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Recap: Ragini’s decision and individual auditions…

Now chapter 11…

Both are now out of tears…… ragini goes to washroom to freshen up and sanskaar orders coffee for them and goes to washroom….

After coming back…

Sanskaar: ginu I’m sorry bcoz me u cried…. I’m so sorry…
Ragini: shhssss…. Sansku no need to say sorry… We both are going through same situation but mine is a little worse… .Chalo let it go….. We’ll talk abt it later….

Ragini tried to change the topic as she knew if it again comes up they both will not be able to control…..

Ragini: acha listen… I hope u didn’t mind when I said that we are Mr and Mrs sanskaar kapoor….
Sanskaar: no ginu…. Y will I mind..??
Ragini: yeah…. Vaise bhi to mind also u should hv mind na…….
She laughs. Sanskaar stares at her.
Ragini: kya yrr… I’m cracking good jokes and u r like this. ( she acts like him) let alone laugh u r not even smiling……
She makes a pout face.
Sanskaar: sorry ginu…. Voh I was thinking something….
Ragini: acha wht???
Sanskaar: that which song we’ll sing inside???
Ragini: oye ( she pats her forehead Lil hard and then massage it with her palm) ouch….. Uff… I didn’t think abt that…. Now wht??
Sanskaar: ummmm…. Do u know chahu main ya na from aashiqui 2??
Ragini: ummm yeah ik…
Sanskaar: perfect then we’ll sing that only…. I’ll bring my guitar ? from car…..

He goes to bring his guitar ?.

Ragini’s pov.

Omg…. Wht happened today?? Sanskaar is soo emotional I didn’t knew….. I hope I can always support him and be there for him…..

Sanskaar: lets move… Next turn is ours… Common….
Ragini: yeah….

They move towards the hall sanskaar is behind ragini…. when ragini slips due to water on the floor but luckily sanskaar saves her in a nick of time……

Ragini’s eyes are closed due to fear, Sanskaar’s hand is on her waist and he’s looking at her lovingly.

Sanskaar: ginu….
Ragini: sansku hum gir gaye….
Sanskaar smiles.

Sanskaar: open ur eyes ginu…
Ragini slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in sanskaar’s arms.
She stands straight.

Ragini: oye sansku u saved me… Thank god.. If I had fallen then….. Ahh….

Sanskaar is just smiling at her. Ragini looks at him as she feels his gaze on her.

Ragini: sansku wht are u looking at???
Sanskaar: nothing my dear… Chalo let’s go our name is announced..
He smiles while leaving while ragini stands confused..

Ragini: y was he smiling man?? Did I cracked any joke here?? ( she’s talking to herself)
Sanskaar: ginu u didn’t cracked any joke… Common…..
Ragini ( coming out of her thoughts): how come he know wht I’m saying…. He’s so far….. Hmmmm kuch toh gadbad hai boss…..
She makes a funny face.
Sanskaar: ginuuu…
Ragini: ya ya coming…..

They both enters the audition Hall.

Judge: hii guys… Hope u both are fine now??
Ragini: yes sir thank you…
Judge: So lets start….
Sanskaar: sir can I get a chair as I’ll be playing guitar ? also if u don’t mind…
Judge: its okay…

He asks someone to bring a chair.

Now sanskaar is sitting on chair holding his guitar and ragini is standing beside him.

They start the song.

Sanskaar start playing his guitar. Ragini is tapping her feet, matching the tune of guitar.

Sanskaar: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

Ragini: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

Sanskaar: Itna bata doon tujhko
Chaahat pe apni mujhko
Yun tto nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh socha dil ne
Ab jo laga hoon milne
Poochhu tujhe ek baar

Ragsan: Tu hi ye mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

Sanskaar: Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisi se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa

He plays the guitar with full passion.

Ragini: Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain
Khwabon mein geet hain
Geeton mein zindagi hai
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab woo
Jin mein na tu mile
Le khole honth maine
Ab tak the jo sile

Both are feeling the lyrics and music with their eyes closed.

Mujhko na jitna mujh pe
Utna iss dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aitbaar
Tanha lamhon mein apne ( they have an eye lock)
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujhse hua mujhko pyaar o o..
Poochungi tujhko kabhi naa
Chaahun main ya naa
Tere khaabon mein ab jeena
Chaahun main kyun naa!

