Sangini – Chapter 18


Chapter 18 – The Seven Damn Promises Sanskar!

It’s evening and Tarun has come home to check Sanskar, as he prescribes some medicines Ragini just keeps staring at him.

“Do I look something different?”



“Oh I’m sorry, its just that I was… Lost somewhere”

“Any problem?”

“Nope , nothing that concerns you” She smiles at him trying to convince him.

“That means there is a problem”. He takes her hand and holding it, he looks into her eyes, “What happened? I know you don’t think of me as a close friend anymore, but you can think of me as a stranger and share it atleast.”

“Shut up Tarun! You were, are and will be my closest friend. We are friends since childhood, just because you vanished suddenly and we lost contact doesn’t mean we aren’t friends anymore.”

He smiles, “Then tell me what it is?”

“Actually,” She hesitates, “Yesterday someone called and…”


“Said that Sanskar’s Life is in danger and I should consult a different doctor!” she says all in one breath. He just stares at her probably shocked or rather afraid, a drop of sweat trips down from his forehead, a clear sign of fear. “And what did you say?”

“Nothing…” She sighs,” The call got cut and from a few days there have been blank calls coming up, whenever someone picked it up no answer from the other side. I think the person who called yesterday might have been the same person giving blank calls,” She utters worried and he glances at her.


“What so?”

“Now, Which doctor are you consulting? Thought of anyone?”

“I’ll give you a tight slap on both your cheeks,” She caresses his hand, “I trust you my friend, and such calls keep coming, Its just that…”

“It’s just that?”

“Who was that person and why did he say like that? Is Sanskar’s life really in danger?” She looks at an unconscious Sanskar worriedly, while Tarun just stares at Ragini. “Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to him, It’s a doctors promise, and your doc never breaks his promises!”

He winks at her and she giggles, “Except when he was small, Remember when we were in 1Grade, It was mother’s day and…”

“And you didn’t come to school, I was so much worried, searched for you everywhere and finally you were there…”

“At the Mandir” She smiles blinking her eyes, a smile on her face.

“Crying!” She hits him, “I was so small, and plus I missed my Mom.”

“You still cry Ragini even at silly things, You get so much tensed!”

“I have lessened that and plus this flashback was focused on your promise!” She states.

“True, I came there and sat next to you, Promised to you that may come what I would Never ever Leave you!” He emphasizes, “But I had to…” His face expressions change, there’s pain in them.

“I don’t want to hear something that hurts you Tarun…”

He smiles, ” But now I’m Back right?” She nods, “So I would complete my incomplete promise now! Never ever will I leave, Even after your hubby wokes up, which would be soon.”

“I know that and this time if you dare break your Promise, we would not even meet in hell!”

He starts laughing, “I thought you would go to heaven!”

“I would love too, but after you left there are some crimes that I did and I’m sure I have no chances of heaven now!” She states making a puppy sad face and he shakes his head, “Can’t believe, you still believe in hell heaven stuff.” She hits him again making him wince this time, “Ouch! That hurt women!”

She fake smiles at him and hits him even more, “Uhm!”

“Swara” Ragini exclaims with a smile.

“If you two are done with friendship re-union, everyone is waiting for you down.” She replies coldly avoiding eye contact with Ragini, who feels a bit strange of her behaviour but doesn’t acknowledge it.

“So, How is he now?” Ap asks concerned as all stare at Tarun.

“No much signs of improvement Aunty, I suggest someone to be with him always. You know the more involvement he has with you all, will help him improve. The more you all interact with him will make him eager, his brain will start showing reflexes slowly and once that happens, there’s nothing that can stop Sanskar from getting back to normal.” He says smiling at them, a hope of Sanskar getting back to normal brings a smile to everyone’s face, except Swara.

“So, then what’s the use of medicines and you coming here doc?” Swara asks him rudely. Tarun looks at her dubiously while the others are shocked at her behaviour.


“No Lakshya, What wrong am I saying? It’s almost a year now, let be Sanskar getting up, there’s not even a single sign of movement here!” She exclaims frustrated, “I really think we should consult a new doctor now!”

“New who?”

Swara avoids looking at Ragini, “Someone who’s more experienced probably” She glances at Dp, “Papaji, you have met so many people, you might know someone from any other country, a specialist with Years of experience and Noble towards his job” She sighs.

“What do you mean by that Swara?”

“I really don’t think I’m talking to you Ragini” She replies bluntly, still not looking at her.

“Oh yeah and May I know why?”

