Sangini – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – I’m Sorry…

“Bhai…” Uttara rushes towards Sanskar and hugged him tightly her eyes moist, Sanskar rubs her back and stares at Dhruv who has blood all over his jacket. Swaragini rush towards him worried, their eyes moist, “Bhai are you fine?” Swara asks to which dhruv nods in a yes. Lakshya keeps a hand on his shoulder, “What happened?”

Dhruv stares at him guilty,

“You know I just love paav bhaji!” Uttara exclaims cutely.

“But you just had lunch with everyone an hour ago Uttara” Dhruv states amused and she pouts at him, “But I want paav bhaji not because I’m hungry but because I love it, just like I love you.”

Dhruv smiles nd cocks his head at one side, “Why do your I love you’s come when you want something from me? Are you trying to bribe me Mrs.Dhruv Agarwal?”

Uttara blushes, “Are you coming with me or not?”

Dhruv sighs defeated holding his hands up in the air, “Fine Madam, Lets go.” The duo go to a roadside stall and Uttara sits on the bench as Dhruv orders for them. They share the paav bhaji and have some Romance.

Dhruv gets a call and is speaking on it, Uttara washes her hands and goes towards him. He excuses himself and signs her to go and sit in the car. She makes a face but then starts walking towards the car, her clutch falls down from her hand and she bends to get it. Unaware of a Car approaching her from the other side, suddenly Dhruv calls out shocked, “Uttara!”

Someone pushes her aside and gets herself hurt in the process, Dhruv rushes towards them and holds Uttara who is in a trance at the moment. Dhruv rushes towards the girl who is covered in blood, her head and hands have bruises.

“Bhai,” Uttara is sobbing, “She will be fine Naah?”

“Shh…” Sanskar caresses her hair and signs Swaragini who come and hold her. “Lucky call everyone at home and inform that Uttara and Dhruv are fine.” Laksh nods and leaves just then the Doctor arrives, “Doctor, how is she now?”

“She’s fine and conscious, It’s better you guy’s inform her family and you can meet her now Miss. Uttara. Mr. Agarwal please get these medicines fast and meet me in my cabin.”

“Bhai, will you please come with me?” Sanskar nods, “You go with your Bhabhi’s I’ll come in a moment.” He signs Ragini who nods and goes with Uttara. “Swara, call at the Baadi and inform Maa Papa, they will be worried to.” Swara nods wiping her tears.

Uttara opens the door slightly, still afraid of the incident she peeps inside the room. “Do I look so horrible?” the girl on the bed exclaims with a chuckle. Uttara shakes her head in a No, “I’m sorry” she mumbles.

The girl laughs, “Trust me, you don’t need to be.” She smiles at Uttara who smiles at her back and comes forward, “Does it hurt?”

“Yes” she makes a puppy face, “But I’m used to it, kind of get bruised and hurt every time I visit a new place, which I do always so it’s habitual” she says causally trying to look behind Uttara, her vision still a bit blurry.

“Hii” Ragini smiles at the girl, “Thank you so much, for saving Uttara and I’m really…”

“No more sorry’s please” the girl pleads, “You are?”

“I’m her elder Brother’s wife, Ragini Maheshwari” The girl stares at her astonished, “Maheshwari, as in you’re related to Sanskar Maheshwari?” she asks excited.

Ragini nods at her puzzled, “I’m his wife…”

“Luv…” Sanskar exclaims delighted but shocked at the same time standing at the door, “When did you come back from US? and wait, Why didn’t you call me?”

“Statue!” she sighs staring at Sanskar, “I’ll answer all your questions first get me out of this hospital please, pretty please!” she twinkles her eyes at him innocently and he shakes his head.

“Why do we always meet in an hospital?” He walks towards her and kisses her forehead lovingly.

“Well last time it was you and now it’s me”She shrugs making him chuckle, “So guess we are equal now?” She nods and hugs him tightly. “Besides, I have my many questions to be answered too!” she states signing towards Ragini who is still puzzled so is Uttara.

