Sangini – Chapter 5


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Chapter 5 – Swara’s first Rasoi (Don’t get upset with the title what matter’s is the content Jaani 😉 )

Sumi : Laado (Ragini looks at her)Why are you doing this work? Leave, I’ll do it. Go, your papa wants to talk something to you.

Ragini Nods : Okay maa, but on one condition. Tomorrow morning I’ll make the breakfast ?

Sumi : Okay baba! (she kisses on Ragini’s forehead who is giggling watching her exasperation)now go before Shekhar comes out.

Ragini goes to shekhar sumi’s room

Ragini : Papa?

Shekhar is sitting on the bed, he signs her to come in.

Shekhar : Ragini beta, I’m sorry…

Rags : Papa ..

Shekhar interrupts her : No beta, Swara was right. I’m sorry, I never asked you what you wanted, never thought what you felt …

Ragini keeps his hand on her head : Papa… No, don’t say sorry or you’ll hurt me more do you want me to cry again?

Shekhar smiles emotionally and shakes his head in a no.

Ragini spreads her arms : Then just give me a hug as compensation.

Shekhar complies, they hug cutely. Sumi comes in just then,

Sumi complains : Both father and daughter forgot someone I guess..

Shekhar : Don’t you think, you are disturbing a daughter father moment?

Ragini chuckles : Ohho papa ! maa come join us..

She forwards her hand in her direction to which sumi smiles and joins them in the family hug.

It’s Morning;

At mm , It’s Swara’s rasoi today, and our cute Miss Swara doesn’t know to cook anything else than maggi. But then they say where there’s a will there’s internet, she giggles winking and giving her shoulder a Pat, she googles down some recipes. Still she’s confused what to cook?

Just then ragini texts her “Goodmorning sister! switch on your webcam fast.”

She complies, It’s ragini in the kitchen all set to cook the breakfast.

Swara astonished : Ragini, Did I say how much I love you !!! (She squeals )

Ragini : Well my dear sister, what are sisters for? (She winks at swara making her chuckle )

Ragini starts cooking and giving her the instructions. Swara too follows the same, Sumi whose seeing all this through the kitchen door smiles

Shekhar calls out from behind : Sumi !

Sumi signs him to be quiet and points towards kitchen where Swara through the webcam is following Ragini’s instruction and they are cooking together. Swara at mm and ragini in baadi respectively.

Shekhar proudly exclaims : Our daughters have grown up so much.

Sumi smiles in agreement : They have ..

The breakfasts ready to be served.

swara sighs happily : hush!! All done yippee! I love you ragini!

Ragini smiles at her childish behaviour : Love you too. Now go fast and change, then keep the bhog to kanhaji first and then serve to everyone okay???

Swara cutely : yess boss!

They giggle and sign off.

At mm, Swara serves breakfast to all. Everyone praises the food, dp gives her shagun so does rp.

Sanky : Swara the food is yummy just like my dost cooks

Swara smiles : thank you sanskar.

At baadi, Ragini is serving breakfast to all.

Shekhar : Sumi all might be praising our daughter’s food at mm right?

Sumi admits : Why won’t they? Our ragu is such a wonderful cook.

Ragini luks at them and makes a cute face.

Ragini : I just taught her how to make papa…

Shekhar innocently : Whom??

Ragini : swa…

She realizes what they are doing and bites her tongue making everyone laugh.

Sumi pulls her ear : Ladoo, isn’t that the reason you asked to cook breakfast today ??

Ragini : maa but..

Sumi : betu, u never took permission before for doing house work, I understood yesterday only why you did that .

All have the breakfast and Shekhar leaves for work

Ragini stops him : papa can I go to mandir today ??

Shekhar keeps his hand on her head : Yes beta but be careful and yeah call your sister once you’re back home she might be missing you

Sumi : Yea and I’m with your dida today. Maa said that she’s going out for some function with papaji so come back early.

Rags smiles nodding : yess maaa I will.

At mandir, Ragini gets down of auto and pays the driver. Meanwhile a few women look at her and start whispering something. Ragini feels uncomfortable and goes from there . In the mandir the pujari does the arti and gives Ragini prasad and her thali. She’s coming out of the mandir just then a women says “Look how Shameless girl she is, wanted to ruin her own sisters life all thought her to be sanskari and see this is how sanskari she is ”

Another women “Yeah, I mean nowadays girls have no shame only can do anything.” Ragini just stands there and a tear falls down her eyes. Just then someone comes in front of her covering her protectively, Ragini lifts her head up to see it’s sanskar. His fist clenched in anger as if he’ll do something to them. He’s about to say something to the women Ragini holds his hand and assures him that she’s okay. She drags him from there, they sit on a bench nearby

Sanskar in anger gets up : Ragini, what was the need to be silent and you didn’t even let me speak !!

Ragini goes near him and places her hand on his shoulder : Sanskar whats the need to talk to them? I mean it’s not their fault. People talk and it was my fault, I did wrong they are just a reminder for me so that, I never repeat my mistakes again.

Sanskar holds her close to him in anger : No! it wasn’t your fault ragini (they are so close that they can feel their breath, their hearts beating faster every second ) It was my fault (sanskar looks into her eyes it’s clear he feels for her his voice becomes soft as they get closer to each other) If that day I wouldn’t have come to meet you at the hospital, all this would have never happened you were so good and it’s my fault because I made you something you weren’t ragini.

Ragini calmly looking into his eyes : yea, you changed me, you made me a different Ragini who doesn’t cry or crib on her problems anymore, who knows how to take her decisions sanskar. Your entry to my life sent away all my life’s problem and now I feel that you never ever go away from my life. Don’t know what will happen if I’ll lose you sanskar !

They are so lost in each other that they don’t realize what’s happening beside them. Just then swalak who were at the mandir to take blessing see them thus and smile.

Lucky : wifie are you having the same thought’s as mine ??

Swara frustrated : But what’s the use of us knowing, when the romeo and juliet themselves donno what’s happening to them.

Lucky : Well, I have an idea. But before that we need to bring them back from their dream land.

Swara grinning : Dreamland or land of love 😉

Swalak go near them :uhm!

Ragsan move away from each other.

#Let me know what’s your view on todays chap and a new ff’s on it’s way guys just wait till the surprise story pops up on telly as a surprise. Warning Bells Next chap would be a bit interesting so stay intruiged and Keep reading 😉

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