Sangini – Chapter 27


Chapter 27 : I love you Meri Jaan (My Life)…

“Tea time!” Lavanya chirps bringing the tray inside the study where Durgaprasad, Ramprasad and Adarsh are discussing about something. “Lavanya, Why did you take so much trouble… ”

“First of all it’s Lav, and second thing If I don’t do work and just sit eating all those stuff Choti Maa prepares for me” she hands them each a cup, “I’ll become fat!”

“Ouch!” Sujatha holds her ears and teases, “Naah Chori, I feed you so much because you look like a twig and in future when you’ll get married your inlaws will complain and say how we kept our daughter hungry and she became like this!”

Lavanya frowns rubbing her ears now turned red, “Like this? This is nothing Choti Maa, check out Tv serials. The heroines nowadays look just like you, hot and happening” she twinkles her eyes as Sujatha blushes. Ramprasad chuckles, “Beta, guess you got mistaken between heroines and Vamps.”

Adarsh tries controlling his laughter as Sujatha rolls her eyes at Ram, “You toh never compliment and now when someone is doing your getting jealous?”

“Jealous?” Ramprasad’s mouth forms an O, “Who? Me? From you?” Sujatha frowns and turns to leave, “Ram… Stop teasing her” Sujatha smiles and turns towards them with a smirk at Ram, “You should learn to accept things and never say truth especially when it comes to complimenting your wives.” Sujatha smiles not realizing what he meant until Adarsh followed by Lavanya burst out into laughter, Ram too joins them. Annapurna who is watching all this from the entrance has a smile on her face, her family is so complete now.

“Badimaa” Annapurna wipes a tear from her cheek and turns towards Uttara, “Yes Beta?”

“Why are you crying?” Uttara keeps a hand on her shoulder.

“Who is crying?” Lavanya turns to the duo with a worried look on her face.

“Arrey you two, I’m not crying. These are tears of happiness” she caresses both of their faces adoringly, “You both look beautiful!”

“Thank you Maa… I mean BadiMaa!” Annapurna nods and turns to leave, “Waise Choti!”

“Yes Bhai?” Uttara asks eagerly, “Not you Uttara, this choti!” He pulls Lavanya’s hair, “Ouch! You’re ruining my hair style Adarsh Bhai!” she complains and he chuckles pulling her dupatta. “Haww, Bhabhi!”

“Laksh!” Swara yells from some distance towards her beloved husband who’s standing just next to her, “What? I’m standing just next to you how can I do something to a person standing 10 metres away from me?” he frowns.

Swara fake smiles, “I still don’t trust you!”

“Adarsh!” Adarsh smiles at Pari sheepishly, “Laksh bribed me” he points out at Laksh like a 5year old kid and Laksh retorts by pointing at him back like a toddler, “Great! I seriously can’t believe you are supposed to be called my elder brothers!” she lifts her brows in amusement and the two brothers brush their hair embarassed.

Sanskar smirks setting his shirt’s collar properly, “Ahaan, flashback to 5 minutes ago Mr. Maheshwari!” His face falls, “Aww! You know your the best bhai right?”

Sanskar smiles as Lavanya hugs him, he kisses her hair and Laksh makes a puppy face, “No one loves me, I’m so lonely.” Uttara shrugs her shoulders and replies, “Who am I then?” She hugs him tightly making him smile.

Adarsh smiles at them sadly, “Hey Bhagwan, Mera iss duniya mai koi nahi hain!” (Oh god, no one is there in this world for me.)

Uttara and Lavanya stare at each other and run into his arms, “You’ll always be the unique bhai!”

“And you’ll win when it comes to loving because Uttara would never vote for Sanskar and me and Lucky, well everyone knows how well we are together.”

“Sanskar!” Sanskar combs his hair, “Someone is looking really handsome today!” she smiles at him through the mirror. He puts some perfume and sets his hair, “Not like this!” she tries to help him but he doesn’t let her to. Ragini frowns but then she smiles again, “Baby!”

No response.

“Jaanu!” He folds his kurti’s sleeves and gives a blank look to the mirror, “Darling!” She walks closer to him and hugs him from behind, “I … ”

“am busy!” he removes her hands off him and walks towards the door. Ragini’s mouth forms an ‘O’ as she watches him leave. She sits back on the bed biting her lower lip, “Mr. Maheshwari why are you so stubborn?”

“So, All set?”

“Yup, Pari and me will tackle the elders!” Adarsh looks back at Pari who nods with a smile. “Setup will be my duty, trust me Sanskar and Ragini’s kids will thank me for ages!” He raises his hands in the air with a dramatic smile, Lavanya stares at him bluntly and then she turns towards his better half, “And I’ll look after him, he can never go without doing something stupid.”

Laksh makes a puppy face and Uttara interrupts them, “Bhai and Bhabhi are our duty!” She gives a Hi5 to Lav who smiles at her warmly.

“So, the havan is finally on!” Everyone stare back at Laksh who brushes his hair meekly and they all smile at him with a nod.

