Sandhir: The story of love and hate (Episode 2)

Sandhir: The Story of Love and Hate(episode2)
As Randhir and Sanyukta are walking out of the house. They hear someone calling out to them. They look back and its renuka. Renuka says take this Prasad before you guys go to college. “This is all nonsense and there is no such thing as god” says Randhir. Sanyukta comes and takes the Prasad and says god is real. Then they leave saying bye to renuka. Randhir gets on his bike and says get on fast as we are already late because of you and mom. Randhir and Sanyukta are on their way, while suddenly Randhir stops the bike and says get off and you can catch a bus from here directly to FITE. She gets off and says why can’t you just take me to college with you. He says I don’t want to be seen with you. She says fine, whatever. Randhir leaves as Sanyukta waits for the bus. She catches the bus and gets to FITE. They are announcing they topper of exams, and in first place is Randhir and second place is a student named Ajith.

Everyone comes and says to Ajith, you’re in second place and you must give a party. Ajith says Randhir is in first place and he should give party. Some of Randhir’s friends says if Randhir gave party every time it will be no fun. The principal comes and says congrats Randhir, you’re in first place again. Sanyukta goes up to Randhir and says congrats saddu. Everyone ask Randhir who is that girl. He says she is a family friend and we are mortal enemies since we were kids. We always fight with each other all the time. They all walk towards class. Randhir sits in the front of the class while Sanyukta sits in the middle. Professor Vardhan calls attendance, and says welcome to the new year. As you all must know, FITE is famous for its dream team, and we will be selecting the new members who will be in this team. You guys will be in this team till you graduate. This will be done by various amounts of tests. The first exam will be right after this class and it’s going to be a written exam and those who have the first 20 rankings will be called back to take the next level of testing and so on and so forth.

Precap: Prof. Vardhan is announcing the names of the people with the first 20 rankings and everyone listen tensely.

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  1. Yar 100 percent love
    Naga chaithanya tamannah
    Nice ur name

  2. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Loved the way Sandhir fight and have different concepts about life 🙂 Rd My topper Precap seems to be interesting 🙂 Post soon 🙂
    Sorry for the late comment I thought I have already read the episode 🙂

  3. Richu

    Loved this ff….
    Plzzzz post it fast

  4. Waiting for the next one

  5. Amazing plot! Loving the storyline! Pl update soon 🙂

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