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Recap – ragsan and Parish have a word and arshi’s engagement ……..

The engagement is over and now everyone is heading towards the dining hall for dinner. Ragsan are with their group of friends while Maheshwari’s are trying to talk to them.

Uttara comes to Sanskaar and smiles at him with tears in her eyes. Ragini and Pooja too looks at her. Arshi takes their friends from there leaving the four of them alone.

Sanskaar smiles at his little sister and cups her face with one hand.

Sanskaar: how are you choti??

Uttara: badi jaldi yaad aa gayi meri…

She turns her face. Sanskaar looks at Ragini who signs him to talk to her. Sanskaar comes in front of her holding his ears.

Sanskaar : you know what happened right??

Uttara : but u didn’t even called me… u forgot me bhaiya….

She sobs. Sanskaar hugs her and she burst out crying. Pooja and Ragini hug each other as they saw reunion of bro-sis.

Sanskaar : I’m sorry choti….

Uttara : no bhaiya I’m sorry … I was not there when u needed me….

Sanskaar broke the hug and kissed her forehead. He wiped her tears and introduced Pooja to her. Pooja smiled and they hugged eo. Ragini looked at Uttara nervously.

Uttara : Ragini di…. how are you??

Ragini : I’m fine Uttara ….. how are you?

Uttara looks behind her and then looks at Ragini with a confused face. The trio looks at her amused.

Sanskaar : choti what happened??

Uttara : Ragini di who’s Uttara?? In these months u forgot ur uttu??

Ragini smiles through her tears and nods no and hugs her tighly. She too reciprocates while sanpoo smiles. Ragutt breaks the hug and Uttara hits her head playfully. To bring the atmosphere back to normal sanskaar said he’s hungry and they should go to have dinner. Everyone compiled and went to the dining hall where everyone was already present.

Addy pulled Ragini with her and therefore Sanskaar. Ragini. Pooja,Uttara,Pari and Adarsh  with Addy sat together on one table. Both ragsan had genuine smiles on their faces meeting their family.

Swara’s POV!

Today I saw Ragini.. my ragu.. my laado after so many months….. she’s still the same but she has changed a lot too….i felt a part of me becoming alive again when I saw her… but she didn’t… she didn’t saw me .. she just went from there when someone took her…. I’m trying to talk to her from last few hours but its just not happening…. clearly she’s avoiding me but…. but wont she give me a chance to explain…. <wipes her tears> but I’ll also talk to her in any case…. I wont let Sanskaar take away my ragu … ik he has only instigated her against me…..

She looks in the mirror of the washroom with determination. sHe goes from there. She comes in the hall and sees Ragini eating food with the rest of them. She also sees Sanskaar staring at Ragini. She’s about to go to them but laksh stops her.

Laksh : swara ….

Swara : what happened laksh??

Laksh : swara… I need to apologise to Ragini and bhai… so I want thinking to bring some present for them…. what say??

Swara : yes laksh I too wanna apologise to Ragini… we’ll go to buy a present for her….

Laksh : okay ….

Swara: I’ll just come…

She goes towards ragsan’s table. Pooja who just completed her food stood up but dashed in swara and the water fell on her. Everyone there stands up as swara angrily glares at Pooja. Pooja keeps the plate and glass on the table and takes the tissue and is about to clean swara’s saree but she pushes her away. Ragini holds Pooja.

Pooja : I’m sorry actually …..

Swara : arre what sorry?? It was an expensive designer saree which you just destroyed.

Laksh and ap comes there hearing swara’s shout.

Ap: what happened swara??

Swara : ma see what she did ??

Ap looks ahead and gets emotional seeing Ragini and Sanskaar. Sanskaar controls himself and turns his face while Ragini bows down her head.

Laksh : its okay swara… we’ll get it dry cleaned….

Swara/; but laksh….

Ap: swara its okay….. come with me…

Ap takes swara with her. Ragini assures Pooja its okay and she should chill. Pooja smiled and went from there. Laksh looks at Ragini. She too feels his stare and feels uncomfortable so is about to go from there but Sanskaar signs her to be there only. He comes between Ragini and laksh and they all settle down. Laksh goes from there.

Uttara : swara bhabhi has changed so much… many a times she behaves like this …..

Pari signs Uttara to keep quiet as Ragini was also there. Uttara realises and signs sorry. Ragini gets up and goes from there. Pari glares at Uttara. She makes a cry baby face. Pari nods her face and goes behind Ragini. Adarsh  stops Sanskaar from going behind them.


Ragini comes upstairs on the terrace. Pari comes behind her. Hearing her voice, Ragini wipes her tears.

Pari : ragu…

Ragini : arre bhabhi aap?

Pari : no need to hide your tears from me …. you don’t have any idea how much I and everyone misses you…

She said making her sit on the swing.

Pari : ik ragu whatever happened with you was not good and justified……… but ragu everyone regret what they did….

Ragini : bhabhi.. I’m not sad for what happened with me.. may be I deserve that.. but I cant forget what all Sanskaar had to go through… n what all he has faced bcoz of that family.. n not on;y him.. jane anjane mein Pooja ki bhi life bigad gayi…

Pari : no ragu… ik whatever happened with Sanskaar was not right but trust me papa ji didn’t had anything to do with kavita…

Ragini stands and looks at Pari with confusion. Pari also stands and holds her shoulders and explains her everything. Ragini gets shocked listening to all that. (( chapter 44 ))

Ragini : no bhabhi… im sure kavita was not like that … how… I mean….

she holds her head…

Pari : ragu… ragu relax…. this was papaji’s pov .. may be kavita was not like that … but Sanskaar’s pov regarding papaji is wrong….

Ragini looks on, confused.


Adarsh  : sanky…  I want to tell you something really important … pls listen to me once……

Before he could continue. Arnav’s father, VR with dp and rp comes there. Adarsh  stops and looks at them. Sanskaar too stands up.

VR : durga… ram… he’s Sanskaar kapoor… Arnav’s friend….. and a very talented business man….. n Sanskaar .. beta he’s my friend dp and rp Maheshwari… they are well known in Kolkata …. u might know them ….

Sanskaar forwarded his hand for handshake. He first did with rp and then with dp.

Sanskaar ( still holding dp’s hand and looking straight into dp’s eyes ) : of course…. <smirks> I know them… very well…

Dp looks on sadly with moist eyes while rp and Adarsh  look at eo. VR looks at them confusingly.

VR : do u guys know each other from before??

Sanskaar looks at dp and nods no. Luckily SR, Arnav’s mom calls him and he excuses himself. Sanskaar leaves his hand and goes from there. Dp and rp looks on teary eyed.

Dp : Adarsh  .. u were Asking me to call him back.. he, who has even changed his identity, his surname… his everything…

Adarsh  bows down his head. Dp leaves from there. Rp anD Adarsh looks on. This all scene is seen by Ragini.

The episode ends with teary eyed Ragini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yup so here is 54th chapter! Again not a long one and without any ragsan scene ???? but still…….

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