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Recap: party n ragsan dance….

2 weeks have passed…… As everything was becoming normal… Ragini noticed some changes in sanskaar… He was trying to stay away from her…. They didn’t even go somewhere….. It was like sanskaar was keeping himself away from her….. But Ragini chose not to say or ask anything.. If he want he’ll tell him himself………

Its morning with a new hope of life…… Ragini gets up and gets freshen up and goes to kitchen for preparing break fast…

Ragini: today is a big day for me…. I hope i’ll get the job….. Umm where is this sanskaar yrr!???

She goes to his room with coffee ☕.

Ragini ( opening the door): sansku??

She finds the room empty. She checks in washroom also… She gets tensed….

Ragini: where has he gone??

She checks everywhere but couldn’t find him.

It’s been one hour but still sanskaar is not back. She tries calling him but his phn is not reachable.

Ragini: where r u sansku??? Y did u leave me alone????

She cries…..

Ragini: no I can’t cry…. I’ll Search for him…. But I don’t much abt this place…. But I can search in nearby places….

Its 7:45 now… Ragini moves out to search for sanskaar… But couldn’t find him… She asks ppl but didn’t find anything…. She cries.

At last at 8:30 she comes back home… All teary eyes and tired, broken….

Ragini: sansku where r u???

She holds the nearby kept chest of drawers to get support…
Suddenly she hears a voice.

Voice: I’m here ginu…..

It was sanskaar. She opens her eyes and sees him standing in track suit and wet hair.

Ragini: sansku..

She runs to him and gives a bone crushing hug to him… And cries out loud…

Sanskaar: ginu wht happened?? N where were u????
Ragini: sansku promise me u’ll never leave me pls…….
Sanskaar: ginu y will I leave u…. I haven’t hold ur hand to leave…. Now stop crying and tell me wht happened and where were u??

She breaks the hug.

Ragini: I went to find u bcoz u were no where In the house.. I tried ur phn also… But it was also unreachable… I was really scared…….
Sanskaar: wht?? I told u na I’m going for jogging!!
Ragini: when did u told me??
Sanskaar: when u were sleeping.. U also replied that okay goo….
Ragini: offo sansku… Does anyone tell smthng important to anyone when the person is in sleep…
Sanskaar: I knew u would say like this that’s y I also kept a note on ur side table…. Near the lamp…
Ragini: wht??

She runs to her room and finds a note on table.

Note – good morning tom…. I’m going for jogging will return by 8…… Bye….

Sanskaar also comes there….

Sanskaar: now say…
Ragini: umm.. Wht shld I say??? btw… How come u went for jogging suddenly!?? Till now u never went….

Sanskaar: ginu u asked me na how I stay fit… This iss the reason…. Every morning at 6 I go for playing basketball. For one hour… And then hour for jogging…….. N jahan tak aaj tak jaane ki baat hai… So madam… Hv u ever got up before 8 till now???

Ragini tries to speak but sanskaar interrupts.

Sanskaar: ya ya.. Ik u’ll say that yesterday u got up.. ( ragini nods) .. So let me tell u yesterday I didn’t went coz we had to do lots of work…
Ragini feels embarrassed…..

Sanskaar: oh common ginu…. Its oka…… Chalo now lets hv breakfast then we hv to leave…..
Ragini: yeah….

They hv their breakfast then both goes to get ready.

Ragini is wearing a simple blue kurti with yellow leggings…

And sanskaar is wearing a simple shirt and pants.

Sanskaar: shall v??
Ragini: yeah…

Sanskaar opens the car door for her and she smiles at his gesture. Then he also sits and starts driving the car.
They are moving from past 15 minutes. He takes a right turn.

Ragini: sansku ur office is at left turn know then y r u going that side??
Sanskaar: ragini v r not going to office…
Ragini: Then where are v going???
Sanskaar: first to airport n then to kolkata… And only u r going I’m not….
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: wht the hell sanskaar??? I don’t want to go there… N y do u want me to go there….. I ___
Sanskaar: stop…. Now not a word more…. I said u r going means going.. N if u speak one more word then……….

Ragini is shocked to see him like this…. She decides not to speak anything n silently cries. Sanskaar feels bad seeing her like that.

Sanskaar’s pov.

