sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 19)

Sorry sorry, abig sorry guys.because of me u all have to wait a lot.actually I was too busy that is why I will not able toupdate any episode as well as not replied to u.once again sorry for that.

Starting the story……
All the ladies r planned to expose krystal .
Krystal came out of the Neil’s room.
Shweta:krystal I want to tell something.
Krystal: what mom?
Shweta:why don’t u stay here only,and I know u will take care of neil.
Krystal(excited from inside but pretending):but what about bebe, she will create issue,and all this happen because I came house on that day.
Bebe interrupted them…..
Bebe:no I don’t mind,as I get understood now that u and Neil love each other from bottom of the heart.
Krystal: thank u so much bebe.
She hugs shweta
Krystal:mom may bring my all things over here.
Avni:but what about ur mom,she needs u.
Krystal hesitated and said “actually my cousin is there he will take care of her.and Neil needs me in this condition.

Avni:when he needs blood ………(shweta sign avni to stop)
Krystal goes to bring all her things to Neil’s house.
Shweta:avni I told u to be friendly with her but….
Avni:but mom I can’t see her with Neil.
Shweta:but then also we have to do this drama.
Bebe:how avni can see Neil with anybody else, as she love him.
(Sara and bebe r smiling)
Avni:no nothing is like that.plzzz…
After some time krystal came.avni help her to set her all things in guest room
Krystal: why r u helping me.
Avni: because I want that u settle fast and take the responsibility of Neil.I am not interested in him.
Krystal: but why u get married with him.
Avni: leave that topic ,I will not want to repeat that.

At evening
Avni gave the neels dinner to krystal.
Krystal take his food in his room .she help him to have the food .she gave him medicines.
She leaves from his room.
At midnight
Everyone is sleeping in their room.
Avni sleeps with Sara in her room because of their plans.
Avni feels something… She leaves from the room and move towards Neil’s room and found that neel is trying take the water glass as his hand get fractured so he is not able to.
Avni helps him to have the water.
Neel is quite shocked …..
Neel:how u got to know that I need something.
Avni is blanked….
She leaves from there and went to sleep.

In morning…
Krystal is sleeping..
Avni wakes her up
Krystal: why will I wake up early.
Avni:as u have to prepare healthy breakfast for neel and gave him medicines.and to change the bandage of head .
Common wake up ,otherwise everyone get upset with u.
She wakes up get freshed.
After sometime…
She came in the kitchen but she don’t know how to cook.
To become er friend as per their plan avni cooks the food for neel.
She gave to krystal and told her hide this that she had made that food.
Krystal wents to Neil’s room. She put the food plate on table and busy in chatting with vivek on phone.she forget to give the medicines and food to Neil.
Neil ask with Krystal to give the plate of food.
Krystal: can’t u take because of u I have to wake early and u r not letting me interact with my friends also.
Neel get hurt but he forget as he loves her a lot.he tried to took the plate.

At dining table avni thinks she took so much time,I cook food for whole family and yet she didn’t return.
She leaves the table..
Shweta:what happen have ur breakfast.
Avni:mom that’s it .I have one important work I have to go.
She open the door of Neil’s room and shocked to saw him …
She shouted on krystal…
Avni:here u r busy in ur phone.can’t u see him .if u r not able to handle the responsibility its better u can tell me .if some thing happens to him.
And yet u didn’t change her bandage and even gave him the medicines. Leave the medicines u didn’t gave him the food yet.
Mr mehta,shweta,Sara and bebe all r only looking to avni that how is she reacting.
Neel interrupted her…
Neel:u don’t have any right to shout on her.I think I have to ask this with u that in hospital u have taken my responsibility so hurry so what happen that u leave and gave to her.first look at itself and then look at anybody else.

Avni get stunned with Neil’s reaction. Without answering she rush away from his room .
Shweta:actually I have given this responsibility to krystal.
Neel:but mom ..
Shweta:as u don’t have any relation with avni so why did she take ur responsibility. Ur future wife will be Krystal only and this we all know so she has to learn this.
Everyone leaves from there..
Bebe enters in Sara’s room she saw avni lying on the bed and crying.
She sits on bed and allow avni to keep her head on her lap.
Bebe:I know neel shouted on u ,u feel bad.
Avni:I didn’t get that why I reacted that much ,I dont have to as she is his love ,he feels bad and he is right that i don’t have any right.
Bebe:and u feel bad because ur love is in the problem and u cant see him lyk that so u have reacted.
Believe me u r in love with him.
Avni:but what about the use of that love which is onesided(she speaks that in flow and when she realized)
She stunned no this can’t be….
Bebe:dont try to hide ur feelings ,ur heart have spoken it.and accept it.
Bebe leaves there by saying that u need time understand ur feelings.

Avni is not able to understand how to accept her feelings.she is continuously crying.
Bebe send Sara to talk with avni as she want her bestie.
Sara came.
Avni hugs her and said I am in love ,she is crying.
Sara:oh my god ,but why r u crying I think its the happiest moment of ur life ,who us that lucky man.
Avni:he is none other than neel ,ur bro.
Sara:I am so happy, no wards to express it.
Avni:but he loves krystal ,he will never except ,his first love is how…
Sara:love didn’t means that u the person whom u love is yours ,love is related to the happiness to that person whom u love ,so think about His happiness ur problem get sort out.
Avni:u always used to salve my problem. Thank u and thank god to gave me this friend in my life.
Avni:now I have to go to give the medicine to Neil.
She enters in niels room
Neel is closing her eyes and lying on the bed.
Avni:I know that u dont lyk that I came in ur room .but let me do my work and after that whatever u want to tell me u can.
She feed him,gave him the medicines.
While changing his bandage her mangalsutra get stuck with Neil’s shirt button she tries to remove ,while removing she didn’t realise that she came sooo close to Neil they both share an eyelock but interrupted when bebe call avni .somehow avni removes the mangalsutra from his shirt.
Neel wants to say something but bebe calls avni so she rush to listen her.neel thinks that “i am never able to understand that girl .when I judge her she proves me wrong.”

In the next episode
Is avni’s life take a turning point from here

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