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Chapter 24 – No! It can’t be him…

Tarun is dumbfounded and has no words to reply, “I’m sorry…”

Lavanya’s hand is profusely bleeding, her eyes teary, “Excuse me” she runs upstairs past Tarun who’s still in a trance. Lakshya closes his eyes in pain, for some reason he feels her pain, it feels as if his palm has been pierced with glass pieces. There’s just one difference, there’s no blood oozing out. There’s someone else too standing there, Harsh who has seen all this glares at Tarun with painful eyes and runs behind Lavanya.

Sanskar walks towards Tarun who’s still in a trance, “If your the reason behind her tears, trust me I would strangle you to death.” He leaves from there followed by Lakshya.

Lavanya is sobbing uncontrollably sitting in a corner of the room,

“Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if broken, but still see the cracks in reflection…”

“I’m sorry”

She smiles sadly, “So strange, the one who should be sorry isn’t even here, what are you sorry for?”

“Because I couldn’t protect you, I couldn’t stop it from happening Lav…”

“There’s nothing you could have done Harsh, he’s gone and so is the last chance of us being together again.”

“Come back Lav…”

“Wish he said that to me!”

“Doesn’t my words matter to you anymore?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t come back, it will keep haunting me that I helped a man who befriended me to hurt someone Harsh! If destiny wants we will definitely meet again, till then please don’t try finding me.”

“I’ll find him Lavanya and I promise when I do that, I will make sure he has a good reason for all those betrayals and heartbreaks he caused.”

“Lav…” Lavanya glances at the door surprised, she rushes towards the door, “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”

The door opens and Lavanya hugs him tightly sobbing, “It’s hard to move on from a broken friendship Harsh!”

He caresses her care lovingly, “Only the real ones stay Lav…”

“Like you?” He smiles, “Like you.”

Sanskar and Lakshya are watching it from a distance, “Did I miss something?”

“Nothing that matters anymore” Lavanya separates from Harsh and smiles at him with teary eyes.

“Cry if it makes you feel better,” He comes towards her, “And scream if it makes you feel free” She hugs him and inhales deeply, “I prefer this!”

He smiles kissing her hair and stares back at Harsh, “But I still need to know what and how you happened to her?”

Harsh brushes his hair, “We are just friends…”

“Best friends!” Lavanya completes him and peeks behind Sanskar at Lakshya who spreads his arms, “Trying to be SRK?” she asks amused a cute smile on her face.

“If it makes you feel better why not?”

She closes her eyes smiling, “And why yes?”

Lakshya frowns, “Bhalai ko Zamana hi nahi raha, thought you would feel better but…” she hugs him giggling, “I never say no for a hug Brother!” He caresses her hair, “It feels different but good.”

“Same pinch!” she pokes his stomach and he pouts, “Hey, no hurting my baby!” he complains keeping a hand on his stomach.

“Since when did guys start having babies in there?”

“Why do you both end up your convo’s so weird?”

“They never end Ragini, just leave the two with no arms and weapons around, they’ll still fight for years!”

“Only if you provide food!” Lavanya and Laksh reply together pouting at Swara who face palms herself. Everyone starts laughing, Harsh smiles seeing Lavanya happy which is noticed by Swaragini who smile too still suspicious about what happened down and does Lavanya really know Tarun?

Sujatha is putting medicines on Lavanya’s hand and scolding her, she just looks at her with a puppy face, “I’m sorry, just got my emotional anger switch on”

Sujatha rolls her eyes, “Whatever chori! you shouldn’t hurt yourself like this, jiji we should do a pooja on her name, since day one she is hurting herself remove the evil eye first.”

“How will I see if you remove my eyes?” Lakshya chuckles, “Chachi, why so uperstitious?” Sujatah glares at him and he shuts up.

“You think we should ask her?”

“But Swara she hurt herself by seeing him, If you both interrogate her she might get upset again. No, wrong idea” Laksh states and both the sisters are astonished by his sudden care for Lavanya.

“And since when did you start caring for your enemy Hubby?”

“Enemy?” Lakshya questions as Swara signs towards Lavanya and whispers, “The way you guys fight for silly things, Not only me but everyone thinks you guys are long lost enemies”

“Just because you have a pretty mouth and a brain of sherlock holmes doesn’t mean you need to assume and interpret everything wify,” Swara pouts at him irked.

