Sangini – Chapter 26


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Chapter 26 – All goes well but with a twist in Fashion though!

Lavanya closes her eyes in fear, Tarun holds his head and turns back, “Guess, we are equal now” Sanskar smirks and rushes to Lavanya. Tamanna is about to go towards him but Swara holds her back, “Why so much rush Di? Let the boys handle it, just stay back or I can help you if you want.”

Ragini walks towards Tarun her eyes moist, “How could you?”

“For you… ”

Ragini smirks, “Really? But I never asked for this did I? I never told you to kidnap my own sister, I never told you to hurt my Sanskar, I never told you to go all mad over me and call this madness Love… ”

“I didn’t do this, I agree I kidnapped Swara” Laksh’s fists clench, “But I never wanted nor did I ever hurt her Ragini. I did hit Sanskar but not with the intention of killing him, I just did it in defence or he would have told you everything.”

“And Lavanya? She thought you to be her best friend didn’t she? Why… ”

“I didn’t, I can never think of hurting her.” Lavanya closes her eyes in pain, “Lav… ” He walks towards her, but Sanskar and Harsh come in between, “I didn’t do this, you know I can never hurt you. Please say something… ”

Lavanya stares at him with pain, “Before I lose my control arrest him inspector!” Sanskar growls making Lavanya jump in fear. Harsh holds her and they share an eyelock.

Everyone is happy to see Lavanya, just then Annapurna slaps Dhruv hard.

Uttara’s eyes become moist but she doesn’t say a word, “How Dare you?”

“Annapurna… ”

“No ji! Let me speak today, everyone thinks that it was our fault that night. What do you think? We would kill our own family members for business and money. No beta, that night took away our everything from us and all because of your father!” she wipes her tears , “He in his fit of rage lost control over his car and hit my sisters car. You know who was there in it? My whole damn family! My mom, my sister and my 3 months old Daughter… ”

Laksh and Sanskar are completely shocked, they look back at Adarsh who doesn’t meet their gaze, Parineeta holds his hand tightly. “Annapurna! Enough now, Dhruv go back to baadi theres nothing left to talk now and tell Shekhar that I want to see him in the evening.”

Dhruv turns towards Uttara who turns her face aside, he wipes his tears and walks out from there. Uttara runs upstairs and all get worried for her, “I’ll check on her”

Parineeta follows her, “Lavanya… ” Durgaprasad walks to her and joins his hands, “Please don’t say sorry” she pleads taking his hand she keeps it on her head, “Your hands look good like this, blessing me not saying sorry!” she pouts.

Annapurna smiles through her tears and turns to Sujatha, “We should have a havan at our house today, call the panditji and Swara Ragini go and freshen up first.”

“Maa I’ll…

“No beta, we’ll do everything you both go and have some rest…”

“Besides, they have their daughter to help them!” Lavanya smiles at them widely and Sujatha frowns, “You have done enough for us Lavanya, no more help is needed now.” Everyone turn towards an annoyed Laksh, “Go to your room and have some rest!”

Lavanya frowns, “Laksh, is this the way to talk to your little sister?” Durgaprasad glares at him. Sujatha and Annapurna look at each other, “Badepapa, Lucky is right! Lav you need rest and your not going to come out of your room until the havan begins.”

Lavanya tries to speak but is dragged upstairs by Swaragini, “Sati savitris! when did you both change sides?”

“It isn’t changing sides”


“It is being Lavanya!”

“Haw!! Copy sisters” Swaragini giggle making Lavanya smile.

“Uttara, please open the door”

“Bhabhi, please leave me alone!” Uttara yells from inside, “I want some space.”

“And what about my space?” Lavanya walks towards the door, “You said you had no problem sharing anything with me, I want to be with you now and your being selfish?”

“Lav… ”

“Don’t Lavanya me Uttara, I’m very upset with you. Go, I’m not talking to you!” Uttara approaches the door handle but pauses, “Fine! I’m going and you know what… ” she stomps her foot, “I will never come back!”

The door opens slowly and Uttara peeps outside she doesn’t find anyone and frowns, “Hi!”

Lavanya is seen sitting down on the floor and waving at her. Uttara folds her hands near her chest, “What? Can’t I even trick my little sister with emotional drama?” she gets up and is taken by a surprise hug. Lavanya smiles rubbing her back, “Idiot! Just because you look so big doesn’t mean you get the license to use such words!” Uttara separates from her, her cheeks dried of the tears, “Because of me… ”

“Bla! Bla! Bla! Arghh why are you behaving like abla naari in those daily soaps” she keeps a hand on her forehead dramatically, “Sab meri wajah se hota hain iss duniya main (Everything in this world happens because of me) World war, tsunami aur simar ke sasural mai bhi saare supernatural beings meri wajah se aye the! (World, tsunami and even the supernatural being in simar’s sasural have come because of me (Indian daily soap) )”

Laksh hits her head lightly, “Where did you learn this from?”

