Sangini – Chapter 17


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Chapter 17 – Sanskar is in Coma.

“Doctor!” Laksh yells, staring at Sanskar bewildered. The nurse comes rushing in, “Sir you can’t yell like that it’s…”

“His fingers moved, where the hell is the doctor?” He runs out of the room and the nurse follows him. Just then someone enters the room, “I promise Sir, this time I won’t make a mistake.” The man keeps the phone in his pocket and walks near Sanskar, with a syringe in his hand. He injects the syringe into Sanskar’s vein, who stirs up a bit by now. Sanskar tries to stop him but then before he could do anything he becomes unconscious again.

“Doctor, check him fast” Laksh says entering Sanskar’s room along with the Doctor. As the doctor checks Sanskar, his eye’s fall on the monitor and his expression becomes strange.

“So all fine now?” asks Tarun entering the room.

“Doctor Tarun, I guess you need to check him once, there seems a problem.” Tarun looks at him dubious and approaches Sanskar.

“What happened?” Laksh asks them concerned. Tarun checks Sanskar and Laksh yells at them, “What the hell is happening here?” Tarun holds him back, trying to calm him.

“Sanskar has slipped to coma.” He says looking into laksh’s eye’s, who falls down on his knees.

“No, this can’t happen!” he says getting up and going near Sanskar. He turns at the doctor. “You said he would be fine soon right? I saw his fingers move a few minutes ago, No, No there’s something wrong ”

Swara comes in just then, and walks towards Sanskar, “How is he now?” she questions the doctor. He’s about to say but Tarun signs him not to.

“What happened? Are you all dumb, I’m asking something?” she says frustrated.

“He’s slipped into comma” Tarun replies looking at her concerned. Ragini who is standing at the door hears everything and stares at them shocked. Swara rushes towards her concerned and hugs her tightly, “He will be fine soon Ragu…”

Flashback ends.

Tarun stares at Sanskar and smirks, “I’m sorry I really am my friend.” He states , “But then anything for Ragini right?”

He stands up and looking at the monitor says, “We have nothing in common accept that the love of our lives are same, You and me both love her so dearly. But then she can love only one of us and so I know it will be hurting for her to chose between us in future. So I made it easy for her, erased the option B from her life.” He leans a bit closer to her, “You won’t mind if I tell you a secret?”

“It was me who brought you in this condition.”

“So, If you both are done with your friendship talks, may I come in?” she smiles at him and her shakes his head in a no. “Who said we are friends?”

She looks at him confused and he states, “We are lovers…”

He says spreading his arms like SRK (Shah rukh khan), she hits his chest lightly making a face, “You still suck at making jokes, Doc!”

“It’s okay one day I’ll surely make you laugh” he leans closer to her, “And you’ll say, Doc! your so funny, I love you…”

Ragini starts laughing and replies, “This one was Bad” she emphasizes, “too” sticking out a tongue at him, she drags him outside.


It’s evening and the mansion is silent again as before, Ragini’s in the hall looking at the photo frames and a tear escapes from her eye.

“It’s so strange that you’re with us and still we miss you so much.” She looks at a photo frame, it is Uttara and Dhruv’s engagement photo, “You’re sister is stubborn, just like you. We had to so much of Drama to convince her for the engagement, she finally agreed on the condition that she would marry only when you will be conscious.” She the caresses a picture on Sanskar with Sujatha, “How much will you sleep My. Kumbakaran, atleast getup for your sister please.”

Suddenly, the house telephone rings and she goes to pick it up.

“Hello” Uttara says picking up the phone and Ragini stops midway. “Hello? Idiots!” she says slamming the phone down and Ragini walks towards her, “Bhabhi, how useless some people are” She exclaims angrily, “If they don’t want to speak why do they call?”

“To increase our bill chori!” exclaims Sujatha comng down the stairs, “People nowadays are becoming jealous of our wealth”.

Ragini nods at her as if agreeing to Sujatha, “Why do you stress on such people, go sleep or you’ll get darkcircles.”

Uttara smiles and hugs her, “You’re so sweet Bhabhi” She goes to her room and Sujatha sits on the couch tired. “Nah Chori, I checked everything is fine in Sanskar’s room, you go and slee. Get some rest or you’ll fall sick.”

Ragini nods and leaves, just then they hear Ruhaan crying. Sujatha sighs, “This house won’t let my Bahu have some peaceful sleep only.” Ragini smiles shaking her head and goes to Swalak’s Room.

