sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-4)

Episode 4

Avni is starring that letter….
Scene 1(India)
Avni’ parents arrive on airport.mehtas full family except Sara reached to picked the singhanias.
Mr mehta(Sara’s and Niel’s dad): welcome Mr and Mrs singhania .after long time we met.
Niel: namaste uncle
Avni’s dad: where is ur daughter Sara Mr mehta.
Mr mehta: she is out of station .she will return after one month.
Mr singhania: OK

They all sat in the car and reached mehtas house .mehta and singhania are childhood friends .in the car they both have shared their childhood memories and laughed at each other.
They reached mehtas house.
Mr mehta have showed the room to singhanias and told them to fresh up and after we will have lunch.
All get freshed and gatthered on dining table.

Mr mehta: what happen singhania that u suddenly came india .
Mr singhania : just ur memories pull me india.
Mr mehta: why u didnt bring ur daughters.
Mr singhania: aisha schools are opened ,so she is not able to come and someone needs overthere to take care of her so avni didnt came.

Mr mehta: ok,ur daughter is very nice girl ,I have heard so many times from sara’ s mouth.
Suddenly Niels receive a call
Niel: dad I have to go for selection of the team for one day matches. So execuse me guys
He leaves from there
All have finished their lunch and went into the drawing room and started talking……

Scene 2 (London)

Avni is starring that letter and suddenly she receives call from aisha’ s school that Aisha’s school will vw closed for 3 days.
Avni went in Aisha’s room and give this news to her
Avni: Aisha let’s go to have some fun somewhere. In ur these holidays.
Aisha: wow Di ,but mum and dad r not here so how we can go.
Avni : we will not inform them and secretly we will go and came back before they return from india.

Aisha: OK Di .
Avni is not going to have fun she is going to give the written exam of army . she booked ticket for Jammu without informing her parents and she inform the servants that she is going to one of her friend house and she will return from there in 3 days .
Both the sister reached in Jammu .

In next episode
Will aisha get success in giving the written exam of army .

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  1. is this a new story .. i mean a story diffrent from the real concept…

  2. Pritiyadav

    Yes its different from real one. I have used same character with different story.have u liked it?

  3. Fatimak18

    Awesome ?
    Loved it so much ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks yrr read my next episode too

      1. You didn’t uploaded next part dear ???….I got happy that you updated but there is not parts available here ?????

  4. Pritiyadav

    Thanks fatimak18 and read my next episode too.

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