“Aww, ruh baby missed me?” Ruhaan stares at ragini wide eyed and gives her a cute smile, “My baby!” she kisses his cheek and he coos. Swara frowns, “Oye! your supposed to be a good boy now come to Mumma!” Ruhaan shakes his head in a no and Laksh chuckles. Swara gives him a death glare, “Why don’t you try then?”

Laksh brushes his hair with attitude and comes to Ragini, “Hey champ!” Ruhaan glees at Lavanya and goes into her arms. “Ruh baby, she’s your Badi bua you can call her Lav Bua though.” Lavanya chuckles at Ragini as Ruh observes her face, he caresses her cheek and she whispers, “Bua… ” He stares at her wide eyed, trying to copy her he puckers his lips and coos. Lavanya chuckles and nudges him, “Aww! you’re so cute just like your Mumma!”

Swara smiles delighted just like Ruhaan and Laksh stares at Lavanya, “He’s like me not his Mumma!”

Lavanya retorts, “And what makes you think like that?”

“Because he’s a boy!”

“So what?”

“Fine! Then why am I not like Maa?”

“You think your different bro? Just because you don’t show it doesn’t mean you aren’t. Whenever anyone from the family gets hurt you show your emotions through your anger or happiness just like Badimaa. Only one difference she cries but still you’ve got that emotional thing common. According to you, you should be like Badepapa but you aren’t. Badepapa never lets anyone know how hurt or happy he is unless there are exceptions, like Badimaa she knows everything because she is BADIMAA!”

Everyone stare at the duo as Laksh sighs in defeat, “And strict.”


“Papa is strict but Maa is awesome just like me!” Everyone smile at them, “Nah chori, good thing that you are here give some good senses to our Laksh he listens to none of us here.”

Lavanya smirks and sticks out her tongue at him making Ruhaan coo, “See theres one common thing about you both!”

“What?” he asks her eagerly, “You both can be so adorable around girls!” Laksh flushes brushing his hair with his hand.

“Just because Lav said I came here. Speak fast, I’ve lot more work to do.”

Dhruv stares at her emotionally, “Uttara… actually… I … I wanted to say.. say that… ”


He nods at her innocently, “Forgiven!”

He stares at her unbelievably, “Yes Dhruv, I forgive you but” she stares back into his eyes, “I’ll never be able to trust you again.” She leaves from there and Dhruv just watches her leave with a smile, “That will be enough for me Uttara.”

Ragini smiles at Sanskar who just ignores her making her upset again, “Knock knock!” Ragini turns towards Lavanya, “Who’s there?”


“Who me?”

“Your Nanand!” she frowns making Ragini chuckle, “Aww… What do you want my sweet little Nanand?”

“Your time!” she states grabbing her hand and pulling up, “But where… ” Lavanya keeps a finger on Ragini’s lip’s, “Shh… It’s a secret!” Ragini nods cutely and is pulled upstairs as the havan continues. Sanskar is been secretly watching Ragini when she disappears he starts getting restless.

“Uhm… ” Sanskar turns towards Lavanya and fake smiles, “You look beautiful!”

“Thank you” she beams making him chuckle, “But you don’t look good” she makes a puppy face and he stares down at himself confused. “But… ”

“No buts get up!” Sanskar glances up at Lavanya who has forwarded a hand towards him. She keeps her hands on her hips and sighs, “Now see, you aren’t Ragini Bhabhi… ” his face becomes suspicious at her name, while Laksh and Swara who are sitting at a distance with ruhaan stare at each other, “or Swara bhabhi that I can pull you up easily right?”

Sanskar gets up, “What do you want?”

Lavanya grins, “Thats like an intelligent brother!” she remarks and before he could retort she grabs his palm. Unwillingly he follows her upstairs.

Swara and Laksh stare at each and then at Adarsh and Pari who comply with a nod.

“Mummy ji, actually Uttara wasn’t feeling well… ”

Annapurna turns behind towards Pari concerned, “What happened to her?”

“Nothing mummy ji just headache, you know how much she was crying. But you don’t worry Ragini is with her and she’ll stay till Uttara feels better.” Annapurna nods at Pari who smiles in return.

“Papa, Mr. Desai called and said some papers were required urgently.” Durgaprasad looks back at a nervous Adarsh, “Beta you need to sit here for the Havan ask Laksh or Sanskar to go.”

Adarsh smiles sheepishly, “You know na Papa Laksh can be so careless at times” Laksh stares at Adarsh with a frown. Swara tries to hold her grin, “And we need him here for the Havan, it’s Ruhaan’s first havan so… ” Pari glares at him and fakes a smile, “So I sent Sanskar with the files papa!” he speaks so fast that Swara bursts out into laughter and sumi rolls her eyes. “Sorry” she mumbles quickly.

“Lav… ”

“Shh… ” she makes him stand infront of the terrace entrance, “From here go at your own risk Okay?” he frowns at her statement. “There’s a beautiful danger ahead, waiting for you” she whispers cutely, “But yeah don’t get so much lost that you forgot to come outside only, at the most we can handle it till morning Haan!”

