Sangini – Chapter 6


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Chapter 6 – Ragini’s New Look

Ragsan compose themselves

Sanky trying to make an excuse : We were just talking lucky,

Lucky grins : But I didn’t ask anything bhai;

he shrugs his shoulders and looks at him with an innocent smile. Sanky shakes his head embarrassed, while rags is confused with the ongoing events and looks at swalak innocently.

Lucky shifts his gaze at a worried ragini and smiles : Ragini don’t worrry, I know about bhai he told me everything and I’m sorry…

Rags looks at him sadly : laksh ..

Lucky : I’m sorry that I never loved you as a life partner but now I do love you ..

Swaragini and Sanky look at him in shock.

Lucky scratches his head : As a friend yaar … (looking at swara) waise bhi saali toh aadhi gharwali hoti hai na.

He winks at her.

Swara hits him hard : yea I’ve no problem, but you’ll have when we reach home now go we sisters need to have some private talks.

Sanky looks at rags, who assures him to go.

Swara stares at sanskar asking : Do you need a special invitation?

Sanlak in unison : yea swara mata! we’re leaving.

Swara pouts angrily : hawww!!

And they run away.

Ragini chuckles. Swara makes an angry face and sits on the bench miffed.

Rags goes near her : Acha baba, my shona! I’m sorry

She holds her ears and makes a cute puppy face blinking her eyes. Swara whose face expression slowly changes to a smile starts laughing and rags too smiles seeing her. They share a hug.

Sanlak are waiting at the roadside for the sisters,

Lucky teases : so bhai ragini …

Sanky suspiciously : What ragini??

Lucky behaves innocent : I meant ragini is soo sweet naa, she accepted my appology.

Sanky smiles : That she is…

Lucky interrupts : But you know, I heard she cares for you much. But then she will right? thats in her nature.

Sanky agreeing to him : yea, she is sweet and because off me now she is facing all these problems.

Lucky : But it’s okay, now that everything’s alright; dadi will find a good match for her and then she’ll get married (sanky’s face expression changes making lucky smirk)and then in future if anything happens due to all this I hope she won’t be weak as she was today or else …

Lucky pauses making sanky anxious :or else ??

Lucky makes a bichara face : Or else she’ll be crying her whole life. No, I don’t wish anything like that happpen to her, but bhai she’s so dumb and agyakari types that she’ll face all problems without any…

Sanky cuts him : NO! I won’t let anything like that happen.

Lucky looks at him concerned : But why bhai? I mean …

Sanky holds his collar in anger : What why damn it? I love her that’s why !!…….

A wide smile appears on Lucky’s face, Sanky realizes what he said and starts to make an excuse : I meant I love her as a friend.

Lucky thinks “my dialogue on me only bhai”: yea, yea, when did I say anything but bhai why not then??

Sanskar glares at him to which Lucky says : I mean she’s so sanskari, agyakari types and chachi ji also likes her very much infact everyone likes her.

Sanky : Thats why she cannot be with me (lucky looks at him amused) I mean where me Sanskar Maheshwari cool and calm and Ragini a behenji, cry baby, no match yaar lucky.

Lucky looks shocked towards him while Sanky continues thinking lucky’s believing his excuse : What? I know, I didn’t say like that but it’s true right I mean ragini ‘s innocence and sweetness are no match for me that behenji…

Lucky interrupts him : bhai why don’t you just turn around once.

Sanky’s expression is as if what is there to turn around and with attitude he turns to see and is totally shocked to see swaragini standing there and glaring at the duo.

Ragini’s twisting her duppatta trying to control her anger : BEHENJI?

Swalak shake their head in disappointment, Sanky fears and unknowingly nods in a yes.

Rags mouth forms an O : haww, enough now! first laksh and now you also sanskar? And then swara you also want to say something about me? Your BEHENJI sister!

She emphasizes.

Swara trying to calm her : Ragini, why don’t sit in the car and we will talk…

Rags turns her face aside : No ways I have money I can go through auto!

Swara tries to stop her : But…

Rags gives her prasad : Give it to your patidev and jethji and Sanskar Maheshwari I don’t care how I look like or behave like. But never thought you would call me behenji, bye!

She leaves in a tiff. Swalak look at him angrily

Sanky : What did I do?

Swalak shook their head in regret.

Rags comes inside baadi fuming in anger. Dida sees her and questions : AreY, Laado what happen to my child? Why so angry today???

Rags hugs her : Dida, these boys what do they think of themselves always judge a girl by her dressing sense.

