Sangini – Chapter 13


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Chapter 13 – Mehendi Ceremony

Ragini’s standing near the window and watching the stars, a tear escapes her eye and falls down “Janki Maa, I miss you. Though Maa has taken care of me like her own child I sometimes still wonder how it would have been if you were here with me, attending all the functions, doing the rituals and … But I am sure of one thing Janki Maa, you wouldn’t have done as much as Maa does for me. If you wouldn’t have gone I wouldn’t have got my Yashodha mayya. Thank you Maa and I love you…”

Swara come’s in chirping “ragini!!”. Ragini wipes her cheek which is now dry and turns towards Swara who’s holding a big box, as she tries to balance it she slips and is about to fall when Laksh holds her. They share an eyelock and Ragini starts laughing. The box had sarees in them which fell out of it and now are all over Swalak. Especially Laksh, he looks like he has taken a pallu over his head as Ragini laughs Swalak try to free themselves. But to their dismay, the sarees become more complicated and surround themselves. Swalak stand there miffed in vain as Ragini controls her laughter and comes towards them.

Ragini goes to the side table and gets her phone – Moments like these are to be kept preserved as memories that can be shown when required.

Ragini grins to which Swara pouts cutely – Do you mean evidence for future blackmailing Ragini?

Ragini smirks evilly – Wow Swara! How couldn’t I think about that (She winks at her) Now say Cheese!!

Laksh fake smiles and gives a look to Swara – Thank you for giving your sister such an wonderful Idea wify!

Swara fake smiles at him in return, she pinches him making him winces in pain – Ouch!

Ragini pouts cutely – Show me some smile you guy’s!

And her phone flashes, Swalak realize what she’s done as they yell annoyed – Ragini!!

Rags makes a sad face – I thought my devar ji was a lucky go person huh! not fair. (She complains)

Laksh lifts his one brow up – If this makes my bhaabhi happy then .. why not?

He takes a pallu over his head and Swara laughs now looking at her stupid but cute husband as Ragini joins her . Swara loses her balance and they fall down together on the bed .

Ragini runs out of the room saying – Sometimes it’s better when husband and wife solve their problems themselves rather than letting others interfere and this one’s damn Awkwardly romantic situation my lovelies so talk and try saying some sorry’s please.

And she’s gone, Laksh is on Swara trying to get up slowly as they stand Swara orders him to stand straight and not move. She slowly loosens the sarees around them, Laksh starts with his cute apologies to her whining how much he missed her last night, He’s how much sorry to her and he would never say anything that would hurt her and never ever let her go again. When Swara doesn’t budge to his sorries and talks he pulls her towards him. They stare into each other’s eyes,

Laksh – Now should I open a sorry business for you? Where I’ll have my hundred clones saying I’m sorry Mrs. Maheshwari for a mistake well even I don’t know what mistake I committed but then SORRY !!

He sits down on one knee and holds his ears, Swara giggles to which he looks at her confused and she kisses him on his cheek saying, “Your forgiven Mr.Maheshwari! and yea I’m not coming back home now I have some preparations to be done so sorry you’ll have to miss your wify for next four days till your bhabhi comes.”

Laksh gets up and kisses her forehead lovingly – Then take care of yourself and don’t stress much please, Ragini told me how you were shouting on little things today.

Swara pouts her mouth forming an O – haww! She started behaving like a jethani already?

Laksh chuckles – She was just tensed for you Swara.

He caresses her face lovingly and she smiles cutely hugging him.

It’s next day evening, all are preparing for the mehendi ceremony at the Maheshwari’s as Sujatha chimes coming down, “jiji! I told Sanskar from two days to polish and bring the jewellery and see till now It’s not brought! I want my bahu to wear it today in the function.” She sits on the sofa cribbing and Ap comforts her.

Ap – Sujatha, it’s okay. The necklace will be hear till evening you can make her wear it tomorrow at Sangeet okay?

Sujatha looks at her upset – But jiji…

And Sanskar the saviour comes there just then – Mom, here’s your necklace you can make your bahu wear it today only happy now?

