sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-7)

Episode 7

Avni’s mother get the call letter which has come from army for SSB interview. She gets shocked to read they letter.
Her mother: avni come downstairs ,avni r u listening ,I said come down from ur room.
Avni came in the hall ,by hearing the voice of her mother Aisha and her dad also gather in the hall.
Her dad: what happen why r u shouting like that.
Her mother : ask with ur rdaughter how she suddenly get suffered with fever.
Her dad: what r u Talking,they have told u the reason ,so why r u making issue of that.
Her mother: I told u na ask with both of them.
Her father asked , both of them didn’t gave the answer ,they r silently standing.
Her father: why r u not answering to us.
Her mother: they will not answer, I will tell u the this letter u will get the answer.
Her dad read they letter and get stunned by reading that.
Her father: avni ,I didn’t expected this from u.
Her mother: avni I told u not to join army and what u have done in our absence u went to Jammu to conduct the paper.
Her mom have handover that letter to avni and tell her to tear that letter on her own.
Avni: mom plz try to understand, its my passion ,I cant be happy without it,plz mom.( she is continuously crying).
Her mother call one of the servant and told him to bring the sleeping pills.
The servant bring that sleeping pills.
Her mother holds that pills and said to avni..
Her mother: avni I am important in ur life or not.
Avni: mom u know that
Her mother: I wants to listen with u
Avni: mom u r the most important person in my life.
Her mother: fine now u have to choose between me and army .its up to u ,if u will choose army ,I will commit suicide by taking these pills.
Her dad: what r u talking
Her mother: dont interrupt, avni decide what do u want army or ur mother.

Avni have tear that call letter and just ran away in her room.
Her mom also crying but her dad handle her and her mom tell Aisha that go in your Di room ,she needs somebody.
Aisha went there. She saw that avni is sitting in corner and continuously crying .she just gone there and sat beside her.
Avni hugged her tightly and said..
Avni : my passion got broken ,Aisha I am got broken ,no body have supported me except u.
Aisha: Di mom cares abt u ,that she didn’t allow u in army. Plz understand Di, the situation is wrong here neither mom is wrong nor u.
Their mom send message through a servant for lunch.
Avni send Aisha for lunch and told her that she will come later on.
Every one is waiting on dining table .but she didn’t came.
Her mother: I know she will not come ,she didn’t leave her childhood act.
She took the food and enters in her room.
She saw Aisha siting on the bed.
Her mother: avni yet r u upset yet,u know my situation, then also u have taken this major step,u didn’t think about me.I have faced when my dad sacrificed for nation.its very difficult time for me and I don’t want to see that situation again.
Avni hugged her mother and said..
Avni: sorry mom ,I didn’t mean it to hurt if again and again we will talk on that topic it gives only pain and nothing let it be.if i ask u something, will u give me that, I mean to say that I want to do job ,I want to stand on my legs.
Her mother: sure my child ,from tomorrow u join ur dad business.
Avni: no mom ,I want to achieve something on their own.
Her mother: I didn’t get it what do u mean.
Avni : mom I want to do hotel management from out of this country,in Australia.
Her mother: why not here.
Avni: mom,everyone know me that I am the daughter of singhania.they will provide me job easily and in Australia no one knows me and I will achieve what I want.

In next episode : will her mother allow her to go Australia, if she allows then will avni and Neil met there in Australia,as he is playing over there only…….

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  1. Awesome ?
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      Sure fatima

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      Thanks Fatima to reading my ff

      1. Hey don’t be sad….priti soon after meeting of them many silent readers will comment…I’m sure….you are a good writer and I’ll support you till the end …but please don’t be sad…..dear…your writing is really very good ?…..Soon many readers will realise your importance…….keep smiling and stay blessed ???❤️❤️❤️
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