SanDhir [TS] : Backwoods. [Last shot]


Hey there! Sorry, I couldn’t post the next part. I was busy with my exams and other things. Here goes the last one. Also, sorry for the Hindi dialogues.

1st Shot :
The surrounding got cold, due to the sudden outburst of the cloud. Sanyukta was shivering, he saw it. Her perfect curves, due to sticking of her wet clothes, could be seen easily. He was staring at her. She didn’t know. He came back to his senses. He handed over his jacket to her. But She denied.
“Le lo! It’s cold here” “No thanks. I’m fine” “Mujhe mat blame karna baadme jab tabiyat down ho jayegi” “Uff!” she took, to stop his blabbering.
But she was happy, by the care he was showing.

He started picking something… Sanyu got confused.
“Kya dhoond rahe ho?” she asked out of curiosity.“Sticks” he replied. “What for”“Dumbo! Of course aag jalane k liye na”
The word “Dumbo” kept ringing in her ears. “Aise to Mujje vo bulata tha…” she thought.
Very Soon, he collected the sticks. He took out a black lighter from his pocket.
“You smoke?”“Are, no no, Ye meri ek khaas dost ne gift kiya tha” he said dreamily.
Sanyu didn’t like, when he said “Khaas dost”. She didn’t know why. And before she could ask about the lighter because she found it familiar with the one once she gifted her best friend , he put it back.
Sanyu sat near the tree facing the fire. He also got seated beside her. She was somehow feeling comfortable with him. Accidentally, their hands touched, sending shivers through their spine.
They looked deep into each other’s eyes, both were lost in them. He slowly started leaning towards her not breaking the intense eye lock. They started breathing in an abnormal rate, Sanyu closed her eyes. Their breaths got mingled with the other. The heatbeat got fastened.

He leaned more, and their lips touched resulting a passionate kiss between the two. It was a kiss of lust? No. Love? Well, I guess. They were kissing like two long lost lovers.
It was a bliss. He was nourishing her lips. His hands reached her waist, wrapping it and pushing her more into him. While, Sanyukta’s hands were busy in pulling his head more in to her.
He entered her mouth, thus, exploring each and every corner of it.
Reality struck them, they parted abruptly.
“How will I face him, now? What I have done? I’m gonna engaged, and here I’m busy kissing with a random guy. Shame on you! But that feeling made me feel complete, it was bliss. Pure bliss. But why? Is it love? No. Yes.I think I fell in love with him. But it’s wrong, right? For god’s sake, I shouldn’t be thinking of him” she was guilty, because her marriage got fixed with someone else.
On the other hand, he was happy. He was smiling also Was Stealing glances at her.
“I know Sanyukta, what are you thinking. ” he smiled.
She closed her eyes to ignore all the feelings and thoughts, she didn’t realize when sleep captured her eyes. He embraced her and made her comfortable like before making her smile unknowingly.
The dark forest was all silent. One could hear the rainy drop’s music which was matching the rhythm of their heart beats. He slept listening to it.

Sanyu was the first one to wake up. She looked at him lovingly, and caressed hischeeks that got pinkish due to the cold. A smile crept oh her face when he twitched his nose in sleep. But that smile got faded away, and a guilt feeling came on her face.
She parted a little and woke him up too. He opened his eyes, and saw her angelic face.
“Good Morning” he wished warmly, while yawning. “Good morning” she said not looking at him. Both stood up, and realized that they were sleeping a few metres away from the main road.
“Jaldi chalo! Ghar bhi jana hai” she was trying to sound happy. Then, she handed over his jacket to him , chipping a Thank you.