Sujatha takes the box from his hand and opens it. A wide smile appears on her face as she exclaims – Beautiful just like my bahu, isn’t it jiji??

She shows it to Ap and she nods taking it. Its Sanskar’s nani’s necklace, their khandani jewellery hence Sujatha’s too much attached to it. And now that Ragini’s coming to the house as her bahu she’s in seventh heaven .

Sanskar smiles and goes upstairs dialing a number, “So your sasu-mom seems really excited Mrs Maheshwari.”

Ragini smiles at the other side and inquires teasing – Well, is her son getting jealous?

Sanskar shrugs – Why would I be jealous? I’m happy that my family member’s love you so much but yeah, I might be jealous if..

Ragini suspiciously – if??

Sanskar replies cutely – if my wify loves them more than me! Take this straight Mrs.Maheshwari, I don’t like sharing my wify’s love so no compromises with your love for your beloved and handsome husband.

He brushes his hair lightly sitting on his bed smiling from ear to ear, Ragini smirks – Really? Well I love my idiot of a husband more than the handsome one.

Sanskar pouts like a kid – Why so?

Ragini smiles – Because he’s cute and he love’s me like an idiot unconditionally.

Sanskar squints his eyes – So you mean handsome men don’t love their wife’s??

Ragini gets up and goes towards her room window – Well, because they keep conditions like you did.

Sanskar – fine, fine, love my family more than me who cares for the husband bechara.

Ragini smiles shaking her head unbelievably – Aww Sanskar babu ko bura laga!

Sanskar amused – Babu? baby bolo babu k liye toh bohot time hai abhi.

He smiles making Ragini blush – Shutup Sanskar and take some rest, I need to get ready or else your bhabhi will hit me. Bye

Sanskar chuckles cutely – Ragini, I love you.

Ragini smiles and kisses on the phone – Love you too…

As the phone cuts, Sanskar falls back on the bed smiling like an idiot and here Ragini blushes shaking her head and goes to change.


The car arrives at MM, Uttara squeals from the entrance, “Everyone, come here fast my bhabhi’s came!!”

Everyone smile as Ap and Sujatha come there to welcome their bahu and would be bahu. The expression on Sankars face is priceless as he keeps peeking at the entrance restless to have one look of his Mrs.Maheshwari. Sumi and Shekhar come with Dadi and Dadaji and following them are Swara and Ragini. Sanlak are mesmerized to see them. Swara’s wearing a olive coloured saree and matching jewellery and accessories while Ragini’s wearing a mehendi green colour lehenga choli and Matching accessories. She takes Ap and Sujatha’s blessing’s,

Sujatha chirps – jiji, my bahu is looking so beautiful!(She applies kaala teeka on her)logon ki buri nazar na lag jaye meri bahu ko !

Ap smiles and they welcome the gadodia’s. The mehendi ceremony starts, Swara applies mehendi on Ragini’s hand. Ragini smiles as Swara gives the cone to a girl and asks her to complete it. Swara goes to Sanlak,

Swara taps on sanskar’s shoulder and he turns towards her – So jethji, ready to find your name on my sister’s hand?

Laksh teases – bhai’s dying to go near bhabhi, such a golden chance bhai don’t miss it.

He winks at him and Sanskar hits him – yea, yea, tease how much you want, dekh lena mera bhi din aayega Lucky (see my day will also come Lucky)

As the background music play’s Uttara drags Swara to dance, “Mehendi hai sajne wali aankho mein gehri laali …..

As Swara and Uttara dance, Sumi looks lovingly at Ragini who smiles at her and side hugs her. Swara starts feeling dizzy while dancing but still she continues. Uttara drags Ragini this time and now it’s only Swara dancing at the center as the family member’s watch her dance and sing emotionally for her sister. Ragini’s eyes fall on the chandelier that’s at the center top of the hall, the sparkling chandelier seems to be moving a bit. As the chandelier moves a bit lower Ragini gets worried and runs towards Swara who’s busy dancing at the center. As the chandelier falls down, Ragini pulls her back at nick of time getting herself hurt a bit. Ragini hugs Swara tightly relieved but to her shock Swara dozes off…

The scene shifts to Swalak’s room, the doctor’s checking Swara whose holding Ragini’s hand tightly despite of being unconcious, all are waiting outside. The doctor looks at Ragini and tells her something that brings a wide smile on her face as Swara gains consciousness slowly, Ragini smiles at her.