“Perhaps she’s like that sister who you can’t stop fighting with but at the end she’s your little sister and you can’t really stay away for her and stop caring for her…”

They hear a noise, it’s Annapurna who was standing at the door behind them with a tray of lunch she brought for Lavanya, which has now fallen down and scattered on the floor. Her face as an expression of shock perhaps resentment, “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay Badimaa, servants will clean it” Sanskar replies instantly concerned to which Lavanya speaks up from his behind, “Perhaps, the lavish breakfast in the morning has left no space for more food in my tummy!” she caresses her stomach and pouts at her cutely making her smile.

Sanskar gets some call and he leaves asking Lucky to get the files with him who nods and follows him out. Harsh is about to leave Lavanya holds his hand, “Please don’t go” she pleads with puppy eyes and he sits in front of her on the bed, “Now I won’t leave even if you tell me to!”

“You’re a man with no guts dude!” Sanskar exclaims with a smirk on the phone, “I should have killed you the moment I knew your truth!”

Tarun is about to reply, “Don’t utter a single word Tarun, first my wife and now my sister, you wouldn’t be alive to target anyone else now. I’m not going to kill you, you don’t deserve to die so easily. I would make you a walking dead it’s my promise and Sanskar Maheshwari is a man of his words remember that.”

The call cuts with Tarun smirking at one side and Sanskar smiling with attitude, “I shouldn’t have given him so much of time, but it’s okay I’ll make you repent for everything you’ve done, I will.”

He gets inside his car and drives off, unaware of Laksh who has heard everything and is in complete shock. He runs back inside the house, straight to his room but pauses when he reaches Lavanya’s and peeps in to find her sleeping peacefully on the bed with a huge smile, it makes him feel good, “Why do we always fight?”

“Harsh! Do you know what you’re saying?” Ragini asks him angrily, her eyes moist and her fists clenched. She walks towards him and shakes him, “He’s your friend Harsh.”

“Best friend Ragini” he replies sadly staring into her eyes as her grip loosens she shakes her head in disbelieve, Swara holds her; “You might be mistaken Harsh, Maybe someone is framing him, Maybe he is framing him.”

“Who is framing whom?” Laksh asks confused as he walks inside the room he gazes at them with mixed emotions, “Swara… Ragini… What happened?”

“Brother, I told you not to take those Maheshwari’s lightly and whose this new girl now?”

“For the hundredth time, her name is Lavanya, Di!” he replies annoyed and hits the table, Tamanna jumps with fear.

She comes forward and keeps her hand on his shoulder calmly, “Who is Lavanya?”

“You make me feel like a 3rd grade kid Lav…” She giggles, “Who said you are a grown up?” she teases and he shakes his head. “Don’t really know who’s the psycho doctor here…”

“It’s called psychiatrist Tarun” she rolls her eyes at him, “Still if you want a clarification, you’re the psycho and I’m the doctor” she blabbers making Harsh who is sitting opposite to them, shrink his eyes in frustration, “Seriously, two doctors were supposed to share their sorrows and joys together but what I see and hear is totally stupid” He fake smiles at Lavanya, “In my words, your wasting your energy in useless codings!”

“And the IT technologist speaks here, who asked your advice? Can’t you see I’m attending my patient/friend” she says still tying the band on Taruns wrist.

“Tying your patient a friendship band after like a month of friendship day? Lav you frustrate me to heights sometimes!”

She rolls her eyes, “My Friend, My Patient, My Band, My cabin so MY WISH!” she emphasizes, “You know only psycho’s are supposed to come in here that too with appointment, your sitting here for free so thank me” she points her index finger at herself. Tarun grins, “How did you two happen to each other, seriously are you like friends or enemies?”

“Frenemies!” Lavanaya replies staring at his hand and smiles, “My choice is always good!” she pats herself, a strand of hair falls on her face and Tarun pins it behind. They share an eye lock, Harsh’s face expressions change suddenly, he leaves from there without uttering a word, “Guess, Its working!” The duo share a HIFI.

“A friend Di, because of whom I laughed a little harder, cried a lot less and smiled everyday…”

“But she can be a problem for us, I think you should talk to her once.”

“That’s what she wished that day, that I talked to her for once…”

“Uttara…” Sanskar calls out coming from outside, “Uttara!” Everyone come their, Annapurna asks him concerned, “What happened Beta?” He refuses to acknowledge it, “Uttara! Uttara!” he runs upstairs to her room, as he pushes the door open and glances everywhere possible, “Sanskar… what happened?” Ragini asks him worried. He brushes his hair frustrated and walks towards her, “Where is she?”

