sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-3)

Episode 3

Her mother read the letter and get shocked….
Avni asked about the letter
Avni: mom what is inside that letter.
Mom: u r asking with me .common dont pretend that u dont know.
Avni: mom what r u saying I didn’t get it .
Avni took the letter from her mother and read and get shocked because that letter was call letter for avni to give the written exam of Indian army and if she will get success in that then further SSB interview will take place.

Her mother shouted at her
Mom: avni I told u but u didn’t listen to me . now i will not say anything to u as i know that if i will tell u anything it will not mean for u .now u r a big girl ,its ur life ,u can take ur dicision on ur own ,why dont u bother about ur parents.
Avni(crying) : mom plz try to understand me I have not fill the form .
Mom: now u r staryed lying.its better I leave this place.

Avni get shattered and started crying .
Aisha hold her
Aisha : Di I know u cant do anything which hurts mum and dad so now we have to find who have fill this form on behalf of u .
Avni : i know than.
Avni ran in her room and call her friend .
Avni: Sara have u filled the form of applying in army on behalf of me.
Sara : actually yrr I have already filled that form and then I have asked u abt that .
Avni : it means that’s u .I didn’t expect this from u .
She cuts the call and cried a Lott …
On the other hand her mother talking with her father.
Mom: we have to find a groom for avni.

Dad: what r u talking .r u serious.its not a joke.
Mom: I know ,that’s the only option for us to save avni from joining army.
Firstly we let them engaged and after 3 to 4 years if they want they can get marry.
You have a friend Mohit mehta whose daughter sara is the bestie of avni and he has a son named Niel .I think he will suitable groom for avni.he is nice guys and captain of indian cricket team.
Dad : u r right ,tomorrow i am booking the flights of two ticket for india.we will go there and talk about that with Mohit .i think he will be happy with our this proposal and sara know our daughter better.
Mom: fine let’s pack our bags for tomorrow.

Dad : I am going to inform about this to avni .
Mom: dont tell her about the marriage proposal of her to sara’ s brother .otherwise she will never agree.tell her that we r going india for business work .
Dad : ok .
Her dad informed her that they r going to india for business work.
Avni: but suddenly ,why dad?
Dad : we r going tomorrow and take care of ur sister also.
Avni ( sadly) : OK dad,I will.

In the next morning

Avni done her routine work
Avni with her mom
Avni: mom r u yet upset with me .
Her mom didnt reply .
Dad : give some time to ur mom.she will talk u.
Avni dropped her mom and dad to airport and came back to the house
She entered in her room .on the table she noticed that letter .she is attracted a bit towards that but she controlled her feelings and pick that letter put it inside her wardrobe.
She receives a message from sara
Sara: avni,to join army is ur first love ,go try for that yr why r u thinking abt ur family .I am dam’ n sure that if ur parents saw u happy in serving for nation they will feel proud on u. Plz dont control ur feelings.
Avni went to Aisha’ s school to pick her from there.

There she met with a lady with army dress of USA.
Avni get mesmerized with her looks.she imagined herself in that dress .
Lady: what happen u r starring me for 20 min .
Avni: nothing.

Lady: OK u also wanna be like me.
Avni : yeah ,but my parents r not allowing me.
Lady: earlier my parents r also not allowing me but when I became an officer they r the first person to proud on me .I think u have to go for it.
The lady passes from there by saying these words .
Avni along with Aisha came back to home and entered in her bedroom and opened the wardrobe and pick that letter in her hand……..

In next episode
Now what will avni do .will she go against her parents ?

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