Sangini – Chapter 4


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Chapter 4 – Dida is Back!!

Dida slaps ragini. Everyone looks shocked at her behaviour. Swara and sanskar who are standing at the door become shocked too.

Sanky worried : dost !!

Lucky and Maheshwari’s come just then.

Dida : Ragini you’ll speak today or shall I speak !

Swara tensed : dida !!

Rags : No swara, I’ll say today everyone has the right to know.

All look at her

Rags : I’m sorry, I know what I did can’t be justified by a sorry, but i had no other option or rather I would say I didn’t wanted to see any thing else from childhood what my elders taught me, I did. They decided everything for me, my studies, my clothes, my every decision was taken by them. Whether I liked or not, I wanted or not, I obeyed them. They decided my bride and I took him as my life-partner. I started loving him and became so mad for him that forgot love can never be taken forcefully but at that time I don’t know I became so mad in laksh’s love that forgot everything else I was going to kill my own sister.

All the fb’s are shown, the hotel scene where swara got caught, then the pub scene where she was drugged , then the sangeet where she made swara eat drugged laddoos and she danced everything but she didn’t take sanskar’s name even once . Sanky was about to speak…

rags : I did everything I confess I did it all by myself(dida, sanky and swara luk at her in a shock as they know that sanky helped her)

Rags : And for all this I have just sorry to say I’m sorry i know my deeds aren’t forgivable…

Swara : no ragini, you don’t need to say sorry to us it’s us who should be sorry

Sumi confused : shona you knew all these?

Swara : Yes, maa, baba I knew but rags has no fault in it it’s our fault.

shekhar shocked : swara what are you saying beta?

swara : baba did you even once asked ragini how she felt? did you console her? anyone of you say sorry to her? and lucky did you think once what would have happened if that day ragini died in the accident? No! no-one cares. What you all care for is samaj and society I’m sorry but my sister is at no fault

She hugs her teary eyed.

dp : Swara ‘s right and off all the one who accepts their mistake and has guts to apologize in front of so many people should be forgiven.

All look at him surprised. Shekhar comes and hugs ragini.

shekhar : I’m sorry beta

Rags : no papa no.

Dada : now that the baap beti are emotional don’t forget that rituals should be done on muhurat.

All sit and the rituals begin first there’s a small puja done then the cotton balls ritual (cotton balls are stick upon both bride and groom and they have to remove each others cotton balls) Ragini goes to get some thing from kitchen someone holds her and pulls inside a room.

Rags is about to hit the person he pins her to the wall.

sanky : statue !

Rags sighs hearing his voice: sanskar you ??

sanky : no it’s me who should question ragini, why???

Rags : because.. If they knew you where with me they wouldn’t have been able to forgive you sanskar, they wouldn’t have trust you again that you have changed and I can’t see that !!

They share an eyelock. Swara comes searching for ragini and she sees them thus and is shocked. She moves behind and watches them

Sanky : Thank you, but i still feel Ragini you should have told them the whole truth. (he turns around facing opposite to her) Today or maybe tommorrow, they’ll know truth right?

Rags keeps her hand on his shoulder : Might be tomorrow, but till then you’ll get some time atleast to prove that you have changed. I know what losing your first love feels like ( She turns him so that he is facing her and caresses his face )we are at the same phase of our life sanskar. We both have lost our first love, but that doesn’t mean our families are wrong, they can never be they love us sanskar.(he looks at her lovingly)Now it’s your turn to ask forgiveness by your deeds and may come what Sanskar your Dost is always there for you.

They look at each other emotionally. Just then they here someones bangles noise, it’s swara behind the door whose emotional and surprised at the same time to see them thus.

sanky : dost ! promise me that you’ll never leave me.

rags nods : I promise you now come lets go your bhai and my sister’s rituals are going on won’t you take some pics?

swara comes there : sanskar, ragini you guys here? (She looks at sanskar ) sanskar chachi ji is calling you go. Me and ragini will come in few minutes.

Sanskar looks at ragini who assures him to go. He leaves swara comes in.

Swara : Ragini just help me pin my pallu properly please

Ragini nods and goes behind her to pin it.

Swara : Ragini can I ask you something???

Ragini : hmm

Swara holds her hand and turns towards her : Why did you save Sanskar ???

Ragini looks at her in shock.

Swara : I know everything Ragini, Sanskar confessed in front of me everything that night before wedding. I know he isn’t mad.

Ragini : You know everything and still asking me the question? (Swara looks at her )You heard everything we were talking right? then?

Swara : Yea I did, but I have a strange feeling that it’s not only the reason but there’s something else too!

Rags smiles: seriously, and what is that ?

Swara : Your my sister Ragini I can read your eyes very well!

Ragini senses the situation and tries to change the topic : okay my super detective sister! we’ll talk on this topic later now come lets go down first or else dadi and dida both will come shouting that your a married girl be responsible swara.

They giggle and leave but Swara still knows in her heart that theres something but is happy that if it becomes true nothing can be more better to ragini (sangini/ragsan) hope it becomes true soon!

The whole time our cute swalak have some small nok jhok’s and cute romance, as for our ragsan the usual eyelocks and small moments of cuteness.

Sujatha : I wish jiji my sanskar gets well soon then I will also find a bahu for me !

ap : sujatha for now lets welcome our swara bahu home as for sanskar if god’s wish then he too will get a really good lifepartner!

dp : shekhar ji, now i guess we should leave

(They hug )

Swara goes and hugs Sumi and Shekhar then dida,

dida : shona beta, take care of yourself

swara chirps : yes dida i will.

Swara then goes to Ragini they both look emotionally at each other.

Rags : Don’t worry if I’ll start missing you, then I’ll pack my bags and come directly to mm but then your patidev will have to sleep outside the room.

swara : no problem he’ll sleep in the guest-room.

They share a hifi. All laugh, swaragini share a cute but long hug Ragini wipes her tears Swara looks at maa baba.

Ragini : Don’t worry shona till laado’s here she’ll see to it that maa papa won’t miss you much.

All smile, the maheshwari’s leave and so does sanskar.

In the car,

Sanskar to himself : why does it feel so good to see you Ragini? Why do I miss you so much when away from you..

IIn swalak’s car,

Swara to herself : Hope what I’m thinking (ragsan) becomes true Ragini. I’ll be the most happiest sister in the world!

At baadi,

Ragini to herself : Swara how can you say so? I know what your thinking but it can’t be true me and sanskar never.

but then why not ragini ?..

And Lastly, Ragsan scenes?? Well guys remember the Saying “Sabra Ka phal meetha hotha hain” 😉 so I request to all for some Patience and Sorry If I disappointed you the story is at a point where I can’t suddenly show ragsan romance but I promise I will sooner but currently enjoy the little bytes of Love and eyelocks and Yeah If you guy’s want total romance for ragsan or swalak or any couple other than them then comment down I have a few plots in my mind If you vote I’ll start Posting that too but would need a helping hand for that anyone or two or more please interested Message me and don’t forget to comment your views friends they are ones which help us improve right 🙂
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