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Chapter 12

Recap: party preparations…. And some masti….

The kapoor villa is lighted, guests have started arriving, sweet music is playing in the background and our handsome hunk is receiving the guests wearing blue suit which is complementing his ‘fake ‘ wife’s gown.. looking so hot and s*xy…. 😉😉

Sanskaar’s suit –

Ragini’s gown – Gown –

Ragini is no where to be seen.
Everyone is enjoying snacks and drinks and talking to each other.

Mr Verma ( played by ayub Khan) comes with his wife ( played by simone Singh) and daughter, shreya ( played by Pooja sharma) … Sanskaar welcomes them.

Sanskaar: good evening mr and Mrs Verma…. Hii shreya…

They hug.

Mr Verma: good evening…. So where is ur wife??
Sanskaar: she must be coming.. U pls enjoy…

They 3 leave to meet other guests.
Sanskaar calls Pooja.

Sanskaar: Pooja… U pls be here and take care i’ll just see where is ginu… Okay.
Pooja: yes sir u don’t worry…
Sanskaar: I said na don’t call me sir…
Pooja: sorry bhaiya…
Sanskaar: hmm better…

He smiles and leaves.
( ragini has not met Pooja till now but Pooja knows her)

Sanskaar Comes outside Ragini’s room and knocks the door.

Sanskaar: ginu r u done….?? Everyone is asking for u…
Ragini: sansku pls come inside na…..
Sanskaar goes inside and is mesmerised to see her in that gown. But her hair are messed up….

Sanskaar: wht is this ginu.?? U r not ready till now…. Its been almost one and a half hour… Common man. ..
Ragini: wht to do yrr?? These hair na… I don’t know wht to do with them…..

She sits sadly..

Sanskaar: So u shld hv told me before na… Wait let me call Pooja…

He goes out but sees she’s busy with Mr Verma. So he decides not to disturb her.

Sanskaar comes inside.
Ragini: wht happened?? Is she coming??

Sanskaar: no she’s busy….
Ragini: now wht??

They both think..
Sanskaar: wait.. I hv an idea…

He opens his phn and starts a vedio and keeps it on a stool.. Ragini can’t see it.. .

Ragini: wht is this??
Sanskaar: wait na u’ll see my magic now….

He makes her sit on the stool and start combing her hair.

Ragini: wht are u doing yrr??
Sanskaar: wait na…. Let me do it.. U keep quiet for a minute…

After 15 minutes…

Sanskaar: now come and hv a look at urself….

He take s her to the dressing table…. And she is awestruck to see her hair..
They are beautifully tied up in a messy Bun with some strands falling her face …..

Bun –

Ragini: sansku… How did u make it??
Sanskaar: experience!!! Did u liked it??
Ragini: of course yrrr… I mean… U r soooo damn good at everything yrrr…. Omg….

She hugs him…. And kisses him on his cheeks…

Ragini: thank you thank you so much sansku…. I must say this is one of the beautiful evening of my life……
Sanskaar: no thank you n all that…… Vaise I must say u r looking super gorgeous my dear…….
Ragini blushes.

Sanskaar: ahaan… Someone is blushing!!
He winks…
Ragini: btw u r also looking very nice….
Sanskaar: bass nice??
He said with a cute pout face.
Ragini: awww… U r so cute sansku…….
SHe pulls his cheeks…
Sanskaar: hey… Don’t call me that.. Its for u girls….
Ragini: acha ji??
Sanskaar: Haanji…
They laugh..
Ragini: hmmm.. But I must say u r looking so hot,s*xy and dashing……
Sanskaar: omg… Itni sanskaari ladki k muh se yeh words….. U sure na u r my ginu only???
Ragini: sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: achaa sorry…. Vaise u shld be careful..
Ragini: y??
Sanskaar: coz today there are many girls outside sooo they can try their luck on me……
He winks with a smirk…
Ragini: no chance of those girls… U r mine n only mine samjhe……

Before sanskaar could reply someone knocks there door. Sanskaar opens it.

Pooja: sir everyone is asking for u both…
Sanskaar: yeah we are coming…

He closes the door.

Ragini: who was it sansku??
Sanskaar: voh Pooja came to call us… Leta leave..
Ragini: haan chalo…

She starts to leave..

