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Recap: sanskaar wants ragini to return to Kolkata… Ragini’s emotional break down.

Now lets continue…

Ragini is continuing walking… Moving far from sanskaar.. Crying…..

Sanskaar: ginu… Ginu stop…..

But Ragini doesn’t listen n keep moving….

Sanskaar runs after her, holds her hand and stops her.

Ragini looks at him all broken.

Sanskaar: ginu pls don’t leave me…
Ragini: now wht happened??? Let me go sanskaar….
She said while crying and getting her hand free from his grip.

Sanskaar: ginu pls… At least listen to me once… I was really sad seeing u crying now and then bcoz of those ppl… U were missing them… I thought u will be happy with them.. They hv started realising that u were not wrong.. Papa told me… They are slowly forgiving u…. They want u back ginu… It was all my fault… My mistake that u r here away from ur family…… Thats y I wanted to give u happiness by sending u there…. I just wanted ur happiness ginu……..

He cries..

Ragini: sansku my happiness is with u now….. N I don’t want to go to Kolkata again bcoz it will only hurt me n remind me of my wrong doings….. Its possible that they all hv forgiven me but I’m not able to forgive myself……..
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu…. If u don’t wanna go then don’t…. But pls dont leave me pls…..

He cries. Ragini is also hurt seeing him like that. She hugs him tightly.

Ragini: never sansku i’ll never leave u… I promise…. But u also promise that u’ll never talk abt leaving me or sending me to Kolkata.. .
Sanskaar: I promise u ginu…..

He also hugs her tightly… Both are crying… Everyone is seeing their punar milan… And are happy for them.

After sometime they break the hug and look at each other.

Sanskaar: u hv forgiven me na ginu???
Ragini: umm let me think… U hv made me cry a lot…. So u hv to do something special for me……….
Sanskaar: anything for u ginu… Just tell me… No order me….
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: okay then first lets go for interview then you take me to the famous places of Delhi….
Sanskaar: done….

He hugs her….

Sanskaar: thank you ginu….
Ragini: no problem sansku!!! Chalo now lets leave otherwise I’ll get late….
Sanskaar: yeah come…..

They sit in the car and leave for his office…..

In car…

Ragini: sansku u said that u hv told dadi to send my certificates so hv they come???
Sanskaar: yeah.. Today morning only they came to my office…
Ragini: o cool…

They reach his office after sometime..

Ragini sits in the waiting area while sanskaar goes to his cabin and prays for her job.

Later ragini is called in and asked questions. She answers them confidently and at last gets the job.
Ragini is really happy. She goes home as she has to join from next week…

At home she calls sanskaar.

Ragini: hello sansku….
Sanskaar: congratulations ginu…..
Ragini: how do u know that I got the job???
She thinks.
Sanskaar ๐Ÿ™ to himself) idiot.. This is my office so I’ll know na who got the job… Silly but innocent girl…..
Ragini: hello sansku u there??
Sanskaar: umm yeah… Actually by ur voice I came to know that u got the job….
Ragini: o like that….. Vaise when r u returning??
Sanskaar: i’ll be there by 4:30… be ready we’ll go out….. Okay??
Ragini: okay…. But till then wht shld I do??? there are still 2 hrs to go….
Sanskaar: practice na… Sing sone songs and hv fun, food… Or anything like that….
Ragini: yeah… Good idea.. I must say…. Being with me u also hv become intelligent….. Good good…..
Both chuckles.
Sanskaar: okay bye I hv to go….
He cuts the call and go for his meeting.

At home.

Ragini is sitting and remembering sanskaar’s words that all hv forgiven her.

Ragini lets out a sad smirks.

Ragini: its so strange na…. When I was with them… At that time no body cared abt me…. N now when I’m here trying to live my life peacefully and happily then they want me back……

She keeps her head on the head rest backwards and then thinks abt sanskaar.

Ragini: sansku.. u always say that it was ur fault… But u were never wrong… Situation was wrong.. Others were wrong but u were not….. Now u hv given me a new hope a new life…. I also promise u that I’ll give u all the happiness of life……

Then she brings her sitar and start singing. Hasi and remembers all her moments with gadodias, maheshwaris and sanskaar..

Ragini: Haan aa oโ€ฆ

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

( she cries remembering laksh and swara)

Aa oโ€ฆ aaโ€ฆ

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)

Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

( she thinks of sanskaar and his care and affection towards her n also towards Pooja n kavita)

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

aaโ€ฆ oโ€ฆ

She ends the song and gets up to get freshen up…

After half an hour she comes out wearing a simple red kurti and leggings. Her hair are open… She wears small studs in her ears, a kangan and watch in her hand and wears comfortable jutti in her feet with some ankle bells. She then applies kajal and light lipstick ๐Ÿ’„.

Its 4:30.

Ragini: where is this Jerry???
Door bell ๐Ÿ”” rings. She opens tge door only to find sanskaar with a bouquet ๐Ÿ’ of yellow roses.

Sanskaar: congratulations ms ginu tom kapoor!!! Here are the beautiful roses for the very beautiful lady in red!!!!!!
He smiles and winks at her.
Ragini: awwww…. So sweet of u Mr sansku jerry kapoor!!!!!
She takes the bouquet and smiles.
Ragini: come u get fresh then we’ll go…
Sanskaar: okay….
He pinches her cheeks and goes to his room.
Ragini: main iska bhi badla lungi…….
Sanskaar: dekhte hain…….
Both laughs at their respective places…

Then after sometime sanskaar comes in jeans and a tee…

Sanskaar: come lets go…
Ragini: Chalo.

