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Recap –Ragini gets to know the truth………………

That night no one slept. Everyone’s mind was filled with questions, confusions, guilt, sorrow and what not. Maheshwari’s were happy that finally they found about Sanskaar and Ragini. But they were also sad because of the misunderstandings and hatred between them.

Sanskaar was happy to see his family. But somewhere that happiness was incomplete. He didn’t knew the reason but somewhere in his heart he knew dp was regretting about his decision and was really sad.

Ragini was in deep dilemma. She was not sure what to do or what not to do. She wanted Sanskaar’s happiness only and she knew happiness lies being with the family.

Unable to sleep, she moved out of the room with stole and reached sanskaar’s room. Sanskaar was sharing his room with one of his friends. She touched the door and stood there.


Sanskaar I want you to know the whole truth. I don’t know how you’ll react but …. but I feel something is going to happen may be good or bad.. I don’t know…….. but just remember one thing sansku I am always with you…

She wipes her tears and goes from there.


Ragini, sanskaar and pooja have come to nearby mall for some shopping. Sanskaar was behaving normal so ragini didn’t said anything to him and moved with the flow.

Sanskaar : ginu.. poo… buy whatever you want to buy ….. < they both nod > quickly … < the smiling faces turned into frowned faces >

Sanskaar said clicking his fingers. Ragini came in front of him and clicked her fingers as well.

Ragini : what do you mean by quickly??

Sanskaar ( moved back ) : ginu… I mean.. you quickly finish the shopping then we’ll quickly go back… all are waiting for us… we have to go…

Pooja : bhai.. there’s much time…

Sanskaar : but Abhay is also coming na….

RagPoo : Abhay?

Sanskaar ; you guys don’t know him… please…. do it fast…

Ragini : okay… lets see…. come pooja…

They both move. Sanskaar follows, arguing with them.

After three hours they all are done with shopping. Sanskaar is following the girls with a cute pout pulling the trolly fuLl of bags.

Sanskaar : yaar abb toh chal lo… ( now lets go )

Pooja : I think bhai is right di.. we should move now…

Ragini : yaar this is wrong.. you both become one team leaving me alone…

She pouts and stands folding her arms. Sanskaar is about to come near her when a young boy in white shirt comes there and puts his arm around ragini’s shoulder and pulls her towards him shocking everyone to their bits, especially ragini.

Boy : if you don’t mind I can be in your team… forever…

And he winks at her.


Swara ( on call ) : yes mom… she’s here… finally I have found my ragini.. our laado mom…

Shomi : how is she beta? Did you talked to her?? Ask her come back na…

Swara : no mom… I haven’t talked to her yet.. sanskaar always comes in between..

Shomi: what are you saying shone?? Sanskaar??

Swara ; yes mom.. whenever I try to talk to ragini he always comes in between.. and who knows he has only brainwashed her…

Shomi : what are you saying shona?? Why will sanskaar do this??

Swara : I don’t know mom… but im sure sanskaar has something to do with ragini… the way he looks at her and………

Before she could complete her sentence someone pulled her and before she could shout the person kept hand on her mouth.

Bewildered Swara removes the hand and pants heavily.

Swara ; what the hell laksh?/ what are you doing??

Laksh ; swara are you out of your mind? What rubbish were you speaking about bhai?

Swara : you don’t know anything laksh so stay out of it.

Laksh ; swara…

He is about to shout but stops seeing Adarsh behind her. Swara too turns around and smiles nervously.

Adarsh : come papa is calling everyone.

They both nod and follows adarsh.


All the maheshwari’s are sitting in a room.

Sujata ; I think we should talk to sanskaar…

Swara : I want to talk to ragini…

Ap : I think they both are still not ready to talk to us..

Rp ; par bhabhi we have to talk to them na…

Laksh : I think we should give them some time..

Swara : 8-9 months are enough laksh..

Amidst all this chaos four people were sitting silently, Dp, Adarsh, Pari and Uttara.

Dp looked at the trio. Adarsh looked back at him and went towards him and held his hands.

Adarsh : papa.. what are you thinking?? What is the right thing to do now?

All looks at him with curiosity. He stands up and sighs.

Dp: the best thing to do right now is to move back to Kolkata.

Ap; what are you saying ji??

Sujata / swara ; I wont go leaving sanskaar / ragini here…

Rp : bhaisa at least talk to them…

Dp : adarsh.. book the tickets for tonight..

Adarsh : im sorry papa… but I wont do it..

Dp nods in anguish and asks the same to laksh getting same response.

Dp: I’ll book the tickets myself…

Ap: suniye….. ( listen )

Dp stops but doesn’t turn back.

Ap; we have seen them after so many months.. God himself has given us a chance to rectify our mistakes.. don’t let it go from hands.. please meet them once.. they are our kids only.. please.. I join my hands please….

Dp looks back and sees everyone in tears. He goes from there silently.

The episodes ends with shocked face of Ragini and crying face of Swara.!


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