“Ouch, From you!” she sticks her tongue out at him teasingly and punches his stomach, “This was clearly from me!” He pulls her hair and she hits him again, Ragini comes in between them, “Now you too become violent too?”

“What’s your problem?” they both retort and she backs off. Swara keeps a hand on her shoulder sympathetically, “This is the reason I’ve stopped interrupting them.”

Everyone start laughing accept Lavanya and Laksh who give each other death glares, “I might stay here to fight with you, but then I have to get ready for the Havan!”

She drags uttara with her as Laksh smirks, “Yeah, start now itself or else the havan will have to be postponed for tomorrow!”

Lavanya turns to him and fake smiles, “Aww, so does that mean Swara bhabhi takes so much of time to get ready?” Swara turns towards laksh and glares at him, “What? No, you do take time but then… I mean …Swara, it was for her!”

Swara leaves from there miffed and Laksh follows her, “We’ll get to that soon!”

“Huh!” Uttara giggles at them and pats Lavanya’s shoulder, “I’m so proud of you big sister!”

Sanskar just stares at them blankly, “You two are so impossible!”

“Wicked!” they wink at him. Ragini and Parineeta start laughing making Sanskar smile, after all that happened the whole time it was the first time she was happy. His Ragini was laughing and that made his day, he kissed Lavanya’s forehead and caressed Uttara’s face. As he left from there Ragini walked towards the duo and sighed, “Long day passed and now it’s going be an even long evening for all of us, so go get some rest and yeah… ”

“Don’t go anywhere without informing and taking an elder with you!” Uttara completes her and she nods smiling, “Keep smiling Bhabhi, you look more beautiful like that.”

Ragini hugs Lavanya, “And you don’t forget to ring him a call. It’s never too late Lav…” Lavanya’s eyes widen in shock as Ragini smiles and leaves from there.

As she enters the room a smile spreads on his face, “I love you… ” Ragini smiles shaking her head, “Unbelievable?”


He gets up from bed and walks towards her, “Everything happened so fast, our first meeting and then my revenge turning into love for you. It didn’t even begin properly that a villain jumped in, everything that I had planned for us got freezed. For months, we were so close but yet there was that silence that killed both of us within. Then I woke up, instead of me telling you everything about him, I remained silent. I never thought Lav would end up like this and now it’s like nothing happened!” Ragini smiles, “Nothing is over Sanskar, it’s just that real life doesn’t go overdramatic, Tarun was the culprit and he deserved to be in jail so he is. Tamanna Di, she should have stopped him from doing wrong just like any elder does but she instead brought up her love for him, so ultimately even she ended up there next to him.”

Sanskar holds her face, “And what about… ”

“My answers? I never had any questions for him Sanskar. He did it out of obsession, just like I did remember?” she smiles sadly, “You know Dadaji used to say theres no hell and heaven to go after death, what we sow so shall we reap. Karma is a real bad thing, what you do comes back to you! In my case it was a bit earlier though.”

Sanskars brows lift up in amusement, “But it’s over now, everything has finally come to an end.”

“Nothing ends Sanskar, it just goes on forever… ”

“Forever? Are You sure?” Ragini frowns at him as he keeps his hands around her neck and makes a cute puppy face, “I love you Ragini, but seriously I can’t like tolerate you forever!”

Ragini hits his chest making him chuckle, he stretches his hands and smiles at her, “I hate you!” She turns to leave making Sanskar laugh but pull her towards him on time, “But I love you wify!”

He touches his forehead to hers, “Am I so bad that you can’t live with me forever?”

She pouts at him cutely and he kisses her forehead, “I love you and no your not bad, I am.”

“Don’t you dare say anything to my husband Mr.” Sanskar smirks, “Really, what if I dare to?”

“Mmm… ” she suddenly pushes him and he falls down, “JKR, why so violent?”

“You deserve it!” she smirks and goes to washroom, “Ragini… ”

“Hmm… ” she peeps out of the door, “I was wondering our bathroom has so much of space both of us can fit in together.” Ragini’s eyes widen as she flushes, “Idiot!”

“No I’m serious” he gets and walks towards her, she tries closing the door but he doesn’t let her, “Ragu… ”


“Ladoo… ”

“Shutup!” she pushes the door and shuts it on his face as he turns to leave, “I wouldn’t have minded but then you said you can’t TOLERATE me forever so, sorry” she closes it again giggling and he brushes his hair regretting over his statement.

“Sanskar… ” Ragini comes out of the washroom wiping her hair, “Yes Boss!” He comes in front of her suddenly and she keeps her hand on her chest. “Did I scare you?”