She pulls his cheek and he’s still confused, “Aww you’re such an Idiot!” she makes him face the door, “Sweet dreams!”

“Arrey… But… ” and she’s gone, vanished in thin air.

“Ouch!” Sanskar’s eyes widen in surprise as he heard her wince in pain. “Ragini… ” he opens the door quickly and his jaw hung open, “Uh… ”

“Sanskar??” she asks eagerly, “I know it is you only please open this or I’ll definitely fall now” she comes forward to him. “Sanskar… ” she’s about to fall but he holds her on time.

The ribbon tied on her eyes gets loose and falls down, they have an eyelock. “Uhm… ” she stares at him innocently and he smiles, “You look beautiful!”

“You too… ”

He smirks, “What ? Beautiful?”

“Uh… ” she flushes embarrassed. He makes her stand properly, “Thank you.” She straightens her gown a bit and now they are under the spotlight. A beautiful music playing in the background, as the light falls on the duo Ragini’s outfit is now clearly visible. An orange long flowy gown with a traditional embroidery. Her hair tied up and a few strand left loose in the front she looks beautiful thought Sanskar. Her expressions and nervousness making her more adorable.

“Is something wrong?” she asks him nervously and he shakes his head, “Nope, actually… you look a bit different.”

“I knew this didn’t suit, I told her but she didn’t listen!”

“No, No.. you look different in a good way Ragini… ”

She blushes, “Thanks, I guess I should leave then.” She turns to leave, “Wait, what about these arrangements? Whom are they for?”

Ragini stares back at him innocently and shrugs, she tries to pull the door open and a letter falls down. Sanskar comes forward and takes it from her hand making her frown at him, “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari what a wonderful jodi you both are, no wonder it’s still not popped into your tiny brains that this all arrangement is for you both! So turn towards the arrangement and show us some mercy, Happy Anniversary guys!!”

Sanskar frowns and stares up at Ragini who is thinking something, “Anniversary ? Our Marriage Anniversary isn’t today is it?”

A smile appears on Ragini’s face and she looks up at him, “It’s the day we met for the first time Sanskar… ” He tries remembering and a smile spreads on his face too, “You remembered?”

“Then, Why didn’t you tell me Ragini?”

“I was trying to but you were so angry and upset that you didn’t even see me once.” She makes a sad puppy face at him and he shakes his head, “Lets just forget and… ” he forwards his hand towards her, “Shall we?”

Ragini nods with a smile and takes his hand, “It’s so beautiful… ”

They both have a glance at the decor and it is indeed amazing. “So,” Ragini asks him taking the seat, “Who’s more beautiful?”


“Me or this setup?”

“Obviously… ” Ragini stares at him eagerly, “This Setup” he teases and she gets miffed making him chuckle, “Aww… mere babu ko bura laga? (Aww my baby got upset?)” Ragini giggles, “You’re so cute … ”

“But I want to be more Romatic”

“No one has stopped you Mr. Maheshwari.”

Sanskar furrows his brows amused, “So, how about a dance?”

“Hmm… Only if you don’t let me fall!” Sanskar chuckles, “Never.”

Sanskar puts on some music and as they dance, “So, still angry on me?”

“Maybe!” she becomes sad, “Arrey Baba, I was kidding Meri jaan (My life)” She smiles sweetly, “If I’m your jaan, then say that you love me.” He stares at her astonished, and twirls her; “I love you Jaan… ” he whispers near her ear making her turn all red. As they move to the slow music, he kisses her neck his touch making her shiver. He twirls her again and this time her lips are just inches apart from his, “I love you so much, I seriously can’t believe that this is real. It still feels like a dream to me …”

He kisses her and parts again making her moan, “Does it still feel like a dream?” She hits his chest lightly and he kisses her again. His hands slowly move to her hips and he pulls her more closer and continues to trail kisses down her cheek, then her neck making her moan.

“This night seems endless, with the moon and the stars shining so bright; this silence is killing me. It feels as if something is going to happen, perhaps a silence before the destruction … ”

Harsh smiles keeping his hand on her shoulder, “Got your intuition button on woman?” She rolls her eyes at him but then smiles, “Maybe… ” she shrugs her shoulders and he takes her into his arms. “You know theres at least one thing that I can owe to him, to Tarun…”

“And what’s that?”

“Making me realize my love for you.” He kisses her hair, “You know what you’re getting yourself into right?”

She giggles, “Perhaps, a possessive jealous still so cute and adorable but yet a stupid and hot boyfriend!”

He separates from her and gives her a confused look, “You confuse me to depths girl!” She hits him making him yelp, “But you still love me don’t you?”

“Do you have any doubts?”

“I love you too… ” she hugs him again and he smiles.

“Lavanya!” Lavanya shivers in fear and turns towards the door, Harsh stares at her worried.

So friends, tell me how was it?? Did I do the romance part well? I guess it was very little but then guys my content would get mature rated if I write in more depth :p Sorry, now I seriously reek in romance writing, I guess.And yea whose this new person now?? A new entry’s here but trust me not a villain for sure atleast not for our Sangini 😉

Thanq for reading and Keep Reading 😉

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