Recap: ragsan fight……

Sanskaar reads the letter….



All the best for your meetings and please don’t worry about me I’m now used to it. I’m taking a leave for today okay? N I want u to crack all the deals today.. Otherwise u’ll have it from me…. All the best!



Everything was written in distorted handwriting and there were tear marks all around. Sanskaar’s heart pained so much…. He again recalls all the moments where he shouted on her, slapped her and said so many things to her…. And every time it was his ANGER and her INNOCENCE!!!! He hated himself for that.

He kept his head on the head rest and let the tears flow from his eyes. Every time he closed his eyes only Ragini’s crying face came on front of him….. He opened his eyes.

Sanskaar: oh god ginu….. I never realised that every time U cry… I’m…. I’m the sole reason for it…. U hv always cried bcoz of me…. I’m so sorry ginu…. Pls come back….. I’m sorry…….

He was so tensed worried and nervous…… ( u know uska dil baitha ja raha tha….) .. He started biting his nails in tension. Tears flowed from his eyes. Pooja knocked teh door but he didn’t respond. She came in and was shocked to see him like that. Last time She saw him biting his nails was 5 yrs back when Mr. Kapoor gave him the responsibility of the company and he was not successful in cracking his first deal. Lil bit she knew that he was not tensed bcoz of the deal.

She came near him and took his hamd from hsi mouth… Sanskaar looked at her. His eyes were burning with tears.. Pooja got scared and worried at the same time. She hugged him tightly.

Pooja: bhai… Wht happened??? Where is bhabhi n y she left a letter for u???

Sanskaar: Pooja y this only happen with me??? Y cant I give happiness to anyone??? y I become a reason for everyone’s misery…. Am I that bad Pooja??? I snatched ur sister from u…..

He clutched her hand and cried hugging her. She too couldn’t stop herself from crying.

Pooja: no bhai… U r not bad…. No one is bad bhai only situations are bad… Pls don’t cry…. Tell me wht happened???

Sanskaar: I again scolded ginu…. U know na wht happened that time when I scolded her she got fever and this time I even dont know where she’s is…. I don’t know wht i’ll do??? I’m soo bad poo….

She caressed his hair and tried calming him down. He kept on crying holding her and told her wht happened this morning… Her phn beeped and it said that Mr. James hv arrived. She got more worried. Now she didn’t knew what she should do….

Sanskaar kept on murmuring his faults and kept asking for forgiveness…..

Pooja separates him from herself and wipes her tears and then his…. Sanskaar kept looking down. She got up and brought a glass of water. He nodded no… She kept her hand on his head and nodded to drink. He drank the water. Now the lil sister has become a mother for his elder brother…….. …

She wiped his face with a wet towel and cupped his face and made him look in her eyes.

Pooja: bhaiya….

He didn’t listen…

Pooja ( takes a deep breath ): sanskaar….. ( he looks at her ) Now listen to me carefully…. Mr. James has come and the meeting will start within 10 mins… I know u r not in a situation to handle this meeting so I’ll cancel the meeting and will get it reschedule.. Okay??? And… And u’ll go home and take rest…. ( he tries to say something but she shushes him…) no listen to me…. I’ll go n find bhabhi…. U’ll go n take rest….. Okay???

Sanskaar looks down and then at her..

Sanskaar: u’ll go n find ginu?? Promise…..

Pooja: pinky promise…..

Sanskaar: okay but I won’t go home…. ( she tries to say something ) bcoz of this meeting I fought with ginu… N I don’t want her hard work to go waste… I’ll attend the meeting and u hv to promise me that u’ll find my ginu…..

Pooja nods as she knew he will not listen.

Pooja: promise bhai….

Sanskaar nods and goes to washroom and gets fresh. Pooja waits for him. He comes out and they go to conference Hall…. Pooja introduces sanskaar to everyone and everyone to sanskaar….

Music starts playing in the bg……..

Lusty lonely cause you’re the only
One that knows me and I can’t be without you
Lusty lonely cause you’re the only
One that knows me and I can’t be without you

(( Pooja goes from there and sanskaar and everyone settles down…. His body was there but not his heart….. He looks blankly at the presentation which ragini made and a girl was explaining the points…… He could only see ragini there……… He closes his eyes………)))

Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai

(( He opens his eyes only to find the same girl giving the presentation… He looks around and finds everyone looking at the presentation and concentrating on it…….. Tears start forming in his eyes…… As it was dark there no one could see his tears…….))

Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali
Hai meri lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali (lusty lonely)

(( he’s seeing ragini everywhere and soon she disappears in the thin air…. He held his breath and tears and clenched his fist……. Again n again Ragini’s crying face is coming in front of his and his promise to dadaji and dadi that he won’t let a single tear come in her eyes…….))

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

(( now it was time for him to stand up and speak for his company… But he didn’t move… Everyone was confused….. Pooja who was seeing all this from outside came inside and placed her hand on his shoulder bringing him back to his senses. She said him to go ahead through eyes. He nodded and stood up… Pooja smiled at everyone and went aside……))))

Ajnabi se huye kyun pal saare
Yeh nazar se nazar yeh milaate hi nahin
Ik gani dehaayi cha gayi hai
Manzilein raaston mein hi gum hone lagi
Ho gayi ansuni har dua ab meri
Reh gayi ankahi bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

(( sanskaar started his presentation absent minded but then saw ragini sitting on his seat and giving him r u serious look as he was not giving it nicely…. Ragini smiled and showed him thumbs up… He too smiled and then gave his presentation very confidently and nicely……… But deep inside his heart he knew that she was not there…… As the presentation was over everyone moved out of the conference Hall…. Sanskaar was moving ahead when Mr. James called him but he didn’t listen. He looked at Pooja and she nodded and shook sanskaar. He looked at her and then at James and asked for forgiveness. He smiled and said the deal is on and he’ll send the contract papers tomorrow. Sanskaar smiled and they shook hands after which James and his team left. ….. All the staff members congratulated sanskaar.. He too wished them and said Pooja to get sweets for all of them…. ))

(( Pooja went out to search for ragini…. She looked at their house. , orphanage and everywhere but couldn’t find her…. At last she went to temple to pray for her well being )))

Raah mein roshni ni hai kyun haath choda
Iss taraf shaam ne kyun hai apna muh moda
Yun ke har subah ik bereham si baat ban gayi
Hai kya yeh jo tere mere darmiyaan hai
Andekhi ansuni koi dastaan hai
Lagne lagi, ab zindagi khaali khaali
Lagne lagi har saans bhi khaali
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere
Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere
Koi khalish hai hawayon mein bin tere .. Lusty lonely

((( ragini was moving on the roads lifelessly…….. Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously remembering morning incident…….. She knew sanskaar was not fully at fault but he could have listen to her once but no…. He’ll do wht he wants like always……. She sits on the bench in a park ⛲ and remembers her moments with sanskaar……….. How much she has suffered in this small life only she knew and she couldn’t take it anymore…. She was tired… Very tired……… She kept her head in her palms and cried…….. After sometime, a hand was placed on her shoulder… She wished it was not sanskaar coz if it was he then she knew that the consequences won’t be good. She took a deep breath and looked up and then back only to find Pooja standing there…… )))

Pooja came and sat beside her. Ragini wiped her tears.

Pooja: hii…

Ragini: hii…

Pooja: no need to hide ur tears from me….

Ragini: How was the meeting??

Pooja: bhabhi….

Ragini: Ragini… Ragini is my name Pooja….

Pooja: okay.. I know wht happened today?? But bcoz of bhai’s mistake y r u taking my sister from me???

She asked almost tearing up. Ragini couldn’t take anymore and hugged her tightly. Both were crying……

Ragini broke the hug and wipes her tears.

Ragini: don’t cry… If ur bhai sees this again he’ll think that I did something to make… U cry…

She choked. Pooja took er in her embrace. Ragini Holds her and cried just like sanskaar. She too was murmuring something.

Ragini: y poo?? Y he always do this to me… I was just trying to help him na then y cant he understand…..???

Pooja ( caressing her hair ): arre he’s idiot… Y do u take him seriously.??

Ragini: hey… He’s ur brother… u should not say like this….

Pooja: who’ll make my sister cry i’ll call him like that only…. Now stop crying ik more name to call him….

Both chuckles through their tears.

Ragini: acha tell me how was the meeting??