He shakes her and she stares at him oblivious but worried at the same time, “I… I don’t know Sanskar”

“What were you doing then? You were supposed to take care of her Ragini! Damn it!” He hits the bed making her yelps in fear, “Sanskar beta, what are you doing? Calm down.”

“Not now Mom, Please…”

“She went outside, said that she wanted to take some fresh air…”

“And you let her go? How could you Badimaa…”

“Sanskar! Don’t forget your talking to your Badimaa and Uttara hasn’t gone alone.” Sujatha stares at him as he sighs, “With whom then?”

“Dhruv…” Swaragini’s faces go pale as they hear the name, “Bhai…”

“Harsh you are lying aren’t you? Tell me, it’s a prank right?” Swara holds back Ragini who’s in a messed up situation, “Ragini, all these years he had been holding on a real big delusional grudge on the Maheshwari’s. Remember that accident, according to him it was Maheshwari’s who did it.”

Dhruv’s Dad Mr. Aggarwal was a businessman, he had gone to attend a function at the Maheshwari Mansion leaving dhruv behind at the Baadi as he was unwell so Dhruvs Mom also stayed Back. That night something happened at the Mansion, creating a friction between the Maheshwari’s and the Aggarwals. While coming back from the Mansion, Mr. Aggarwal met with an accident leading to his on the spot death. The car which hit Mr. Aggarwals car was owned by the Maheshwari’s, and the people in it died too. The Gadodia’s and Mrs. Aggarwal grieved alot but being a genuine person and good by heart she knew the pain she is going through is faced by the Maheshwari’s also, so she took back the case filed by her inlaws. The gadodia’s supported her and later it was also proved that the accident was just by chance but not pre-planned. After that Mrs. Aggarwal with Dhruv left for Delhi inorder fulfill Mr. Aggarwal’s last wish, Dhruv took over the entire business, but had always been keeping the grudge against Maheshwari’s unknown to the others. It wasn’t his fault anyway, as his paternal relatives always kept instigating him against the Maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s.

“But it was an accident and …” Laksh says frustrated.

“He doesn’t think it was! Ragini, until and unless we prove it to him he’ll have it in his heart and I think…”

“Uttara?” Swara questions aggrieved.

“Lets just hope it isn’t true, the day you called and shared everything about uncle aunty, Swara and then her marriage he was genuinely happy but the surname Maheshwari happened.”

“Harsh this better be a lie!” Ragini states staring at him.

“Even I wish the same…

Sanskar’s phone starts ringing and he stares at it blankly, Ragini grabs the phone from his hand and puts it on speaker, “So, found your little sister?”

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari? Could you please hand the phone over to your husband? Actually, its okay perhaps your the one who can do my work, ask your husband to just handover those clips to me without showing it to anyone am I clear? Time, place, date and everything in the next call till then I’ll send you a small trailer on your sisters condition and you can interpret how it will be if you don’t take back the case in next 60minutes Sanskar Maheshwari I know your hearing this, so be quick. Your time begins now, tick tock tick tock.”

The call goes blank and so does Sanskar, he sits back on the couch holding his head, Ragini rushes to him concerned and kneels infront of him. She holds his hand and caresses his face lovingly, “I know this time is really difficult but Sanskar, if you don’t be strong how will others face this” He looks up at her with moist eyes, “Uttara…” Ragini doesn’t know how to handle the situation, she gets up but is held back by Sanskar who hugs her tightly while the others look at them upset, Sujatha starts hyperventilating.

Laksh’s phone rings, “What? just a second…” He gets the TV remote and switches it on,

“Breaking News, an NRI Neurosurgeon, arrested for giving wrong medicines to his patient. The name of the doctor has not yet been revealed nor of the one who has complained… ”

“So this is what he wants?” Durgaprasad asks Sanskar who separates from Ragini, “Badepapa…”

Durgaprasad signs him not to speak, “You should have asked, atleast informed us first before doing something like this Sanskar. Is it Tarun?”

Sanskar nods, “Actually…”

“Bhai!!!” Uttara comes running inside the mansion, sobbing and trying to breathe, “Bhai…” She rushes in and hugs Sanskar for a minute or two he goes blank but then reciprocates, “Choti! Where were you?”

“Bhai… Lavanya…” she starts crying inconsolably, “What happened Uttara?” he shakes her, “What happened to Lavanya?”

Laksh holds back his head and feels strange, “Uttara what is that ?” he goes forward and notices a CD in her clutch. He pulls it out and goes to play it…

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