Sanskaar: o hello..
Ragini: yup…
Sanskaar: u r my wife… u cant go alone… We hv to go together…
Ragini: ummm okay….

They entangle their arms and move out of the room and comes in the living room. They are looking so adorable. Everyone is praising them.

Lady 1: they both are looking so good together..
Lady 2: yeah… Made for each other…
Man 1: they are like rab me bana di jodi…
Man 2: actually… She’s soo beautiful and he’s so handsome…. Perfect couple…

The young boys and girls are getting jealous…

And here our hero n heroine are blushing like anything…… Thay have small cute sa eye lock…….

Sanskaar introduce ragini to everyone…

Sanskaar: hello everyone…. She’s my beautiful wife ( he keeps his hand on her shoulder) mrs ragini tom ( ragini hits him with her elbow) .. .. I mean mrs ragini sanskaar kapoor…

Ragini: good evening everyone…..
She joins her hands in namaste position..

Then they both get involved in guests… Sanskaar made sure that she’s comfortable.

Mrs Verma: So ragini.. Tell us abt ur love story…
Ragini looks at sanskaar for an answer…
Mrs Verma: arre y r u looking at him…. Just tell us…
Sanskaar Comes there..

Sanskaar: voh kya hena… That we both were very good frnds and understanding was there between us…. It was like we can’t live without each other… N when our friendship grew in love we didn’t get to know… And then we decided to get married…. Its a simple story….

Both looks at each other and hv a small eye lock.

Mrs Verma: awww… So sweet….. N wht abt ur parents ragini ?? We know abt sanskaar’s.. That they don’t like him….. He’s like our son only now… So he left them…. Wht abt urs???

Ragini gets tears in her eyes and bows down her head and remembers shekhar, shomi, janki, dadaji n dadi…..

Sanskaar: voh they are not here…
Mrs Verma: oh….
Ragini: i’ll just come pls excuse me….
She leaves from there…..
Sanskaar: arre mrs Verma u r not taking anything…. Hv this drink i’ll just come……

Sanskaar: ginu where r u??

He is abt to go to her room but some clients stop him. His body is there but his heart and mind are roaming around ragini only.

Ragini’s room.

She crying remembering her days with her family.. She’s really heart broken.
Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder. She looks up and finds a girl standing there with teary eyes…
Ragini wipes her tears and gets up.

Ragini: sorry I didn’t recognise u….
Girl: u don’t know me but I know u…
Ragini looks on confused.
Girl: I’m Pooja… Sanskaar bhaiya must hv told u abt me….
Ragini: oh.. U r Pooja…. Ya he told me abt u…. How come u r here??
Pooja: I saw u coming here… U thought u will need me…. So…
Ragini: ohh.. No I’m fine…. Thank u….
Pooja: ragini di… Umm can I call u di??
Ragini nods.
Pooja: bhaiya told me abt u…. I know how is it to live without family 👪… I hv also lost mine… First I lost my parents n then my kavita dii…. we both used to work in kapoor industry… When sanskaar bhai joined our office.. We 3 became best friends…. I n sanskaar bhai always used to tease kavita di… We 3 were like family to each other…. U know sanskaar bhai was not like this before…. He used to do all the fun… We only knew how much he missed his family n one day he told us abt them.. He used to be very depressed and sad… Slowly slowly di and brought him back and asked him to live his life to the fullest…. He used to hate girls bcoz of that incident… But di assured him that not every girl is same… He had lost belief in love and even now he don’t believe in love…. After that day we decided that no one will talk abt them…… N we 3 became one… Kapoor uncle also used to adore our friendship… There was no one for us except each other … Then one day kavita di went… For Not returning again.. .And with that mine n sanskaar’s smile was also lost…. ( both cries) I was left alone…. But sanskaar bhai supported me….. He was always there for me…. When ppl used to taunt me he was there as my shield everytime………

She gets choked… Ragini offers her water.

Pooja: u know ppl say that jiska koi nhi hota uska bhagwan hota hai…….. ( who has no one beside them, god is with them) ( ragini nods) just like that only….. Sanskaar bhai is god for me…..

Ragini is looking at her surprised.

Pooja: after dii’s death I was completely broken….. I didn’t wish to live anymore…. At that time he supported me and consoled me…. Then to make me independent he gave me a new house….

