sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-6)

Episode 6

Scene 1(Mumbai)
In the next morning
Avni’s mother to her father: today we have to talk with Mr mehta about the marriage proposal of avni.
Her father: OK I will talk about this in breakfast time.

On the other hand avni and Aisha reach at London but avni suffers from high fever due to climate change.aisha make a call to her father…
Aisha: dad di is suffering from a high fever from last night and yet not recover plz come soon.
Call ends up.
Avni’s mother: what happen?
Avni’s father: avni is suffering from fever let’s pack our bag return back to London.
Avni’s mother: what about marriage proposal

Avni’s father: our daughter is suffering from a high fever and u r bothering about marriage.i am going to inform this to Mr mehta till that time u pack the bags.
She is stated packing the bags and both of them leave to London and reaches at home.they call the doctor and doctor said she will recover within two days
Her mother asked with Aisha..
Her mother: how suddenly ur di suffers from fever.
Aisha( hesitate): mom we went to lake and because of that only.
Her mother: OK ,u both can’t take care of itself.

India( at Niels house)
Niel return from the birthday party and asked about singhanias ..
His mother: they have to urgently leave.
Neil: OK let it help me in packing my bags,tommorrow I have to leave Australia for matches.
His mother: Krystal is going with u or not ,take her along with u both of u will get time to spend together.
Niel: yeah she will coming with me.
Suddenly Krystal arrives there with her bags .
Krystal: hello aunty and uncle.
Niels mother and father: hello Krystal ,listen in Australia u have to care of yourself as well as niel.
Krystal: sure aunty and uncle,i will

Krystal( she is the girlfriend of niel )
Niel loves her a lott but she loves another guy, her main motive is to take the property of Niel.

In the next morning ,niel and Krystal reach Australia . On very first day they went to some tourist place and have fun over there.t he day passed .

After 10 days

In Australia
India won the series and Niel is the man of the series.

On the other hand in London , avni’s call letter came from army and that is received by her mom. Her mom read that and het stunned…..

In the next episode
What will be the reaction of her mom and will from this situation avni’s life will take turn……

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