The doctor comes out with a tensed expression making both sanlak worried.

Sanky curiously – Doctor is there any problem??

Doctor looks at Dp and smiles – Congratulations, Mr.Durgaprasad your going to be a grandfather.

Dp smiles as Lucky stands there dumbfounded, still confused to what the doctor meant to which Sanskar laughs and hugs him

“Lucky, your going to be a father my stupid brother!” Laksh seems in the Ninth heaven as he reciprocates the hug . Both family members hug each other and Congratulate. All enter and bless Swara while Sujatha beems “jiji see my bahu is so lucky, her first day in the house itself and we got such a big good news!(She caresses Swara’s face) Now chorii, no more going here and there. Take rest, lot’s of rest and if you want anything call us we’ll get it for you!”

Swara – Chachi ji…

Ap keeps a hand on her shoulder – Sujatha is right Swara, no more excuses now. It’s not just your life alone you have to take double care of yourself from now.

Swara – Maa don’t worry my hitler slash would be jethaniji has already ordered me and took my promise to not do anything! God knows after she comes, I won’t even get to move down of this bed.

Ragini hits her head lightly as Sumi continues – Ragu is right Swara, no more moving here and there now we are going down. Ragu we are in the cab come down fast( Swara makes a cute sad face as Sumi smiles ) Ap ji, can we take your daughter in law with us too??

Ap smiles nodding – Surely Sharmishthaji, as after two days we won’t let her go anywhere.

Sujatha – she herself won’t go jiji (She caresses Ragini’s face) because her reason of staying at the baadi is herself going to come here forever..

The scene shifts to a dark room – A unknown person is shown pinning a man to the wall as the man pleads – I’m sorry sir… It happened mistakenly, I’m sorry…

The unknown – Because of you, what if anything happened to her today? I told you I won’t bare even a single scratch on my love and she got hurt today!

The man – sir …

The unknown – You will be punished for hurting my love, who ever hurts her will be punished!

The scene shifts to swalak’s room Laksh is holding Swara’s hand

Ragini shrugs – Are you guys done? We need to leave Swara…

Swara looks at Ragini cutely as Uttara comes in – Ragini bhabhi, uncle aunty are calling you both.

Swara pouts and Ragini looks at her defeated – Now what Swara?

Swara complains – Sanskar didn’t find his name on your hand!

Laksh looks at Swara unbelievably while Sanskar signs at Ragini who shows him the mehendi,

Uttara goes and stands next to Sanskar eagerly, Sanskar stares at the Mehendi cutely as Swalak too seem excited but then…

Sanskar happily – Yes, I found it Huh!! so easy it was see!

He points at a design and Uttara hits her head lightly and Ragini too makes a face .

Swara scan’s both the girls expression and starts laughing. Laksh goes and pats his brother’s back – What you both dumb-founded that my brother found his name in a sec haan?

Ragini stares at him and Uttara shakes her head in a no – How shameful! my brothers are so blind, one can’t find his name on his would be bride and the other was confused What badepapa being dadaji means!

This time Swaragini laugh together at Uttara’s statement as Sanlak scratch their heads

Sanky defending Laksh – It’s not everyday that my brother becomes a father.

Lucky too joining – And finding name in this mhendi is like finding a pin in the jungle!

The three girls just stare at Sanlak as Sankar pulls Ragini’s hand a bit to search the name and she winces in pain. Its’ then that the realization strucks them the chandelier!

As Swara does first aid of Ragini giving her lecture cutely of being so caring for others and forgetting about herself. Sanlak seem tensed and suspicious about the chandelier incident . Swaragini leave for the baadi along with the Gadodia’s and Sanlak talk to the elders

Dp – I’ll ask the servants about it, now go and sleep it’s sangeet tomorrow. There are preps to be done.

Sanlak nod and leave. Still a doubt persisting in their minds…

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