( ragini thinks how he supported her on her decision of job)

Pooja: u r thinking na y I’m telling u all this???
Ragini nods.
Pooja: bcoz I know like he always supported and helped me he’ll be beside u also…. U just need to trust him….. He’ll make everything fine…… I know… He’s alone… Broken from inside… But he’ll never show it to anyone…. No one hv understood him…. But I know u can change him and also u can only understand him…………..

Ragini looks on….

Pooja: u know… The first day he came to office after u came here every one could see a different sanskaar…. He was smiling… He was talking normally and not shouting on everyone for small things…..

She sits beside ragini and holds her hands..

Pooja: ragini… I know today u both are faking ur relationship but I want it to be real……. I want to see my happy sanskaar bhai back… Which only u can bring…. U can make him believe in love…. U can show him that he can trust people…. U can heal him dii…. After ur arrival my bhai is coming back…. He has again started smiling… Pls dii….

She breaks down… Ragini hugs her.

Ragini: Pooja I promisethat I’ll get it bhai back……

Pooja: thank you so much dii
Ragini: apni sis ko koi thank u bolta hai…… U hv lost ur elder sister n I hv also almost lose her… So from now I’m ur elder sister….. Will u make me??
Pooja: nooo

Ragini is shocked.

Pooja: coz for me u hv Already became my dii…. I love u sooo much……
Ragini: u scared me….. ( she holds Pooja’s ear)
Pooja: ahh dii leave na…..
Ragini: hmm…. Btw I love u too……
They both hug…

Pooja: common dii now lets wash our faces… And go out otherwise everyone will come in….
Ragini: ya.. Chalo…

They both gets freshen up and give touch up.
While they were having an emotional conversation, there sanskaar is struggling to leave but always someone or the other stops him. He was getting tensed thinking about ragini….


Ragini and Pooja comes out of the room and starts talking to ppl.
Sanskaar is relieved to see her, smiling.

He comes towards her.

Sanskaar: ginu…
Ragini: yes…
Sanskaar: r u alright na?? I mean…..
Ragini: don’t worry sansku… I’m alright….. U enjoy the party…
Sanskaar: r u sure??
Ragini: haan baba…..

Sanskaar goes. Ragini smiles.

Mr sharma ( another client): Mr sanskaar… Umm don’t u think there is no fun in the party….
Sanskaar: yeah tell me wht can I do for u??
Mr sharma: thoda dance ho jae….
Sanskaar: okay i’ll arrange for it…. First let us sign the deal….
Mr Verma: ya perfect…

Later the deal is fixed and Mr Verma raise the toast.

Mr Verma: may I hv ur attention pls… Ladies and gentleman…

Everyone looks at him.. Sanskaar is standing beside ragini.

Mr Verma: lets raise the toast for our newly signed deal and for our newly wedded couple, Mr and Mrs sanskaar kapoor…..

Everyone claps while ragini blushes and sanskaar looks at her and smiles…

Mr sharma: So lets have couple dance… I request all the couples to come in the centre…

All the couples come but our ragsan are still standing at their place and blushing.

Mrs Verma: do u both need special invitation??? U both are main an du r standing here… Go…

Ragini tries to resist but mrs pushes them between other couples..

So now ragsan are standing in the centre while all others are standing making a circle around them… . The older ppl are standing, eating..

Mr Verma: So lets start……
He switches on the music.

The music starts playing.

Sanskaar and ragini are standing like that but then ragini keeps her hands on his chest. Sanskaar looks at her while she looks down. Then sanskaar slides his hands on her waist. Ragini blushes. They keep moving slowly.

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Tu Humsafar Hai, Phir Kya Fikar Hai
Jeene Ki Wajah Hi Yahi Marna Issi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

( sanskaar keeps his one hand in her other hand and pulls her closer. Now they are having a deep eye lock understanding each other’s pain without saying anything…)

Sa Ni Pa Di Na Sa…

Meharbaani Jaate Jaate Mujh Pe Kar Gaya
Guzarta Sa Lamha Ek Daaman Bhar Gaya
Tere Nazara Mila, Roshan Sitaara Mila
Takdeer Ki Kashtiyon Ko, Kinara Mila