Pooja Tells her everything how sanskaar cried reading her letter and then how he was lost in the meeting and then lastly they cracked the deal.

Ragini’s heart ached listening this but composed himself. ..

Ragini: congratulations…..

Pooja: bha…. dii…..

She squeezes her hand coz she knew that she wanted to cry…. Ragini looked at her and burst out crying……. Ragini kept her head on her lap and kept on crying…..

Ragini: am I that bad Pooja that no one wants me in their lives….. Everyone just throws me out of their lives…… I know I’m not that good… I don’t hv any wow factor but that doesn’t mean na that anyone will come and break my heart and go….. I never got anyone’s love . . Firstly I never got my mother’s love… Then laksh came n broke my heart several times…. After awara came I lost my father also….. Then when I said the truth everyone broke relation with me…. I know I was at fault but then…… Fine….. Then sanskaar…. Every time he fights with me he makes me realise that I’m just good for nothing and all the struggle he has only done and I hv got everything decorated in a gold plate………. Y doesn’t he understand that I too am a human n I too get hurt……. Y?????

Pooja: ik di… He has hurt u very much n this is not the first time…. But u know na that when it comes to work he forgets everything….

Ragini: ik poo…. Thats y I made him sleep and did all his work so that he doesn’t destroy his health…. I was worried for him that’s y…. But he just don’t understand…… Idiot….. Stupid Sanskaar…….

Pooja: ik di…… Bhai speaks a lot when he’s worried or angry.. Even he speaks that things also which he shouldn’t…. But di u also know that he’s not bad from heart….. He just gets hyper di….

Ragini: y I’m his prey always???? I’m also tired yaar…. N its just the starting of our relationship…. U only tell me if this continues where will our relation go????? He needs to understand that I also hv a heart which I hv Already given him so he needs to protect that and not hurt my heart everytime……………

She cries…. Pooja lets her cry for sometime and consoles her…….

Pooja: dii… Come lets go to home… U must be tired na….. Come…..

Ragini: no I don’t want to go to ” his ” house…..

Pooja : But di….

Ragini: no I won’t go to that house….

Pooja: okay then at least u can come to ur sister’s house???

Ragini looks at her and she makes a puppy face ‘! Ragini sighs and compiles….. Pooja drops her home and makes something for he to eat.

Ragini: i’ll eat u go now….

Pooja: pakka u’ll eat c???

Ragini nods and sends her…. She locks the door and sits on the sofa…… As she was walking since morning she slept there only within no time…….

Pooja reached office and waited for sanskaar’s meeting to get over. As soon as it got over sanskaar came out in search of her.

Sanskaar: Pooja…. Did u find her???

Pooja: hv I ever broke my promise???

Sanskaar: where is she???

Pooja: at my home??

Sanskaar: ur home… Y??

Pooja: she didn’t wanted to go to ” ur ” home that’s y…..

Sanskaar: How’s she. ??

Pooja: not very good….. Bit I know u’ll make her fine…..

Sanskaar: thank you!!!

Pooja: hmm…. Toh abb mujhe thank u bola ja raha hai v????

Sanskaar: sorry….

Pooja: common bhai its okay…… Now don’t stress ursself…. U still hv two meetings to go…… calm down here…. Have this sandwiches u haven’t eaten anything from morning…..

Sanskaar: n ginu??

Pooja: I hv prepared food for hr… She might hv eaten….. Now u also eat… I’ll bring coffee for u. …

Sanskaar: thank you so much Pooja…. ( he hugs her ) I don’t know how i’ll pay off for all this???

Pooja: of course u can…..

Sanskaar: how???

Pooja: by always keeping my di happy…… N now if a single tear comes in her eyes bcoz of u then u r gone for sure…. Understand???

She asked pointing finger towards him. Sanskaar acts like he’s scared..

Sanskaar: okay meri maa…..

And they both burst out laughing. Later sanskaar had his snacks and continued with his meetings now assured that ragini is safe and sound……

Okay so your late lateef writer is again here with a sad chappy again. … ?? Ik its short also !!!! But as I was writing epilogue if YCM I couldn’t write a long one for this ????

I really hope you all liked this chapter. … If yes then do comment and vote for it!!! It really matters…. Any kind of suggestions are welcomed and feel free to express your views on anything…..

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