Sangini – Chapter 20


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Chapter 20 – It feels so good to be back.

“So, changed your mind?”

Tarun nods defeated, an evil smile “But what ab…

“Ragini!” Swara calls out loudly from the entrance rushing towards her, “Ra.. Ragini Sans.. Sanskar…”

Ragini runs towards the mansion. Swara follows her, “Guess even god doesn’t want you both to unite Ragini. He wants us to be together, forever…” states Tarun leaning to his car with a evil smirk.

“Sanskar…” Ragini pauses at the corridor, a tear trips down her cheeks and falls down. The scene infront of her brings a wide smile on her face, “It worked…” whispers Swara from behind and Ragini nods hugging her tightly.

Love involves spending time together,

But spending time apart can lead to loving even more.

“See Bhai, the sister’s don’t leave a chance to hug each other!” Lakshya complains cutely.

“Lucky, let them have some sister’s time, till then even we will get some bro time.” He winks at lakshya who takes Sanskar into an hug. “Haww! you guys forgot me?”

Uttara comes there complaining like a kiddo, “I thought bhai would hug me but see, he loves Lakshya bhai only. Bhabhi, Please take his class okay?”

Sanskar pulls Uttara’s hair teasing, “Before that I will take her Bhai’s class.” He states making her blush, “Bhabhi!”

Sujatha rushes to her rescue, “See jiji, just few minutes and they began again.” Sujatha keeps the water jug at the side table and sits next to Sanskar, “We missed you so much Beta…”

She caresses his face lovingly, he looks at Ragini and pouts cutely, “But it doesn’t feel like everyone missed me so much.” Ragini frowns and the others smile knowing what he meant, “Why would she miss you? She had someone to give her company you see.”

Sanskar furrows his brows and stares at his mother, a smile spreads on his face and he looks back at Ragini, “Where is he?”

Ragini looks at him astonished, “Who?” He sighs, “Ruhaan.”

“You know about him, You know his name?”asks Swara amazed, to which Uttara jumps excited, “Bhai, did you develop some super powers in your sleep?”

Ragini hits her forehead lightly, Annapurna and Sujatha smile at her childishness, “Choti, Maybe yes.” he shrugs his shoulders, “He’s sleeping Sanskar, and Uttara no super powers. I think Harsh is having a real bad influence on you, No more action movies.”

Sanskar’s jaw fell open, “When did this happen?”

“What happened?” asked Swara. “Commander Ragini happened.”

Ragini leaves from there miffed as she sees Tarun standing at the door, “Give him a big injection will you?” she cribs like a child and leaves from there.

Sanskar smiles at Tarun, “Guess doc is in a trance,” exclaims Swara coldly staring at Tarun.

Tarun can’t find words to express, “No… Actually this seems like a miracle.” Swara chuckles, “Doc, did you really gave Medicines that cured him?” she emphasizes, “because if you did, you should have been happy right?”

“Swara, doc is in a denial phase currently. His medicines worked as magic for me, give him some time to accept it.”

Swara smirks, “Okay jethji.” She winks at him and leaves with Uttara and other ladies. “Lucky, I need to talk something with doc.”

“Yeah Bhai, I’ll inform at the office till then.” Lakshya leaves from there, getting his phone from his pocket.

Tarun acts like checking the machines, Sanskar tries getting down of the bed and Tarun stops him, “No, I need to check you first and for that you need to stay there till then.” Tarun sits infront of him.

“You really love her don’t you.” Sanskar asks smirking at him. Tarun’s face goes pale and he just stares at Sanskar, “I’m sorry?”

“You don’t need to be my friend, it’s not your fault. She is so adorable and beautiful, and her heart it has place for everyone. Once you make place in their, it’s really very hard to get out of there.”

“Who wants to?” Tarun asks, “Besides, I deserve to be there.” Sanskar looks at him amused, “Why to deny when you know everything, strange but people in comma usually do hear and feel whats happening next to them.”

Sanskar chuckles, “Comma? Are you trying to make me believe in that lie of yours doc?” He stares at him utterly unbelievable, “You and me Both know that I was not in comma, but Sedated.”

Tarun’s face expression turns into a shocked one, “How do…”

“I know?” He asks as if obvious, “My friend, Why wouldn’t I know? When you yourself confessed it infront of me countless times.”

Tarun looks at him with fear, “It was your Man that day, who injected me in the hospital wasn’t he?”