“Lavanya Malhotra, the girl who helped you…”

“When I was in the hospital,” He completed Ragini, “After kavita’s death, She not only helped me but gave me a new identity over there for years. They treated me as Family Ragini.” Sanskar closes his eyes in pain leaning to his car, Ragini keeps a hand on his shoulder, “And look what I did to her, she was here to meet me and I couldn’t even take care of her properly. She gave me the title of Karma, when I had no family with me she became my Family, my little sister and I couldn’t even…”

He punches his car and Ragini winces, “Sanskar… Stop or your car will get a dent” Lavanya exclaims, “It’s not always your fault!” she complains. “So stop going melodramatic and Thank you.” She hugs him, and he smiles “Thank you quota starts here?”

“Well it’s a starter, besides you have to do alot more and Thank you won’t be enough!” she pecks his cheek and makes a puppy face, “No No No…. Luv…”


“Sanky?” Ragini looks at Lavanya amused, “My way of Pampering” she winks at her and she stares back at Sanskar, “You should do it for her”

“Do what? I’m not gonna call Uncle, it’s your punishment here take this your new phone.”

Lavanya pouts at him upset, “Useless Idiot!” Ragini starts laughing and the duo stare at her, “See she’s laughing at me because of you” Sanskar complains.

“I’m sorry” she makes a sad face, “I’ll talk to dad on my own, what if he will scold me not that you would have saved me from that but it’s okay I’ll listen to it, I deserve it and then he’ll ground me but it’s okay I deserve that too…”

“Fine, stop making that face now!”

“I love you Sanky!!” Lavanya hugs him and he chuckles, “Dramebaaz!”

Ragini smiles at the adoring duo as Sanskar gets inside the car, “Thank you…”

“Hmm?” Lavanya looks at her puzzled, “Got to see a new side of him today” Lavanya smiles at her cutely, “Theres a lot more to happen Baby” she whispers, “Secrets of your husband that only I know and trust me they will work as weapons for you in future.” She winks at Ragini who stares at her puzzled again, “You didn’t understand right?” Ragini shakes her head in a No, “Tubelight Bhabhi.”

“Okay, I know that I look like haven’t ate for days but aunty, if you feed me this much I won’t eat for centuries after this.” Sujatha rolls her eyes at her as Annapurna smiles, “Beta, this is Sujatha’s way of pampering you, let her do it or her stomach will start paining.”

“Jiji! Chori lavanya”

Lavanya cuts her in, “Luv… Aunty luv sounds better.”

“Your Mom dad gave you such a beautiful name why do you want to damage it, Lavanya sounds so good.” Lavanya nods at her defeated and Sanskar smirks, “Eat Lavanya eat”

Lavanya stares at him and then at Ragini, who hits Sanskars shoulder, “Ouch! When did you get in her side?” Lavanya sticks out her tongue at him, for some reason annapurna’s eyes get moist and Swara notices it, “Maa, Are you fine?”

Lavanya turns to her and worries, “Nothing beta I’m fine, just… Thank you Lavanya for everything that you did in the past and We are so sorry that we couldn’t…”

“Aunty please…” Lavanya keeps her hand on Annapurna’s, “I’m awesome now besides Uttara would be hating me for getting all the attention, she needs it the would be bride.” She winks at Uttara who flushes, “Shut up Luv”

“I will if you do me a favour” Uttara nods, “Anything for you.”

“Lend me a dress of yours for tonight and I’ll bribe you a oppurtunity of shopping tomorrow, Sanskar will hold our bags!” she claps her hands excited and Uttara laughs.

“That reminds me, Luv What happened?”

“Uhm… I came here to meet you, thought I would surprise my best buddy but I ended up being fooled. Can’t believe that taxy driver was such a perv, he tricked me and took everything. And he even took my favourite shoes loser! I couldn’t even call you because he took my phone away and you know how bad I am at remembering numbers. I’m sorry.” She shrugs her shoulders and looks at him innocently. “How’s uncle, does her even know that your here?”

“Ask him yourself, he has no time to even say Welcome home Luv, or I would have been at the Malhotra Nivas currently having dinner with him and having a roadmap on Kolkata!”

“You came here directly?” Sanskar stares at her unbelievably, “You need to stop doing that Luv, you know Uncle will be so upset when he knows your here in this condition.”