( sanskaar moves a little far holding her hand then spins her around and now her back is facing his front, his hands are on her stomach / waist.. She moves her head backwards, resting it on his chest…. Both have closed their eyes feeling the music) ( Pooja is really happy seeing this)

Sadiyon Se Tarse Hai Jaisi Zindagi Ke Liye
Teri Sauhbat Mein Duaayein Hain Ussi Ke Liye
Tere Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara
Maanu Mujhko Banaya Tere Hi Jaise Kisi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tere Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara
Maanu Mujhko Banaya Tere Hi Jaise Kisi Ke Liye
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Tu Humsafar Hai, Phir Kya Fikar Hai
Jeene Ki Wajah Hi Yahi Hai Marna Issi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

( for the above lines again they are facing each other… Sanskaar is spinning her and then makes her little away then rolls her over his arm and holds her close to his heart ♥… Such that now they are hugging each other still moving on the music of the song ………)

Music ends. But they are still hugging. Everyone smiles at them. Then ragini opens her eyes and gets away from him which leads to opening of his eyes also… He looks at his surroundings and then at ragini.

Their eyes are carrying unshed tears of happiness, love and some of sadness…. Thay have a deep eye lock…..

Mrs Verma: awww u both r soo cute………

They break their eye lock and smiles at her. Mrs Verma comes to them and lulls their cheeks……. And blesses them…..

Ragini: now lets have food…

Ragini sets the food on the table and everyone eats it and praises the food alot…………… Everyone has finished tge food and sweets…

Lady 1: I must say the food was very nice……. Mazaa aa gaya……
Man 1: actually…. Everyone shld take cooking classes from u…..
Ragini and sanskaar smiles.
Everyone then leaves for their house.

Sanskaar: ginu…..
Ragini: hmmm… Bolo sansku…. Ummm.. I know u are hungry…. Come lets eat…
She star-studded leave but sanskaar pulls her by her arm and she falls on him. Sanskaar holds her by her waist. They have an eye lock.

Sanskaar makes her stand.

Ragini: kya hai sansku???
Sanskaar: ginu Im worried for u na…. R u alright???
Ragini: sansku when u r with me then nothing will happen to me………. N yes if we stand here for some more time then surely I’ll faint…. U know mujhe kitni bhook lag rahi hai……..

She keeps her handon her stomach and makes a sad face…… Sanskaar shakes his head…

Sanskaar: naa ginu…. Pls don’t faint otherwise I hv to pick u up and then my back will ache…….
Ragini give a death glare to him…….
Ragini: sansku if if I was not hungry n tired na I would hv seen u………. Ha nhi toh……. Well Common na lets hv food…
Sanskaar: okay come u sit i’ll bring the food.

Ragini sits while he brings the food for them.

Sanskaar: hv this lady bheem…..
Ragini: lady bheem??
Sanskaar: aur nhi toh kya…. U eat so much…… Jitna khilaya jaye utna kam hai…….
He giggles…

Ragini thinks of pooja’s word that sanskaar used to always tease kavita. She gets tears in her eyes.

Sanskaar: oh no….. Now wht happened?? I’m sorry I shouldn’t hv teased u…..
Ragini: I’m not crying yrrr…… Actually this dal is very spicy…….. So that’s y….
Sanskaar: u sure??
Ragini: ahaan….. Now fatafat hv ur food…..
Sanskaar: y fatafat??

Ragini: arre budhu coz tomorrow u hv to go to ur office na…..u hv an important meeting with Mr Verma…
Sanskaar: o yes…. ( to himself) jana toh hai….

They finish their dinner then sanskaar helps her to put the dishes in the kitchen.

Ragini: who’ll clean all this now???
( there are only big utensils… Paper plates n plastic spoons were used for eating purpose like generally happens in functions)
Sanskaar: don’t worry ginu… Tomorrow maid will cone she’ll clean all this…… Now u go n sleep…..
Ragini: haaash…… Okay gn sd tc!!!
Sanskaar: good night ginu!!!

They go to their respective rooms and hv sound sleep……

Episode ends with sleeping faces of ragsan….

Precap: where is sanskaar going to take ragini???

So guys this was the 13th chapter…. Tell me through ur comments how was it??? If u don’t like it then also tell me….. U can drop ur suggestions in comment box…. Pls comment n let me know…bbye…..

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