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Recap: shopping and some emotional scenes……

So here comes chapter 12….

Its morning, 8am

The scene starts with ragini and sanskaar doing decoration and changing the look of the house for the party……..

Ragini: sanskaar pls bring the curtains… I’ll put them…
Sanskaar: okay…

He brings the curtains….

Sanskaar: how will u put.. ?? I’ll put u do some other thing…
Ragini: I can do… U go and put the photo frames…
Sanskaar: u never listen to me na…..

He keeps a pout face and goes from there…..
Ragini smiles at his cute antiques…..

Sanskaar looks at the frames and then at ragini.. She’s standing on a stool to put the curtains.

He smiles looking at one frame where they are very close to each other. Both are looking made for each other…. ragini is laughing while he’s looking at her…

He’s abt to open the other one when he hears her scream. He runs towards her saw her on the ground.

Sanskaar: ginuuu
Ragini: sansku… I fell…
Sanskaar: I told u na i’ll help u.. But noo u want to be jhansi ki rani…. Hence proved…
Ragini: wht proved??
Sanskaar: that u r seriously r
My raghu bhai….. U hv to always do smthng which is difficult… And then land urself in trouble….

He winks and giggles….
Ragini: sanskaar I hate you…..

She holds her waist and starts crying…

Ragini: ahh my back..
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ginu… Is it paining badly??
Ragini: hmmm….
Sanskaar: ok come i’ll take u to your room….

Sanskaar picks her up and takes her to her room and makes her lie on the bed..

Sanskaar: u be here i’ll bring medicine and balm.
He leaves while she keeps her head in the pillow.

Sanskaar comes with medicine and volini.

Sanskaar: here take these medicine and apply this on ur back..
Ragini takes the medicine and makes a weird face coz the medway bitter.

Ragini: ahh… Sansku this is so bitter…
Sanskaar: it’ll be na.. Its medicine not chocolate that it has to be sweet….
Ragini makes a face.

Sanskaar: acha chalo now don’t make these faces.. Apply the cream… I’m standing outside… If u r done then call me… Okay??
Ragini: okay… But u stay here don’t go anywhere…
Sanskaar nods and moves out.

Ragini is trying to put the cream on her back but is not able to. She’s wearing a pajama and a tee… He’s hands are not able to reach the affected area..

Ragini: o god.. I’m not able to put it…. Now wht?? I can’t ask sanskaar also… He’s a boy and……

Sanskaar Comes in till then..

Sanskaar: wht happened?? Hv u applied it?? Wait for sometime then the pain will fly in the air n u’ll fly after me….

Ragini gives him a wht the hell look.

Sanskaar: sorry…. U rest i’ll ____
Ragini: sansku..
Sanskaar: yeah… U need anything??
Ragini: voh I hv…… Not… Applied the cream…..
Sanskaar: wht? Y?? U shld hv applied by now na…. Wht happened??
Ragini: actually my hands are not reaching my back…..
Sanskaar: ooo so now wht!??

They both think.

Sanskaar’s pov.

She’s in so much pain… Shld I apply the cream?? No no… Wht will she think that I’m taking her advantage…. Wht shld I do????

Ragini’s pov.

Can’t he himself apply it?? If I say him then he’ll tease me n moreover wht will he think of me?? Chalo let him think….

Both are looking here and there….
Ragini wince in pain.

Sanskaar can’t see her like that more.

Sanskaar: ginu…. I can’t see u in pain…. If u don’t mind then I’ll apply it for u… Only if u don’t mind… N pls don’t take me wrong… I’m. ___

Ragini: sansku I trust u…. U can apply…
Sanskaar: okay.

Sanskaar helps her to lie upside-down and then pulls her shirt Lil up but is not feeling comfortable. Both are blushing somewhat…

Sanskaar takes cream in his hand, closes his eyes and then starts applying it on her back.

Ragini looks back at him and is so pleased at his gesture. She’s overwhelmed.. A tear escapes her eyes. But she wipes as soon as sanskaar is going to open his eyes and sees ahead.

Sanskaar pulls her shirt down.

