Sangini – Chapter 11


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Chapter 11 – Shopping fun!!

Ragini glares at Uttara and Swara who are laughing at her. Parineeta comes there : Swara, she’s your jethani now and Uttara your badi bhabi too, how can you both tease her like that? Waise Ragini, did you reply Sanskar or not ?

And the three laugh again, Ragini blushes : bhabhi you too!

Pari : Acha sorry, Now get ready fast we four are going for shopping.

Uttara enthusiastically : Shopping?

But then she gets sad, Pari : Arrey, What happened now?

Uttara : Even elders will come then, What’s the use of shopping as they will select what they want as always!

Pari smiles : No, they won’t be coming as the engagement is tomorrow, there are many arrangements pending so they’ll stay here and maa has given me the list of important things, so only we are going.

Uttara gets happy : So, who will hold the bags of shopping ?

Swara grins : Your bhai’s ofcourse.

She winks at Uttara. Swara and Pari share a hi5, Uttara giggles and Ragini smiles shaking her lightly.

Adarsh is driving the car and Sanskar is sitting next to him, Laksh and Harsh are sitting at the back. Pari, Uttara and Swara are sitting behind in other car with Dhruv driving and Ragini sitting next to Dhruv. He adjust’s the rear mirror a bit and smiles seeing Uttara through the mirror and Uttara doesn’t notice, but Ragini does and smiles a bit .

The boy’s reach the mall first and are waiting for their betterhalves to arrive just then they reach too.

In the mall, Swara : Laksh won’t you guy’s come in??

Laksh stares at her and replies sarcastically : Swara, actually I’m not planning to wear saree for bhai’s engagement or else I would have come too.

Swara glares at him and the other’s laugh.

Laksh : Seriously, isn’t this enough that we are here to hold your bags, that you are calling us inside a ladies garment shop?

Swara angrily : okay, fine! count the fans and lights then, Dhruv bhai will help us in selecting the clothes.

Dhruv nods and goes with them so does harsh, leaving the three brothers to be bored. As the ladies are shopping, Dhruv and Uttara share some glances, while here outside Sanskar is restless thinking about Ragini . Adarsh signs Laksh : Adarsh bhai, finally now our bhai, the last happy man in our house is going to join us in our sorrow.

Sanky looks at him confused and Adarsh too makes a sad face : Yes laksh, finally Sankar is going to loose all his independence after 5days.

Laksh : bhai, if you want to back off, you can say it you have still 5 days left.

Adarsh continues : And Sanskar, don’t worry we’ll help you in talking to papa and others.

Sanky confused : What are you both talking about??

Laksh innocently : Cancelling your marriage.

Sanky looks at him shocked : Why will I do that?

Laksh : Why you don’t want to do that?

Sanky smiles : because I love Ragini and want to spend my whole life with her.

Adarsh and Laksh chuckle, Sanky stares at them : What? How does that sound funny to you guys??

Adarsh controlling his laughter : Because at beginning every guy feels the same thing take me for example, it’s been a year now and nothing feels the same as before.

Laksh tries convincing him : You don’t believe us right? Fine, we’ll give you a imagination of your future…

He lifts his both hands up as if he’s directing, “1 year after marriage, you and your wife are having a romantic date;

Ragini annoyed : Sanskar, I told you I don’t like this restaurant, but you never listen to me.

Sanky apologetically : Sorry Ragini, last minute bookings weren’t available anywhere else.

Rags : yeah right, if it were some meeting of your’s bookings would have been available right?

Sanky looks at her sadly : I’m sorry

Rags : yeah, murder someone and then say sorry. The sorry will make him alive!

Sanky confused : Murder? Ragini, where does murder come between our dinner?

Rags cribbing : You don’t love me anymore, Sanskar just 1year of marriage and your bored of me right?

Rags bang’s the table and leaves from there miffed.

Sanskar looks at both laksh and Adarsh, to which adarsh signs him towards Laksh’s hand’s “Not over yet Sanskar Focus.”

Another scene, years later a toddler is shown crying in the middle of the room with toys all around and Sanskar is sitting next to it, catching his head with his hand. The toddler cries loudly, Sanskar removes a toy and shakes it infront of the baby, “See this haa, nice na? ” the baby cries he gets another toy, “baby… this see play with this” he hands the toy to the baby, it cries even louder.

Rags comes there angrily : You can’t even handle him for sometime sanskar? Everything should be done by me only!

She picks up the crying baby : Aww baby, shhh… don’t cry (She feeds the baby with the bottle milk) Sanskar see, he was hungry that’s why he was crying. Can’t you do a small thing also being a father?

Sanskar complains : How would I know he’s hungry? it’s not like I have done phd in handling a baby!

Rags rolls her eyes at him, her mouth forming an O : haww! What do you mean by that! He’s your kid Sanskar, do you need some training to handle your own kid?

Sanskar innocently : But you handled him right, see how he’s smiling now. Very good I’m proud of you.

He tries to sneak out, Rags holds him and hands him the baby : I have many more work to do and it’s Sunday today your turn to handle him. If he cries again try taking him for a walk and Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, if you can’t handle him just call me but yea you’ll have to cook the food today then.

She leaves from there as he looks at the toddler whose smiling at him, feels like even the baby’s grinning at his fate. He pouts at it and the baby giggles.

Adarsh and Laksh wipe Sanky’s cheeks as if he were crying;

Sanky vexed : Stop it you guy’s! Nothing like that would happen.

Laksh and Adarsh look at each other as Sanky gets up to leave .

adlak too getup when the ladies comeout with complaining faces

Pari : lets go to another shop.

Rags smile seeing Sanskar who goes next to her : Are you still angry with me? You didn’t even reply.

Rags : I’ll tell you later what happened but first help us in shopping.

Sanky nods : How about the shop at the second floor? It’s really good if you guy’s don’t mind and it has mens wear too so even Lucky won’t have problem coming.

Lucky :yes bhai and see how much time you all wasted.

They all go to another shop; Ragini holds some dresses and Sanskar signs her a no, then finally a dress comes to his notice, he signs her and she complies.

Rags : Excuse me, please pack this one. Meanwhile, Laksh is standing in front of the mirror and Swara is bringing ample amount of sherwani telling him to change and he comlies. This goes on for an hour till others finish shopping and Swara still makes faces at Lucky who has by now changed into 25th sherwaani when Ragini interrupts, she bring’s a navy blue sherwani.

Rags : Try this, it matches with the colour of Swara’s lehenga.

Swara smiles taking the sherwani from Rags : Excellent! no need of changing this is awesome!

Laksh hugs Ragini : You saved me, you proved today that you are a really good bhabhi !

Rags giggles and Pari looks at him pointedly : haww, what about me??

Laksh brushes his hair smiling at her and exclaims : You too Pari bhabhi !

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