Sangini – Chapter 1

Sangini Chapter 1 – Ragini’s Dilemma….

Swalak marriage day,

Everyone in the house is happy. Ragini who loves laksh dearly is in a turmoil of emotions she’s helping her dearest sister get ready for her special day, the day when her love her life her laksh would go away from her forever…

Swara too is in enigma after finding out that it was sanskar, laksh’s brother behind all the misdeed and treachury. Laksh loved him so much and that’s what sanskar gave him in return. He is a fraud she thought looking at herself in the mirror. Her expressions turned into a worried one when she noticed her sister her life so tensed “ragini ” rags luks at her with a smile ” are u okk ?? There’s still time, if the marriage’s bothering you tell me now itself I won’t marry laksh.” She says determined.

“Yes! It’s bothering me” Swara gets up from the chair but before she could reply ragini smiles ” Its bothering me swara, because after this marriage u’ll go to mm and then I’ll have to take lucky’s permission to meet my sister” she complains cutely.

Swara smiles at her childish behavior “Who told that to you? My sister can come to meet me whenever she want’s, infact I’m thinking of talking to maa baba and make laksh ghar jamai” she winks at her and they start laughing just then sumi and dadi come.

sumi smiles seeing them happy and exclaims “May no evil eye fall on my daughters !” she puts Kaala teeka on both of them. swaragini in unison “maaa” and the trio share a hug.

dadi sulks “ha! ha! now maa and her betiyaan forget this budhii dadi of theirs nah!” she makes a sad face.

Swaragini luk at each other and then at her squeeling “Daadii!” and hug her too

Dadi separates from them instructing “now enough, you girls get ready fast. Swara your lehenga is here and don’t forget to wear the jewelery sent by ap jii”

She turns to leave when ragini stops her ” dadi u forgot something!”

dadi turns to her asking “what ladoo?”

rags reminds her “Its our ritual to do puja at kuldevi’s temple before marriage don’t you remember?”

Dadi hit’s her head lightly replying ” how can i forget! Swara go get the thaal and leave for temple I could have accompanied u but me and sumi have to see the preparations too” swara interrupts her ” it’s okk dadi ragini will acompany me to the temple we’ll come back soon”

Ragini nods in yes and swaragini leave for the temple

At the temple the pooja is going on rags is lost in her thoughts

Ragini’s POV

No I can’t do this, but i love laksh, no but swara is my sister how can i? Ragini you have done so much! made her look bad infront of everyone, gave her drugs, broke her trust for whom? laksh? Who doesn’t even love you, even though swara was on drugs he never lost his trust on her may come what he’ll never leave her and above all my sister swara who did so much for me for maa baba no ragini you can’t but then….

Just then panditji calls her to take aarti Ragini is out of her trance but swara notices the worry on her face and asks her if she’s okk ragini nods in yes.

Swara takes panditji’s ashirwaad and leaves with ragini they are on the river bridge walking Swara notices the worry on ragini’s face

Swara : Ragini

Ragini stops walking Swara goes and cups her face: Are you okk? I’m seeing you from when tell me what’s worrying you.

Ragini thinks to herself: It’s the right time now ragini either it’s now or never !

Then the screen shifts to baadi where sumi is shown worried that swaragini haven’t returned yet dadi who is in a hurry for swara’s bidai see’s Sumi and goes to her

Dadi : hey bhagwan (ohh god) it’s your daughter’s wedding today and you’re standing here bangalan!

Sumi worried : maa Swara and Ragini haven’t returned yet from the pooja.

Dadi : hey ram these girls naa today will give me heart attack only call her sumi what are you waiting for!

Sumi : I tried shona’s phone but it’s switched off and Ragini isn’t picking the phone too

Just then ragini comes. Dadi and Sumi go to her

Dadi : ladoo where were you both? Where’s swara ?

Ragini confused : Swara? I didn’t go with her dadi. Maa didn’t she come from the temple???

Sumi gets more tensed.

dadi : chori how could you let her go alone now..

ragini interrupt’s : relax dadi, maa u guy’s come take some rest

She takes them to swaragini’s room. They are shocked to see a girl dressed in bridal attire. Dadi goes forward and keeps a hand on her shoulder, she turn’s towards them

Any guesses who she might be? Well keep guessing while I update the next Chapter for you….
Well before I go for the next one, Doesn’t this Chapter remind you about a ff???
Keep thinking and reading till I Update the Next chapter!
Don’t forget to share your views on the comment section, I would be waiting to reply 😉

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  1. Ragsan

    Wow awesome thanks for ragsan ff ????