Sanskaar :Tu hi yeh mujhko bata de
Chahun main ya naa
Apne tu dil ka pata de
Chahun main ya naa

They Complete their song and are waiting for judges results but everyone is silent. They both get a Lil scared and worried. Now they are holding each other’s hand.

Sanskaar’s pov.

O god…… Dis I do any mistake..??? My one mistake can ruin ginu’s dream… God pls help us…..

Ragini’s pov.

Y is everyone silent??? Have I missed anything??? O Lord…. After giving so much hope to sanskaar that he’s a good singer which he is obviously…. I don’t want him to be sad and broken….. Pls help us god…..

Their thoughts are broken by a huge round of applause ? by the judges and standing ovation.

Ragsan now have a huge smile on their faces.

Judge 1: you both are just fab!!!!! Your chemistry your sur your taal…. Everything is just so perfect……
Ragini looks at him and smiles.
Judge 2: I must say u both are made for each other…. A perfect couple…
Both blushes and looks at each other and then at judges.
Judge 1: if u guys get train properly then u can hv a bright future in music industry….
Ragini squeezes sanskaar’s hand and he smiles at her.

Ragsan: thank you so much sir….

Judge: u both are selected…. U can join from next Saturday as u hv filed for weekend batch…. Congrats.. Mr. And Mrs sanskaar kapoor..

Ragini and sanskaar smiles and then leaves.


Ragini starts jumping in joy..

Ragini: yeah sanskaar we did sansku….. Yes I’m sooo happy…. Finally swara’s dream to see me as singer will come true….. Ma and papa _________

She stops. Sanskaar looks at her.

Ragini sees him sad then composes herself.

Ragini: dekhna… Everyone will be proud of us… …
Sanskaar: ginu…..
Ragini: sansku i’ll just come from washroom….
Sanskaar: ragini…

But she goes from there crying.

Ragini’s pov in washroom.

Y god?? Y did u do this to me?? Such a great day of my life but my family is not here with me……… Kash… I could erase all the bitter memories from past and go back to my family…..

She’s continuously crying.

Sanskaar’s pov outside the washroom.

O god… Pls give some happiness to my ginu…. I can’t see her sad… Whenever I try to bring a smile on her face something or the other happens….. Her happiness is with her family ? and now I know wht to do….. Pls god help me…. I just want ginu’s happiness…..

Ragini comes out after washing her face. Her eyes are swollen and red.. Anybody can say that she has cried a lot. Sanskaar looks at her.

Ragini ( with a fake smile) : oye.. Wht r u looking haan?? Don’t u think we are getting late… Common we hv lots of work to do….. Chalo Chalo……

She drags him without giving him a chance ti speak. Sanskaar also decides to keep quiet only.

They reach a market not a mall coz ragini thought that they will get good, variety and cheap products in market.

Ragini: ummm listen…. First we’ll get sone of our photos clicked so that we can collect while going…..
Sanskaar: okay…

They go to a portfolio and explains the type of photos they want.

After sometime the photo session starts.

They make different poses as instructed with different dresses. They get some individual pics also clicked.

After an hour.

Sanskaar: come first we’ll hv food and then other shopping…..
Ragini 🙁 giggles) u always want to eat some thing or the other…. No???
Sanskaar: o really.. As if u are not hungry….
Ragini: ummm no I am not….
Sanskaar: k fine then u don’t eat atleast give me company….
Ragini: okay fine mr bukkhar…

They goto a restaurant and calls the waiter.

Waiter: how can I help u sir??
Sanskaar: can I get a menu pls??

Waiter gives him a menu and after 2 mins.

Sanskaar: okay so bring 1 plate chowmein, 1 plate pasta with red sauce and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches.
Ragini: sansku I told u I don’t want to eat…… Then y r u ordering so much food???
Sanskaar: don’t worry ginu.. Its for me only…. I’f u want u can also order…

Ragini and waiter looks at him with shock as he’s ordering this much for himself.

Sanskaar ( looks at waiter staring at him): wht??
Waiter: voh di u need anything to drink sir???
Sanskaar: ummm yeah it very hot bring a bottle of thumbs up….
Waiter: okay.

He leaves to bring the dishes.