Dida caresses her face and takes her inside the house : My child leave them, boys are idiot’s. You don’t waste your time thinking about them and tell me who annoyed you? I’ll take their class !

Rags looks at her and tries changing the topic : But Dida, would I look better in a change ??

Dida smiles : You’ll look beautiful in any dress.

Sumi comes in just then with rasgullas : ohh maa, here you are (she looks at ragini )laado you came back?

Rags : yes maa (she gets up and hugs her)

sumi looks at dida and asks her what happen

Dida smiles at her : Sumi someone said our laado, that she doesn’t look nice in these clothes.

Sumi smiles : I guess that guy is blind (rags looks at her) If your papa would have heard anyone saying his princess like that next day the guy’s look will only be changed (ragini giggles ) and no need to change because others say so princess.

Rags : Maa but I want to change my look. (and her smile fades suddenly) But who will convince Dadimaa?

Dida nods : Don’t underestimate your dida. When I’m here Marwaran can’t say anything to you!

Ragini hugs her : I love you dida.

Sumi frowns : What about me??

Dida : Don’t be jealous, she loves you too.

The three ladies share a laugh.

It’s evening

MM, Swara is moving here and there in her room and so is Lucky behind her at a time they both dash into each other.

Swara :ouch !! Lucky !!

Laksh looks at her innocently rubbing his forehead : Sorry

Swara angrily : yea, call my sister behenji first and then say Sorry!

Lucky makes a confused face : But bhai called her behenji not me.

Swara : yea, your bhai said and what were you doing there standing, couldn’t you stop him?(lucky’s about to say something) you know what? I think you might also be saying something about me that’s why you didn’t stop him when he did!

Laksh tired : Swara we can continue fighting tomorrow, first lets do something about ragini and sanskar!!

Swara : yea, but what??

Lucky : I have an idea (he says something to her and she smiles happily)

Swara : Mr.Laksh maheshwari did I say that you’re the smartest person in the world?

Laksh with attitude : Well thanks Mrs. Maheshwari (and he leans forward to kiss her but she shoves him away)

Swara fake smiles : I think we should sleep now because tomorrows gonna be a big big day hubby. (she winks at him )

It’s morning : As the rays of sun fall inside the baadi, in a room a girl is shown wearing a jeans and a stylish short and sleeveless pink kurta. Her hair let open, small earings and a cute bracelet on her hand. The morning breeze falling on her hairs making her more beautiful. It’s Ragini, she applies a little gloss on her lips and pouts. She winks to herself in the mirror and smiles. At the table all are seated when they hear something tinkle, it’s Ragini’s anklet. All are mesmerized to see her, dida winks at her and she blushes.

dadi hyperventilates : hey mhara khatushyamji!!

She gets up and goes towards her : What is this new avatar Laado??

Rags gets tensed but dida signs her to be calm.

dadu says : laado tell your dadi that this is modern world and even khatushyamji has become modern then why can’t his gopi’s be?

Rags has a wide smile on her face

Dadi : arrey but !!

Shekhar interrupts her : no iff’s and but’s maa, till now my Ragini did what we wanted her to do. Now she’ll do what she wants and you won’t stop her maa.

Dadi makes a face while dida goes to Ragini: ohho! my heroine all set to meet your sister ?

Ragini blushes : dida!!!!

Shehar kisses her on forehead and say’s : keep smiling always you look beautiful.

“Only clothes can’t change your personality mamasaa !!” exclaims a guy from outside the door. It’s DHRUV AGGARWAL – A young and dashing boy. He’s shekhar’s sister’s son, studies in delhi.

Dadi smiles : Mhara chora aa gaya.

Dhruv takes dadi and dadu’s blessing’s and then Shekhar and Sumi’s.

Shekhar : Beta, you didn’t even call. I would have come to pick you at the airport.

Dhruv smiles : It’s okay mamasaa, but weather seems a bit changed here someone’s looking not that but yea different.

Ragini taking his bag : And I would look more different once Mr. dhruv aggarwal tells me what gift’s have he brought from delhi for his sister.

Dhruv : Hmm, so i’ve brought many gifts for my both sisters but that bag is with my friend

Ragini squels : harsh!!!

Dadi looks at her and a guy comes from door.” Harshvardhan sinha the It technologist meri jaan!”

Ragini gives him a bad liner look goes towards him and takes the bag and goes in, he gives her a “hello won’t you call me in look”

But then he comes in takes everyone’s blesiings. Shekhar introduces them to sumi.

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