“Ragini, just as I said earlier it’s almost a year now and Sanskar hasn’t shown even a single sign of improvement. If this friend of yours would have been so Noble towards his duty, he would definitely have done something, Sanskar…”

“Stop it!” Ragini yells, “Swara it’s enough now! Tarun I’m sorry for this, can we talk later.”

Tarun nods at her and leaves, while the others just stare at the two sisters completely shocked, “Swara, beta what sort of behaviour was this?”

Swara leaves from there without saying a word, Laksh finds something fishy and follows her.

Sujatha walks towards Ragini, “Beta…”

“Mom, I guess we should prepare for the dinner.” Sujatha is about to say something, Ap interrupts her, “Ragini, go and have some rest first beta, we can prepare the dinner later.”

Ragini nods and leaves from there.


“Brother, are you serious?”

“Yes Di, Yes!” Tarun exclaims happily hugging his sister, “She fought with her, can you believe it she fought with Swara!”

“For you” She replies flashing a smile at him, “For me…”. He replies dreamily, but suddenly his expression changes into worry, “But we need to be careful now Di, even more careful”

“But why brother?”

“Because there’s someone out there, who is against us.”

“But who can it be?”

“That’s the real question now, isn’t it?”


At maheshwari mansion, the dinner has been served, but an unusual and weird tension surrounds everyone.

“Swara, Ragini, beta sit and have the dinner with us. We can serve ourselves.” Dp utters glancing at both the sisters. Swara sits next to Laksh, and there’s no other seat vacant besides the one next to her. Ragini stares at the seat and says, “Bade papa, I’ll have the dinner later, you all continue.”

Ragini leaves from there and runs towards her room, Laksh stares at Swara who doesn’t look at him and continues to have her dinner. He then watches a upset Ragini running up the stairs, she’s crying…

Ragini comes to her room and sits next to Sanskar, “I miss you Mr. Idiot, why did you leave me here alone. I hate this Sanskar, my loved ones are being harmed because of me, my close ones are going away from me. Why?” She complains to Sanskar, who’s lying there unconscious, oblivious of what is happening around him. “I loved you so much and this is what you give to me, frustration, sadness and tears. What happened to those promises you made? The ones before our wedding, the ones while taking phera’s with me? The Seven Damn Promises Sanskar!” She hits her hand on the side table, hurting herself , “Ahh!” And his fingers move, Ragini just stares at him grabbing his hand, she kisses it her eyes all wet because of the tears.

Someone enters the room, Ragini’s so happy that she doesn’t let go Sanskar’s hand. The person keeps a hand on her shoulder and her face goes pale…

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  1. Does Tarun have anything against Sanky????? Hi I’m new…..I have seen your posts earlier bt I read it only tday…… if u dnt mnd can u brief me in abt wat happened????
    I wrote an ff based in Ragu…..I wud b happy if u read it…..I HD posted in swaragini page but it was updated in manmarziyan page….

    1. Nidhi

      Hey Astha Thanq for reading my story, Actually it began from Swalak’s Marriage, Ragini accepted her mistakes and everyone forgave her, Sanskar fell for her gradually and they were supposed to get Married, everyritual and finctions were done but suddenly on the marriage day, Swara got kidnapped and while saving her Sanskar hurt himself, though he came on the Mandap in time, the marriage happened but he got unconscious, the doctor declared him to be in coma and now Tarun he’s Ragini’s childhod friend/ Obsessive lover
      I would love to read your ff dear 🙂

  2. Malika

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    Well coming to the ep you are omg. You know what I really really love your writing skill.
    I have say that already but still I want to say. I hope sanskar woke up. Really can’t see ragini like this. I am a big fan of ragsan. Well my friends update soon. All I can say is awesome , superb, lovely, marvellous, outstanding, you nail it yaar. Hope everything become fine. .

    Hey I want to email you can I.

    1. Nidhi

      Missed you too Malika 🙂 had some net problems here and college work gets really hectic at times sorry to make you wait. Thanq so much and Sanskar will wake up soon 🙂 Everything will be fine soon My Friend 🙂

  3. Iwaniya

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    Awesome, is Tarun a negative character? my poor ragsan, feeling really bad for ragini, she is all alone in between them. hope sanskar will wake up soon.

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      Thanq Akshata and yes Tarun is a negative character, and Sanskar will be back real soon 😉

  7. Sonya

    oh no why did u tell him ragini
    hate tarun
    i really thought that tarun might be change after ragini share her worries n remind him his promise but no now he’ll be more careful
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    last part bought tears in my eyes
    it shows how much ragini’s suffering while pretend to be happy without sanskaar
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    1. Nidhi

      Thanq Sonya and Sanskr will be bck with our Ragini soon and next update is for sure tonight 🙂
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