end will forgive her but no…
Dp: sanskaar enough is enough now.
What you thought you’ll come here n speak the truth you will get some award??
Sanskaar ( smirking): I don’t know about award but yeah punishment is surely given for speaking truth….. Am I right or am I right bade papa???
Dp: I know wht u r talking about but….
Sanskaar: but that girl black mailed you so you just threw your son out of the house?? Now if someone said same thing about laksh will you also throw him out???
Dp stand still.
Rp: wht do u want to say chore??? Speak clearly..
Dp: i’ll tell you ram.


Sanskaar (20) a studious boy, very calm and hardworking, hates to go to parties and noisy places but was fun loving where as laksh (19) party freak and a spoilt brat.
One night ( new years eve) :
Laksh: bhai pls if you will come. With Me dad will allow me to go. You can also enjoy there… Pls bhai pls. .
Sanskaar: ok lucky just for you n I hope it’s a clean party no drinks n all that…
Laksh: ummm…… Haan bhai aisa kuch nhi hoga vahan…
Later sanskaar seeks permission from dp n they went to the party.
When they entered sanskaar was shocked.
Sanskaar: lucky u said it is a clean party ?.. Y did u lied yrr… If papa n bade papa got to know then. . I’m going….
Before laksh could say something few girls came n dragged both the brothers in.
Sanskaar: hey leave me u…… Idiot b****h
Laksh: bhai when u hv come here so enjoy na..
Sanskaar: Laksh u enjoy I will be waiting for you outside n pls come fast….
Saying this he went out n laksh started drinking and dancing.
Girl 1 to laksh: your bro is so boring and how dare he called me a b****h…. Now i’ll show him wht can a b****h do….. ( smirks)
Laksh is in no mood to listen so he didn’t hear anything.
Outside sanskaar is sitting on the bench thinking that he’ll say truth to everyone.
After 2 hrs luckky comes outside drunk.
Laksh: bhai u missed such a fantastic party…… ( he was fumbling while sanskaar gave him support)
Sanskaar: Laksh here u take this lemonade you’ll feel better…
Laksh: nahh!!! I’m better like this only..
Sanskaar: lucky listen to me wht if bade papa comes to know that u drink???
Laksh: bhai u r so scared of that hitler….. ? ( he starts imitating dp)
Sanskaar somehow made him drink the lemonade and drove to home…

Outside mm
Sanskaar: lucky are. Alright??
Laksh: yeah bhai now I’m fine…

In mm.
Everyone has slept so they both also went to their room n slept.
Next morning
Dp shouts: sanskaar
Everyone comes out…
Sanskaar: kya hua bade papa??
Dp: sanskaar kal raat tum kahan the??
Sanskaar: bade papa voh actually hua yeh ki lucky k dost ne usse jhoot bola tha ki clean party hogi par jab hum vahan pahunche toh tab hume pata laga ki voh toh………….. So we just left from there..
Dp slapped him hard.
Dp: how dare you sanskaar?? How dare u lied to me?,
Sanskaar: bade papa I’m telling the truth only pls believe me…
Laksh: haan papa bhai sach keh raha hai…
Dp: Laksh u just shut up….
Dp then shows a vedio to all of them which shocks everyone.

Screen freezes on shocked face of sanskaar.

Precap: flashback continues… Wht was there in the vedio.???

so guys tell me how was the episode???
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