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Chapter 25 – Revenge, Obsession and Kidnapped.

It’s Lavanya tied up to a chair, her forehead is bruised “I’ve seen you somewhere before…” her eyes widen in shock, “Dhruv Malhotra!”

Someone covers her mouth with a cloth and she goes unconscious again, “I told you to be careful while getting her didn’t I?” He stares at her unbelievably, “Do you really think this will help?”

Tamanna smirks, “Definitely, When the Maheshwari’s come to know what her relation is to them… ”

“They’ll kill you!” he snaps, “Why don’t you understand, this plan of yours is gonna backfire you, If Tarun gets even a hint of what you have done he’ll kill you and not even think twice.”

Tamanna stares at him with a smile, “Really? Brother has done so much to get his love his Ragini, he kidnapped her Sister Swara took so much of risk leaving that Sanskar alive and now you’re saying this girl will change him?” She smirks, “Either you’ve gone Mad or fallen in love with that dumb Uttara” she chuckles and his fists clench in anger.

“Don’t dare call her that!” he growls, “Lower your voice Dhruv, you know we both are partners in this crime.” He closes his eyes and sighs thinking, “I wish this never happened, I wish I never came back here… ” he looks back sadly at an unconscious Lavanya and whispers, “I’m sorry…”

“Lav… Meet my friend from India, Dhruv Aggarwal” Lavanya smiles back at Dhruv, “Hi La…”

“Lavanya Malhotra! heard about you alot and trust me when I say that” he states and she laughs, “Guess I’m too famous” They shake hands warmly.

“Hmm… Guess they weren’t just talks, you’re coffee is really awesome girl”

“Thank you” She sits on the sofa opposite to him, “Tarun, If you guys don’t mind me asking what special work brought your friend here all over the seas?”

“I told you about Ragini remember?”

“How can I forget about her, your first love and her inhumane family members” Dhruv shifts in his place uncomfortably, “Don’t tell me they are doing something wrong with her” she asks angrily.

“She’s getting married” Tarun replies looking at Dhruv, “And he’s going to help me reach her”

“I seriously can’t believe that people can fall so low! I mean forcing your own daughter to get married to someone because of stupid samaj! (society) Even my Father has handled me alone, I never even saw my mother and yet know how a mothers love feels… ” she smiles upset, “Not all fathers are the same Lav… ” Dhruv’s fists clench and Tarun feels his uneasiness, “What’s important is I love her so much and that much love no one can give her!”

“How does he know her?” she asks amused, “You said you and Ragini haven’t met for years and he…”

“He’s her brother” Lavanya stares at him astonished, “Her Bua’s (Aunt’s) son”

She smiles at Dhruv, “Thats the reason my friends used to say brothers are the best! Good to see that you care for her so much Dhruv” He nods at her with a smile.

“If emotional Drama’s are done then shall we see what effect the trailer has on the maheshwari’s?” Tamanna smirks and Dhruv just stares at her blankly.

“Revenge will never get you anywhere Bete… ” His mom’s words play in his head, “More of all if the revenge is baseless, the guilt of being too late to realize it and the resulting Damage will kill you forever my child…” A tear trips down his cheeks…

“Hello Dhruv, is Tarun there?”

“I’m sorry Lav… But”

“Just shutup and listen to me! He needs medical help Dhruv and only you can make him understand that… ”

“Please Lavanya Don’t speak when you don’t know what the matter is!”

“He’s helping you get your Revenge and in return your trading in your sisters life, isn’t this the matter?” she spat and he closes his eyes in pain, “I’m not TRADING my sister!” he growls.

“He loves her and she will be happy with him!”

She laughs sadly, “Whom are you trying to convince, me or yourself?” she breathes and continues, “Look Dhruv, Tarun needs medical help, he has anger issues and above all he’s obsessed with your sister and not in LOVE with her” she emphasizes, “You know if this continues, there are chances his madness can be fatal not only for him but even others!”

“You doctors have that habit of exagerrating even little things don’t you… Good Bye Lavanya… ” He keeps his phone in his pocket, “Who was it?” Tarun asks handing him the coffee.

“Just a friend… ”

“Ah… ” Lavanya stares at the person infront of her, “Leave me, what the hell do you want?”

