Sangini – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Sangini : Love is in the air…

Sanskar comes out of the washroom and smiles looking at Ragini, “Seems the moon hid somewhere afraid of your beauty!”

“You’re cute, Sanskar” Ragini says looking into his eyes as he approaches closer to her, she holds his collar, “But you reek of Romance and good intentions” she pushes him and he lands on the bed.

“Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever….” He gets up and leans closer to her and she closes her eyes as he holds her, “and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you..”

He caresses her face and slowly pushes a strand of hair behind her ear, his touch makes her shiver, “Sanskar…” she merely whispers.

He brought his lips closer to hers and said, “I am going to kiss you until the only name you will ever taste is mine…”

You showed me your soul

buried underneath

an aching darkness

thinking it would

scare me away…

little did you realise

it made me love you

even more and

I just pulled you closer…

As the two were lost in each other deeply, their love story finally coming to a point of their life, where their bodies and souls meet, their love bloomed in that beautiful night.

She had never felt so alive being with him

the air cracked with electricity.

Every cell was on fire inside her and all she could think of

was placing her burning lips on his neck

half biting, half kissing, she wanted to kiss him wildly

like he’s never been kissed before…

breathing life back into his soul,

until his only desire at this moment

was to have her

make her his.

“I wish you were here or I were there or we were together anywhere,” she thought as she watched the twinkling stars in the sky, a tear escaped her eyes rolling down her cheeks it fell down invisible just like she was for him.

“Lavanya.” Uttara stood there near the door smiling at her widely from ear to ear and a smile spread on her face. Uttara stared at her, her smile lost and a worry replaced it, “Are you fine?”

“Yes, just missing someone. Nothing that should be worried for!” she replied signing her to come in and she did. “I was wondering if you don’t mind can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked nervous.

Lavanya smiled amused, “On one condition, tell me about everyone and everything, we’ll have a gossip night!” she jumped on the bed next to Uttara who squealed excited, “Done deal!”

And they talked and talked the whole night, like two sisters did. She shared about anything and everything, her family members and their cute little secrets she had. Her life was like an open book infront of Lavanya who for a moment wished even she could have done that said anything and everything to her cry out loudly empty her heart of everything and her burden would have lessened. But No! she can’t do it, Uttara is just like her little sister who can’t be burdened with so much. “Lav…”she called her out of her thoughts and she stared back at Uttara.


“Thank you” she said smiling at her newfound sister, “I never knew how being with a sister felt, I always wished I had one and see I got you!” she hugged her tightly making her smile again.

“Sanskar was right” she remarked as they separated, “Your too good for a emotional blackmailer.”

“Haww, I’ll show him in the morning what actual Blackmailing is!”

“An accomplice will help you do your work more better!” she smirked at her as they shared a Hifi and giggled.

As the morning rays peep through their window pane, Ragini slowly opens her eyes finding herself in his embrace, the warmth and the rhythm of his heartbeat felt like a dream. As she tried to getup, she got pulled more closer to him. He kissed her hair murmuring, “Good morning”

His eyes still closed but a peacefyl smile, a smile that would make her day go amazing she thought replying, “Morning will be good, if I getup and get ready fast before any of your sisters come up here.”


“Sanskar, did you forget Lav…” He got up with a jolt making her jump too. Sanskar scurried out of the covers and hurried towards the cupboard, pulling out his T-shirt he hurriedly went inside the bathroom. Ragini who is watching all this amused started laughing at him when he came outside, “What?” he frowned.

“Sanskar, your…”

“Statue! Ragini not now!” he walked towards the bed and leaned closer to her. Giving her a peck cutely, “Love you…”

He rushed out of the room leaving a smiling Ragini, as Sanskar walk down the stairs the servants stared at him and smiled. He didn’t acknowledge them and went near the couch. He sat on the couch and started reading the newspaper, Annapurna and Swara came from the main entrance talking about something, “Good morning Badimaa!” Sanskar exclaimed smiling at her.

Annapurna too smiled back at him, Swara who was staring at Sanskar wide eyed started laughing. Sanskar stared back at her confused, just then Sujatha and Lavanya came there probably gossiping about something. Swara’s laughter caught their attention and they came there to see what happened.

Sujatha’s eye’s widened looking at Sanskar, “Chora! What is this?”

“What is what Mom?”

Lavanya smirked pointing out at his T-shirt, “New fashion trend?” she exclaimed as Swara tried to control her laughter. Sanskar noticed his T-shirt which he had wored the wrong way and started to make an excuse, “I liked it this way more Lav” he replied casually.

“And What about your pants? Like your shorts more then them do you?” Lavanya mocked and Swara burst out into laughter. Even Sujatha and Annapurna tittered as Sanskar brushed his hair extremely embarrassed. Ragini came there just then as he gave her a look she said, “I was about to tell you but you made me statue” she innocently looked at him as Lavanya went and stood next to her.

“Perhaps, you should feed him Almonds Daily Ragini, Badhti umar ka Asar (effects of old age.)”

Sanskar walks from there embarrassed as Ragini stops him, “Sorry, I thought you left so went with Aunties and Swara.”

“Went where?” Ragini questioned confused, Sanskar signed her not to and closed her eyes

“For the jog” Lav replied excited, “He was about to give me Morning Darshan but I got a bit late and he left. Sanskar is so parrticular about everything, tomorrow I promise will get up early before you!”

Ragini smirks, “Early and Sanskar?”

“Since when did Sanskar started to go for jogging?” Sujatha asked as if oblivious about it.

Sanskar brushed his hair again embarrassed as Lavanya stared at him wide eyed, “Liar!” Sanskar runs from there behind annapurna as Lavanya follows him, “You did that to me for like months not fair!”