Ragini looks at him with disbelief and he smirks.

Ragini: I didn’t knew u eat this.. Much….
Sanskaar: u don’t know me ginu…… Abhi tak tumne mera asli roop dekha kahan hai…..
Ragini: matlab..???
Sanskaar: nothing…
Ragini: god knows how u maintain urself…
Sanskaar: uska bhi ek raaz hai…. You’ll get to know soon….
He winks at her.

The food comes.
Sanskaar: ginu I’m asking last time do u want to have….?????
Ragini: I said na noo…..
Sanskaar: okay as u wish… After don’t day anything to me……

He starts eating while she’s looking here and there.

After half an hour they cone out of restaurant and heads to buy dinner set, some other utensils, curtains, cushions and ingredients for food as ragini decided that she’ll prepare the food for everyone..

After that they collect their photographs and comes back to home.

Sanskaar (while keeping the bags on sofa): I’m soooo tired ginu….. I’m going to sleep… U also sleep, we’ll arrange the things tomorrow…. As party is in evening, I’ll take leave and finish all tge work okay????

Ragini nods.

Sanskaar goes to his room, yawning and brushing his hands in his hair.

Ragini’s pov.

Arre wah…. He doesn’t even care abt me……. Bass sone ki padi hai….. Khud toh itna saara khaa liya n abb ek baar bhi mujhse nhi pucha……… Huh……….

She also goes to her room but is not able to sleep coz rats are running in her stomach. She gets up.

Ragini: offo…. These stupid rats are not letting me sleep also….. When sansku was offering then they were making fun of him………… Ok ok I was making but who forced me??? U ppl…..How I wish I could also eat those yummy cheese sandwiches…….. ( she remembers how sanskaar was eating and sone cheese has fallen on his lips and chin and smiles) …. Ahaaaaan……No I don’t want to remember that…. . N now not letting me sleep also…….. Now I hv to prepare smthng for myself…….. N I’m so tired…………

She keeps her face in her hands and bows down…….

Sanskaar comes in her room with a tray….

Ragini: sansku wht happened?? U here??
Sanskaar: ya… I knew u would be starving….. But I know my Tom is too lazy to get smthng for herself….. Rgt????
Ragini ( feeling embarrassed): voh… I’m not hungry… And if I would be then I can make smthng for my self….. Understood???
Sanskaar ( keeping the tray on the bed… ): offo ginu… Now stop it…. Ur ego will kill the rats inside ur stomach and then _________
Ragini: no no i’ll eat…….
Sanskaar: that’s like my ginu….. Chalo finish these sandwiches fast… And go to sleep…..

He stands to leave but she holds his hand.

Ragini: u won’t eat???
Sanskaar: eat??? I don’t think I’ll also have Tomorrow’s breakfast also…. I thought u’ll eat with me but ur ego stopped u so I hv to eat 3 ppls food alone……. I haven’t eaten this much ever…..

He holds his stomach……. Ragini looks at him…

Sanskaar: I just wish my stomach don’t get upset…….

He looks at ragini who’s at the verge of crying.

He sits near her and cups her face.

Sanskaar: ginu y r u crying??
Ragini: I’m sooo sorry sansku… Bcoz of mee u hv to eat so much…. Now if anything happens to u I won’t be able to forgive my self…. I’m sorry….

She breaks down. He hugs her.

Sanskaar: ginu no need to say sorry… I hadn’t eaten everything….. Remember when u went to washroom I asked the waiter to pack the sandwiches and then kept the parcel in the car before u came……. Pls no need to say sorry….. Infact I shld say sorry…… I’m sorry ginu…..

Ragini looks in his eyes… They hv a deep emotional eye lock. Sanskaar pecks her forehead.

Sanskaar: I’m sorry.
Ragini: I’m also sorry.
Sanskaar: Chalo now eat these sandwiches.
Ragini nods and starts eating. She also feeds him. He eats it.

Ragini: thank you sanskaar.
Sanskaar: no problem ginu… U r doing so much for me… This is nothing in front of it…. Chali now good night…. Sleep well…. Tomorrow we have loads of work…..

Ragini nods.
Sanskaar takes the tray and goes to his room.

Both brushes their teeth and went to sleep, smiling at the recent happenings…………. Soon both dozed off…………

Precap: party preprations……

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