Tamanna smirks her face covered, “What I want I will get it soon, don’t worry till then you are safe here… ” she holds Lavanya’s chin and lifts it up facing to her, “Your Sanskar or what do you call him, Mr. Maheshwari is waiting to see you say Hii to him” she turns aside bringing Lavanya into full view on the camera, Sanskar has tears in his eyes as he watches the video. Laksh’s fists clench in anger unknowingly he feels her pain for some reason. “What the hell is in that video Bhai!” he yells at Sanskar who flinches, Swara holds him back calmly fear evident on her face, “Laksh… ”

Laksh closes his eyes and sighs, “I’m sorry… Sanskar, I shouldn’t have come to meet you… ” tears flowing continuously through her eyes, “Aww, so emotional I thought it’s just in movies that people have so much love for each other even when they have no blood ties but see Its for real happening n front of me.” She turns towards the camera her face hidden under a cloth, “You want her alive in single piece? Follow my instructions, keep the footage ready and don’t you dare show them to anyone… Mr. Maheshwari… ” she smirks as the video ends.

Sanskar punches the wall and Ragini flinches, “Sanskar… ”

“Sanskar! Your anger destroys everything. Now go and get the footage, wait for her call you just can’t risk that girls Life for some stupid footage” Durgaprasad warns and turns towards Laksh, “Even you, whats wrong with you youngsters anger and revenge destroys everything, your actions on the verge of being angry are the reason of destructions. Don’t know how they are treating her, all that hurt and pain she is facing has nothing to do with her still she is because of My son.” He closes his eyes with pain and Ram holds him.

Sanskar hits the wall and Ragini holds him back, “Sanskar! Badepapa said a moment ago control your anger it’s hurting you only and I giving me pain.” He stares back at her, pain clearly visible in his eyes, “I never wanted her to be in pain… ”

She caresses his face lovingly and touches her forehead to his,

“Good morning sleepyhead!” Lavanya chirps as Sanskar rubs his eyes and stares at her and then the room confused.

“Doctor, here your new patient is… ” The man says bringing the other person with him. The person comes near the bed and sits next to Sanskar, “Hello young man! lets have a quick check up and then you’ll get the intro’s for sure!” he states smiling as the Lavanya goes out with the man.

After sometime they come back in, “He’s fine just stressed up a lot and see to it that he doesn’t take much tensions” The man smiles warmly at Sanskar, “Don’t worry doc, you know when this one is here even I forget my worries” he says pulling Lavanya’s cheeks and she frowns.

“Thank you but dad I’m grown up now you can’t pull my cheeks like that!” she complains, “Uhmm… ”

“Oh sorry, Hi!! I’m Lav… Lavanya Malhotra” she smiles at Sanskar who smiles back at her, “And this is my Dad, Mr. Malhotra! Call him uncle okay?” Sanskar nods, “And no more questions, I’m bringing something for you to eat then you have some medicines and go back to sleep again. We have a movie plan today and I don’t want you to be sleepy then” Sanskar nods and watches her leave a confusing look in his face, “I didn’t even say a word.”

“I know” Mr. Malhotra smiles, “She’s like my cute little mother here and now that you are here young man, you’ll have to follow her instructions too. Lets just not go back the way in past and ask you what, where, and how, just stay here till you feel you will be okay and yeah No one will bother you unless it’s Lavanya, well she bothers everyone here” Sanskar smiles nodding.

“I’ll always be there for you Mr. Maheshwari” Sanskar’s eyes are moist, “You know that surname is not what hurts you, it’s the people who are related to it that do. What they did is crime, killing someone in the name of honor is just not forgivable but then you can’t even go all revenge drama over them. Then what will be the difference between them and you Sanskar?”

Sanskar smiles sadly, “You know, Its strange but donno why I feel a sort of connection with you just like I used to feel with Lucky!”

Lavanya’s brows lift up in amusement, “Haww, You mean to say I’m a tomboy?” she frowns and starts looking at her attire, “But I don’t wear such… ”

“Stupid!” he takes her into his embrace and smiles, “Thank you Lav… ”

“My Pleasure Mr. Maheshwari!” she giggles.

