Sangini – Chapter 19


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Chapter 19 – Mr. Maheshwari, I’m coming for you.

“You scared me!” exclaims Ragini keeping a hand on her chest, Swara giggles. “Punishment for you, why did you leave your dinner like that?”

“Perhaps you forgot,” She replies raising her eyebrow’s, “You were NOT TALKING TO ME!” she emphasizes making Swara pout at her cutely.

“Was I that rude?” Ragini starts laughing and she frowns, “I’m upset here and you’re laughing at me? Very bad Ragini!”

She turns her face opposite to Ragini and huffs, “Acha Baba sorry,” Ragini hugs her from behind, “Besides, it was your plan only na?”

She blinks her eyes at Swara innocently, “I just followed your orders Big sister!”

“Just like I do” states Laksh standing at the door, “I was already suspicious when you two were all, I’m not talking to you! and Swara! down there!” he teases them.

“May come what, Swaragini have a fight that too for Doc, didn’t seem to be believable not atleast for me!” He utters brushing his hair with his hand.

Swara and Ragini just stare at him, “You are not supposed to come in like that!” complains Swara.

“Oh come on Swara, just take it that you guy’s have been busted and brief me fast. Even I’m the husband of worlds greatest detective Swara Maheshwari, and you can’t deny after how I helped you with uniting Maa and Baba, that even I can be of” He makes puppy eyes at her pleading, “Some help…”

“Only if,” Swara pokes his stomach, “You keep this shut in here and not share with anyone!”

Laksh nods and stares at Ragini who chuckles, “Fine fine, so here it began…

“Hello, Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari here,”

“Yes Ma’am, how can we help you.”

“I just wanted some details about the calls we received an hour ago probably at our house telephone.”

“But Ma’am…”

“Don’t worry, it’s our house matter and I have the permission from commissioner, so there would be any problem or harm happening to you.”

“Okay Ma’am give me a few moments, I’ll call you back.”

“Sure, please be quick.”

Ragini sighs sitting on the bed next to Swara, who pats her shoulder in return, “Well done agent Ragini!”

Ragini pouts at her cutely, “Thank You, Senior officer Swara” she states teasing her. “Now what next?”

“Wait till she calls back and then…”

“Step no.2″

The cellphone rings, ” Ragini Ma’am?”

“Yes, did you get them?”

“Yes Ma’am, the time frame you mentioned, it was a call from Mr. Harshvardhan Sinha.”


“Harshvardhan Sinha Ma’am, he’s from…”

“Stop stop, I know about him, can you just tell me the number so that I could note it down (It’s a house telephone, like old times so we can’t see the number in it)”

“Sure Ma’am.”

Ragini notes down the number in a pocket diary, “Thank you so much”

“It was our pleasure Ma’am!”

“Who is it Ragini?” Swara asks a worried and confused Ragini, “I knew it!”

“You knew what?”

“No use of getting the call details Swara, the number is of Harsh.”

“What!” exclaims Swara shocked. “Swara… It’s his old number, and it was lost two years back.” Swara stares at her confused while she continues, ” Yes, Bhai and Harsh visited here two years back, dadaji had planned for a tour to few temples. We were all togather that time, in bus when aunty, his mom called asking about his phone, that’s when he realized he lost it. I was with him that time Swara, it’s definitely not Harsh.”


“Someone is trying to frame my friends Swara, it’s clear someone is…”

“Ragini, someone is planning this from years…” Ragini looks at swara confused, “The phone calls, no one answered it when ever either me or uttara or maybe anyone picked it at home. The person was waiting for you to pick it up, and said about sanskar.”

Ragini is still confused, “And what does that mean?”

“Idiot! Everything is so related to you, I suspect it’s not only Sanskar but that even you are in danger. Just look at the facts he could have even said to any one of us about Sanskar’s life being in danger, Fine leave it. The person could have used any other cell phone to call you, why not a PCO to call then use a stolen number that too of Harsh” she emphasizes, “You’re another childhood friend!”

Ragini raises her brows in suspicion, “Maybe you’re right, but then what to do now?” she asks her frustrated.

“Go for plan B.”

“But Swara…”

“Plan instigate Tarun!” Swara looks into Ragini’s eyes, who seems upset but agrees and nods.