He looked at her, he had no worries, nothing about their parting. This made Sanyu little sad.
They reached the main road. And to their luck, not their only his luck (Sanyu thought), they saw a bus coming. Sanyu waved her hands in air, to stop it. The bus stopped and they both got seated side by side, again.
The whole journey was silent. None of them, uttered a single word. Sanyu wanted to cry. But somehow controlled it and was looking outside, to hide her emotions. —————————–~Delhi~
They reached Delhi, both of them climbed down the bus.Now, it was time for them to part away. Both were looking into each other’s eyes. They both smiled.
“So..” she said. “Sooo?” “This is it”“Yeah, you’ve to go that way and me this way” “Oh yes! Bye” she was leaving. “Bye.. Sanyukta! Will meet you soon” he winked. Sanyu got confused, before she could ask him How… he was nowhere to be found.
“Aree! Maine to usse naam bhi nahi pucha. Wah! Sanyu bina naam jane hi pyaar kar baithi” she thought.
“Taxi” she called and left to home.
~Agarwal Villa~
Sanyukta took small small steps. And rang the bell. Anju (Sanyu’s Mom) opened the door.
“Meri bachhi” her mom was overjoyed and hugged her tight. Sanyu’s eyes got teary seeing her mom after a year.
Yes, she was coming back home after one year. “Maa” “Kaisi hai meri bachhi, bilkul khana ni khati na! Kya haal bana rakha hai apna” Anju said. (Mother’s love)
“Papa aur Bhai kaha hai?” she was ablazed.
“Tu pehle andar aa, dekh ladke wale aaye hai tujjse milne” listening to it she became sad.
“So, The Shekhawats are here” she thought.
She faked a smile amd entered the Villa. Her mom took her infront of her in-laws.
“Namastey! Aunty and Uncle” she wished. “Haayee meri bachhi! Kitni sundar ho gayi hai… Randhir to tumse milne ke liye bechain ho raha hai.. jabse tumhari photo dekhi usne” her Sasuma said.
Sanyu faked a shy.
“Jee Aunty ji” Sanyu said.
Sanyu searched for Randhir. And Harsh (Sasur) noticed it and teased her.“Kise dhoond rahi ho?” “Vo mai…. kuch nahi” “Randhir tumhare room me wait karaha hai, jao” “Ji Uncle” Sanyu said and started walking to her room.

“Sanyukta tere pass yei mauka hai, Randhir ko samjhadungi naa.. Vo samjh bhi jayega… mai bol deti hu mujhe ye shaadi nahi karni .. Coz mujje kisi aur se pyar ho gaya hai! Haan ye thik rahega” she decided and opened the door of her room.
Randhir was standing facing his back to her, near the window.
“Randhir! Dekho I know tum mujhse shaadi karna chahte ho, but mai nahi kar sakti kyuki mujhe kisi aur se pyaar ho gaya hai! Naam mat puchna kyuki mujje khud nahi pata.. par kaise v karke dhundungi use.. tum to mere best friend ho samjh sakte ho na” she said in a go. Unable to face him, she looked down.
He turned back and came hear to her and whispered in her ears. “Kahi vo mai to nahi?”
Sanyu looked up and was shocked to see the person standing in front of her.
It was HIM.

She stood there like a statue. She just couldn’t believed the fact that whom she loved the most now, with whom she spent a night… was non other than her best friend, Randhir.
“Matlab tumhi Randhir Singh Shekhawat ho?” she askd like an innocent child.
“Haan ji” he chuckled.
And then “THAP”
Yes, She slapped him. He got numb.
“Tumhe ye sab mazak lagta hai? Tum mere emotions ke sath kaise khel sakte ho Randhir! How could you?” she was beating him, vo baat alag hai ki use kuch bhi ni ho raha tha.
He hugged her tightly, she struggled to come out of his hold but she couldn’t, he was a way stronger.
She cried hugging him.
“Sanyu please Sorry!” he said. She looked at him. In no time, their lips met.
Yes, she kissed him.. It was sweet yet a passionate kiss. Full of love.
They parted as Sanyu calmed down all by herself.
“Tumne ye sab plan kiya tha?” she aaked.“Kiya to tha! Jab mujhe pata chala tumne meri photo nahi dekhi hai tab ye plan ka socha. Tum jis bus se aati ho us bus me chad gaya, tumhare sath raha and haan mujhe pata tha that you were falling for me. Then jab ghar jane ki baari ayi, to mai jaldi se tumhare ghar agaya tumse pehle to give you a surprise” he explained like a 5 yr old kid.
“Itna sab mere liye? Kyu? ” she asked.
“ Because I love you Sanyukta” he smiled touching his forehead with her’s.
“I love you too Randhir”
They smiled.

Some love stories are like this only. Cute, funny. A person can even fall for someone, whom you know just for one day. Or else you’re knowing about ‘love at first sight’.Sanyukta fell in love with a guy whom she met in a bus, although he turned about be her best friend only. Pranks can also lead to love .So guys, loving someone ain’t a crime, do love anyone, anytime. ,


Credit to: Ivy Vinnie

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