sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-8)

Episode 8

Firstly I want to thank Fatima for ur support?.

Not taking much time let’s start.
Avni is taking with her mother to go Australia for job.
Her mother leaves from there and said to her father to all the things.
Her father: I think avni wants to spend some time alone ,only with herself .I think we have to support her in the decision.
Her mother: but…
Her father: plz now she is big girl ,let her to see the world from her own view.
Her mom agree for that and both of them reached in avni’s room and avni is sitting on the bed.
They knock the door..
Her dad: can we come inside.

Avni: dad I told u not to take permission like strangers.
Her dad : I will give u one good news ,start packingur bags ,ur flight is of 7: 00 pm u have to go Australia.
Avni : really dad love you so much
She hugged his dad and started packing her bags for Australia.
6: 00 pm
All family members gathered into the Hall .
Her mother: avni take care over there ,be in contact with us daily.
Avni : ok mom u don’t worry ,I will be.
All of them reaches the airport to drop avni ,all of them said good bye to her and happy journey.
Everyone’s eyes r filled with tears ,but none of them can express it.
Every one returned home.

All the Indian cricket team along with niel with their wives and girlfriends they r having fun in zoo,sight seeing etc.
Avni reaches Australia,she informed her parents that she reaches over there.
In the same morning avni has an interview with the owner of hotel named”crucia” avni reaches over there .she get dressed up in the hotel .at 10:00am she has an interview.

10: am

She enters in the cabin of the owner of the hotel
Boss: listen I have already read ur files.and find that u r the topper of university in I just want to take ur test.
Tomorrow in our hotel there is winning party organized for cricketers .so u have to organize that.all the best .

At night avni slept as she tired and after that the cricket team returned from sight seeing.

Next day.
10: am
Avni is standing on ladder and decorating the Hall along with the helping members.
Suddenly niel came out from his room.and he is passing from hall and suddenly avni’s ladder slips and she falls on niel ( first meeting).they both r staring each other and lost in each other’s beauty.
On that spot Krystal reaches and shouted niel…. what is this? And in anger she returned back to her room.they both get up ….
Avni : I am sorry ,because me she gets angry on u.
Niel: no it’s ok ,it’s not ur flat it’s just an accident.
Both of them leave from there in opposite direction.

At 7:00pm.
Whole hall is decorated.all the cricket players gather over there and appreciating the decoration and arrangements done.
Niel stopped one waiter and asked him who have done this all arrangements ,I wants to thank her.waiter said avni ma’am.
Niel: may I know her full name.
Waiter: sir she didn’t told any body her full name.( As avni wants hide her identity,so she didn’t told anyone about har surname) .
Niel : ok where is she.

Waiter points avni ,avni is standing backward.
Niel went to thank her .he almost reaches over there but Krystal tell him to listen her .he had gone with Krystal.
Krystal: niel,i have to suddenly returned to India as u know mom has a cancer and her condition is critical.
Niel: fine we both will go together.
Krystal: no world cup is coming closer ,u have to practice for that,when I need u i will let u know.
Niel : ok fine.

All r enjoying party but niel is tensed.
Within 3 hrs Krystal reaches India to her boyfriend vivek .she lied with niel .
Vivek: Krystal now it’s time to make our plan with this lady.
Krystal: who is she that old lady.
Vivek: she will be acting as ur sick mother in front of niel and his family.
Krystal: ok done.

Vivek : now make a call to niel make the first step of plan successful.

In the next episode
What krystal and vivek r planning,will they be get success in their plan???

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  1. Awesome awesome ?
    Loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️???
    Aww their first meeting so good ?
    Loved it ???
    So Krystle and Vivek are gonna to do something ????…..I hope they don’t do some stupid stuff ????….
    Btw no need to thanks for the support as writer I know how disappointed moments we get when none is appropriating our work…..they really don’t know how much time a writer take time to think and write…..after so much difficulty they update but none understand……..but please don’t be sad….I’ll always support you Priti till the end?????…

    And I’m really sorry yaar….my net was not working so that’s y I couldn’t read your part…..sorry once again

    Keep smiling and stay blessed ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks sis.thank u so much.

    2. Pritiyadav

      Thanks Fatima for ur support.u don’t know how much I need ur support.? U too keep smiling and be happy.

  2. Exactly i agree with you they shud apprreciate and comment on our hardwork .. im liza a writer too .i write the ff avniel love for life .. plz keep me update love your ff to priti

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks dude

  3. Zaina

    I am sorry dear, for not commenting… actually i read it in one stretch….
    Anyway ur ff is soo good… waiting for avneil moments… keep writing dear… we will be there always to support u…

    1. Pritiyadav

      It’s ok sis. And thanks

  4. Pritiyadav

    Guys till 29 of July I will not able to post any episode as my unit test is started it will end at 29 of July so sorry for that.hope u guys understand.
    And thanks for all the support guys . because of no comments I get little bit nervous.but now I got it so I will update after 29 of July.once again thank-you guys for ur support.

    1. No worries at all….concentrate on studies and we know you will rock in exam…’ll get flying marks…All the very best….will for your return……
      Love you ?

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