Sangini – Chapter 2


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Chapter 2 – Swara Marries Laksh


Flashback : At the river Bridge,

Ragini sobbing : Swara I’m a very bad person!

Swara worried : ragini !

ragini moves backwards : Please swara, let me speak today and you listen I’m a very bad person and above all a worst sister. How could I be so bad! they say it rightly love makes you blind, so much blind that you forget other relations too. You become worst then enemies to the people who love you. Swara! sanskar didn’t do it alone the drugs the hotel everything someone helped him too. It’s me! you’re sister Ragini ! Swara i’m not even able to be called u’re sister!

Swara has tears in her eyes she can’t believe what ragini is saying although she had a doubt that sanskar couldn’t do it alone but ragini her sister her friend no this can’t happen

Ragini tells her everything the flashbacks are shown Ragini’s accident, sanskar telling her that he’s not mad, his revenge from the maheshwari’s, the hotel drama, how she gave swara the drugged laddoos at sangeet.

Ragini : Swara even today i came here with the intention to kill you to get laksh but then that’s the moment swara that made me realize I’ve turned so evil, so mad in love, that i have turned into a killer! that too kill my own sister ! I hate myself swara.

Ragini falls down on her knees sobbing : I’m sorry for everything i know u won’t forgive me as i have done so much that u would start hating me now and sorry is just what i can give u now swara (she luks down in guilt)

Swara replies wiping her tears : you could give me something else too ragini.

Ragini luks at swara, who bends and makes her get up.

Swara : a promise that we’ll remain swaragini forever ..

Ragini is teary eyed, she nods in a yes. They hug each other.

FB ends swara smiles sumi pulls ragini’s ear

sumi : my shona is going and my ragini is becoming double naughty then her.

ragini : yea maa after shonaa goes you won’t bE able to miss her na thats why!!

The three share a group hug and dadi at side sees all this and gets emotional.

dadi : now enough of tears and emotional hugs save some for bidaai also ! ladoo u also get ready fast.

ragini nods in a yes sumi and dadi leave swaragini have a hug

ragini : nervous?

swara : hmm.

ragini nudges her : awww ! swaru it’s lucky who should be nervous not you.

She winks at her making swara giggle.

Maheshwari mansion :

Everyone’s happy and the baaraat has left for the baadi sanskar seems tensed but doesn’t let it be noticed by others and dances in the baraat. The baaraat reaches baadi, sanskar is searching for someone he sneaks in from a side and goes to ragini’s room.

Ragini’s trying to tie the knot behind her back. Sanskar is mesmerized by her beauty. She’s wearing a pink lehenga and an orange choli. Sanskar goes towards her ties the knot. Ragini sees him through the mirror and is surprized. She turns and is about to say something. sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth. They share an eyelock…

Someone knocks on the door, they are distracted

dadi : ladoo come fast the baraat is down.

Sanskar removes his hand from her mouth : dadi just 5mins, you go down i’ll take swara and come to the mandap directly!

dadi : okay ladoo but get ready soon

and she leaves

rags : sanskar what is all this you should have called me before coming to my room. what if someone had seen you?

sanky : ragini i was just worried for you and ..

rags : i told swara everything

sanskar is shocked. ragini turns around towards the mirror.

rags : yeah, the realization was late but I didn’t want it to be too late.(her expression changes into a sad one ) I was about to kill her sanskar how can i kill my own sister? my love for laksh wasn’t love but sheer madness to get him, a man whom i loved didn’t love me back, but loved my sister it wasn’t that I was jealous of her but angry and upset at the same time that why always me sanskar?

sanskar makes her turn towards him and cups her face : you took the right decision ragini believe me may come what i’ll be there for you always.

Ragini smiles, He kisses her forehead and leaves. Ragini goes too swara’s room, where swara is nervously walking here and there she notices ragini and becomes more nervous when rags says that they have to go down to the mandap.

Ragini stops her and hugs calming her .

rags : swaru calm down (she holds her face )it’s the most important day of your life, so stop being nervous. It’s not your exam result day it’s your marriage day, enjoy each and every moment, come on cheer up now. I’ll give you a slight touch up and then we’ll go down.

swara : but dadi called us down right !

ragini : my dear sis let the dulheraja and others wait a bit.

Down at the mandap lucky is waiting for his wife, to be wife? well just few rituals more and she’s all your’s laksh maheshwari. He grins to himself.

Just then ragini comes down with swara all are mesmerized to see them lucky can’t set of his eyes from swara.

Rags takes swara to the mandap and makes her sit next to lucky. The rituals start, panditji chants the mantras. Ragini is standing next to swara down the mandap with sumi and sanky is standing opposite to her next to lucky clapping happily as he always does. They share an eye contact and smile. Meanwhile the mantras are going swalak are putting something in the agni.

lucky : By the way my wifie luks beautiful today !(teasingly smiles)

swara smiles : thanq patidev!

lucky : the pleasures all mine !

panditji calls sumi and shekhar for kanyadaan. They get emotional but Ragini keeps a hand on both of their shoulders as if assuring she’s always there for them. They smile, Swara to sees them and gets emotional, which lucky notices and keeps his hand on hers she smiles at his gesture.

Panditji says to do the gathbandhan. sumi signs rags to go. ragini ties the gathbandhan tightly and promises to herself that she’ll never let this relationship break. swara at the other side promises that she’ll never let her and ragini’s sister bonding break.

swaragini bg music plays. Swalak stand up for the phere(rounds). They complete the seven rounds with swara at front for the first three and laksh for the next four. They sit down. All the while sanky is just looking at ragini lovingly sujatha notices him thus and thinks”god hope what I’m thinking comes true soon (ragsan )”

Lucky makes swara wear the traditional marwari mangalsutra then applies sindur on her forehead. The panditji says “shaadi sampann hui.”

All are happy swalak luk at each other smiling. They get up to take blessings from everyone. They go to dada and dadi first then to ap – dp, sumi shekhar, sujatha and rp .

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