sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 20)


Neel thinks about avni .
Avni calls the doctor.
Doctor came ,he opens the hand plaster of neil.
Doctor:good avni u r taking care of ur husband he is in the room from continuously so many u can take her for walking and yes remember hand exercise should be done daily.
Avni:ok doctor ,thanks .come I will leave u.
Doctor gone.
Avni nnotices that krystal is busy in her phone from morning.
Avni:aunty …
Shweta:what u said just now.
Shweta:yet u will call me aunty .stop saying that .u can call me mom.
Avni:thanks mom (saying mom she thinks about her mom)she lost in her thought..
Flashback shows….
The day avni is getting married with Neil. She recieves the call of her mom.
Neela: avni beta ,how r u.
Avni:fine mom ,but too busy .
Neela:what happen.
Avni :mom actually I am going in another country for a month till that time ,i will not be in contact with u .now i have to go.
Flashback ends……

Avni eyes get teary.
Shweta:what happen avni
Avni:mom just i remember my mother .I miss her.
Shweta:have u told her about this marriage.
Avni :no
Shweta:and if she know.
Avni:I dont know what will happen on that time.
Shweta:hmm, and yes what r u telling about Krystal.
Avni:yes ,actually i am noticing since morning krystal is busy in her phone.i think something is cooking in her mind.lets see mom.
Shweta:but how
Avni :u just wait and watch.
Krystal I standing and busy in her phone ,as per the plan avni get collided with her.
Krystal: cant u see and walk .
Avni:sorry ,i will pick ur phone.
Avni pick the phone and exchanged her phone with Krystal’s phone.
Krystal didnt notice that.
Avni:i am here to tell u that neel is calling u (she lies so that krystal will not notice on the phone.)
Avni open her phone and get happy by reading her chats.

Krystal enters in neels room …
Krystal: did u call me.
Krystal look at her phone. Suddenly avni enters in neels room
Avni:sorry by mistake our phone gets exchanged.
They exchanged the phone.
Avni goes in shweta room
Shweta:i am impressed with u.
Avni:thanks mom.
Shweta:what u have got in her phone.
Avni:mom actually on 20 her marriage anniversary is there but they r not able to celebrate,so they r throwing party day after tommorrow.
Shweta:do u know the hotel name.
Shweta:so how will u reach.
Avni:yet two days ,I will found that also.
At night before sleeping…
Avni is helping neel to do the hand exercise.
He is continuously staring her.
Neel:sorry avni
Avni:for what.
Neel:for misbehaving with u without knowing the truth.
Avni:its ok and u r right that I dont have any right to speak on her.
Neel:no actually I dont mean it.
Avni:I will never understand u ,what u say u didn’t mean ,and what u mean u didnt say .
They both started fighting.
In fighting avni didnt notice and press his hand he shouted .she said sorry and her caring expression towrds neel.neel noticed that and a cute smile on his face.

In the next episode
Will avni get clue to prove krystal identity in front of neel .and willl both of them r coming closer to each other…

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  1. Sweetgirl7

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  2. Pretty impressive. I just feel board. But seeing & reading after your story, I am really glad. Your writing makes me feel better that’s why I should be greatful to you. Wow Your episode is really visible to my eyes. Perfect description.

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      Thanks ,u used to say so many things to me and make me speechless. I dont have words to say thanks to u

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    It’s just amazing.I’m eagerly waiting for the next one.please update soon.really very nice story line.I just love it

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      Thanks and I hope ur confusion get clear and yes thanks that u told me about avni’s family I just forgotten about that. I will try to update as soon as possible.

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    Nice yaar

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      I will try to do.and I am a student of class 11th ,and I am 16 year old

  8. Zaina

    No words to say yaaar…. As usual, another super epi… Krystal is a duffer. And our avni smart cutieeeeee….
    #AvNeil rock…..
    #Priti rock….

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      #girls rock

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