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq Ragsan 😀

  2. Ragsan

    Yes its like the ff swargini meant To be together
    Cant wait for the next part hope u could post it soon

    1. Nidhi

      Yup it is the same but revised a bit I couldn’t continue directly so started revising it and reposting 🙂

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      Thanq Ragz_teju

    1. Nidhi

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    Hey dear u re writing this

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  5. Nice

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      Thanq viviyen.mary

  6. Is it swalak nd ragsan??

    1. Nidhi

      Yes ria..!! it is swalak and ragsan

  7. Oh god mindblowngggg episde yaaar!!!!!hope dat rags havent done nythng wrong to swara…waitng for nxt part eagerlyyy…plz post it soon….keeep rockng n stay blessed dear??

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq so much Fairy 🙂

  8. Teju, blo*dy attention seeker. Instigating dhanya again and again.

    1. Hey jst shut up okay!!!!wt d hell….u r attention seeker dats y postng dese kinds of comments to seek attention…..n dont u dare to say anythng about my tejas….wts ur prob. Haa??? N about teja shez most kind hearted n down to earth n a pure soul….so kindly keep ur mouth shut n get a lyf dude!!!

    2. Exactly fairy. They love to bash right. Now it’s enough. You are an attention seeker. You stupid, girl. Only your name is goldie but your heart is of stone. Just shut up and go to hell. I can’t bear more BASHING so I will be rude

      1. Yeah Joy same here…i also nver wanna use harsh words…bt wt to do yaaar…dey r crossing dere limits now..!!!! Its a high tme !!!
        N really sry nidhi for all dese dear bt wt to do yaaar,now i jst cnt bear it nymore…sry once again!!!

    3. Nidhi

      Goldie donno what problem you’ve got but no such comments on my post please it’s a request

  9. First about role, then about track, now about varun. Such a chipkali, shameless girl, always crying for something or the other

    1. goldei ji if u can’t praise any one don’t put blame on them what’s ur problem with varun and teju are good friends its their personal choice to decide whom to be friend helly varun teju nsmish share a good bond and varun and teju some what more so stop blaming them u people know have also blaming dhanaya for all things and plsz don’t put such comments on any ff…………………….

      1. Watch the b’day interview properly. Varun had invited Teja SPECIALLY! Oh right!! By telling Varun about what fans say about them she just put a slap on you, basher’s face. Must be hard. Get well from your injury soon!!!!

    2. U just getlost goldie ,teja is such a sweet heart thatz why her all frndz love her a ltz its varun or helly or nameesh they 4 of them are damn cute frndz. U guyz are jelousy with teja so u are bashing her. I loved varun he doesn’t care about stupid fans like u he takes stand for his frnd tejaswi thatz too cool

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      Thanq Lila after long time where are your ff’s aren’t you posting them ??

  11. Sreevijayan

    I belive its a ragsan ff and am excited about it.. great start dear…loved it……..

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq Sreevijayan and yes it is an Ragsan and swalakff 😉

  12. Mind your language Goldie, no one can instigate anyone, why are you combining personal and professional life?? Some Swasan fans are creating nonsense in some sights regarding dhanya varun break up and varhelly real life love story

    How will you feel if the same situation happens to you, what’s the mistake in teja in this issue, don’t be biased

    If you don’t like ragsan ,dont post these type of comments in ragsan story

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  13. nice yaar waiting for next part…………..

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  14. superb

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  15. awesomenext part soon

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  16. Lovely dear…??.. guyzzz what is Varun n Dhanya break up?????.. m not getting anything.. can anyone plzz tell me..?

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq Kakali even I’m unaware about it

    2. No yar there is no break up of varun and dhanya they are awsome and lovely couple, this stupid fans are creating fals story

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Waiting for the next one………..

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq Spp 🙂

  18. Goldie what’s u r problem ya teju Varun namish helly r good frnds..even danaya have good bond with teju she don’t want 2 instigate any1…open u r eyes every1 as brain by instigating nothing comes nd first learn 2 respect every1..
    LOVE TEJU A LOT ??????❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Nidhi

      Thanq saranya for the support and Love for teja 🙂

  19. nice start dr..

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  20. Awesome start and sorry to post rude comments against basher’s under your ff. But I can’t help it. A HUGE sorry and lovely ff

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      It’s okay Joy even i can’t bear such people but now have learned to ignore them at some point and thanq so much kee reading and supporting 🙂

  21. Super start. Ragsan …I’m so happy for making ragsan..waiting for next update…

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  22. Yes….this ff reminds me of another one(sorry but i cant remember which 1)……and the Girl is Swara……awesome……

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  23. Shrinjal

    Pls give me link of previous episode

  24. Richa19

    awesome !!!!!!!!11

    n to the ppl who don’t hv nothing to do except saying bad things abt others ,, u pls go n get a life ………. n don’t show ur cheapness …. on the gift segment also ppl were bashing varun n teju without any reason ……………… u don’t have any rg to comment on ppl’s personal matter ……………..

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