Somemore time ginu then u will be always happy…. I hv snatched ur happiness… So i’ll only return it.. From past 2 weeks I hv been talking to dada n dadi abt ur return…. I was not able to tell u that’s y I kept ignoring u…. Ur happiness lies in ur family so I’m taking u to them to ur happiness…….

Sad song plays in the background.

( guys pls read the lyrics also to understand their situation….. Song – Musafir Jaane Waale, movie – gadar)

Musafir Jaane Waale
Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale
Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale

( both are looking very sad and remembers their moments with each other)

Badi Mushkil Se Dil Mein Apne
Badi Mushkil Se Dil Mein Apne
Log Basate Hain Kuch Sapne
Yeh Sapne Shishe Ke Khilone
Toot Ke Bas Lagte Hai Rone
Dilo Pe Chaajaate Hai
Yeh Badal Kaale Kaale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale
Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale

( ragini thinks how she thought that now everything will be fine… She will start a new life… Do smthng for herself and yes bring the old sanskaar back……… She cries)

( sanskaar thinks how he wished he could give all the happiness to ginu and make her happy…. And also make her independent and full of life….)

Oh Dariyaan De Paaniya
Yeh Moja Phir Nahi Aaniya
Oh Dariyaan De Paaniya
Yeh Moja Phir Nahi Aaniya
Yaad Aayengi Oh Yaad Aayengi
Bas Jaane Walo Ki Kahaniya
Oh Dariyaan De Paaniya
Yeh Moja Phir Nahi Aaniya
Oh Dariyaan De Paaniya
Yeh Moja Phir Nahi Aaniya

( both thinks of their moments from the day they met till now…… Sanskaar saving her in hospital… Then both helping each other to reach their goal…. Then sanskaar supporting her in front of everyone… Taking her to his home… Their nok jhok, fights, their close moments their dance……. Everything is playing in their minds….)

Na Jaane Kya Choot Raha Hai
Oh Na Jaane Kya Choot Raha Hai
Dil Mein Bas Kuch Tut Raha Hai
Hoton Par Nahin Koi Kahani
Phir Bhi Aankhen Mein Aagaya Pani
Nahi Hum Bhoolne Wale
Nahi Tum Bhoolne Wale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale
Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale
Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale
Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale
Oh Oh Oh Oh Aha Aha Oh Oh ….

( both want to say many things but not a single word escapes their mouth….. Both are crying silently….. Tears are not ready to stop…….)

They reach the airport.

Sanskaar: ginu we hv reached…
Ragini: sansku pls I don’t want to goo….. Pls..
Sanskaar: ginu pls…… Here u’ll get only sadness… U won’t be able to stay happy….. Pls leave to Kolkata where ur family is there… Swara is there…. Pls go to ur happiness……..

He’s on the verge of crying so he moves out of the car. Ragini also come out and stands behind him.

Ragini: abt which family u r talking abt sanskaar?? That family who hardly cares whether I’m alive or not…. Who haven’t care abt my feelings for once also…… Who don’t see their other daughter over the first one….. Who were not at all worried about me when I was going with u to a unknown place between unknown people.. They never tried to stop me… To understand me…. ……… N abt that mahan sister of mine…… Swara… I don’t want to say these things but now i’ll say…… Ik from childhood she didn’t got her father’s love… Same is with me also na.. I didn’t got my mother’s love….. But u know she’s really lucky coz she got her Mom n dad both… But wht abt me??? I lost my father also….. Coz after she came to our house he never thought abt me before swara…. ( she cries badly) Yes he used to fulfill our wishes but I couldn’t see love fir me in his eyes anymore…. Yes she’s very lucky she got her love whom I guess I loved…… N I,, I stand no where now…. u only told me na that they are capable of being called my family…. Then y r u sending me there again??? First I thought that u’ll never leave me… But no… U also want to leave me..( sanskaar turns back and looks at her… Both are crying)Then y did u promise me in the morning that u’ll never leave me!?? Got damn it say smthng……. …. Actually uk its not ur fault.. Actually uk I’m that bad that nobody wants me in their lives…… I’m a bad luck for all…. If u want me to go then I’ll go but not to Kolkata i’ll go away from all of u and never return back…….

She starts to leave. Sanskaar sees her going far from him…. Tears are not stopping from their eyes…

Episode ends with crying faces of ragsan….

Precap: will sanskaar stop ragini or not????

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