“No, it’s my reaction of regret!”


“That I married a stupid like you” she states and he frowns, “Idiot was not enough for you that you’ve brought up stupid now!”

“Aww mere Babu ko bura laga? (My Baby got sad?)” Sanskar grins sheepishly making Ragini laugh, “Why are you so cute Baby?” she kisses his cheek and h turns all red, “Oh my god!”

“What happened?” Ragini stares at him worried, “Did I just got a kiss from you out of love?”

Ragini flushes, “Wait a sec, I always kiss you out of love… ” Sanskar keeps his hands on her waist and pulls her close, “Really?”

“Who kisses out of hate Sanskar?”

“You know what? You are unbelievable!” Ragini frowns, “I’m asking you for a kiss and your talking about hate, Female hitler!”

Ragini hits his chest lightly, “Give me violent names and then ask why I be so violent?” Sanskar leans his face closer to her, they share an eyelock. A wave of wind makes her hair curls ruffle, they kiss.

“Baby ji, everything samagri (ingredients) have been brought and the hall is decorated just like you said” Bhola kaka informs Lavanya who nods, “Okay kaka, you go and have some rest now before panditji comes.”

Lavanya checks her look in the mirror one last time, “Not bad Lav… even you can look like girls at times!” Lavanya turns towards the door and rolls her eyes at him, “Hahaha! breathe some air Harsh” she sticks her tongue out at him. Harsh shugs his shoulders replying, “Okay!” as he turns to leave she stops him, “Wait!”

He turns towards her, “Actually… Uh… Uttara wanted to talk to you” Uttara who comes out of the washroom just then stares at her and harsh confused. Harsh nods, “Sure… ”

Lavanya leaves from there, “I’m sorry Uttara”

Uttara smiles, “What are you being sorry for Harsh?”

Harsh smiles at her, “So what have you decided next?”

“Uhm.. actually right now I want to do nothing else but spend alot of time with my new found sister, you’ll let me to right?” Harsh brushes his hair lightly, “I’m sorry?”

“Duffer! You know what, she was right boys are good for nothing! She loves you, you love her but don’t propose her any soon okay?” He stares at her completely confused, “And who told you that?”

“Does anyone need to tell such things?” Swara comes in smirking at him, “It shows in both of your eyes.”

“Sanskar!” Ragini opens one eye and checks to see if everything is alright, “Besharam patidev, don’t fret me or… ”

“Or?” Sanskar asks her bluntly wearing nothing but just a towel on his waist, “You can’t blackmail me like this, I have to get ready!”

“And I want to go for a date!”

“What will everyone think Sanskar?”

“I don’t care Ragu!” he folds his hands on his chest, “Uhm… ”

Lavanya comes there with her eyes closed, “Okay, neither did I see something nor did I hear. I know denying a handsome man’s sight is not fair but then he’s already married and my brother so wear something Mr. Maheshwari and Mrs. Maheshwari, Badimaa is calling you.”

Sanskar frowns, “Whole world is always behind my Mrs. Maheshwari only, Huh!” he walks out wearing his Shirt and Ragini tries to stop him, “But Sanskar… ” she pick up his trouser kept on the bed, “you forgot this… ”

Ragini hits her head lightly and sits down on the bed as Lavanya starts laughing, even she joins her. “He’s so stupid isn’t he?” Lavanya nods, “But we really can’t do anything about it can we?” Ragini shakes her head in a no.

Laksh is on his phone and as he comes out of his room he starts laughing, “I’ll call you later… Bhai?”

“What?” Sanskar stares at him and he tries to hold his laughter, “Laksh, Maa called and said that she’ll bring Ruhaan with her, can you please… ” her eyes go wide as she sees Sanskar in that avatar and even she couldn’t stop her laughter.

“Jeth ji, Don’t know whether you forget to or do it on purpose, but you look hot and I mean it!” Sanskar flushes unknowingly and Laksh gets jealous, “You never compliment me when I’m in towel, not fair bhai this is cheating.”


“Yes Bhai, towel!” Uttara points towards his waist and he blushes again, “Oh yeah Towel, It’s so hot today isn’t it?” he tries making an excuse, “Plus I was trying to create a new trend you know, Fashion sense is literally zero in you choti!”

Uttara frowns, “Sanskar is right, perhaps he looks so handsome like this.” Lavanya smirks as Sanskar smiles at her proudly, “See this is called sister with fashion sense!”

Lavanya pouts at him cutely, “Actually, Sanskar you should come to the Havan like this only.”


“Yeah, see even panditi will get company. He will be wearing Dhoti, poor fellow would be so happy that someone will be there for him, just the difference will be yours is Towel but it’s okay he will manage.”

Sanskar runs from there shyly as Uttara and Lavanya share a Hi5 and they all have a good laugh.

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