“What does he want?”

“How would I know, your the mother Swara”

“Oh really and who are you then, his uncle?”

“Very funny”

“Ask him what he wants then”

“I did that but then I don’t speak or understand Baby Language wify!” A towel lands straight on Laksh’s Face, “Useless Father!”

“Same pinch!”

Ragini knocks the door, “Laksh! open the door atleast you idiot!”

Laksh goes and opens the door, “Who is it?”

“Our Saviour” Laksh exclaims hugging Ragini, “Are you Divine? How do you always come up when we are in trouble?”

“Actually, I have a little spy of mine here” she states, “He gives me a signal when you both are in trouble.”

Laksh looks at her dubious, “Really?”

Ragini shakes her head in disbelief, “Yes, Now If you give me some space, I can rescue both him and you.”


Ragini pushes him aside, “Laksh!” She walks towards their bed and asks Swara concerned, “What happened?”

“This idiot husband of mine happened!”


“Okay, I changed his clothes, fed him, checked his diapers and Now he doesn’t sleep!”

“Oh so he wants to sleep.” Laksh says and both the sister’s in unison, “Laksh!”

“What’s my fault if he doesn’t sleep? I mean it’s so easy lay on the bed, close your eyes and your asleep!”

Swara stares at him, “Wow, would you like to show him a demo, DIY probably.”

“You two shutup! ” She takes Ruhaan in her arms, and nudges him, “Aww Baby,” Ruhaan looks at her teary eyed, “Will you sleep with Maasi tonight?” The baby coos and she kisses his forehead.

Its morning, as the sunrays fall inside Ragsan’s room, Ruhaan tosses and turns towards the other side. Ragini chuckles admiring him, she goes towards the window and covers it with the curtains. She then goes towards Ruhaan and arranges the pillows properly so that he doesn’t fall down the bed. She then checks Sanskar’s monitor and caresses his face, “Your son is such a dramebaaz, just like our siblings.” She kisses his forehead and wishes him a Good morning.

Swara is all ready and waiting in the kitchen for Ragini, who comes just then, “Did he disturb you last night?”

Ragini stares at her, “Swara! don’t be silly” Both the sisters start preparing the breakfast and the hall’s telephone rings again. Swara goes to pick it up, “Hello …”

She comes back to the kitchen, “Who was it?”

“Don’t know, Blank call”

Ragini’s look becomes suspicious as she remember’s the last night incident. She goes upstairs towards her room and a smile appears on her Face.

Ruhaan has woke up of his slumber sleep and his trying to reach towards an oblivious Sanskar next to him. She goes towards him and picks him up, “Aww my baby is up, Want to wish Badepapa?” The baby cocks his eyebrows up and Ragini makes him lean towards Sanskar. Ruhaan stares at a sleeping Sanskar as though examining him and moves his hand further to touch him. As he does, his eyes go wider and a smile appears on his face. He looks back at Ragini and burries his face in her chest making her laugh, “Aww, come lets go to Mumma or she’ll worry more for her Baby won’t she?”

As Ragini comes down with Ruhaan, the phone rings again and this time Ragini picks it up, “Hello”

“Ragini Maheshwari?”


“Don’t ask any questions just listen to me, the Doctor who examines your husband is a fraud, he’s giving him wrong medicines. Consult another doctor, your husbands life is in Danger…”

Before she could say anything the calls gets cut, she looks at the phone worried. Ruhaan touches her face and she looks at him.

“Shaitaan! No tantrums today haan?” Swara exclaims taking Ruhaan from Ragini, who coos at her happily. She nudges him and says, “Seems like Maasi is in tension”

Ragini looks at her and shakes her head, “Maasi and tension? Naah!”

“Whose call was it then?”

“Blank call again” she says trying to convince her.

“Ragini…” Swara widens her eyes at her and she sighs, “Fine, someone called and said to Sanskar’s Life is in danger and we should consult a different doctor.”

Swara looks at dubious, “Who but?”

“Don’t know, but he seemed genuine but Tarun, I really don’t know” She looks at Swara who replies, “I wont say it to anyone, promise.”

“What promises are being taken so early morning?” asks Laksh coming down the stairs.

“That I won’t hit my hubby today for getting up so late, even your son got up before you.”

She hits his chest lightly as he kisses Ruhaan on his cheek, “Bad mumma!”

Ragini smiles at their childishness, a worry still in her heart, should she really Consult a different doctor?

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