sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 23)


In the next morning
Neel sitting in the garden and recalling all the moments with Krystal.avni arrives there and kept her hand on his shoulder.
Avni:neel its ok ,now forget it.if u think u more it will hurt u only,and nothing else.
Neel:why she did this with me.,i think i didnt deserve true love.
Avni:no neel nothing is like that ,u r so nice that she didnt deserve u.u deserve life partner better than her.
Neel:can it be like u .
By hearing those words avni stares him.

On the othe hand sara met a handsome guy in her friend first look only she attracted towards him.
Sara:naina who is that guy.
Naina:he is Justin a big fashion designer ,he is my friend and came here on my request.
Sara:i want to met with him .
Naina:sure ,come.
Naina introducing both of them.
Naina: justin meet my friend sara ,she is sister of Neel mehta.
Justin:oh yes,hello sara myself justin.
Their talks continued …
At the end of concert ,justin asked sara to drop ,sara gets agree.
He drop her …
Sara enter in the house ,she is so happy.she collided with avni
Avni: what happen my princess u r so happy. Can i know the reason behind it.
Sara hugs her and said..
Sara:i think i started liking somebody or I am in love with him,i think its first sight love,i cant tell u how much i am happy.
Avni:ok lets go inside the room and then talk ,all r tensed about neel.
Sara:oh yes,how is he.
Avni:he is fine.
Inside their room
Avni:so can u show me his pics.
Sara:no i dont have,yes but he is big fashion designer, i think we find his name on google.
She searches and they found it.
Avni:yes he is really handsome.ur choice is awesome i have to wake up early in the morning ,so I am going.
Whole night sara lost in his dreams..

In next morning
When everyone came in the hall for breakfast ,they r shocked to see some decorators who r decorating the house.
Mr mehta: what is this ,with whom permission u all r doing these things.
From backside neel shouted dad i have given them permission.
Mr mehta: for what.
Neel:that u will know later on.its surprise.
Everyone is thinking now what he will do.
After sometime..
Avni:sara why dont u call that guy,he met with family and u get time to spend with him.
Sara:nice idea sure I will take phone number with naina and then i will call him.but do u think so he will come.
At evening…
In the party ,the theme is black.
Avni in black off shoulder floral gown and sara in black short dress.theey both looks stunning.
Avni:when will that guy coming.
Sara:i dont know but he told me that he will definitely come.
Suddenly justin arrives ,sara introduced him with all family.
Except neel no one knows the reason behind party.bebe signed him..
Neel in his thoughts…
Flashback start…
Bebe:beta neel now its time that u have to forget that girl and think about someone else, who cares u .
Neel:bebe what do u mean ,I didnt get it.
Bebe:I am talking about avni ,just think about her ,she sacrifices so many things for u ,now time came u give her rights ,except her as ur wife ,she is very nice girl .i know that u need time ,but time is not left ,so go plan something.
Flashback ends…
Bebe: where u lost go announce her as ur wife publicly.
Neel move towards stage slowly and slowly.
Suddenly avni is on the stage …..
Actually she ask apple juice with one waitor but mistakenly he gave her drink…
Avni:Good evening ladies and gentlemen, myself avni singhani ,sorry(corrected herself)Avni neel mehta.I am here to tell about my in-laws.first about Dad, he is so nice ,he supported me in all ups and downs he is totally like my dad ,when i used to miss my dad I saw him and get satisfied. Thanks dad for all love.
Now mom,do u know guys i have heard that mother in laws r very bad ,but when i came in this house then i realise this all things r rubbish ,she is totally like my neela ma.
Bebe,what i say ,i never met with my grand mother and i dont know the love of grandmother but she show me the love of grandmother. Love u bebe.sara,no words for her we r sister from two mother now u can imagine her importance in my life.
At last neel ,I just want say that neel I Love U.u r my life ,i dont know when how where it happens but I know only one thing that I love …..
Suddenly she fainted ,she is about to fall but neel holds her.he picks her in his arm and took her to the room.
He make her sleep on the bed ,he is about to leave but she has holded his hand and she murmurs -neel dont go ,plz dont leave me alone.
He confront her and sat beside her.
Neel is shocked about her confession ,he dont know how to react and what to do.whole night he thinks about her only.

In the next episode
In the next morning what will be the reaction of neel on her confession, will she remember all things and will this incident take a sweet move in their lives.

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  1. the way you express the true confession between Avneil that is fascinating. that’s why I can say, It is a perfect performance on your end. All the scenes are wonderful. You are doing very great because you make feel them(readers) good by your writing. All the Best.

    1. Pritiyadav

      Thanks but sorry its not the end of my ff yet.

      1. Here end means the direction. I mean to say your own direction. Understood sister.

    2. Pritiyadav

      Oh sorry bro i didnt get it.

      1. It’s okay sis. To error be human. If we don’t do any mistake, we can’t learn the wright from mistake.

  2. Prerana verma

    In last episode u mentioned bebe will have a this her dream???please tell me.nd update next one soon

    1. Pritiyadav

      Actually i forget to mention that after her dream she wakes up in morning and gave the idea to neel to except avni as her wife.
      Really sorry for that

  3. Sweetgirl7

    Priti i love ya. Do post this on wattpad and also give us awesome chaps like this. Best loveliest chap till now

    1. Thanks dear ,but due to studies i dont have time to update on wattpad .I will update a new story over there when here the story will end

  4. Its really nice…u r a wonderful writer yaar

    1. Thanks dear

  5. Wow yaar ,……

    1. Thanks dear

  6. Zaina

    Avni confessed her love…….
    Now its our Neil’s turn….
    Priti…. Superb….

    1. Thanks dear but let see what is going to happen next

  7. woww wat an idea.. nice

    1. Thanks yrr

  8. It’s very good n cool part..keep writing nd keep updating..

    1. Thanks yrr

  9. Please update waiting for it all my day

  10. Eagerly waiting 4r update ….plz post as soon as possible

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