Sangini – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – I love you…

“I LOVE YOU RAGINI, I love you so much that even a second without you seems like an era for me. The thought of loosing you yesterday killed me a hundred times within. I know it’s complicated and confusing, it seems stupid that I’m saying this here in hospital, when you have just revived. But ragini, I LOVE YOU (He emphasizes ) and that’s all how it is!” Sanky looks at Ragini who’s just well, dumbstruck at his sudden confession.

Sanskar smiling : You don’t need to say anything, for now; I know it’s difficult for you to say that you don’t love me but it’s okay.

Ragini interrupts complaining : How can you say that I don’t love you? Idiot!

Sanskar looks at her confused, Ragini smiles at him : Yes, Mr.Idiot I love you too; A lot! so much so that I can drink this soup again for you.

Ragini makes a weird face looking at the bowl pleading him a mere whisper : You won’t make me do that right?

Sanskar shakes his head and chuckles, Ragsan have a good laugh.

Dp comes there with others :uhmmm!

Sanskar gets up and stands beside Ragini who finds everyone standing there. Ragsan are a bit embaressed and taken by Surprise?

Dp : I thought a lot yesterday, about your confession and taking everything into notice; we have made a decision sanskar.

Ragini looks confused at what dp’s saying as the word “confession?” makes her worry.

Dp looks at Ragini and nods: Yes,We know everything Ragini, that he was the one who helped you.

Ragini gets tensed at this but Sanskar is calm now, as to whatever it might be he won’t backout now, as he wants forgiveness for his deeds.

Dp : Well, now that we know everything (he looks at Ap who nods and goes near Ragini ) sanskar we want you to make a few promises.

Sanskar : Badepapa, I will do whatever you say. I’m ready to promise you anything you want.

Dp : You have to promise, not to me Sanskar.

Sanskar looks at him astonished.

Dp smiles as Ap completes him : But to Ragini (She keeps her hand on Ragini’s head lovingly who smiles still confused) that you’ll always be with her.

Poor ragsan are such dhakkans that they still look confused at which laksh keeps a hand on sanskar’s shoulder saying, “at the marriage mandap bhai, your marriage vows !” he hugs sanskar.

Sujatha exclaims happily : jiji! god listened to my prayers so soon, I finally got the bahu I desired.

Sujatha goes to ragini and kisses on her forehead.

Shekhar : Well, for now sujatha ji she’s my daughter (sujatha gives him way, the father daughter share a hug )so can we have some family time?

The maheshwari’s leave from there while swara comes and hugs her sister chirping : so ragu, you’ll be my jethani now; I’m so happy! we’ll stay in the same house.

Sumi has tears in her eyes, swaragini in unison: maa why so emotional?

Sumi smiles and wipes her tears : I’m just so overwhelmed.

Shekhar frowns :sumi !

He side hugs her and swara is next to ragini smiling

Sanlak are getting discharge papers, the whole way lucky hasn’t left even a single chance of teasing sanky who finally punches him, but then when he blackmails using ragini’s name, “bhai see she’s my saali first and then your wife I have two-two relations with her now, bhabi and saali so if you do anything to me Ragini BHABHI will be angry on you.”

Sanskar fake smiles looking at Lucky : Ragini bhabhi’s chamcha!

Lucky runs and Sanky chases him.

At the hospital room,

Swara’s brought ragini out of washroom who’s changed into a ochre colour long skirt and pink top with red jacket(bare me for colours not matching, you can imagine the scene where ragini changes into swara’s attire) a running lucky barges in the door and goes hiding behind ragini who looks at him amused;

Lucky : bhabhi ji, save your devar today. I promise I’ll be of help for you in future.

Ragini looks at him amused but Swara frowns: Laksh do you know that we are supposed to KNOCK (she emphasizes) Before entering someone’s Room?

Laksh : Wifey, when we are in extreme danger we don’t say like hey!! I’m in danger my brother’s going to eat me raw so may I hide in?

Ragini laughs uncontrollably looking at their expressions : Seriously, who says marriage brings change in people you guys will never change; just look at your faces.

Swara frowns and lucky touches his face as if checking whats wrong; Sanky knocks and comes in hearing Ragini.

Swara : See, my jiju’s so well mannered. Learn something from your brother how to knock and come in.

Lucky makes a puppy face, ragini consoles him: Awww, thats not fair ! jiju it’s okk and as for your brother (she looks at sanskar) Where’s my corn soup Sanskar? I’m so hungry.

Sanskar smiles : yea, If this idiot wouldn’t have annoyed me I would have bought it myself. The wardboy’s bringing it.

Just then the wardboy comes with a table full of food;

Lucky : Well, I didn’t knew you were a kumbakaran, saali sahiba?

Ragini frowns, sanskar amused at her expression replies : Lucky, it’s for all four of us. I know Swara’s not had anything since yesterday night and you too won’t have anything until she has so (he points at the food)shall we?

Swalak nod and they take their place

Swara’s sitting next to ragini and sanskar sitting opposite to swara that is to the other side of ragini while laksh is sitting next to swara on a chair.

Ragini thinks for a while : Well as I and Sanskar had the starters in the morning; it’s your turn now.

Swalak lift their brows up and look at ragsan who grin evilly.

Sanskar : yea true, guys have this first I brought just for you guy’s.

He takes the cup of vegetable soup and hands over to them.

Swara looks at it : just one bowl, what about me??

Ragini : Sharing is loving, don’t you guy’s watch movies? Comeon now, have it and yea both feed each other togather okay??

Swalak nod and take a spoon and feed each other, just as the soup touches their tongue they both go yuck!!! chii!

Laksh wiping his mouth : what the hell!

Ragsan burst out into laughter looking at them. While swalak pout at each other with disgust.

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