“So you mean Tarun?” asks a bewildered Laksh, “No Laksh, we aren’t sure …”

“But I guess it’s him,” Both Swara and Laksh stare at Ragini shocked, “When I mentioned to him about the call, he was tensed slightly. Swara, I forgot about an incident that happened when we were small…”

(Flashback )

“How dare you?” exclaims an small boy holding other boys collar, “How dare you hurt My Ragini!”

“I didn’t do anything…” The other boy pleads, “That pen you bought, it is her’s”

“I bought it from the store Tarun.” The boy replies afraid, to which the other boy punches him, “So you mean Ragini is lying? Your calling her a lier?”

“No.. No tarun… I’m sorry” He sobs, “Give me the pen Now!”

“Tarun!” shouts a girl from behind, “Stop it! You’re hurting him” The boy calms down and looks back at her, “He has your pen…”

“I got it back Tarun.” She snaps widening her eyes at him, and his grip on the boys collar loosens, “I’m sorry.”

The boy wipes his tears and runs from there, “You gave him almost a mini heart attack!”

“What’s that?” asks tarun dubiously, “I don’t know, Dadaji says it when Dadi gets angry on him and his expression is the same, that boy had.” She states rolling her eyes and he shakes his head, “Who had your pen?”

“Why? Would you beat that person now?” She glares at him and walks from there miffed. Tarun follows her, “I’m sorry, it’s just that you were crying and I couldn’t see you like that!” he says making puppy eyes at her.

“So you would kill someone, just because I cried?”


“Do you know you would end up at jail for doing that? What if that boys Maa Papa came home and complained?” Ragini lectures him cutely.

“I don’t care, If anyone hurts Ragini, I’m ready to kill that person and go to jail!” Little Ragini just stares at him….

“You were kids back then Ragini…” Laksh states, but is cut in by Ragini, “No Laksh, it didn’t end there. After that, Tarun started getting more aggressive he used to yell at people for small reasons, he used to behave strange around others except…”

“You…” Swara completes her, “So, then Ragini if he’s doing something wrong to Sanskar then why? And Who is the person who’s so bothered by his actions?”

“Who is this new helping hand?”

“And why is he helping?” Ragini completes Laksh, looking at Sanskar.

It’s morning and as per their Plan, both Swaragini are not even looking at each other. Tarun calls Ragini, “Good morning Doc, I was about to call you only.”

“Oh really?” Tarun asks excited, “Where did the sun rise from today?”

Ragini chuckles, “Shut up doc, when are you coming?”

“Uh.. actually…”

“Look doc, you promised me yesterday and now your breaking it? I won’t talk to you…” She’s about to cut the call, “Acha sorry, I’m coming.” Ragini smiles, “This is my doc!”

“Your doc…” Tarun smiles as the call ends. “Where is Di?”

“Sir, she’s gone out for some work.”

“What work?”

The man looks down at the floor, “Fine, tell her to call me when she returns.” He stands up to leave, “What should I tell Ma’am, when she asks about you sir?”

“Did she inform you about her whereabouts?” He asks and the man gets afraid, “Sorry sir.”

“Thanks and Sorry.”


“Friendship mai no Sorry No thank you?” Tarun nods and she starts laughing, “You are so like Sanskar!” she states and his face expression changes, “If I were, then you would have been My wife won’t you?” They share an eyelock, but are interrupted by someone, “Someone is doing his duty it seems.”

“Swara…” Laksh stops her, “How is Sanskar now?”


“Still the same, can’t you see Laksh? No movement at all, nothing!” Swara snaps and Tarun just leaves from there silently.

“Did I overeact?” Both Ragini and Laksh stare at her unbelievably. “I take it as a Yes.” She smiles at them apologetically. Ragini rushes down towards Taruns car and stands infront of it, “Sorry.”

She leans on it for support catching her breath, “Ragini, just get a new doctor will you?” Tarun calls out, getting out of his car. “But, won’t get someone as good as you” She replies cutely pouting at him, “You will, there are a tons of good doctors out there!”

“Bhaiyaa, Maheshwari Mansion?”

“Yes Madam.”

“Mr. Maheshwari, I’m coming for you…”

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