Sanskaar: ginu.. Its done now u rest… I’ll manage other things…
Ragini: okay.. If u need anything pls tell me…
Sanskaar: u too…. Take care…

Sanskaar moves out and now is doing everything alone.
Meanwhile ragini is surfing her phn.. Reading magazine… Sanskaar checks her every now and then to see if she’s fine…

Its 11:00 am. The work is almost done. Its time for breakfast.

He makes omelettes and coffee for them. And takes it to her room.

Sanskaar: ginu are u awake??
Ragini: yes sanskaar…
Sanskaar: come we’ll hv breakfast..
Ragini: u hv prepared??
Sanskaar: yup… It will b not tasty as yours but I tried……. So Chalo let’s eat I’m so hungry….

Sanskaar helps her to sit properly..

Ragini: okay come lets see wht u hv prepared!!

She removes the plate from top and sees omelettes.
Ragini: yuck…. Egg…..

She closes her nose….

Sanskaar: ginu its egg only…. Y r u reacting like this????
Ragini: its non veg sanskaar n we r marwari n we don’t eat these things……
Its not in our culture.. If we eat it means we are disrespecting our God…

Sanskaar: ginu hold on…… First of all egg is not non veg…. Its full of iron and vitamins…. N secondly, we are no more marwari we are the KAPOORS….. N KAPOORS ARE PUNJABI!!! We are punjabi now… … N thirdly… God will not mind if we eat wht is good for our health….

Ragini looks on..

Ragini: but…
Sanskaar: wait… did god came n told u that u r marwari so u can’t eat this and that….. Hmm say??
He asks thru his gesture…

Ragini nods no….

Sanskaar: yeah… So now mrs ragini tom sanskaar kapoor eat this… U’ll get energy…..
Ragini smiles hearing her name like that…
Ragini: aapka hukum sir aankhon par… Mr sanskaar jerry kapoor……

{ guys my intention was not to hurt anyone, any religion, any custom or tradition by writing the above convo abt food n all … So if anyone is hurt I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart…… }

Both laughs.

Ragini: but I’ll never eat non veg…

Sanskaar: acha meri maaaate…. Now eat..

They both eat the breakfast.

Sanskaar: ginu all the work is done… Now u rest… Then we’ll make food if u r well otherwise we’ll order… Okay??
Ragini: don’t worry.. I’ll be alright… U also go n rest…
Sanskaar: okay take care..

He leaves with trays.

Ragini stands to go to washroom but stumbles and is abt to fall on the hard floor but lands in two powerful muscular arms.

Ragini: sansku…
Sanskaar: yes me…
Ragini: wht r u doing here??
Sanskaar: I came here to take my phn…… Thanks to god that I came otherwise u would be on floor by now…..

Ragini looks at him and they have a cute eye lock. They are still in the same position. Sanskaar breaks the eye lock.

Sanskaar: btw wht were u doing??

He makes her stand and helps her to bed.

Ragini: voh I wanted to use the washroom..
Sanskaar: Then y shld hv called me na…
Ragini looks at him.
Sanskaar: I mean I could hv taken u there……
He looks here n there.. Ragini smiles.

Ragini: okay baba… Sorry…
Sanskaar: hmmmm….
Ragini: wht hmmm….??? Now if u hv came then take me na….
Sanskaar: o yeah…

He makes her stand. Holds her one hand and keeps his other hand on her waist to give her support. Both look at each other and then smile shyly..

He takes her inside and then comes out and blushes like anything…. His fair face has turned red like a tomato.

Inside ragini is also in same situation. She’s also blushing.

The after 5 mins she calls him and he goes inside.

He brings her out in same way and makes her lie on bed.

Sanskaar: now u rest n if u need anything just call me… In in drawing room only….
Ragini nods.

He leaves smiling.

She sleeps in her room while he sleeps in sofa in living room.

Evening 4 pm.

Sanskaar is sleeping when he hears anklets sound. He gets up and see ragini pacing in front of him..

Sanskaar: ginu wht happened???
Ragini no response.
Sanskaar gets up and goes behind her.

Ragini is ahead and he is at back following her. Then he stops infront of her. Ragini stops with a jerk.

A funny tune plays.

