Sangini – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Mai Hoon Naah.

The secret to a happy marriage

Is to flirt as if you’ve met each other for the first time

And to love as if you’ve known Each other forever…

Ragini is sleeping peacefully in Sanskar’s arms, as the sun rays hit her face she pouts cutely in sleep. She hears some noise, slow and peaceful, it’s Sanskar’s heartbeat. Ragini opens her eyes and turns up to see Sanskar sleeping and smiles cutely. As the curtains move due to wind Sanskar’s sleep gets disturbed, he opens his eyes and Ragini quickly closes her eyes acting as if she’s asleep. Sanskar is about to move but then he finds Ragini sleeping peacefully on his chest and a smile appears on his face. Ragini opens one eye and peeks whether Sanskar is awaken or not and Sanskar grins, “Oh, guess Mrs. Maheshwari is in deep sleep, my beautiful wify so sorry. How can I disturb your sleep? But then why not?”

He furrows his brows, forwarding his hand towards the water jug kept in the side table and splashes the jug in Ragini’s direction making her jump out of the bed squealing, “Sanskar!”

To her disappointment, the jug was actually empty and now Sanskar is hilariously laughing at her, “You really thought I would give you a free shower in revenge wify?” Ragini pouts at him hitting her head lightly, a smile appears on her face and she also starts laughing.


“That’s not fair!” He complains cutely, “Besides I’m such a loving husband and look at you, being awake you din’t even move the curtains so that your husband gets a peaceful sleep.” He pouts at her and she makes a face, “Ohh Really? Which husband gives his sleeping wife a mini Heart attack Sanskar? And besides how much will you sleep? No more sleep from now!” she orders.

“Yes boss! Hunterwali biwi.”

Ragini’s mouth forms an O and she starts hitting him, Sanskar tries to stop her but when she doesn’t he grabs hands and pulls her towards him. Ragini loses her balance and falls on Sanskar, “What more could I have asked for?” he exclaims, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear. They share an eyelock.

“Ragini!” Sanskar sighs closing his eyes as Ragini gets up giggling, “Bad timing Hubby!” She sticks a tongues out at him and shouts, “Coming Mom!”

“Good mor….”

“Shhhh…..” Swara keeps a finger on Laksh’s mouth and he smirks, “My wify’s getting naughty so early in the morning haan?” He winks at her and she facepalms herself.

“Monkey!” She signs him towards the craddle where Ruhaan is sleeping peacefully, “Your havoc of a son is sleeping peacefully, don’t wake him up or I will have to call Ragini this time.” She pouts at him innocently and he chuckles. Swara glares at him and he makes a serious face, “By the way, I thought he was our son?” he asks her confusingly and she starts hitting him. Laksh holds her, “My vixen, if you don’t get out of here and get ready in 15minutes, I promise neither of us our going out of this room today.” Swara blushes and jumps out of bed, getting the towel and her saree she walks towards bathroom as Laksh stretches on the bed she peeps out of the door, “You know what?”

Laksh stares at her dubiously, “Hmm?”

“I love you…” she blows a kiss towards him and he acts like catching it and putting inside his T-shirt he falls back. Swara shakes her head smiling, “By the way hubby, this was for your wait.”


“Because I would take not 15 but 50 minutes to get ready, till then keep it as a Bait.” she goes in giggling. “So does that mean I would get more after you come out?” he asks her excited and she peeps out again and signs towards Ruhaan glaring back at Lakshya, who keeps a finger on his lips like a kid.

Ragini comes out of the washroom wearing a baby pink saree, her hair is wet. Sanskar who was watching outside the window, sees her reflection through the glass and turns towards her. He’s mesmerized to see her thus, Ragini’s drying her hair with the towel and Sanskar goes towards her. “Ragini can you please stop.”

Ragini turns towards him shocked or rather confused, “What Sanskar?” she asks him worried.

“Being so beautiful that my eyes just can’t stop staring at you.” Ragini shakes her head smiling, she resumes drying her hair and Sanskar glances at her through the mirror, “If I wait here for two more minutes, I would fall in love with you again…” Ragini flushes, “Then who told you to wait? Go get ready fast, you have to go to office.”

Sanskar frowns, “Your the worlds first wife, who is asking her injured husband to go to work.” Sanskar makes a baby face and she asks him amused, “Injured? But where?”

