sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-1)

Hello everyone , myself Priti ,I am gonna right the fan fiction of naamkaran but with other title”sangharsh jindagi ka”,the story will totally different from actual one ,but I will use the same character.its a different love story.hope u all lyk this.
Episode 1(introduction)
A girl name avni , daughter of businessman,they r from India but settled in London because of her father business . In her family there is her mother ,father and a cute sister name Aisha singhania 14 year old and avni is 23 year old girl.Avni is a free minded girl .she lives in London but she never took the attire of London. she is like totally like an Indian girl.wearing a salwar kameez ,having respect for elders,caring and loving her family a lot.she has studied in London .today is her last day of graduation .
College scene….
She has a best friend name Sara , Sara is also from an India ,daughter of mohit mehta cricketer of Indian international team.
Avni and Sara r the best friends.
Avni enter from the gate of college
Sara : hi avni.i am feeling very emotional today is our last day of this college.
Avni : yes yrr ,me too…
Promise me one thing that u will always be in contact with me.
Sara: yeah promise.
There is function in the college as last day of graduation .
Everyone has enjoyed that party
Avni is the only girl who wear Indian dress in that college but she never care about that.she believes that if I am comfortable in this dress then why I bother about the college every one is crying as they r leaving their besties . All friends have hugged each other and say last goodbye to each other .Sara has to go India to their parents and avni dropped her to the airport and say her last goodbye. Avni returned to her home. Her dad is there and told her
Dad:finally ur graduation is u join my business and help me ,I wants to give some responsibilities to u.i am waiting for this for long time.
Avni:dad as u know I am not interested in business.u already know that I wants to be in Indian army.
Her mum interrupt
Mom: avni u will not work it will good but in army not at all.we will never let u to go in army.i have told u several times.
Avni but please mom ,I know that u care about my life but plz try to understand me.
Angrily her mom
Mom: no means no…,I dont want to hear the word army in my house again and she leaves from there angrily.

In next episode :what will avni do will she get her choice of job or she will join the business of her dad.

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  1. Sweetgirl7

    Good luck read my ff too i have written 11 chapter Avneil Sweetest Love Story

  2. Sweetgirl7

    Good luck read my ff too i have written 11 chapter Avneil Sweetest Love Story Episodes . It will really be the sweetest ff on naamkaran

  3. Who is hero in this

    1. Pritiyadav

      That u will know later on .not now

      1. Whn next episode update it soon

  4. Amazing ff

  5. Aasma

    Its awesomeeeeee.. Read my ff too it’s “Naamkaran – After Dayawanti goes jail ” please read it OK 🙂

  6. Aadya

    Nice one go ahead.

  7. Pritiyadav

    I think about the hero ,u will got to know in 4th episode

    1. Ooook ok

  8. Pritiyadav

    Thanks for ur guys ,thank u so much

  9. Pritiyadav

    Thanks for ur support guys ,thank u so much

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