“Lav.. Look I was just trying to put good habits in you” he said standing behind Sujatha now, “Never teach what you do not yourself preach Mr. Maheshwari!” She hits him and he holds her, “I’ll give you an ice cream treat truce?”

Lavanya inhales, “daily!”

“Twice a week?”

“Neither yours nor mine, Thrice a week and If you say no, I’ll have to spill some of your secrets to…”

“Deal sealed!”

“Just an ice cream for months of stupid exercise and morning jog?” Swara asked and Sanskar stared back at her wide eyed, “You knew?”

“Yeah, she was talking about it when we were coming”

“Ragini, learn something from your sister”

“Go wear your clothes first!” Lavanya says taking Ragini’s side who smirks at him.

“Sometimes Don’t know whose side you are at!” He leaves from there confused and embarrassed as the ladies start laughing, Annapurna watches Lavanya hug Swara and Ragini and gets emotional. Sujatha too feels the same way, “Lets prepare breakfast fast, I’m really hungry!”


“Ragini come help me in the kitchen please” Sujatha cuts her in and both Swaragini look at her suspiciously. Ragini nods and follows her, “But I want to eat something special!”

Sujatha turns back at her, “What’s your favourite?”

“When it comes to food everything is my favourite!”

“Another Lakshya is here” Swara sighs and Annapurna’s face goes pale, “Don’t take his name so early please, how do you live with him he’s so annoying!”

Swara sadly replies, “Destiny what shall I say”

“We have to prepare the morning breakfast and if you too began again we’ll have to eat it on lunch” Ragini mocks.

“I want you to make something together, Dad says it’s not the number of dishes that matter, it’s the love and the warmth that makes a dish tasty. So just imagine if four lovely ladies make one dish there would be so much of love in it!”

“Stop stop, I already have a sanskar don’t want another one!”

“He’s too bad at it isn’t he?”

“Now see who is talking again?” Ragini makes a puppy face at her, “What’s with you two comparing me with your husbands?”

Uttara comes out of the washroom and dries her hair with the towel, “Were you having a bath or an orchestra in there?” Lavanya looks at her bored and she flushes, “Do I sing that bad?”

“You doubt?” Uttara becomes upset, “Just kidding, I’m going down you come fast.” She gets up and leaves from there, Lavanya pauses midway and turns back towards Swalak’s Room, “No Lav, Lakshya is a Bad news don’t see his face so early in the morning please!” She walks forward slowly her expressions as if she doesn’t want to go forward but her legs aren’t listening to her, “Okay fine! Just one look and you turn back and go downstairs straight!” she commands herself pausing midway and then resumes her steps. As she slowly approaches the room, she looks here and there to find if anyone is watching her. Suddenly someone comes and dashes with her, she’s on the floor again,”Ouch!”

“Not again!” Lakshya stares at her sitting on the opposite side of the floor, “What are you doing in front of my room so early in the morning?”

“Oh so is there like a time limit to enter your room?” She scorns and he rolls his eyes at her, “My room, My wish!”

“Theres a women who stays in this room with you and If my memory isn’t wrong she is Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari”


“So I came here to meet her!” she states uprightly.

“Oh, so after how many years are you meeting Mrs. Lakshya Maheshwari?”

“Uh.. I meant I came here to see if she is there, not that I love to see your Stupid face so early in the morning!”

“Stupid face mine?”

“Yes yours! You have any doubt?”

“No not at all, if my face is stupid then so is yours!”


“Just like that only,” She frowns at him, “Your calling me stupid?”

“Yes, you have any doubt?” he grins at her and she huffs, “Then your not stupid! I take my words back now take yours too!”

“Why should I?”

“Bcause I said so” she makes a puppy face at him and he sighs, “Fine I take my words back, your cute!”

“Thank you” she smiles at him cutely, “Your Hot!” she winks at him and he brushes his hair with attitude.

“And you two are Impossible!” exclaims Swara standing behind Lavanya, who turns at her and smiles sheepishly so does Lakshya, to her surprise she finds something common in them, perhaps a connection.

“What are you two doing down there?” asks Ragini worriedly staring at the duo, who stare back at each other and get up instantly, “Just having a floor to floor discussion!”

Ragini furrows her brows at her confused, “Yeah, floor to floor discussion, wait does such type of an discussion exist?”

“Why do you have to like do that brother? I mean Lakshya… it was an excuse and you were supposed to support me!”

“And why should I do that?”

“Because I’m like your elder sister!” she replies standing straight, “Oh please, I’m like don’t know how much but I am the elder one!”

“Why do you both have to like fight on silly things?” Swara asks frustrated as Ragini completes her, “Everything Swara!”

“I’m going for breakfast! fit your husbands screws please!”

“I would like to have some food early morning, unlike some people who eat others Brains!”

The duo leave from there walking meters apart from each other, same style, same anger, same expression but you see same poles always repel don’t they?

Everyone is having Breakfast at the table, Lavanya is sitting next to Durgaprasad and to her opposite side is Annapurna and to her other side is her Sujatha who is constantly asking her to have more food pampering her. She just smiles and complies looking at Annapurna who smiles back. Uttara is busy in her phone and doesn’t have her Breakfast properly, Adarsh snatches the phone from her and signs towards the food, she makes a puppy face and continues to eat. All have a hearty laugh at the precap on the morning incident, Sanskar flushes shaking his head as Adarsh and Lavanya who’s up from her chair having finished her huge breakfast, share a Hifi.

“Good morning!” Tarun exclaims entering the Mansion, and everyone smile at him except, Swaragini and Sanlak. Suddenly theres a noise, It’s Lavanya, the glass of water in her hand has been broken into pieces and fell down, her hand bleeding profusely.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she yells at him and his face goes pale.

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