He pulls her closer, and keeps her hand on his chest near his heart, “Here…” He leans closer to her and Ragini closes her eyes. Suddenly Ragini’s phone starts ringing, and Sanskar sighs frustrated, “The whole world is behind me only today!” Ragini starts laughing and caresses hi face, “Go get Ready Sanskar, please…” she requests and he nods.

“On one condition,”


“Stay here till I come back, promise?”

“Aww Mera Babu, pakka promise.” she widens her eyes at him and he goes towards the washroom.

“Ragini…” Sanskar peeps out of the washroom.


“Babu sounds really cute, but I prefer baby it sounds Romantic.” He winks at her and she throws the towel at him.

Ragini picks up her phone, “Good morning Maa”

“Good morning Ragu, so how is Sanskar now?”

“Sanskar! Ask how I am Maa! Now I got another Ruhaan to handle.”

Sumi laughs, “Ragu, you’ll handle them it’s my guarantee if you can handle that sister of yours then you can handle anything.”


“Guess, Whole maheshwari mansion has just one name on their mouths!” Ragini smiles, “Maa, I’ll call you later, Bye.”

Ragini stands infront of the mirror and combs her hair, “You’re stealing my rights from me wify!”

Sanskar complains coming out of the bathroom in his towel, Ragini stare at him wide eyed her mouth open, “What is this Sanskar?” she goes and closes the rooms door.

“Are you planning on doing something with me?” He covers his bare chest with his hands, “Mrs. Maheshwari, is my dignity at stake?”

Ragini gets a shirt for him and throws at him, “What is with throwing everything at me? I know you missed me all these days, but all venegence at once?” he asks wearing the shirt and the trousers lands on his face. “Thank god, we don’t keep missiles in the cupboard.”

Ragini frowns and sits in front of the dressing table, points towards her accessories, “Mom has called me for the third time and if she calls again, you and me both will get a good amount of teasing at the breakfast today.”

“Hmm.” He nods agreeing and takes the mangalsutra from the table and makes her wear it, ”

When I look at you,



that you stay with me because

who knows KAL HO NA HO.

I know that when you are with me.


But I will never let you feel lonely,

because MAI HOON NA.”

“Flirting skills haan? Uttara was right I guess her bhai’s got some super powers in his sleep.” She looks at him impressed. Sanskar puts a pinch of sindoor on her forehead and sets her Mangtika, “I’m not flirting, I’m just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive.”

They share an eyelock, “Bhabhi! Oops!” Uttara closes her eyes embarrassed,”Sorry!”

“Is my Wife the only one in this house? Don’t you have another bhabhi, choti?”

“Bhai, what to do we all are so fond of Ragini bhabhi that nothing in this house moves or happens without her” she states innocently.

“Ignore him Uttara, what happened?”

“Bhabhi, Dhruv and Your Maa Papa are coming to fix the muhurat , I don’t want to look like a jhalli please help me choose a dress nah!”

“Swara was going to take you to the parlour right?”

“I don’t know, both husband and wife are not even opening the door.”

“Are they fine?” Ragini worries.

“What will happen to them, they have stick a “Do not disturb” board outside” uttara whines.

Ragini facepalms herself, “Ruhaan, I should have checked him, you go I’m coming.”

Uttara nods and leaves, “Go, Your Bahuly duties are calling you.” Ragini shakes her head and leaves, Sanskar turns towards the mirror and stares at himself. Suddenly, Ragini comes from behind and pecks his cheek, “Welcome back Mr. Idiot!”

She runs from there giggling as Sanskar touches his cheek and smiles sheepishly.

“Who did this?”

“I did it!”

“Why did you do this?” asks Laksh utterly embarrassed.

“Because I’m your wife and a mother too” stated Swara. Laksh has just noticed the “Do not disturb” board out of his room and doesn’t know how to react.

“Do you know the meaning of Wife?” Swara shakes her head in a no, “It means Without Information fighting all the time!”

“No darling, It means with Idiot forever…” and the husband and wife start fighting, “You two started again?” Sujatha stares at them frustrated, “Where is Ragini?”

“I’m here Mom, What happened?”

“These two happened again! Chori get my Grandson ready please. Panditji and bhaisaa would be here any moment to fix the date.” Ragini nods and goes inside Swalak’s room.

“Why did you two stop? Jiji, no need of bringing speakers to hear daily bhajan, when we have rock music going on every moment here!” she leaves from there as Swalak give each other death glares.