Tarun is about to reply, but Sanskar continues, “I don’t need your answers doc, I’ll tell you everything in detail if you want. After that you injected a daily dose of those sedatives and then made my Ragini do that to me. She was unknown of the fact that those injections weren’t to make me fine, but to make me worse weren’t they? You made her do something, if she knew she would have hurt herself so badly Tarun. When your true face comes infront of her, which will for sure; she would be a havoc. If she knew it was you who hurt her sister, at the Sangeet and then on the day of our wedding and that you did all this to get her back, to make her love you! She would not just hate you but might kill you with her own hands. After all that, the end of your deeds would be a broken Ragini, who would hate herself for being the reason behind her sister’s pain and her husbands eternal sleep.”

Tarun laughs evilly, “So are you planning on telling her that, because if you do then all that you said would happen and you might not believe it, but I would be the happiest person to be killed by her, My Ragini.”

Sanskar’s grip on the bed tightens, “She’s not your Ragini! Just because you say she won’t become yours Doc. And for the part where I tell her everything about you. No doc, I won’t.” He smiles, “It won’t take a millisecond for her to believe me and kick you out of her life but then theres a slight change in the script here.” He looks into Taruns eyes, “Ragini has had a drastic change in her life and for good. When you weren’t here there’s a lot of things that had happened in her life. She’s no more the naive and innocent Gadodia, she’s Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari now and as I said earlier, when she find out your true face she will… Well I won’t let her kill you, because you need to suffer alive doc. And now that I’m back your every night will be a suffer and your day would never begin, it’s my promise doc.”

Tarun fumes in anger and to his surprise Sanskar takes him into an hug whispering, “Your downfall has begun, count your days here doc.”

Sanskar exclaims loudly, “Thank you so much Tarun, thank you for everything!”

Ragini smiles holding a sleepy Ruhaan in her arms, “If you both are done someone has been waiting to go into Badepapa’s arms” she exclaims with a cute smile.

Sanskar separates from Tarun and gets down of his bed, “So your the one keeping my lady busy these days.” Ragini blushes and hits him lightly handing Ruhaan, the toddler easily goes into his arms and smiles at him. The baby examines Sanskar’s face and then looks behind him at the bed and then back at Sanskar. Ruhaan’s gaze shifts towards Ragini, who smiles and nods at him. Ruhaan stares at Sanskar and purrs, bringing a wide smile on Sanskars face. Sanskar nudges Ruhaan, “You Really are a copy of our siblings, even lucky was just like him, observing everything so keenly.” Ragini smiles at them.

“Even shona wasn’t no less, Dramebaaz all the time.” Sumi comes there with Shekhar and Swara who makes a puppy face at her mother. “Papa…” Sanskar hands Ruhaan to Ragini and hugs Shekhar, “It’s so good to see you back my son.” Shekhar exclaims tightening the hug and smiles.

Sumi comes forward and caresses his face, “Tarun beta Thank you so much.”

Tarun nods and turns to leave, “Doc, All the best.” Sanskar winks at a bewildered Tarun, who controls his anger nodding at him and leaves from there. Ragini asks dubiously, “All the best?”

“He has to handle something new from today, so thought to wish him the best.”

“Oh, but…”

“Ruhaan, see how many questions your badimaa asks” He complains and everyone laughs while Ragini rolls her eyes at him and frowns.

There’s a small family get together at the Maheshwari mansion. Tonight, everyone’s happy as their family is complete now.

“So, When are bhaiyaa and bhabhi coming back from US?” asks Sanskar at the dinner table. Dp smiles replying, “Probably after we fix the marriage date.” Uttara flushes, and both her bhabhi’s stand by her side, “Then Badepapa, we could call the panditji tomorrow, I just can’t wait to see everyone.”

“Not fair, first you all and now even Bhai wants to throw me out of the house so fast.” Uttara complains and Ragini takes her into an embrace, “Perhaps, your bhai is planning on making your husband a ghar jamai.” Uttara turns towards Sanskar who nods, “I can’t let my sister go away from me, not so far.”

“So we have planned on making dhruv settle here, and we also need a budhaape ka sahara (someone to look after us at old age)” exclaims Shekhar and Uttara jumps out of her seat and hugs Sanskar, “You’re the best bhai in the world!”

“What about me?” Lakshya complains cutely and Uttara sticks out her tongue at him. “You din’t get such ideas know, but theres an offer if you want to be in the league.”