Ragini signals him thru eyes by moving her eye brows that wht???
He also talks in signs that y r u roaming.
Ragini makes a sad face.
Sanskaar ask wht happened again in signs.

Ragini: offo sansku y r we talking in sign language??
Sanskaar: u started…
He shrugs.
Ragini: already I’m in tension n u r also shouting at me….
Sanskaar: oye… When did I shout haan??? Btw whts the problem???
Ragini: wht will I wear in evening????? I forgot to buy a good dress for myself…. N now I can’t go coz we hv to prepare food also…… Now wht will I do??

She sits on sofa with a thud and keeps her face in her palms….
Sanskaar goes to his room and comes back and keeps a packet in front of her.
Ragini opens her eyes.

Ragini: wht is this sanskaar??
Sanskaar: open ur self na……….
He smiles.

Ragini opens the packet and is shocked, astonished, amazed and happy to see a very beautiful blue gown with matching accessories and heels ?.

Ragini: sansku……
Sanskaar: ginu did u liked it???
Ragini: I loved it sansku……
She hugs him and he reciprocates.
Ragini: but when did u buy this??
Sanskaar: yesterday….
Ragini is surprised… And is abt to speak….
Sanskaar: no more questions pls…. Come we hv to…. Wait a sec…..
Ragini gives a question look to him..
Sanskaar: u r alright now?? I mean there is no pain na…..
He asked concerned.
Ragini: yup.. I’m absolutely fine…… Vaise I must say that the house is looking so perfect….. Grt job sansku!!!!!
Sanskaar: thank you so much ginu ji…..

Sanskaar thinks when ragini was buying curtains and all other stuff he chose this gown for her and bought it..

Whole living room is looking awsm with sofas and tables on the right places, their pictures on the walls. The hall was perfect for function for 40-50 ppl…

Ragini: I must say u r so awesome interior designer yrrr…. I just loved it….. Its looking so beautiful….
Sanskaar: ginu itni bhi tareef mat karo….. Chalo we hv to make food and get ready also…. Guest will start coming at 7:30…
Ragini: ya ya… Come…

Ragini keeps her dress in her room and went to kitchen to make food.


Ragini is preparing food while sanskaar is helping her.

Ragini is preparing dough for chapattis and sanskaar is cutting the vegetables.

Sanskaar: ginu..
Ragini: hmmm…
Sanskaar: tumhare muh par kuch laga hai… ( there is smthng on ur face)
Ragini: kahan pe?? ( where)

She touches her forehead, the atta ( wheat flour) sticks on there. Sanskaar controls his laugh.
Sanskaar – not there… There….
Ragini: where yrr..???? She keeps on moving her hand on her face and now her whole face is full of wheat flour.. She doesn’t know that sanskaar is pulling her leg coz she’s so busy and worried abt the food preparation.

Sanskaar is controlling his laugh from the past 5 mins but couldn’t control more ao burst out laughing loudly.

Ragini: ( confused) wht so funny sanskaar??
Sanskaar is still laughing and holds his stomach and sits on the ground laughing like a mad. Ragini gets irritated.

Ragini: sansku… We hv so much work to do…. N u r laughing like a mad person….. Huh…..
He’s still laughing.
Ragini: now will u tell me or I shld beat u with this belan….
She shows him the belan in her hand… Sanskaar controlls his laugh.. Stand up and goes towards her and then take her to the mirror.

Ragini sees her face and is soo shocked.
She turns towards sanskaar who burst out laughing again…. And runs from there.

She runs behind him with a broom in her hand.

Ragini: sansku k bache… I’ll not leave u today……..ur name is sanskaar but not a single sanskaar is there in u…… U shameless creature stop running ? otherwise………
Sanskaar (while running): otherwise wht haan????
Ragini fumes in anger…
Ragini: i’ll never talk to u and I’ll not come in ur party also understood…… I’m going… N i’ll come tomorrow morning only……..

Sanskaar stops running hearing her. And comes towards her.

Ragini: get list sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: sorry yrr ginu…… I was joking yrr……
Ragini: I don’t want to hear anything……
Sanskaar: pls yrrr… If u won’t come then who’ll make the food…??? Meri n tumhari dono ki izzat ki dhajiyan Udd jaengi…. ( our respect will get spoiled yrr) pls ginu um sorry….

