sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-5)

Episode 5

Hello guys and sorry that yesterday i have not update any episodes because i suffered from viral fever.not taking ur much time let’s start..

Scene 1( mumbai)
Mr mehta and mr singhania with their wife’s talking in drawing room ,time passes they dudnt realise that its 7:00pm.avni mom make a call to avni but the phone is switched off as they r travelling in plane .so she call on the phone of one of the servant of house and she get message that both avni and Aisha went to one of their friends house .
Mrs singhania to mr singhanis: look how careless our daughter is they left the house on the responsibilities of servants and they r not picking the call also.

All r sitying on the dining table
Avni’s mother to Neil’s mother : where is Neil

Mrs mehta: from meeting of one day matches he went to one of his friends birthday party he will come in morning.
Mrs singhania : ok
They all finished their dinner and went to sleep.

Scene2( Jammu)
Avni and aishha reach to the airport and from there avni booked a rikshaw to reach the army camp.
After some time both of them reaches at the army camp.
Aisha: Di why u came here ,in army camp.oh i got it,u r here to give the exam of joining army.u lied with me ,i am gonna tell each and everything to mum and dad that u r cheating them.
She started seaching her phone in her bag then avni stopped her and said…
Avni: aisha first listen to me and then if u think i am doing wrong then call them and tell them all the things . as u know hw much i love army ,I cant do any job other than that.
Aisha: i know Di ,but there is a risk in life u will never be happy in army plz why don’t u understand.

Avni: aisha do u think so that i will be happy in any other job.if I will not be happy in this job then i will be responsible for that ,i will not blame anybody for that.
Aisha : OK Di ,go for it ,I want my Di to be a brave soldier ,i will support in any condition .
They both hugged each other .avni is busy in preparing for her exam which will be conducted in morning. And she message her dad that they r enjoying at their friends house and may be they will not get time to call .avni feels very bad lying with her dad.

Next morning

Avni went for conducting her exam.
After three hrs she returned happily from examination hall
Avni: aisha i have attempted maximum questions . the paper is awesome
Aisha: di when result will come
Avni: result will not come ,call letter will come for SSB interview.
Now we have to return to London

They both reach to the airport and booked a flight ticket….
Will avni and aisha will successfull reach to london or they will caught .

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  1. Nice but I want to read Love/Hate why isn’t she Updating…

    1. Pritiyadav

      Try to understand vidhi that I am starting this story before 3 to 4 days so it’s took a little time to show the love track between I have request that plz wait for a little ,I promise that I will fulfill ur demand.hope u understand

  2. Awesome ?
    Loved it?
    So she gave the result its good ?
    Waiting for their first meeting ?
    Update soon ❤️

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks and sure I will update soon

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