Lakshya asks her eagerly, “And what is that offer?”

“You will be with me all the time, like wherever I want to go during the preparations.”

“That’s so easy.” Lakshya exclaims with a smirk, to which both Swaragini say in unison, “Oh no!”

Lakshya furrows his brows in suspicion at them as Uttara continues, “My Lehenga shopping, my makeup and jewellery shopping plus the parlour trips and yeah…” she pauses as Lakshya faints on his chair, and everyone at the table starts laughing.

Ragini comes inside the room and finds the bed empty, a smile appears on her face, “Missed me?” Sanskar comes from behind and hugs her. He kisses her hair and she smiles, “Maybe…”


“Yeah, I had company with me all the time you see.” She states pushing him away from her, and he frowns, “I was better sleeping on that bed only…” Ragini keeps a finger on his lips, “Shut up!” she says annoyed, “Don’t ever say like that or…”


“I would go back to Baadi and stay with Maa and Papa.” she replies sternly and he shakes his head, “Would they take you back?”

“Haww!” Ragini frowns and hits him on his chest making him wince, “Sorry baba, I was just…”

A flying pillow lands straight on Sanskar’s face, “I won’t go there besides how could I let you stay here in peace.”

“So you declare a war?”

“Yes, a war!” Ragini replies blinking her eyes and smirking at him, “You know…” he walks towards her, “This is not gonna be so easy, Mrs. Maheshwari”

“Who said I like easy things, besides I love it when it’s tough Mr. Idiot!” she throws another pillow at him and runs. Sanskar follows her, trying to catch her and she throws another pillow. Finally after all the pillows are done, Ragini stands there helpless, without anything to throw at him. She just stares at Sanskar who smiles at her evilly, “So My Queen, all weapons worn out, now what will you do?”

He comes closer to her and she moves back slowly, and when theres no place to even move back, she looks at him innocently, “Sans.. Sanskar…”

“Sanskar?” he stares into her eyes and she trips. Both of them fall back on th bed, and get lost in each others eyes.

“Uhmm.” Swara knocks at the door her eyes closed and Sanskar hurriedly gets up and separates from her. Ragini sits on the bed and smiles at her sister shyly, “Can I open my eyes now?” she asks teasingly and Ragini rolls her eyes at her sister, “Swara!”

Swara comes in giggling and keeps the water jug on the side table, “I was wondering…”

Ragini gives her a death glare, as Sanskar goes to washroom, “Nothing” she states, “Sweet dreams sister!” she smiles and hugs Ragini, “I’m really happy for you.”

“Me too Swara.” Swara turns to leave, “Swara…”

“Ruhaan is sound asleep Ragini, don’t worry I’ll handle him. Today, I mean tonight it’s your night Ragini!” she winks her teasingly and runs from there.

Ragini shakes her head lightly and smiles at her sisters childishness. She picks up all the pillows and sets the bed properly. She sits infront of the dressing table and removes her jewellery, Sanskar peeps out of the Bathroom door, “Did she leave?”

Ragini turns towards him and nods chuckling, “You’re so afraid of her Patidev? I never knew.”

Sanskar sighs coming out and sits on the bed, “Afraid? Who? me!” he says as if oblivious and smiles at her sheepishly.

“Yes! you!” she points out a finger at him and he holds it, “Good night, Mrs. Maheshwari.” He drapes the blanket over him and sleeps making Ragini frown.


“Yes,” he peeks out of th blanket, “Why? do you have some OTHER PLANS?” he teases as if suspicious on her intentions and she pouts at him cutely, “I wanted to talk with you, share so much about all that happened when you were asleep and all you wanted to do is SLEEP AGAIN?” she emphasizes.

Sanskar smiles and gets up, she sits next to him miffed, “You know I missed you so so much.”

“But I didn’t, because you were with me all the time.” He says widening his eyes and smiling at her. She stares at him lovingly and he holds her hand, “Well, I still doubt Ruhaan’s birth to be normal, If you know what I mean.” He grins and she laughs, “Oh no, you missed it Sanskar, everything was such a mess especially Lakshya, he literally was in trouble. Oh god, Swara was in labour pain and he was behaving dumb, it was not his fault but then who could make Swara understand……..

And they talked and talked the whole night, perhaps it was Ragini who was talking and Sanskar listened to her so intently, a cute smile on his face. “It feels so good to be back!” he thought to himself.

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