“Not you too! Anyways, I’m done the dinner was amazing thank you so much.” She gets up and starts to leave but halts and turns at Sanskar, “Actually, my important documents were in my bag Sanskar, Dad will kill me”

“Don’t worry, Lucky has filed a FIR and we will get your luggage soon. And yes Uncle will kill you”

“Lucky? Laksh your younger brother?”

“You remember” Sanskar furrows his brows up, “I don’t forget anything Mr. Maheshwari! That reminds me Sujatha Aunty, I have heard alot about you from Sanskar you know…”

“Uhm, Luv you should sleep now.” Sujatha stares at them suspiciously, “Naah Chora, I want to listen what my son says about me”

“Even I don’t feel sleepy” Sanskar widens his eyes at her while Ragini is amused, “That…” Lavanya walks towards Sujatha and whispers something in her ears, “Sanskar!”

“Maa, I really never said that once you start to speak you don’t stop” Sujatha frowns, “But she said something else”

Lavanya stares at him innocently, “Okay, I didn’t say anything that she said!” he smiles at her as if victory and she smirks. Sujatha makes a crying face, “Jiji! I got so happy when she said that my son thinks that I’m the best mother in the world.”

“That you are Mom.” Sujatha and the others smile at him. “Sweet dreams buddy!” Lavanya leaves from there and goes upstairs, suddenly she dashes into someone and falls down so does the other person, “What the…”

It’s Lakshya who stares at a sulking Lavanya and feels a strange connection towards her, “Maheshwari Mansion.”


“That’s where you are”

“I know that”

“Ohh really, the way you were walking I don’t think you knew that!”

“Seriously, you were the one who knocked us both down.”

“Look at your size brother!” Annapurna freezes at her place as Sujatha stares at Lavanya, “I knocked you down doesn’t sound good!”

“Stop it you two,” Swara comes and helps Lavanya get up as Lakshya stands and wipes his coat, “Tell her to stop not me!”

Lavanya frowns, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Lakshya Maheshwari” He walks closer to her and she doesn’t backoff, “Really?”

“Okay enough!” Swara stands in between them and Laksh huffs. Lavanya too does the samething, “What are you two?”

“Humans!” Lakshya and Lavanya speak in unison, “Pardon me, but humans don’t behave like that!”

“As if you never fight with me” Lakshya states, “Oh but you don’t look like you fight” Lavanya wonders, “Ohh please, ask her husband he would brief you well on that!”

“I would definitely but Her husband has gone to…” Lakshya smirks and points at himself, “You!”

Lakshya nods, “Unfortunately, Yes” he states sadly and she pats on his shoulder, “Does she fight so much? But I didn’t felt like that…”

“Haww! Weren’t you two fighting a moment ago and now you are giving him sympathy for being my Husband?” Swara frowns at Lavanya who moves a bit away from Lakshya, “Sorry went in the flow…” She stands next to Swara, “Do you really fight that much?”

“Straight upstairs, the first one is your Room.”

“Okay” She nods and leaves not before a halt, “Have you donated your eyes?”


“Thank god, don’t ever because your sight is pretty bad!” she sticks out her tongue at him and runs upstairs. Lakshya brushes his hair frustated, “I won’t ever do any work of hers!”

Sanskar nods innocently and Lakshya goes the same way as Lavanya went, Swara just stares at the others, “Thank god they aren’t siblings I would have died handling them!”

Swara too follows Lakshya, Ragini and Uttara go to the kitchen as Sanskar gets a call and walks upstairs, “Sujatha…”

“Jiji please, you din’t listen to me when I said, now don’t bring that topic again. I’m sorry but it was all your Bhaisaa’s decision.” Sujatha leaves from there as Annapurna sighs sitting back on the sofa, a tear trips down her cheeks as she whispers, “I’m sorry…”

“Chote, how can you sit here calmly, Sanskar is back now and…”

“Knows everything about me, but I have Ragini there Di and Now that he is back we will keep a tab on everything thats happening there.”

“He is? But you still need to be careful brother, that Swara has sharp detective skills in her she won’t take much time to find about us.”

“Till she does it will be too late and besides I can’t hurt her she’s Ragini’s sister and hurting her would hurt my Ragini which I hate to!”

“Okay Brother do as you want but please hurry up before it’s too late.”

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