Hes standing outside tge washroom while she’s washing her face.

Ragini: ( coming out of washroom, cleaning her face with towel…. Sanskaar is just looking at her) Don’t worry… I’ll prepare the food but don’t even think that I’ll come in ur party….

She goes to the kitchen and starts preparing the food while sanskaar is helping her, apologizing and thinking of a way to apologise……

Sanskaar: ginu pls yrr I’m sorry…….
No reply. Okay let me help u in this…..
Ragini: no sansku.. I don’t need u……..
He gets sad..

Then he gets an idea.

He starts tapping the platform of the kitchen and utensils and start singing…

Sanskaar: I Wanna Make It Up To You, Pretty Baby
Make It Up To You.
I Wanna See You Smile
I Wanna See You Smile
I Wanna Make It Up To You

( he revolves around her)

O Meri Jaan Na Lele Ke Meri Jaan
O Meri Jaan Na Lele Ke Meri Jaan
Teri Ada
Teri Ada
Jaan Jala Na Tujhe Pe Deewana
Jaan Jala Na Tujhe Pe Deewana
Mein Hoon Fida
Mein Hoon Fida

( he joins his hand and holds his ear asking sorry)

Gusstaki Maaf Karde
Abb Tho Insaaf Karde
Apna Dil Saaf Karde
Kehna Tho Maan Le

Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De

Come On Smile Now…
Come On Smile Now

( he ask her to smile thru his gestures but ragini turns and smile but sanskaar doesn’t see this)

Gussa Tera Jhootha
Jhoothi Moothi Berukhi Hai
Jaanu Main To Jaanu
Teri Naa Mein Haan Chupi Hai
Gussa Tera Jhootha
Jhoothi Moothi Berukhi Hai
Jaanu Main To Jaanu
Teri Naa Mein Haan Chupi Hai

Aye Sanaam Na Kar Sitam

Tujhko Khuda Ka Vasta

( he kneels down and make a cute face j

Gusstaki Maaf Karde
Abb To Insaaf Karde
Apna Dil Saaf Karde
Kehna To Maan Le
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De

( he spins her around him)

Tanha Na Kategi Zindgani Jaanle Tu
Meri Bhi Zarurat Tujhko Hogi Maanle Tu
Tanha Na Kategi Zindgani Jaanle Tu
Meri Bhi Zarurat Tujhko Hogi Maanle Tu
Mar Ke Bhi Na Chodunda Eri Baahien Tera Raasta

Gu.Gu.Gu..Gusstaki Maaf Karde
Abb To Insaaf Karde
Apna Dil Saaf Karde
Kehna To Maan Le

Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De
Jaane Bhi De Jo Bhi Hua
Jaane Bhi De

Come On Smile Now

He finishes the song…. n they finish all their cooking…

Sanskaar: common ginu now pls smile na….. I’m sorry… Look I’m holding my ears also…….

Ragini looks at him….. He’s looking soooo cute…. She thinks and smiles.

Sanskaar gets happy seeing her smiling. He picks her up and spins.

Ragini: sansku put me down…… I’ll fall yrrr……
Sanskaar: i’ll never let u fall ginu………
Ragini: ik… But now keep me down….
Sanskaar: nooooo
She starts beating him lightly..

At last he puts her down…..

Sanskaar: ouch…….
Ragini: wht happened sansku??? R u okay??
Sanskaar : I think now I need to apply volini on my back……
Ragini: wht????
Sanskaar: ginu lose some weight yrrr…..
Ragini gives a death glare to him…..
Sanskaar: sorry sorry….. Acha now go n get ready its already 6:30…. N u girls need so much time to get ready…. So go fast..
Ragini: this time u got saved but I’ll see it later remember that………..
Sanskaar: we’ll seee……
He winks and she smiles and goes from there…….

Sanskaar’s pov.

Ginu I want tovgive as much happiness I can give before u go………

He gives a sad smile…… With tears……

The episode ends with sad face of sanskaar…

Precap: party…

So this was the 12th chapter…… Tell me how’s it through ur comments…….. I’ll back soon……
Till then bbye…….

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