They lock the door and get in the car…. Sanskaar starts driving.

Ragini: where are we going??
Sanskaar: just wait na….

First they come to akshardham temple. Its a beautiful place to see….

Ragini: Beautiful…….

She awestruck to see the beauty of it…. Sanskaar smiles seeing her…

In background aao milo chale song is playing from Jab We met…..

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

( they hv snacks their and get a photo clicked there… As mobile phones are not allowed inside…… They enjoy the beauty and auspicious nature there…..)

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aao Kho Jaye Hum
Ho Jaye Hum Yun Lapatha
Aao Milo Chale
Chaara Kahan Na Ho Patha

( then they go to Cathedral Church of Redemption and pray there……. Click many pics….)

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

( then the go to chandani chowk market……. Do some shopping and hv food….)

Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi
Rasta Naya Sa Mile
Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu
Honge Kam Yeh Tabi Phasle
Mmmm Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi
Rasta Naya Sa Mile
Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu
Honge Kam Yeh Tabi Phasle
Aao Tera Mera
Na Ho Kisi Se Vaasta
Aao Milo Chale
Jana Kahan Na Ho Patha

( later they go to mall, watch movie, had dinner…..)

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

Aanke Kole Neede Bole
Jane Kaisi Jagi Bhekudi
Yahan Wahan Dekho Kahan
Leke Jane Lagi Bhekudi
Hooohh Aanke Kole Neede Bole
Jane Kaise Jagi Bhekudi
Yahan Wahan Dekho Kahan
Leke Jane Lagi Bhekudi
Aao Mil Jayega
Hoga Jahan Pe Raasta
Aao Milo Chale
Jana Kahan Na Ho Pata

( its night now….. They go gurudwara bangla saheb to get babaji’s blessings and offer prayers… At night it was looking beautiful……)

Hum Jo Chal Ne Lage
Chal Ne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste
Aahha Manzil Se Behatar
Lagne Lage Hai Yeh Raaste

( now last but not the least they went to India gate for a long walk and had ice creams……….)

Now they are returning back… In car..

Sanskaar: sooo ginu ji…. How was it??
Ragini: omg… Sansku delhi is so beautiful place yrrr….. Till now I hv heard only that this is the most unsafe city of India… But I must say it’s too good……. Thank you so much yrrr…….

She hugs him.

Sanskaar: hmmm…. So now… Hv u forgiven me???

He asked with curiosity..

Ragini: y will I forgive u sansku???
She giggles…
Sanskaar: wht do u mean yrr??? I showed almost whole city n still u……
He makes an angry face.
Ragini laughs.

Ragini: aree I meant that when I’m not angry on u then how will I forgive u??? I knew that u wanted my happiness so it’s okay…….

Sanskaar: haaash… U scared me ginu…….
Ragini: hehe….. Now I’m very tired……… My legs are also paining…..
Sanskaar: awww… Don’t worry u sleep… When we’ll reach i’ll wake u…… Okay…..???
Ragini: but wht abt u sansku????
Sanskaar: umm don’t worry abt me u sleep……

He makes her sleep by making her rest her forehead on the head rest and taps her forehead for a while… Also concentrating on the road until she fell asleep……

After one hour they reach home.

Sanskaar: ginu get up… We hv reached…..
Ragini: sansku let me sleep na… Already my legs are paining so much…… I haven’t walk this much in my whole life……..
Sanskaar: ginu.. U r saying as if I took u every where walking… Common yrr… Get up….
But she doesn’t wake….
Sanskaar: huh…. She needs some or the other reason to get carried in my arms……

He gets down and then picks her and takes her to her room. He removes her jutti and find some scratches there due to the slippers….

Sanskaar: oh no….. Thats y it was painful…. These girls na…. They want to do fashion but don’t see their comfort…

He gets some ointment and applies on the wounds and cover her with the blanket and goes to his room to sleep.

Next day morning.

Ragini gets up and goes to freshen up and then makes tea and coffee.

Ragini: sansku.. U r so nice…. Ik u applied ointment on my foot… At that time I was so lazy to get up… But still…. Thank you so much…….

She smiles and goes to his room to wake him up..

She enters the room and finds him sleeping like a child. She brushes his hair…

Ragini: sansku get up….
Sanskaar: ummm… Hmm sone do na….. U also sleep come…..

Saying this he pulls her and she falls on the bed… She blushes but then composes herself.

Ragini: hmmmm….. So u’ll not get up na.. .

Then she gets an idea…

Ragini: first u spoiled my face na by that atta… Now u see…..

She gives an evil laugh and our sansku is sleeping peacefully.

Then ragini brings a sketch pen โœ’ and draws big moustaches and a big black spot on his cheeks…….

Ragini: hehe….. U r looking sooo cute…… Mere sansku……

She smiles and goes down after waking him once again..

After 5 mins he wakes up and goes to washroom.


Ragini: now in next 5 seconds there will be a dhamaka…. Boom…… 5…..4… 3….2…..1….. Boooooom…..

Sanskaar: ginuuuuuuuu…….

Ragini laughs……. Sanskaar Comes down….
Sanskaar: ginu did u do this??????
Ragini: koi shak???
Sanskaar: u r be becoming naughtier day by day….. I need todo something….

He starts running behind her…. They running running and running ๐Ÿƒ.
Suddenly ragini is going to fall but sanskaar holds her waist. They are really close and breathing heavily. They have a deep eyelock.. They are lost in each other …….. But two people are watching them…..

Episode ends with ragsan being in each others arms.

No precap.

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