Sanskar’s head resting on Ragini’s Lap, “I failed every time Ragini, first I couldn’t save Kavitha, then I assumed my own family, my badepapa to be wrong. She warned me but I didn’t budge, then… ” He gets up and holds her hand, a tear trips down her cheek, “Then you happened to me, I tried to change you and you changed me for good Ragini… ” He kisses her hands and she smiles, “Please help me will you… ”

Just then Laksh and Swara along with Harsh and Uttara come there, “We need to talk!”

Lavanya stirs up, her vision still blurry, “Here, Drink this” Dhruv makes her drink water, “Do you really love her?”

Dhruv smiles, “Does it even matter anymore?”

“It does, answer me do you love her?”

“Yes… ” Lavanya smiles, “Glad to know that you can now distinguish between love and obsession. Go Dhruv, go and apologize” Dhruv stares at her unbelievably, “How can I?”

“Just ring him a call will you?” Dhruv nods and leaves from there, his heart still aching from the realizations and guilt.

Sanskar holds Dhruvs collar, but Laksh and Harsh hold him back, “Its no time to fight Sanskar, she needs us we better hurry up” Sanskar leaves his collar and turns to Laksh, “Those clips are the only proof we have against him… Against Tarun!”

When Sanskar was unconscious, Tarun had fitted a hidden camera in his room in order to keep a tab on him. As time passed he stopped checking it as Ragini and the maheshwari’s were daily sedating Sanskar unknowingly, he used to daily visit him and one day,

“You know just a few more days and everything will be peaceful for you.” Tarun smirks at a sleeping Sanskar, “Thinking what happened to me, I’m fedup of acting Mr. Goodie in front of everyone, I can’t keep this inside of me anymore. You can hear everything right, doesn’t matter even if you can’t because I want to say something today and I will, I love Ragini…

Tarun’s parents were fed up of his daily fight’s so they decided to take him to somewhere different, they thought a change of atmosphere might help him. He completed his degree there and started his practice until one day when he met Dhruv.

Dhruv shared with him about his new found sister Swara, her marriage with laksh maheshwari and then about Ragini…

“I was so fond of her in childhood, when he showed me her photographs, my feelings everything came back. Our memories flashed back all at once, her beauty her innocence everything made me fall for her again…

Tarun wanted to go back but his parents wouldn’t allow him to, his anger and everything came back again and that’s when they thought to consult him to a psychiatrist. He did and again it felt as if everything was slowly turning normal

“She was my first best friend after Ragini, no the only best friend. Ragini had created a mark on my life no one could ever mark her presence no one will ever be able to take her place in my life. But Doc, she is totally different you know exact 360 degrees opposite to my Ragini but then…

Dhruv called up a few days later informing Tarun about Ragini’s marriage and he couldn’t stop himself. When Dhruv visited US, he and Tarun had already planned how they would trick her into signing his Medical certificate and declaring he’s all fine.

“We lied to her, saying my sister needs me and until I am fine my parents wouldn’t allow me to visit her and she trusted me” he smiles sadly, “I broke her trust… But then anything for my Ragini, this regret will go with me forever but I’ll have my Ragini soon and she will help me get out of this Sanskar. Sadly I had to do a few more things like kidnapping Swara and then hurting you” His face expressions change, “But you deserved it, how could you think you can marry my Ragini and make her yours? She’s mine and will always be mine!”

In the whole confession he mentioned Dhruv just as a friend and did not take his name even once, nor did he took the psychiatrists name. Sanskar had filed a FIR against him, he found the camera and took the footage as a soul evidence of Taruns every crime. He was going to give it to the police but then this kidnapping happened.

“Yes… What? I’m coming there right now!” Tarun kept the phone in his pocket his fists clenched in anger, “Di!” he growled.

Tamanna shivered in fear as she felt him approach her, “How could you!” he strangled her. “Take me to her! Now!”

As Lavanya tried to free herself, the ropes seemed to tighten more. Someone came there just then, “I’m so sorry!” Tarun starting opening the ropes suddenly someone hit him on his head.

Keep reading, I know I’ve always been late in updating and I’m extremely sorry for that. Hope you liked the chapter and theres few more to go 😉

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