“Good morning Ruh Baby,” Ruhaan blinks his eyes and stares at Ragini, “Aww My baccha come here.” She picks him up and nudges him, “Lets go and get ready, today Maasi will make her baby get ready.”

She comes out and looks at both the tom and jerry standing infront of her, “Uhmm! Are you both done?”

“Huh!” Swalak turn their faces aside and walk in the opposite sides, “Laksh!”

Laksh turns towards ragini and smiles at her sheepishly, “Sorry, I forgot.” And then he goes towards the hall, Ragini shakes her head chuckling, “Mumma and Papa behave like babies don’t they?”

“Durgaprasad ji, I think this muhurat will be good, engagement after five days and the wedding 10 days after the engagement.” Durgaprasad nods with a smile and turns towards other, who are delighted with the dates.

“So, finally set to be all mine Miss. Uttara?”

Uttara flushes, “Shut up, If bhai sees that you’re flirting with me he’ll kill you.”

“What? can’t I flirt with my would be wife also?” dhruv complains. “You can Saale sahab!” exclaims Sanskar keeping a hand on druvs shoulder. Dhruv smiles in return as they share a hug, “But after the marriage.”

“Badepapa, where are bhai and bhabhi?”

“Guess we will live a hundred years life Maa.” Annapurna smiles at her son standing at the door with his better half.

“Bhai!” Sanskar rushes towards Adarsh and hugs him, “Devarji, don’t shower so much of love to your brother. Did you forget he was the one advising you not to marry my devrani.” Parineeta smiles looking at Ragini who smiles back at her.

It’s afternoon and everyone is having lunch togather, Durgarasad’s eyes are moist finally all his kids are infront of his eyes happily playing and having dinner just like a family. Annapurna keeps a hand on his shoulder assuring him, “Now, our family is complete ji. No more evil eyes will fall on this house now as our house’s pillar’s our kids are together with us.”

After lunch, Sujatha seems a bit tensed and lost. Annapurna walks towards her and shakes her a bit, “Sujatha! What happened?”

“Jiji, I was just worried. Everytime there’s a marriage in this house something happens, everytime there’s something good happening, somehow even the bad follows it.”

Annapurna smiles, “Don’t worry this time nothing like that will happen Sujatha, our kids won’t let anything happen.”

Both Swara and Ragini are standing outside the kitchen and have heard everything, “Ragini…”

“I know what you want to say Swara, but nothing like that would happen this time. We won’t let anything happen.”

Swara nods, “Ragini, Its high time we find out about those injections from another doctor. Its either Tarun or someone else but whoever it might be we need to find it out Real soon.”

Ragini looks upstairs, “Tarun should be here any moment, Hope he doesn’t know anything about those injections…

“Excuse me, I actually forgot the prescriptions here.”

“Oh yes Ma’am, here.” The nurse hands it to Ragini, a suspicious look on her face. “Ma’am, just a sec.” she takes the prescription from her hand, “This is impossible.”

“what happened?”

“Ma’am these prescriptions are not correct, this injection it’s a sedative which is used to calm down People who are mentally imbalanced.”


“Yes Ma’am, this is a huge mistake since when are you giving these to the patient?”

“From the day he was in coma, I guess you’ve mistaken…”

“No ma’am trust me, I’ve been working an mental asylum for past five years. I know what medicines are given there and how harmful they can be to the normal ones.”

Ragini comes back home and informs everything to Swara, “What do we do now?”

“How can Tarun be so careless,” Swara gets her phone and is about to call Tarun, Ragini stops her, “No, Swara remember the call I got in the morning it’s time we should do something about this.”

“Stop the doses now and don’t say anything to anyone.”

“Hope this works now Swara.”

“It will work Ragini…”

“And it did see Sanskar is fine now Ragini.” Ragini nods, “Remember that day that night when fought infront of everyone and I vent my anger on him, his fingers moved.”

“And that was an enough signal for us, that what we are doing is right.”

Swara’s phone rings, “Uttara?”

“Bhabhi!” Uttara sobs from the other side, “Please come to the city hospital fast.”

“Uttara what happened? Is Dhruv bhai alright?”

“Bhabhi, please come fast.” The call cuts and Swara worriedly turns towards Rgaini, “Ragini please call sanskar, we need to go to the city hospital now!”

Ragini nods and rushes towards her Room, while Swara runs down the stairs to inform others.

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